Paris new york time difference

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PARIS VS NEW YORK CITY | An American's Point of View!

22 361 views | 10 Oct. 2019

Americans seem to have as

Americans seem to have as much of an infatuation with the city of Paris as the French do with the city of New York! I got a chance to sit down with an American currently living in Paris, but who spent 6 years in New York, to ask some of my burning questions. What is her favorite thing about Paris compared to New York? How is fashion, work life and night scene different? Are the metro and subway comparable? And of course, who is ruder, the Parisians or the New Yorkers? Catch the end of the video where we do my favorite rapid fire questions all about Paris vs New York!

#LivingInParis #LivingInNewYork #ExpatsAbroad #RudeFrench #RudeAmericans

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There's a lot more coming where this came from!✌



1. 1st year in Paris vs 1st year in New York "1:58"

2. Work Life Balance "2:29"

3. Party Life "3:45"

4. Fashion "4:38"

5. Metro/Subway "5:29"

6. Terrace "6:33"

7. Rude French vs Rude New Yorkers "7:01"

8. Work Life " 8:08"

9. What would you miss if you moved back to New York "9:19"

10. Rapid Fire Questions "9:51"


❤ Hop on board to the hot mess express that is Kate! I’m a pizza loving, wine guzzling American thriving in Paris. Eh… scratch the thriving part and put surviving. I’ve got an endless love/hate relationship with France, that drives me to do unexplainable things. If you like pizza recommendations and some expat excitement, you’re in the right place.✌Subscribe for new videos every week!


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Rebekah Dunavan

I also live on the south side of Chicago....like 4.5 hours south in Carbondale, IL

echyo sound

I'm the only one to only see there smiles, it's shinning.

The Politix

C’est vrai qu’il serait assez dur pour moi aussi de perdre des semaines de congés ! Et pour les parisiens pas totalement faux qu’on aime faire un effort pour être désagréable :)

Ala samir

Are you french?

jacqueline KLEIN

yes but bar bosses doesnt pay their employees in us too much fun try to do this in france then you got a revolution

John Fleming

Can you do a Paris to Boston comparison please.

Mark Schattefor

Just stumbled over your channel. You're the first US expat that I see who lives in France.
I'm from the Netherlands and I'm following US expats in Germany and the Netherlands for some time now.
And the funny thing is that you all agree over 3 things; Healthcare, working to live and not the other way around, and US Americans are loud.


Thanx guys, very informative. In few months I will finish my master studies and in autumn I will apply for a PhD both in Paris and New York City. I'm Southeastern European and I really love France but I'm not afraid to start a new adventure across the ocean.
If anyone has any advice for me is more than welcome to reply.


Lovely and charming moment.

Alex Wyler

most people i know get 3 weeks vacation after working 5 years at a company. if you work minimum wage, you get 1 week ish not paid.

Véracité absolue

You are a little short on the weather difference. NY compares to Scandinavia in the winter and to Africa in the summer.


I would feel the same way on some of those questions. What to choose!! I will take both specially cupcake n macaroon or doughnut versus pain au chocolat. Both cities have their perks and downside. You just have to make the most of it. Love this video


"Well both are rude yes...." ?But it's really more the customer service type of rudeness as opposed to just people on the street, no?

I knew as soon as you said "deep-dish" what Sara's reaction was going to be! In the Northeast in general we don't do a lot of that. Thin crust all the way. I do have to agree with her food assessment, as surprised as I am to say it. Of course there are different ethnic foods here, but I don't find a lot of "fusion" type food, which I miss. And don't even get me started on the lack of good Mexican!!

Tarek Sadek

Nice video! I'm enjoying your channel in general, and this one in particular, about my 2 favorite cities!

Unintentionally Frenchified

Hey guys! I really enjoyed chatting with Sara about all things Paris vs New York. There seems to be such interest in these two big cities and I'm the first to admit that living in the Big Apple sounds pretty impressive to me! Have any of you out there lived in both Paris and New York? What are your impressions? Would love to hear any comments below! <3

Haley La Petite Sirène

We’re not rude, we’re just not « friendly » with strangers because we don’t know them. It’s just respect. We mostly think american are fake, just different culture.

Ellen Clea

what kind of jobs do you guys have? moving to paris after uni is my goal!

jacqueline KLEIN

us boss bar dont pay their employee (tipping)????? old time .75 years ago they use to do it in europe


I grew up in the south and currently live in nyc. These ppl are rude and on the edge.


