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GucciiBlack- Behind Mines

923 143 views | 3 Dec. 2019

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Mike Walsh

Damn dude lookin hella skinny , he been fucking with them perkys or the dope mane that shit terrible dude used to have weight on em

FL B3nJi

I know we’re you stay at jhit ? catch me in 7th st tamrine or 45 broadway park jhit you know wassup


Yooo cuh cut off the house arrest bracelet just to get put on the news that he “cut his ankle bracelet off in a music video” bittersweet risk

305 V TV

Simple minded people that dont know music bringing up kodak just casue the nigga from florida or has golds its a shame all the florida artist gotta deal wit the shit

Aaron Cantu

That’s young Kodak has to be ????

ejay rolle

He soon blow


This is the most Florida shit I’ve ever heard?


Yooo I fuck wit this ???

Kelvin Yhc

Song pose to been on the radio???


Who got confused gucci black and Gucciiblack

Emily Bradley





Sound like jackboy

So Below As Above

Damn but he Rat ?


fam the symmetry? holy f***

Nlmb Sossa

Bumping this in 2021

Spicy Shizz

Bra could get more views with the thumbnail, shit too dark, One that would get the most is 1:07 or 1:11. It’s kinda like 30deepgrimey but that’s how he blew up cause his thumbnail, got millions on his own channel then on worldstar cuz of the thumbnail

here some good thumbnails 0:31 0:48 0:50 0:56

Michael Parotte

So there's Gucciiblack and a Gucci black????

Brooklyn Johnson

This my new lil bop

Deandre Jackson

Who did this beat? Holy shit

Aj Blair


Official TaysFitness

????????LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE ????????????????????#NO_CAP YALL FWM ????????????https://youtu.be/T7ex5_ERPLk

Mo Chamberlain

This shit hard as hell?


If kodak ever has a son

Mo Chamberlain

70th Street Carlos vibes ??‍♂️

AMN Poodah

Stop saying eveybody sound like Kodak that’s just how everybody in Florida sound u dumb ass jitts

BG Korleone

When I blow I’m only Fw cuhh lul bruh really on dat stop Playin

no limit

I heard Bahamas is he from there ??

Who Do VooDoo

Signing in from New Orleans my Charleston niggas put me on this!!!!

Rap Media

str8 gas hea ?


he from west palm or rivera beach



Kyro iOS

The 6ix9ine of Palm Beach County ? ?


“Big 40 got kick back, it’s louder than Luigi”


Kuh rly cut tha shii offf omm


He Spiff ash Jit stole Gucciblack1g whole name & slang ??

LSG 2x

put this bih on 1.25 speed

Sw3rv0 Tv

9lokk9ine Voice

Archie Smith

Bru that's how u wake up

Breazy Music

I put so many ppl on dis man righ here?

Rafa vill

This jit hard here b4 it blow

Prod. Eli

At errhone who say he sound like Kodak is wrong it’s jus da Florida accent

kashiefroy mckenzie

support bro page

Ariana Hill


Gang Shit

Half a mill bih ??

Breazy Music

I put so many ppl on dis man righ here?


Im surprised this song hasnt blown up yet

Wesley Jackson

Florida boy

Daniel Rivera

Jhit came out of lakes ?? keep up am watching

Jay Money

We got 3 Baby’s in the game
And two Gucci Blacks
One kodak black
One Gucci mane

prod. zine

Has no one made an instrumental yet??

Grip Town

That boy on ??

Personality's for everyone

How you do like Florida vocals
Like what effects in fl studio

Neltor WMG

Am I the only one who thought he sounded Mexican


Texas shiet ?? fuck Florida ???

Fernando 63rd

Why the fuck this shit aint pass 1 mill views??


Kodak mixed with rich homie quan

flawdawater ENT

What's beat name F.N ?


Jimmi Wopo vibes

Erik Mercado

Tf this ain’t no Gucci black



Max Hennessy

he kinda reminds me of the zebra from madagascar


Lamar Jackson rap too ?? Oh ??

SLS Darian Tv

This is a slap

D Skii

Yeah yeah guccii blackkkkkk

Michael Moore

Bro voice sound like zayo

DumbShitz Tv

70th st carlos had it first with almonds but this go harder?


This hard?

Ben Shar

does he or any other rappers have a beat like this?

Ethel Wiggins

He cut that box brazy cause im on the box rn ??‍♂️

lyndon thomas

Fomonsisod Eaobeoa is..onrielcsis auu. WSES TEOVWI NONRID MKNROSIDTS aysus $389-86*✓®•¶×✓®¶¶ VPO..OMTID KEUW

Luis Carlos


Iam ZaY

This video is tooo dope

Dolodarius 7

Jit be snappin

Keep It Real

This shit giving me jimmy wopo vibes. RIP wopo?

