Italian currency to usd

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Italy Currency || Italian Lire

94 views | 11 May. 2020

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#Currency #Notes #Coins #Oldcurrency #Oldcoin #Oldnote #Italy #Lire

Numismática. Ovidio lopez

nice video brother

Italian currency to usd

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Foreign currency exchange, purchasing a property in Italy, by Davide Mengoli

165 views | 3 Sep. 2020

Buying a property in

Buying a property in Italy, if you are outside the Euro zone, means you’ll need to send euros to Italy, not only to pay for your new home there, but also to cover ongoing running costs, such as utility bills. When you begin your hunt for an Italian property, all your money is likely to be in your local currency, for example US Dollars, so at some point you’ll likely need to exchange your funds into Euros and have them transferred to a Euro account in Italy.

You have two main options for managing your money. You can ask your local bank to arrange your Euro transfers, or send money through a specialist currency firm, which could be a cheaper option in many cases.

Probably you will know better the first way, which is the most traditional one. But what are currency specialists exactly? And why they could be better for transfers?

• They usually offer exchange rates that are 2-4 per cent better than the rate your bank would typically offer you. If so, for an American buyer for example this could mean a saving of around $2,000 by using such companies instead of a bank to transfer €100,000 to an Italian bank account. The benefits work the other way too, so when you are exchanging euros into another currency for repatriating to your native country.

• Currency specialists also could save clients money by charging no commission, or only applying it to lower value transfers, and often by absorbing banks’ sending and receiving charges. They could also complement their competitive exchange rates with one-to-one customer service, a fast transfer time and clever ways of helping you to secure the best exchange rates.

• They will buy euros, or other currency, on the spot for you, but one of the most useful ways they can assist property-buyers is with a forward contract. By paying a small deposit, a forward contract allows you to secure an exchange rate for a future transfer, typically made within a year. It’s a very useful way of helping you to budget when buying a home in Italy – once you have had an offer accepted on a property, forward buying euros to pay for it means the cost to you in your local currency, e.g. US dollars, won’t change with the exchange rate fluctuation before you come to complete.

• Currency specialists can also help clients who make regular transfers between Italy and another country, whether its transferring a pension to Italy, or sending money to Italy to cover bills.

• As a final benefit, using a regulated currency specialist could be as safe as using your bank to send money to Italy.

Blnr Triple0

Expert advice- thanks again for the clear explanation

Salman ali

Sir I have 1500 euro how to exchange

Nick Carione

Thank you Davide. So, the currency company will only transfer, not a holding company or like a bank where you can keep funds in?
Do I need to be a citizen(Euro) to open a bank account in Italy? My dual citizenship doesn’t happen until 2022.
Grazie mille Davide, stai al securo.

Emma Proctor

Awesome Q&A would probably just have used a bank if I hadn't watched this! Thank you Davide

Dominic Orlando

I was wondering on the best way to go about this. Great advice, clearly explained. Grazie Davide!

Chris Lapointe

Super as always.


This has definitely answered some of my questions on the "how to process". I'm finding your Q & A each week are great resource. I will definitely look into Worldwide Currencies. Thank you

Italian currency to usd

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L. 500, Repvbblica Italiana ,1982, Italy

20 970 views | 1 Dec. 2017

L. 500, Repvbblica

L. 500, Repvbblica Italiana ,1982, Italy, Coins and Currency

Pornthep Saisanguan

I have L500.1982.&1983(.1987.)...1991..

Kimberely Roberts

Trova le migliori Notizie su Bitcoin e Blockchain, dall'Italia e dal mondo in tempo reale su Bitecoin.it . Visita qui per maggiori informazioni : https://bitecoin.it/

abdelali barrake

I have one item like this I want to sell

Geewan geewan

I have same coin my number 8130210097


I have one but it’s from 1985
And I’m pretty sure the dots on the silver part are for the blind

Aattyy Werty


John elton Longno

How much value in dollars?

Marklouis Valdueza

I have one coin 1989

gonzalojl Leal

hola yo tengo una 1982 casi nueva lastima q este en venezuela y no pueda venderla para solucionar algunos costo

Jerome Macauling

I have 1982 old coins like wise how much d value..

