Reversal chart patterns

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Jenis-jenis Reversal Chart Pattern #saham #belajarsaham #duniasaham

18 667 views | 7 May. 2020

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Amirul Syah Mohamad

Ilmu yg bermanfaat. Terima kasih atas perkongsian☺️


Terbaik tuan??

Tasha Kejora

Assalamualaikum tuan nak tanya semua tf ada atau tf besarr sahaja...


tq ticer


Mantep cikgu salam dari Indonesia

Owner aKiem

selalu nak trader akan guna TF mne untuk menilai double bottom and double top

Ejal Adiq


Alif Syukor Mohd Zabir

tq ilmu tuan


Assalammualaikum untuk nak tahu perubahan pattern chart kena lihat timeframe besar atau kecil?

fazli azmi

Terima kasih cikgu

aimansayo sayo

chart saham ngan forex boleh gune teknik yg sama tak?

Reversal chart patterns

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Best Reversal Strategy I Have Ever Used - 3 REVERSAL TRADING SECRETS - To Improve Your Profits

176 475 views | 23 May. 2019

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In this video, Steven shares some advanced structure trading techniques for the Forex market and a few key steps to building a Forex trading strategy.



Steven Hart -

Steven was recognized as a top 30 Trading educator on YouTube by the very critical feedspot.com.

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He became a self-made professional trader at 20 years old. Today he is the "Honest Trading Coach" to hundreds of thousands of traders around the world.

He is the founder and CEO of The Trading Channel.

For over 9 years Steven has studied the science of trading and psychology. This combination allows him to not only be an incredible trader, but a very understandable teacher as well.

He has developed numerous rules-based trading systems and strategies that are used by top traders around the world.

Today, Steven is on a mission to help 1,000 traders become independently profitable over the next 12 months. Will you be one of them?


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Airtsua Jv

thank you sir.. very imformative

Venkata Ramana

Hi sir I'm from India
Your doing good job
I'm big fan of you ❤️
Keep sharing your knowledge

Mr Oren


- hondosolo45

These guys don't actually tell you how they trade. They build a system around moving averages to sell but don't actually talk about basing prices and momentum.

el Respect



I met Mr George here on YouTube which he guided me with his authentic strategy and his one on one master class which I'm making a consistent profit daily I'll highly recommend you all to contact him on [email protected]) and he will help you, he is very honest and I bet you will never regret contacting him ?


You = Da MAN!

Ramnathan K Bhagavathy

Thanks you @Steven. Your lessons are amazing. You made my life hell of a lot easier.


You talk to much

Christopher Valenzuela

Click that notify button top 3 trading channels out there for sure!


pointless video


The issue with double tops is there is so many situations where you could have had that same double top you show at the end, and price simply just makes a continuation (and perhaps breakout) to the upside. I do like though that you use the 50 bar-no-touch-Moving-average rule, as within those 50 bars you could have seen many double tops.

The second issue is, what really? constitutes a double top. The double top you showed at the end is somewhat not a prominent one, yes it was two bars that closed at that same level, but that happens very often. Rather than price action touching it, rebounding and breaking down a bit, then coming back up to touch it, that is to be a proper double top.

Law abiding citizen

How to set target in case of breakouts if the lows are higher?

Michael Bole

you guys are killer love the way you explain things very easy to understand

Kiko and Corinna Llorin

Lifetime member here. Helpful rules to guide you when to enter a trade in EAP. I scalp sometimes and you can rely with his strategies taught in EAP.

Image Khakis

Great video. Which pair is best for reversal trading?

Latest Buzz

All positive comments is it real or some kind of promotion?? Wait ill check his tutorial

Dharmendra Prasad

thanks bro

Evelyn Grayson

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Jason Morgan

Great information, thanks


Hightime frame entry’s are lame.


Awesome videos man, can you recommend a forex broker for 1000:1 leverage?

Sernie Banders

sick outro


I'm new to trading and I can honestly say that binge watching this guy is worth it.


Best forex YouTube cat period

Senan Foutchedjev

I did receive a great value of being a small part of the family of the trading channel. I will continue to follow you Steven and watch your future videos. Thank you. Sincerely.

Jesse Lemar

hey man I'm a new trader been in the game about 2 months or more and I've learned a lot from my mentor and your videos... thanks for all the info bro your channel is on point and its help me understand things that I didn't before... thank you again man god bless you and your trading family

Diogo Morais

simple tip: press shit + click on chart to use ruler


Thk you for sharing. It’s certainly a great set of tips for those who wants to learn more bout trading ! ??

Old School Cooking

it is really great opportunity for me that i joined the PTR it open my eyes it take me to another level of trading and give me more chance to spot
my trading zone thank steven you did a great job brother..