R'jay Riley

My nigga hit the chapstick just one time

Daniel Miller

Discover weekly clutch

Jasmine Smith

He sound like kodak

Messi GangTV

Lamar won the MVP and started rappin the same year mark this down for black history month

hamaa k


girl bye

Yall think every Florida rapper sound like kodak✌??

Naetashab g Behvnard


Skraphomie Chino- topic

That’s Boonk gang lil brother if y’all ain’t know?

RIM Galaxy Beats

He’s from Florida


west palm ??


sgp brought me here

Jaquall Baker

This shit too hard it popped up on my apple play ???? big 40 got kickback it’s louder den da weed

Ty Jones

This nigga slides but he looks like the product of hate-sex between Comethazine and Kodak Black??

Ricky Ballin

I only listen to Florida niggas

Isaacool360 -Topic


ryan rucker

Can someone tell me who care out first
Gucci Black or Gucciiblack

Mucci Gane

Ain't finna lie, this video is fire. Props to the director.

Kase Garcia

Das dat flawda shit boy ???

Fabio Saba


Slime 2 Shiesty

Rip bro

D10300 Dollars0.1

I’m a fan keep up the good work Lil homie. Do it for your ppls

R 1R2

Got this bitch on blast in Toronto!??

destin ysl

How this ain’t blew?

Lack Poop

Anyone from 561

Mining slang

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Opinion Mining by Dr. Alsmadi

352 views | 7 Sep. 2014

Symposium of Data Mining

Symposium of Data Mining Applications (SDMA) 2014. The event is organized by Prince Megrin Data Mining Center (Megdam)

presented by Dr. Izzat Alsmadi, associate professor from Prince Sultan University

Mining slang

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100 Magic: The Gathering Facts You Didn't Know (Probably)

7 123 views | 9 Feb. 2021

We're listing off 100

We're listing off 100 Magic facts you probably don't know!

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Looking for some interesting facts to spice up your life and make you go "really??" We've got a giant handful to help you laugh and discover some crazy true Magic knowledge! Follow along and tell us how many you didn't know!

Patrick Boswell

My friends local Rochester NY band is named Shepard of Rot after the card. They all play

Joe Creed

Fact 0: Grave Titan dies to removal.

Orion Schultz

sonic wallet already sonic saw it


Loving all the different kinds of videos you guys have been doing. Keep up the good work. Also RIP Grave Titan, (he deserved it)

Paul Dyson

#25 is my fav.
Robo Rally is the best non-Magic Garfield game.
A judge explained to me (at the Shadowmoor prerlease, as it happened) that "substance" was used for licids.
Brimaz, King of Oreskos also has a weirdly place nipple.
I still maintain that Bell Borca taking out an Orzhov life insurance policy that allowed him to solve his own murder is a top ten M:tG stories of all time.


The test card text of Time Walk was "Opponent loses next turn" but was changed because playtesters mistook its effrct as an instant win card.

Seth Schick

Well that was enlightening. Very cool, maybe do another 100 some time soon?


Charmed stray :P


How does the -2/-2 and +2/+2 counters not cancelling work?

Demphis Ford

Awesome video seemed a little rushed. Still quite a few things I didn't know. As always chef's kiss

Mythrandil Mal'Ganis

I aint gonna lie dude, I was buying a bunch of Kaldheim singles for my collection single the price on singles are dropping. I had a handful of cards in my cart and was playing your vid in the background, out of no where.. "BE SURE TO USE THE NITPICKING NERDS TCGPLAYER AFFILIATE LINK..." . Thanks for reminding me lmao!


So many slain Grave Titans!

Nikolay Zinchenko


Sean Souders

very cool <3

Jason Barry

You thought that the colloquial definition of a “bear” was more obscure than the exact number of unique cards available in every color O.o


You missed the best mtg fact. Grave Titan was printed so that a pair of nerds could nitpick over it.

Apex 0

Poor grave titan

rotz mirz

this video was so much fun, thanks for putting together all those weird facts!

Tomasz Suwaj

Highest base power is 99 on "B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster)"


Bro’s, the band is called “the acacia strain” not Acadia strain lol just throwing that out there! Only cuz I love those guys (and y’all too) hehe xD

george akoury

This video was so cool

Dante Buccieri

Me favorite weird Oracle ruling is on Jadelight Ranger. "If you reveal a nonland card the first time Jadelight Ranger explores and leave it on top of your library, you’ll reveal the same card the second time it explores. If you don’t pretend to be surprised, you’ll hurt Jadelight Ranger’s feelings."

