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Jesse Powell is Building a Culture of Crypto Values at Kraken

3 659 views | 16 Nov. 2018

In this episode, I talk

In this episode, I talk with Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken. We discuss the challenges of building and exchange, from building a culture with a distributed team to managing security. We also talk about mainstream crypto journalism and industry regulations.




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“It is not just about making money. We didn’t start this company to make PayPal 2.0”

— Jesse Powell

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Tuesday 13th Nov, 2018

Company: Kraken

Role: CEO

Volatility in crypto is reflected in the businesses which have been built upon it. Only recently have we seen this volatility with Bitmain, where during the bull run of 2017 the business was generated $billions in revenue and profit, but as the market has corrected, both revenue and profit has seen a sharp fall.

The same can be said for exchanges, in 2017 most could not recruit support staff and engineers fast enough, but recruitment in crypto comes with risk. Exchanges are a honeypot for thieves and hackers with wallets containing vast amounts of crypto wealth. Not only must exchanges protect themselves from outside hackers but they too must be prepared for staff compromising data and wallets.

Under the leadership of Jesse Powell, Kraken has grown to a global team of over 800 people. To ensure smooth operations, Kraken must recruit the right people and develop robust processes to protect the security of the company, while ensuring that they maintain a healthy culture.

As an old-school, early days crypto enthusiast, Jesse has led by example, rebelling against the BitLicense and donating $2m to Coin Center to ensure regulations do not swamp the industry.

In this interview, I talk to Jesse about the journey he has been on growing Kraken, the challenges of building an exchange and broader industry issues from regulation to mainstream journalism.


00.04.11 - Welcome and intro

00.05.17 - Perspective on growing Kraken to 800 employees

00.08.42 - Managing staff levels with crypto volatility

00.10.33 - Managing culture with a large distributed team

00.13.44 - Supporting Coin Center

00.17.25 - Raising funds for Kraken during differing market cycles

00.24.48 - Reflecting on valuations in the market

00.26.42 - Too much liquidity with crypto securities

00.30.40 - Managing security and the fear of being hacked

00.34.43 - Infrastructure at Kraken

00.39.01 - Sharing information between exchanges

00.39.56 - Jesse’s involvement with Mt. Gox

00.49.15 - Jesse’s response to the BitLicense

00.56.51 - Regulations in crypto

01.04.07 - Mainstream crypto journalism

01.11.16 - Problems in San Francisco

01.16.04 - Staying in touch with Jesse and Kraken


Kraken best BTC exchange. <3

Jesse Powell is a good guy, thank you for creating Kraken.com


This podcast is really undervalued. Jesse is amazing.


San Fran is what u get when leftists run your state for 30 years


San Fran is what u get when leftists run your state for 30 years

Bitcoin Yoda

great episode. the media coverage from some journalists are indeed a shame.

René K

Didn't know that the problems of SF are so massive.

Gibson Njinga

Awesome episode, very informative

Jesse powell instagram

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Rich's Skateboard Collection - Can't Help It Just Love It - EP 1

192 views | 8 Feb. 2021

In this premiere episode

In this premiere episode of Can't Help it Just Love it, Rich takes us through his skateboard collection that spans his first boards from when he was a kid to his new collector boards.

His love of skateboard decks is anchored around the artistry and creativity of deck shapes and graphics. His passion for collecting has turned into a family thing and now, his wife and daughter collect too!

#skateboardcollection #vintageskateboards #oldschoolskateboards #santacruzskateboards #powellperaltaskateboards


Subscribe to our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7yAE6Yghg2RgMlKzi6NmUA/?sub_confirmation=1

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Shop the Later Skaters Gang store: https://laterskatersgang.bigcartel.com/


Filmed & Edited by: Telma Costa https://www.instagram.com/thetelma/

Graphics by: Richard Patmore https://www.instagram.com/richardpatmore/

Artists Mentioned:

Jim Phillips - http://www.jimphillips.com/

VC Johnson - http://www.vcjgraphics.com/

Beto Janz - https://betojanz.com/

Ken Taylor - https://kentaylor.com.au/wp/

Moetallica - https://www.instagram.com/moetallica

Night Watch Studios - https://nightwatchstudios.com/

Michael Reeder - http://www.michael-reeder.com/

Tallboy666 - https://www.instagram.com/tallboy666

Featuring decks from:

Santa Cruz Skateboards - https://santacruzskateboards.com/

Powell Peralta - https://powell-peralta.com/

Welcome - https://welcomeskateboards.com/

Black Label - http://blacklabelskates.com/

Moonshine Boards - https://www.moonshinemfg.com/collections/boards

Bottom Up - https://www.instagram.com/bottomupindiefb

Land Yacht - https://landyachtz.com/ca/

Arbor - https://www.arborcollective.com/

Heroin - http://www.heroinskateboarding.com/

Dog Town - https://dogtownskateboards.com/

Featuring Boards from:

Steve Caballero, Salba, Jeff Grosso, Natas Kaupas, Rob Roskopp, Mike Vallely, Per Welinder,

Corey O'brien, Jason Jesse, John Lucero, Tony Alva, Nora Vasconcellos, Tom Asta, Andy Anderson, Jeff Kendall, Mike McGill, Jordan Hoffart, Erick Winkowski, Tony Hawk.

Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan

I love the cut out skulls that’s such a great idea!

Jesse powell instagram

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Love Island usa JOHNNY GOES ON RANT LIVE ON INSTAGRAM | Talks Jaleb | Tells Fans To Unfollow Part 1

1 425 views | 19 Jan. 2021

Today Justine and Caleb

Today Justine and Caleb from love island usa season 2 confirmed their break up, and separation.

Love island Justine and Caleb's break up-THE WHOLE TEA


Cely giving Justine Support



Johnny and cely love island usa announce break up

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All islanders and couples, from Season 1 came together to tell is what happened next in their lives, since Love island.




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royal wedding 2018

i said she could of did better/

Cocayne_ Diamond

Why are u talking while he’s talking?

rebecca smith

His true colors are finally coming out!!!!!!!! YESSSSS

Johnny can finally be the asshole we all knew he was.

Talk With Ucha


I lost my former channel at 14k

Talk With Ucha

Time stamp :
Cely unfollowing him - 3:12
Non apology to fans telling them to Unfollow - 0:00 - 3:00
His goals : 4:10
Trip to Hawaii with Cely : 7:10 - 8:10
Friendship with Caleb : 9:08 - 9:28
Caleb and Justine breakup : 9:28 - 11:00
Cely & himself : 11:00 - 19:40
Jeremiah :19 :40 - 24:41

Johnny Bravo

Horrible talking over him! You should pause Johnny first! Can’t understand either of you.

Saf L

I feel like Johnny knows something.... Sher and the other Casa Amor girls definitely know something... everyone else seems innocent but we shall see