Ponte Real

Always willing to increase in learning


Tq, great sharing and very well explained

Gavin Maynard

What trading platform is that?

Bridget Hegyi

Thank you so much. I really enjoy watching your videos.

Arma Budi

Reversal trading has help me this few months in testing my new strategy created by Lukasz Wilhelm, It has a huge spread of 100 pips in a day trade. Now i am trading with the IQD Momentum strategy and i have no fear or anxiety about risk management factors, because i already tested it on a paper-trade account before using it on my real trading account. NO other indicators or fancy black-box systems or moving averages are needed. Google it for more info, if you wish to trade successfully in low risk.

Troy Knight

Another amazing video. Straight forward down to earth and very honest.

I always enjoy your videos. Amazing content!!!!

A BIG thumb up from me!!!!


Your awesome, thanks for showing me what I was missing in my trading. thank you

Santosh Sutar

Want to learn from you can u teach me you r gr8 sir

Jamie Goeieman

lol please stop

Anthony Gary

Don’t give up so quick, online trading has been working out for me.I decided to share this because I want others to benefit from this opportunity, I strongly recommend this manager to those that look for a stable system..Contact him via Instagram @Expert_masontrading or whatsapp (601)227-3847


Thanks a lot...

Katie Rotter

Thank you! This helped so much!!


Bruhhh I got to ask are you a Mexican brother? @thetradingchannel

William Springer

Great content. Thank you.

Iván Arley Rodríguez Rubiano

This is amazing content. Really hope you are doing great with your projects!!


Structure on larger time frame....

Lower time frame look for entries using price action patterns

Steve is great. ?

Abhinandan Gaikwad

Just Awesome

jay jadhav

Hello sir i am from india plz tell me how can i learn ?

Melchor Luna

What broker do you use?

Ebi Ekpe

I joined the EAP programme in April and I can say it's the best decision I made. I was at a point where I had given up on forex trading but Steven, your programme shed light on so many things I was doing wrong and gave precise easy and testable ways to become profitable. I am still on the Journey but the EAP programme sure made things easier. Thank you Steven, you are a great teacher!



Old School Cooking

I just joined ur pro trader report and it awesome keep it up man ???

Sunyata ATMAN

Perfect strategy

Ehab Said

This is not a double top!

Abdifataah Abdilaahi

thnks you so much all lesson youtube channel are begin know


Awesome stuff, thanks a lot bro?

AppleTechPro 4U

Guys who has bought the EAP and what do u think of it ? Will it make u consistently profitable

Jennifer Kok

Is there any difference in trading Forex and Stock?


Bro u explain things simply I love it & u.

David Watts

Hi Steven. You shared this more than a year ago and I saw it then, but I thought there should be better ways of trading than this. Since then I have learnt much, much more about trading. I have watched this video 3 days ago, and the way I want to trade is exactly as you explained here and in your free course. I have done the back testing and out of 47 trades I won 16, lost 20 and 9 break even. So my reward in total is 27 on all the trades. All on 4H TF. Its better than I have ever done. With practice I will get better. You shared some real gold here. I wish I could afford to join your program, but money is non exisent now. This however might be THE game changer I needed. Thanks a lot for your generosity.

shaine arnoza

thats the use of long wick

Sunyata ATMAN

How do u hold when the market Retracements

I go to profit an i try to hold then market goes back to my entry or go to loss coz it goes up an down

An sometimes it can change an go the other direction

Sandeep Suman

Hindi language me conversation chahiye

Moses Mosley

Hey Steven,

Just wanted to say thank you for the EAP/OTZ programs. These two programs are well worth the money and have improved my trading so much in a short amount of time. I can’t thank you enough.


nice, but has this been backtested? what is the win to loss ratio?

Matt Guitar

Which platform is he using?

Jyson kwa wei Jie

Hi Steven, would you recommend Elliot Wave?

Mind Power

I always get the best from you bro. Thank you?

Duane Horton

I want the course. NO...…….I NEED THE COURSE. but have to do next week. I have to much on my plate right now, PLEASE the same deals, or better for NEXT week Friday May, 31st..,

Tamunonye Amachree

Great job as always

Cadre Entertainment RSA

Bro, you are a saviour!!! Not all heroes wear capes!!! Wipes tears


ema mean moving average ???


Best channel around shows you everything you need to know AND MORE :D

mbulelo Winana

Steve u r the best .keep up the good work

Chris Reid

The educational quality and takeaways from this trading video are beyond anything else I’ve seen on YouTube. You’ve got my subscription @thetradingchannel

Tin Nguyen

Thank you for the very informative video. Amazing content!