What a charming video! Two things, though :

- Living in NY for 6 years vs living in foreign Paris for 1, there's no way you can find the same level of familiarity with parisian food and restaurant culture. Paris has such an incredible and wide range of food culture from all around the world, but you have to know the city very well, know the specific "ethnic" areas, where you can eat somalian, chinese or vietnamese food, get the best quality for less than 10 euros and not able to eat anything more. Paris keeps being surprising on that level, decades after you moved in there, even for natives. Lots of places just grow in size, they arejust family businesses. Also, if you want real quality french food, you can find real good and fine ones, where an entré-plat-dessert plus wine won't cost you more than 35-40€, sometimes even less. Where you are probably right, though, is timetable : even if Paris lives by night much more than most other european cities, NY, has much more places open real late.

- Rudeness, I really don't necessarly agree, and I would think that if the cliché holds some truth about parisians, it has changed for the best, majorely in hte past 20 years : it used to be most waiters and such professions wouldn't speak any english, when nowadays, it's the opposite. I would say that Schengen has resulted in a whole new type of generation in France, people who have travelled and worked way more abroad than any generation before. How often will you find waiters speaking french in NY? But I conceed being cheeky here. What's to be considered though, is that indeed, you are not french, and come from another culture and language. So of course you're bound to encounter miscommunication and misunderstandings way more than in your mother tongue. Lastly, I would also think that as french people, it's not difficult to feel the american culture and social ways as a sort of "agression". It's not exactly that either, but I hope you kind of understand what I'm talking about. Anyhoo, thanks for that, and cheers.

alpha mare

Enough of the “work to live/live to work” stuff. If you live in a high-price housing area, it usually takes 2 incomes to live a middle class lifestyle there. And, unless you are independently wealthy or retired, we all “work to live”.
Only professionals who love to “live and breathe their work” more than 40hrs./week, could be said to “live to work” but that is a choice. Actually, if you do what you love it’s not work at all, right!
Quality of life is the issue. That’s why people from all the world come to live in California. Maybe the Benefits offered in France impact their QoL and I why people immigrate there from the world.
All we can do to improve our QoL in the US, is to VOTE. So ALL CITIZENS no matter where they live, should VOTE. Maybe we can change our country for the better, by voting every election, not just for the president, but for the state and federal Senate, House of Representatives, Judges, etc. Parties must stop being divided by issues, but learn to come together in both Sorority and Fraternity ;-)

Lori Delia

Great video❤️???

Happy Place Paris

I lived 1 year in NY and found it so much more fast-pace than Paris. I only saw a couple of kids throughout my stay and no elderly persons. Where are they ? Only young executives or models, always running around from work to the gym and then restaurant and bar, everyday ! So much energy !


skip to 2:00

David Smith

Such a funny video. Rosie said her favourite videos were the ones she did with you. You have a great sense of humour. It shines through.


As a native New Yorker, I agree with her on a certain level especially on the rudeness comment. You have to be rude in NY because there are a lot of crazies out there but in Paris, French in general, will be rude just because they can get away with it. Now the fashion in NY ummmmmmmmmm.....Yeah, I don't know how it became or still consider as a fashion capital.

Gil Williams

Paris vs New York. I think you are comparing Paris to Manhattan. Fashion in Paris is much better than NY city as a whole; just look at Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem and Staten Island. Food in Paris is also better in Paris.

Laure Guillemin

I am still using my kindness from the US to use it to french administration!! They probably judge me as a crazy person!! ahaha

Beauty Queen

We just have to remember to be rude to the French when they immigrate to other countries due to their own country becoming The Middle East and Africa

Aidan Clarke

Sara is #frenchifiedAF ?❤️

Bill Frenchdude

Vocal Fry Alert !

Christi Jade

I hope you don’t smoke...such a disgusting habit that will also kill you.?

Ben Ebel

Deep dish wins, hands down.

Joël . Gg

I enjoyed this video !! I feel like I learned a lot of information in a very short time because you speak very quickly for me, even with the subtitles...>_< AhAh
Thank you Sara and Kate for your beautiful smile and your point of view very interesting.
It may be an impression but Americans in New York smile more easily than the French of Paris...?!!

Chat Noir

Stay away from NYC unless you like working all the time, constant stress, overpriced apartments, homeless people everywhere and people who are only interested in money.

Sylvianne Peroux

Ça aurait été bien de mettre les sous titres en français en bas ?