Fares Ahmed

How much the coin

mauricio sibayan

I have one of this coin 1985 Philippines

league of legends wild rift mobile

Mag kano value po italiana

brett dearsley

I have this coin 1982

عصام فتحي راشد الانصارات

انا معيه العمله دي


I have

Carlod Garcia

Tengo una de 1982 cuanto sera su valor

Aattyy Werty


Marklouis Valdueza

I have one coin 1992

Khalid Hussain

I have a coin of l500 1982

christopher orines

i have 1

vasile balica

Celo questa piesa 500 L, io volei vende interesipne

Niel Coins Collection

sir i have that coin siir what is your messenger so that i show u may coins?

Magda Mostafa

I have one piece 1985

Lucia Santos

É auanto vale tbm quero saber , obrigada

abdelali barrake


arman Aguilar

I have one L500 1985.

milou miloum

l 500 1982 gratwe 0638049642 marooco
yas gratwi

El buenon Gusto

Cual es el valor de esa moneda..1982...

Gene Garganian

How much price for sale

Banjo Alejo

How much my L.500 in 1982

Pritam Vandana

I have one I want to sell it

winnie ejona

i have L.500 coins 1987 how much d value

Erhan Namlı



I have the wrong printing of this money, if you want, I'll send you a photo

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Abdul rahaman Ibrahim

I have this coins 1983

# SHERA007

I have one turkiye cumhuriyeti 500 lira 1990 any required please call me 8696966246

md Uzzal

I have a coin of five hundred rupees Italian How can I sell it My mobile number is 016 2021 5547.?? Italy 500 Lire 1982 one pis

Majayca Ramírez

De 500 libras de 1982

Ninan Morado

Hello i have 1 pcs L500..phillipines

God Joker

I have 1984

Banjo Alejo

How much italy L500

Aattyy Werty


Juanluis Navarrete

Cuanto vale una moneda de Italia L 500

nelly mahinay

how much value

Majayca Ramírez

yo tengo una moneda de esta misma

Maria Siniger

.......cuanto vale esta moneda de 1962


You are an idiot!


l have these coins

Amin Khallouki

lirra d2 liraa 1982
. 1893 .1993

tropa bros

I have that i found that in way im in phillipine..i have the question how much is that if change in phillipine i have that 1986

عصام فتحي راشد الانصارات

معيه 01097972527

adriana ortiz

cuanto es el valor de esa moneda año 1984?

Aattyy Werty


Aattyy Werty


Abhie Momose

i have a lot of coin like that


I have 1pc coins from philippines

Ederson Ribeiro

Tenho uma moeda desta 1985 quanto vale quero vender (11)942727957 se vc puder me ajudar lhe agradeço muito

Sabiri Mama

نعم عندي أخويااا

Lezly Dorman.Dutton

It brail not a secret code. LOL

basra BHARAT

Hello madam L.500 .1987 ..value..and price today

SRL Best World

I have 6 coins

Niel Coins Collection

How much is that king sir i have one?

Gene Garganian

Mayron ako pinagbibili how much


I also have this coin. How much do you offer ?

Sherry Chwalinski

Research your coins before making a video. Just saying

R. C. Moedas


Mahmoud Bo2o

عندة بجد اعمله ده كلمنى ،01203991447

Lina Cuasay

i have like this but 1978

นิตยา เครือศิริกุล

i have coin l500 1982 from thailand tel.0896212717

One Animation スティックノード

Hey Dude I Have That Coin Except The Gold How Much Is It to Sell Without A Gold In Philippines

Define Günlüğü

L.500 1988

Davinder8 Dkchawala88

Ask#tcp sir ji Waheguru ji kirpa rakhana ji App tai ver ji Ki Tusi Punjab patiala v aana hai ji swagat di tayari karye ji Davinder singh chawala


I have one of this coin 1989 L.500

Aattyy Werty


Martin Villa

Me gusta esta moneda que me encontré L.500,quien sabe el precio??

leziel antonio Morillo

How much po

tak khan khan

I have Italian coin l100 1956 n +917000989438

league of legends wild rift mobile

Miron po ako is a sir

نضال عبد الرحمن

I have. The coin is completely 1982

Deepsmita Lohara Deepsmita Lohara

sir I hv 2 Singapore coins........ my fb name arohi arohi

سيد محمدى

انا معي واحده اختها تمام سنه 1984 للبيع ت01110159294

Miriane Alves

Tenho de 1987

Dqa Ma


Desmond Mooney

The dots are called brail it enables a blind person read the coin by touch
Its a lira from Italy celebrating the republic of Italy .
That's in Europe in case you don't know

andre prado Prado

Tenho uma

Adisak Phitumanon

I'm interested in selling How much is the 500L Italy 1983/1984 coin?

Sallu Malik007

Pakistani price

Giovana Goddet

i have 1