Matthias Obermayr

My favorite was the Sun Titan removals, including himself on the last one ;)

SunTitan 44

Copying the lightning bolt gotta be the best way to remove that grave titan ??

Federico Rodriguez

Garfiel made Artifact!!!??? Astonishing

Christian Heesch

Here's a fun fact for you NPN:
I used to attend MTG events in my youth with a gentleman named Sean Flieshman who was my brother's friend and fellow D&D player. He lost to Olly Reid in the finals of the very first invitational/pro-tour. There is footage on YouTube.
Edit: Olle Rade

guru khalsa


Rchikins Banana

My favourite creature type is either Pirates or Uncle Istvan


Fun fact: grave titan is unplayable in commander

Mighty One

I think I'm going to have to call my Tatyova deck my Britney deck if I ever put that Temple of Mystery in... Field of the Dead needs to be in first, but I'd like to add another combo (because how many combo cards is too many in a simic combo deck? That's a trick question, because even your lands are combo cards in Simic), and Field of the Dead can bump out Rampaging Baloths without me feeling short of token generators for Altar of Dementia. I'm sure there are nice ways to play Simic, but combo is pretty nifty.

Evan Elliott

I SWEAR I CAN’T watch ONE video without you guys reminding grave titan sucks but reminding EVERY SLIDE??? At this point it’s targeted!


I see your subliminal messaging play grave Titan. Got it.

Jason Bailey

Stop messing with Grave Titan! That’s my dude!

Harrison Heppelmann

Stop Telling everyone about sweep. It’s making my Charge Across Abara less of a blowout

Andy Keskimaki

The best creature type for changelings is ouphe. Just ask your opponents when you're winning.

Pawz Brown

Beezey great job this was fun facts about MTG. I knew some but not all


The best creature type is Leper. Change my mind.

Nico Griffin

the fact that the kwain, the rabbit, doesnt have haste infuriates me..

Jess Lynne

My favorite fact on this list is definitely the one about Admiral Beckett Brass ? so sweet

Kazuto Kirigaya

the fact with the charmed stray is the most sweet ive ever heard of

Mitch Faulkner

Im pretty sure BOP was supposed to be Volcanic Island. This lead to it being left out of alpha. But it was the bird in the pic that caused it to become what it is.

Artem Orlov


Joan Miriam Hicks

Still love Terese Neilson <3

Mark Tanis

So cute how much you guys love Grave Titan??

Apex 0

In the ayer invitational cards you forgot fervent champion

Christopher Groulx


King Ginger

I actually knew most of these but the fact that Teferi made a fart machine was one that I absolutely loved before this lol I use confiscate in my "I can play your deck better than you" deck and that's one of of my favorite cards and it's based off the flavor text lol

Johanson Go

Serendib efreet revised had also a misprint like hurricane. I LIKE TEFERI'S FART MACHINE/GEAR THOUGH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hunter Lund

I love the fact that Yargle’s secret lair released on 9/3!

Bent Corners

Dat grave titan is gettin abused.

Jake applegate

My Frankenstein’s monster is worth what now?

Danger Field

Gonna bring up Roseanne everytime someone brings up Maro. EVERYTIME.

Rich Butnotfamous

Larry Nevin did not create the word 'mana', it is of Maori descent.


I really miss the literary quotes in flavor text they were one of the best features and often inspired me to go read their source!


100 ways to remove gravetitan would have been a better title

[email protected]

Die gravetitan die!

Gabriel Vielma

Wow I learned 100 different ways to remove Grave Titan.

Aesir Loki

Alternative title : 100 reasons not to play grave titan

Kabu 84

The binding of isaac also has a card called "chaos card" which shows a pixeled chaos orb

EDH Deckbuilding

94. not to be too much of a nitpicking (metal) nerd here, but i think you meant The Acacia Strain, right?

Silver Swag

11 is wrong, there are 252 according to the Wiki

Olivier Echaiz



Also worth mentioning that the boxart to Binding of Isaac Rebirth is directly based on Akroma's Vengeance.

Alex Mendoza

I love the editing. Lol white is the most powerful. #Plainspower brother.


Ahem, its Acacia Strain, (like the tree) not acadia. Great band, didnt know they played Magic, nerds.

CMS 25

Fun fact 101: I built Scarab god just the other day and put Grave titan in it cuz it seems great!

Kristen North

My brother started playing Magic while in the Navy and he got out the year after they did that Military League. I should ask him whether he did that. He was stationed in Japan and, when he came home to visit, I drove him around to all the local gaming stores to buy up all their cards. He made a mint reselling them to shipmates. That was 1996.