Norbert Fontaine

J''ai d'excellents rapports avec les employés des administrations, et tous les employés en général. J'ai été de l'autre côté de la barrière alors je sais ce que c'est que de servir un client sympa ou un client agressif. On fera une petite entorse au règlement pour arranger les affaires d'un client sympa. Pour le client agressif c'est service minimum.

Mikayla Sarai

Loved this! ?

Ashleigh Sanders

There should be a law in the US for mandatory holiday. :/

Paris new york time difference

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Jennifer Lopez | New Year's Rockin' Eve Performance

4 635 506 views | 1 Jan. 2021

Jennifer Lopez | New

Jennifer Lopez | New Year's Rockin' Eve Performance

Happy New Year 2021 Everyone!!!! Thanks for ringing in the new year with me.

Official Website: https://jenniferlopez.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jenniferlopez/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jlo/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jlo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jlo

Text Me: +1 (305) 690-0379

#JenniferLopez #JLo #NewYear

Phil Rutan

Why is everyone else wearing mask but she is not?my ass would have a plastic mask on cause you can sing w it..

MiMi Hasa

Its painful to watch her struggle... she cant sing

Wawa Mimi

sorry ??? but her voice is gross and when she tries to sing well it's even worse. she really thinks she put on a great performance but my god that voice was a nightmare. her domain is to show off her body so that she stays there.???

Alari Lappmaa

b f 4ever

Celerino B'1

Celerino Good lligolo Niko Niko Niko Niko Niko Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Nike Deezer Deezer Deezer laris laris laris Larisa Larisa 14

Lukasz Lis


Alex Alex

бедная бэк-вокалистка. Как-же ей тяжело!


sings like my sister, my sister can't sing

Stanley Pressley

Ppl commenting on her beauty like no one in Hollywood gets some work done.

T Anderson

She is a very good actress, model, dancer, but for singing, I am sorry I will have to pass.


Mariah left.


When you are 50 and decide to sing Rock music ? because you think you can kill it !!! And she did in a very ugly way.. Terrible performance.

Denise LeBeau

That’s not Jlo......whomever that was needs singing and dance lessons.

nieooj gotoy

I think she’s a very talented dancer and that’s it

luisarturo villanuevahernnadez

solo quiero un solo amigop de l estado de morelos elk que me dio el raite asia cuernavaca morelos que di con fiesta inn

Amber Pureau

??Okay #JLo..I can hear you and see you in chime again..like right now..yiaa I want to leave Australia #JenniferLopez..I'm getting ripped off through my Centrelink account and bank accounts..I hate fuckin hate people..and I'm fuckin over struggling??#Apoll..#Palacqua #they can't even pay a REAL ROYAL PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY CORRECTLY #JLO..I HATE TUNA'S FOR LIFE..????

Boba Tube

Does anyone have the video to the rest of the performances in the 2021 New Years Eve NYC show?


People can talk bad about her singing but all i see is she is out there on the stage doing what she loves with passion and ambition. Been more than 20yrs in the industry it aint luck it all about believe in what she does .

Gracie Hernandez

I love Jlo.

Celerino B'1

Good Good Good tu me aces reír reír reír reír reír reír todo meace reir reir Good Good blanquita laris laris Larisa Larisa 14 14 14 14

bcvbb hyui

07:38 OUCH!

luisarturo villanuevahernnadez

toda la familia del chapo guzman la quiero estraditada en norte de america en grandes penitensiarias de maxsima seguridda grasias eres un amor

Tina Pearlsound

Old lady desperately trying to prove she's still got it: 7:35 and 7:25
Pathetic and embarrassing.

Cassie chakzt

If you love me
Say it in the morning
Not just in the evening
Only when you want my body
Want my body
Sweet little white lies
Your sweet little white lies
Leave a bad taste in my mouth
Your taste in my mouth (Come on)
Queen in the night time
Black dress with white wine
Mess it up, watch it fall down
When you watch it fall down
You tell I'm a real one, I'm the right one
But only when you're on one
You tell me that you need me, wanna see me
But only when you want some, want some
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You love it 'cause it's so tight
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You know you better lock it down
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I'm the right one
But only when you're on one
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But only when you want some, want some
Yeah, if you love me
Say it in the morning
Not just in the evening
Only when you want my body
Want my body
Baby, love me like you mean it
Not just in the evening
Only when you want my body
Want my body
Na na na, na na na, ey
Na na na, na na na, ey
Na na na, na na na, ey
Only when you want my body
Want my body
Na na na, na na na, ey (Ooh)
Na na na, na na na, ey (Na na na)
Na na na, na na na, ey
Only when you want my body
Want my body
Sweet little white lies
Your sweet little white lies
Leave a bad taste in my mouth
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah
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Not just in the evening (Ooh)
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Baby, love me like you mean it (Like you mean it)
Not just in the evening
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Want my body, yeah

Дина Прокудина

Like Just for Dream On!

