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How to Use Traffic Exchanges for Profit - Traffic Exchange Internet Marketing System

456 views | 1 Sep. 2016

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Go to http://workwithjohnd.net/getresults to get the blueprint to go from ZERO to $10K+ in affiliate commissions. In this video I talk about traffic exchange marketing and how to use traffic exchanges effectively. Whether it's a traffic exchange or a safelist, you have to do things in a certain way to get results. There's a myth floating around the traffic exchanges sites and safelists don't work. The truth is, they do work if you put the right kind of offer in front of this audience.

The users of these type of sites are already in a "business". So the chances of them wanting to join your business is slim. However, they are interested in getting more traffic to their product, service, or opportunity. They are interested in getting more leads to see their offer. They are insterested in converting more of those leads into paying customers and/or reps.

So all your traffic exchange marketing should be geared around these topics. What also will work well on these traffic exchange sites is how to use traffic exchanges more effectively. The next key point to getting the most out of a website traffic exchange is working BIG numbers.

Since the conversion rates on a traffic exchange are below 5%, you have to work big numbers to get any real results. Since this is a free traffic system, it will take you time to manage. However, you can always upgrade in traffic exchange programs and reduce your need to click for credits.

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James Dias

Thanks for the cool video and being a fan of traffic exchanges Keep up the great work.

Frank Osorio

Your website does not exist. Test your link.


I have A Traffic Exchange Site that Connect to your thank you page

Limitless Living Enterprises

Great video my brother!
My team and I use traffic exchanges myself

Traffic exchanges list

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Speed Up Your Surfing In Traffic Exchanges

76 views | 19 Dec. 2020

Hi Ian Stewart here Owner

Hi Ian Stewart here Owner Of Buildabizonline.com

In this Video I will show you haw to SPEED Up your Traffic Exchange Surfing.

We Provide Online Marketing Tools For Affiliate Marketers,

Tools Like...

Self Build - Advertising Pages (Programs Page) To Showcase All Your Affiliate Programs On One Page

Splash Page Builder - To Build Unlimited Splash Pages

Auto-responder Program - With Unlimited Campaigns And Subscribers

A URL Tool - To Cloak, Shrink, Track and Cloak URL's

Banner Building Tool - All Sizes

Image Hosting Tool


#Buildabizonline #AffiliateMarketing


Sten Thomas

Thank you so much.I think I will benefit from it.

Traffic exchanges list

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List building with adswaps & traffic exchanges

1 views | 23 Jan. 2021

Making money online is

Making money online is easy.........

It's people that make it so damn hard..........

Welcome To Free List building methods and tools.

Online-Marketin.com offers free tutorial for the aspiring internet marketer

I'm here to help you grow your online business and for you to see how I grow mine Because When I was starting out I needed a hand up and everyone acted like I was after a handout. NO!!!! I was struggling to make rent so how could I pay BIG $$$$ for some MONEY MAKING METHOD (FYI these methods are often incomplete this was b4 i knew what an UPSELL Is)

BEST WAY TO BUILD A LIST 100% http://bit.ly/LeadPal-1-click-opt-in

verified e-mail addresses

LEAD TARGET APP http://bit.ly/Lead-Target-App

A.I that sifts content to deliver AWESOME CONVERSION$

Top Rated Traffic Sources http://bit.ly/51-Traffic-Sources

Easiest Affiliate Earning https://bit.ly/affiliTraX

This lets you build a list with other peoples traffic