Other Hand Games

97 is my favorite. I didn't know LSV was so bad. Not only does he steal jokes but also once ranked lower than our nerd

Jose Cordova

Great content dudes! That Grave Titan getting owned 100 times was the Chef's kiss XD

Olivier Debilde

Lots of work behind that video. Very cool one !

Arthur van den Bergh

28!! Not too bad

Max Richard

Give or take a few, I knew about 69 of these facts ;)


Just bought a signed machete!

Robert Tanney

How much of a cut do you get if we use the nn link for tcgplayer? I always forget and I want to know if I should feel bad.


Who are the 2 artists that wizards dont talk about anymore?

Domenico Monardo

I'm sorry but i can't link this to any of my friends, i wanna remain the most interesting person at game nights

Paul Papworth

This was worth every second of viewing, awesome as always.

Bryan McGowan

I knew all of them. I'm the smartest. I'm the coolest.

Steven Askew

I competed in the largest competitive commander tournament at the the time in 2015 in Savannah. Fuck your minor appearance in a protour. It was the largest gathering of EDH players in history. Fucker who won brought a Hermit Druid deck. Everyone else brought interesting and high level decks. I got to the Semi-finals and he won on turn two. Piece of shit kept trying to sell his dual lands.

Obadijah Parks

Did you intend to be this salty?... because you did well.

Kai Sinnott

I thought bops art was for volc, not trop, since it is a volcanic island

crovax 13

#97 what do mean Beezy is the one on the left side of the desk?! Which one is Joe?


8:11 as well as no copy limit. Thus is what the format Freeform emulates.

The Audacity

The Chaos warp on the Grave Titan made me lol before I noticed it over and over, well done again. Can't wait to be the most interesting person on game nights!

G. Gans

I don't even know if you guys want to, but you defenetly need to be invited to a round of game knights from JLK and Wong.

Bo Kuen Tao

Terese Nielsen was one of their best artists, and they ditched her. I have almost all of her cards, in foil for the ones that come in foil. Terese Nielsen, Nils Hamm, Seb Mckinnon, and Jesper Eijsing are my top artists. I still try to support Terese Nielsen through her website, her Tokens of Spirit set that she came out with recently is absolutely incredible, the art is phenomenal, and the foiling looks great.

Oliver J

Dummy Thicc Krab

Andreus Alguém

Grave titan joke again?

Michael Poerio

Okay, you got me on about a third of these. What's up with fact 19? +1 counters cancel -1 counters, but -2/-2 counters don't cancel out +2/+2... what am I missing? Tried googling it.


im a bit confused about #13, can anyone explain it?


Here's a Magic fact that you didn't know:

If you use Liquimetal Coating to make Karn Liberated into an artifact, and then target it with Karn's Touch, you can make Karn touch himself.

Mighty One

I have a pretty good condition Frankenstein's Monster, bought it in high school, when The Dark was ancient history already, but I still had access to stores that had binders of old cards. Wasn't really cheap, but has gone up for sure. Just loved the flavor of the card, and the art.

Edit: You think Ghostfire is a whiff? I got a copy of Rod of Ruin in a 7th ed constructed deck. I was not amused, but I did end up using it, to my unending shame. I think the card actually ruin's it's user, because if 7 mana for 1 colorless damage feels like a good card, you are playing bad magic.

Alan Parana

I love how you showed seb McKinnon for the first artist because he’s obviously the best

Elliot Sponsler

Teferi now: Serious, Stoic and Calculated.
Teferi then: Uhhh, fart machine goes brrrrrpt.

Shadow Reign

Saying White is the best color in Magic is like saying Iron Man is the best Marvel superhero. Many will say Thor, many will say Captain America, ect. opinions will very.

Amadeus Vaca

binding of isaac actually has a ton of mtg references, there is a black lotus, a chaos orb, ancestral recall and a couple more. Great vid by the way!


#101: Ydwen Efreet from Arabian Nights was named after making an anagram of the name of Richard Garfield's friend's daughter Wendy while playtesting the set.
#102: The artwork from many cards are actually cut up pieces of full artwork that are then placed on separate cards, sometimes same name, sometimes different cards. For example: the four islands in Champions of Kamigawa make one panorama; and Guardian Angel & Paralyze from original sets, plus many more; go find them all! (Hint: a few are in Homelands)


And that Planeswalker's name? Albert Einstein (#31)


Wait, did WotC put out a hit on two artists?

Yasu Takeuchi

Those Grave Titan troll scrolls ??