Маша Федоровна

это она в маске типо

Mike Garcia

I finally broke down and was forced to watch this after seeing all the hate she got for it and , tbh this was not bad at ALL she rarely sings live like this and it was mostly good. Even the scream shocked me and I didn’t know she could het high like that. I’ve seen way worse from her lol

Lauri K

Happy new year


Ok lady Gaga lol ?

Mid-Night Son 2021

That hair was cooked on a grill!

Alejandro Garcia



I love J.Lo but this was such an anticlimactic and lackluster performance. It’s like she didn’t even try lol

Ryan Krisna

You're better dance girl.

Greek Music


Helê Léopold

This was horrible, without the dancing and the production you can really see the lack of talent. I feel sorry for her. Poor girl.

Jay yay

Another great J.Lo performance! It's so weird that I see so many people saying J.Lo can't sing! I do not see it! I think she has a nice voice! It really is just hate

Reetta siekkinen


Abby Guajardo

The ending to dream on the vocal was on point good job jlo

Nuria Hatfield

I look just like her

Nigel Merle

Its a total fail

Nuria Hatfield

I love this song


They keep giving her all these chances, and she always disappoint.
We know she wasn't the first choice,but the only one to say yes.
She always says yes. Any chance to fuck it all up. This is a prime example and the inauguration is another!!

Alex Hernandez

Orgullo latino ???????????

Queren M

So beautiful wow

raquel m

This was a cringing ? performance and the entrance was just like 2020- that God it is GONE.

But I love how hard she tries no matter what people say. Keep working behind the scenes ?

The Neon Diamond

i think they meant it to be toilet paper but tf

Nidia Pacheco

Actually as a singer, it is her responsability to sing, she is supposed to sing but she does not even improve!!!

Mid-Night Son 2021


Candy Boni

Amazing me encanto I love it

Olivia Steppe

When I saw it it looked like a wedding cake topper


This was very melancholy, low energy; then again with what’s going on there was no point pushing the boat out..

Ahmet Kaya Mustafa kemal Kaya

https://youtube.com/channel/UC39rdRHY0pT6bH5K8WVzDZA ..b

Charlie Pechota


Nintendude Vids

7:26 hot!???

Malcolm Blacc

This is what happens when you make a career of joy singing your own songs

Maria Dominguez


June Ju


Charlie Pechota

She is not singing as crazy as she's moving... Wow this is so sad! SORRY AEROSMITH!

Queren M

I'm obsessed with this song

Janire M

“If you love me, say it the morning not just in the evening, only when you want my body“♥️ “I wanna dance in love and dance again”♥️

Alicia Walker

Boring ??

Dina Fairchild

love you j lo... beautiful as ever ... you slayed aerosmith... best new years performance in years... love you ?

Love Love

No thank you
....she can keep that look
.... a caged face kind of look is not trending.....
Oh wait ?‍♀️

Brenda H

Thank you Artist!

ceerw buty

the sound engineers that work every year on this event need to be fired...

Ruben de Groot

We all know she cant sing. But I never really cared for her dancing either. Sorry not sorry

Timothy Ryan Wang

Ok but why was she dressed as the abominable snowman

rdani Adi

Whoever mixed the sounds was a pure disaster. Put that aside, we know jl voice is pretty flat and she was trying too hard

Devin Buchanan

Im so proud of your journey . Ive been a huge fan since i was little. Dont ever let anyone tell you that you cant sing jlo because you got pipes and your voice is beautiful

Mid-Night Son 2021

To all the haters: I love you.

lacy k

mick jagger's NYE performance

Celerino B'1

De tu piel blanquita yo de ti me enamoré DEEZER DEEZER DEEZER DEEZER DEEZER DEEZER DEEZER DEEZER laris laris laris Larisa Larisa 14 so Beautiful laris laris laris laris Larisa Larisa Larisa Larisa

Nata S

Always AGELESS she’s AFRODITa VENUS the queen of love ?

Andy Vegan

Stop killing ostriches.