Bethaba Managed Accounts

u r a darling buddy.... i had been using 2 out of 3 methods. but 50 EMA & 50 BARS ....WOULD TRY FOR SURE

Gu Indy

How much period moving average in this vdo ?

Guillaume Jean-Mary, ing.

I like the contents of your videos, but I think that could be better if you were more specific without your personal opinions and all those irrelevant talks. Thanks.

Kannapiran R.P

Thank you

Daniel Chambers

the name of your video is Best Reversal strategy, and secrets, this isn't the best reversal strategy and is widely known especially by market makers which is why so many people are unsuccessful. Nothing you say here has substance to qualify you calling it "best" or "Secret" just by going off support and resistance alone.

AJ Capital - Trading Videos

Love this video and your channel, you bring so much value and you are consistent. Keep it up. I myself an automated trader and made 57% this month, check out my latest video.

Denis Belleau

After few weeks using Pro trader report, I decided to move to the EAP program. Steven and TTC teams do a great job.


U are the only channel tht I have the notifications on and the first one since they put it, hands down the best trading channel

Abdi Aziiz Yusuf Ali

thanks pro i learned more more about forex i watch all your video i liked very very i will be like u

Usman Mohammad

getting a verified trader who really understands the market to trade for you while you take zero risk of loosing or blowing your love account.. Inexperience and inconsistency kills a lot of amateur traders hopes.. I personally earn €16,000 every 7 days trading just because someone who understands the market really well is in charge of my trades... I’m ? happy to share my success with MICHAEL_GRAYSON06 on INSTAGRAM as a reliable and consistent trader. He’s a genius and I’m really happy to meet him.??.


maybe this a dumb question but if you are trying to catch a reversal in this context by counting your bars, Should we use a 4 hour chart like you did in this example? Because if you switched to a daily, obviously you wouldn't have 50 down trending bars in this case.

Imran Soudagar

does he give signals in his course?

Jware MaSiya

I won't lie this guy told me a sick strategy that really gave me good feeling that my future is bright

adejoh ebiojo

You can only gain financial freedom through the help of expert broker @Dennis_forex09 on instagram help through the analysis and good signals for trading and today I'm making so much wins ?

tradz house

Another nice vid, keep it up! Although enjoyed the vid, I have yet to find anyone who has discovered 0r uncovered the PERFECT Reversal Strategy based off tops/bottoms. I discovered it of course by first, accumulating pieces of knowledge online here & there over the yrs(5 to be exact).
I vividly remember how it was, being new to the game of trading & so, this new found Reversal strategy I came up with can help 0r assist anyone to understand easily! NOBODY online is even teaching it I can't believe!
Sorry I do not yet have a video ready to show proof but will hopefully during this week 0r the next. I will def come back here to link the vid for you and others to view. Can't wait to show it off - Untill then....

F Action

I love this video

Aminu Yahaya

that is so amazing sir steven.

This Is What Works

if your playing reversals, you need to have VWAP on your charts.

Ryan Deiparine

Another great content and very helpful, thank you Steve!

E-Rock Trader

You are in my opinion one of the most informative trading coaches on Youtube. I have recommended your channel to lots of my friends who are interested in trading. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your knowledge and not being like those creeps like Tim Sykes who fills peoples heads with false hope on getting a super car next week.

Mohan Bhandare

My favorite..


Great content ???


Not true...I can get in exactly at the bottom and top of trades...No such thing a support and resistance...If you guys are drawing support and resistance lines you are on the wrong side of the market...

dennis nealon

good explanation.

Reversal chart patterns

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Chart Patterns In Technical Analysis | Reversal Chart Patterns

750 views | 7 Mar. 2020

Learn the 4 most common

Learn the 4 most common major reversal chart pattern here. The ability to spot these pattern will allow traders to realize optimal profits before the trend reverses, or to initiate a trade in the new direction with minimal risk and maximum reward. Long-term investors could also rely on these pattern to make an effort to time the bottom for their entry into fundamentally strong stocks at a discount!

Basic Investing Strategy (Level 0):


Value Investing Strategy (Level 1):

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/i-_NfymNf5w

Part 2 – https://youtu.be/6wRdrKs5kig

Part 3 – https://youtu.be/UOM0zGc_rfY

Intrinsic Value Calculation Tutorial:


More updates about investments and trading on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/growingwealthfinance/


DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be a source for professional advice. Please do your due diligence before investing. Your investments are solely your responsibility.

Hwee Leng Lee

Thank you! Can't wait for your trading strategies videos

tuan nguyen

which one you relying more ? Fundamental or technical ?