She’s no where near Steven Tyler’s scream she had me covering my ears

Ashley B. Ashley

Jlo is usually pretty fashionable, so I was confused at the giant 12 foot fur tower she was wearing.

Mid-Night Son 2021

Tony Robbins called. Needs his coat back.

bocoy noiu

Yikes! That was cringy... and mostly flat.

Amanda Habeeb


Celerino B'1

Deezer Deezer Deezer so Beautiful 14 14 14 came Good Good love love Good Good

hen ko

Well done babish?

Spider Channel MP3 II قناة العنكبوت إم بي ثري

الابداع الجميل ?

miguel duran

I still prefer mariah's non performance

The Neon Diamond

what is on her head!!????

bils_ edixts

7:37 : Oh sh*t im sliding into the Cameraman?

tell truth

shes possibly tone deaf.

Celerino B'1

Deezer Deezer Deezer laris laris laris Larisa 14

Heather Nelson

I don't feel that any of the music she picked for this perfect matched up with bringing in the new year. We need inspiration, motivation, encouragement, etc. She needs to stick to acting or maybe producing because this ain't it. Singing and dancing is not for everyone and that's ok. She'll get it together.

Christian Maqueda

Well this was something to watch.......

christian castillo

What are name ofthe songs?? or the setlist?
I know some: In the morning, Waiting for tonight,.. the others? someone knows?

Celerino B'1

Deezer laris laris Larissa You like songs love Good Good Good está semana Beautiful Deezer like laris laris Larisa Good You flores son Beautiful para ti me laris laris Larisa wood blanquita tu piel like love love love love love love en ajajaja ajajaja ajajaja happy así así así así así así así así así mejustas tú me laris laris Larisa 14 14 14 flawer regalo para ti mi amor amor para ti miaah amor laris Larisa 14 14 14.flawer.regalo para ti 14 laris laris laris laris laris Larisa Larisa Larisa Larisa 14 14 14 came love love love Good 14 me laris laris laris Larisa Deezer like love love Good Good Good Good Good

Omar Hernandez

What’s the first song?

Kanna Croak


Lana Pearl

Her volume is down a lot- it feels low energy also cuz the vocals are low, so it doesn’t look like it fits the performance. Cuz she looks like she’s screaming out there

Yeli Orta

I just love her!!!!!!!

Mid-Night Son 2021

All five people that died in D.C. were alive during this.


she is a great entertainer !

Átila Medeiros

Amei o vídeo ❤️


I admire her. She is goals! Confidence, brains, beauty. Living up her passion. She is real

Paris new york time difference

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Bookreporter Talks To: Janet Skeslien Charles

95 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Janet Skeslien Charles

Janet Skeslien Charles joins us to talk about her historical novel, THE PARIS LIBRARY. While working as the programs manager at The American Library in Paris, she learned the history of the library, which celebrated its centennial last year. Included in its storied history are the heroic librarians who stood up to the Nazis during World War II and smuggled books to those the Nazis deemed undesirable.

The story is told in separate points of view over two periods in time: one in Paris, 1939, and the other in Montana, 1983. In 1939, Odile stands to lose her library when Nazis invade Paris. Banding together, the librarians join the resistance, using books and knowledge to their advantage. In 1983, the teenager Lily becomes friends with her mysterious neighbor, a war bride from Paris, and what she discovers is both intense and revealing.

During the interview, Janet discusses the themes she chose to explore in THE PARIS LIBRARY, including the relevance of the decades-long gap in the story. She talks about how her life in both Montana and Paris influenced the book, and she mentioned some interesting tidbits about how she chose to research the novel in order to keep it both true to real life events and engaging as a story.

Books discussed in this episode:

THE PARIS LIBRARY by Janet Skeslien Charles


Check out our other videos:

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More Bookreporter Talks To:

Sadeqa Johnson: https://youtu.be/GsPQeFRbETk

Liese O'Halloran Schwarz: https://youtu.be/JqdPYk2-VGk

Sharon Virts: https://youtu.be/fHB_Wl1F578

Sign up for the weekly Bookreporter.com newsletter here:



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bookreporter

Website: https://www.bookreporter.com

Maureen Stokowski

Can’t wait to read this!

Diane Selle Pedrosa

I was raised in ND on a farm. Four miles up the country road was a farmer that married an Italian woman he met in the war, who was from Brooklyn. She loved the country and we loved her lasagna?

Lyanne Poirier

Thank you, I am anxious to read the book!???