Vale stock forecast

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[$19 billion] Vale Mining Stock Plunges After Brazil Dam Break | Stock Market | Option Trading

2 574 views | 29 Jan. 2019

Let me show the Correct

Let me show the Correct Way to Trade Bond Futures

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Jonathan Rose of Active Day Trader (Masters in Trading) shares a trade ideas in ticker symbol $VALE.

Tragic news out of Brazil... Vale Mining stock plunges after a dam broke in Brazil, at the time of this stock trading education video 65 lives have been lost. Terrible. Tragic.

Jonathan Rose of Active day trader teaches stock and option traders how to look for trading opportunity during big news events.

For $VALE, we want to find correlated trades, or relative value trading opportunities (also called Pair Trading).

In this video, Jonathan Rose encourages traders to look at other Brazil ADR Stocks like $ITUB, $BBD, $PBR, as well as $VALE.

Jonathan teaches how to trade stocks and how to trade options. Masters in trading specializes in position management techniques, including scalping, and most importantly scalping gamma, or gamma scalping position management trading techniques. option trading strategies volatility stock market

Foto Guy

This is PRICELESS content and Material. I love your help John Thanks.


Can we get a video about crude oil wti?

Koji seat

excellent comparison and good logical explanation, you make it so easy, Thank Mr: Rose, God Bless


Fwiw I think it's pronounced vol-lay since their Brazilian Company.

David Shaver

I’m in at 11.55 am I good ?

Vale stock forecast

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This Stock Could Double . . . ? Hurry! Buy Now? + 2 Stocks I’m Buying NOW! ??

132 843 views | 13 Jan. 2021

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Is RMO STOCK a buy at $5? Will Romeo Power stock keep dropping? Will RMO stock reach $1in 2020 RMO Stock Forecast - Is RMO and Romeo Power stock a buy?

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Facebook: Kenan Grace

Twitter: @KenanGrace

Legal Disclaimer:

I am NOT a financial Advisor. This video is for entertainment and education purposes only. This video is not financial advice. You can lose money investing into the stock market. You are liable for any losses that you incur from investing in the stock market.. I shall not be held liable for any losses you may incur while investing or trading on the stock market. Contact a licensed financial professional in your area for professional advice.

Sasha Horsthuis

How do you make something so boring so exciting?

Lavish O Lisa

Thanks ?

sterling Ferguson

What about Xpev



Chai Ke

Beem dropped to $60 ? even better and CTRM going crazy rn

Dom B

Anyone have an idea on what the speculated growth of CTRM will be?


Anyone else buy into ISR? I see it doing big moves soon??

Justin Wiggins

Bruh...... I sold 60% of my bngo shares at 4.11 when it hella dipped that I got at 2.11 cause I got scared, but I kept mine in my schwab account just incase and now it’s back at 7 again and going to the moon just like I thought I would ? dangggg man

Nick Taylor

Dude hell yeah man, you make this shit fun

Will Manser

Don't make him come out that bowtie.. #lettalkaboutit

Brandon Mills

Long term is the key!!! Business, great stocks, and real estate!!! Great stuff king. What are your thoughts on sunpower?

Joe T

?????CTRM CASTOR MARITIME ?????????. Wait till the economy recovers this is a 10x easy who's going to delivered the NIO cars or tesla ,, or no materials for batteries????????



Jacob Anastasi

I’m holding but you’ve got me down on RMO man...

Jim Acker

CTRM ????

Donald Barreda

I bought into CTRM 500 @.38. Do you think I should’ve waited?

Ryan Black

Crtm about to move. Company transports steel and other necessities. It’s a fairly new company as well. I would hold. I have 2500 shares at .36


I subscribed bro just because you know what you are talking about and you are very POSTIVE!


How do u get all this information. Like clients and the snapshot

Joseph Mikekemo

Check out Grande west transportation, they are a EV bus manufacturer and already have products and are making money. They are planning on listing on the Nasdaq within 4-6 months. Have the buy America compliance and are opening up a manufacturing plant in Washington. Make sure you do some DD, the company is so undervalued compared to the peers. Ticker symbol on otc is BUSXF.


Hey kenan... I have a couple stocks in moderna that I bought during the summer for around 70. Do you think I should sell and invest it into something like nio or hold onto it.

Frank Gu

The electrical car needs to use the electricity from the power plan.  The power plans used

Jim Acker

Kena please do a update on CRTM. I’m since this video. Up 175% not sure when to get out

Eddie Valle

Yo good video, you're super entertaining and informative

Kenan Grace

?Webull? 4:00 AM PreMarket!!
Sign up now ► https://tinyurl.com/y3mdj3k8
Add Me On Instagram for more! @KenanGrace1 ?

Jonathan Brown

You should show it..Chris Sain does

Ivanmelissa -

Key kenan is TSPG a good share to buy ?

Printing Machine

rmo babbbyyyy

Adan Martinez

BNGO went up like crazy, I'm glad I listened to your advice on getting this stock this past weekend

Michael Zaharov

You are the best

j child of God

CLWD .????????????????????????????????

Cursel Hazel

What’s everyone exit price for CTRM?

Jerry Gu

Can you do a video on Triterras?



Hugo Osuna

I'd subscribe today

Zak Wilkie

Bro your energy is what I needed to get into investing, all these other nancies being like “oh I’m not sure he’s no yes no”

Jesse Davis

Damn Kyle Murray out of the playoff now teaching how to make stack?

Cristopher Diaz

Please talk about Global Star (GSAT)


Good vids man new sub here


$ 15 PT for JAGX


Hi, I want to tell you about this company that is having a peak in volumes probably due to the news of the increase in investments expected for January 2021, can you make an analysis? The company is Senseonics Holdings.
Thanks a lot!!!

Shakwone227 ajsklsjal

Beem at 61$ rn

Juan Flores



Too hot ?brother ???

MoneyBagz nba

Respect black man

david Augusto

What are your thoughts on CYTH? Small cap and coming up with an FDA alzheimer cure phase 2 end of this month

Joe Airbender

XELA stock is going to triple

Sun Shine0206

Much respect ????


Subbed big pimping

Marmont Cap A

If you like BNGO then you will like $PACB. Top holding of ARKG and has made me 20k+. Purch was at $15

Silenze Beats

from now on i'm turning L's into lessons



T Rex

GTE dont miss the boat




what is strike price?

Adrian ibarra

Beam is great but there’s no way I’m buying in at this price. I’ll wait for it to drop under $45 to be a buyer. I’m not catching that falling knife bro

Jonathan Brown

Where is your portfolio?

Lyla Disaro

I’m watching you everyday. ?

Lea Stephenson

What website do you use for your price target/ forcast analysis??


What about XPEV XPeng??

Jonathan Fowlkes


Wyatt Norris

First time seeing your channel. Love the energy. Subscribed!

Muggy B

We exit BEAM when the sun stop shining.....Lol. Love that one!


Like ur attitude and videoes ! what do you think about CHEK? Risky for sure ,but ....

Cowboy Pug On A Rocking Horse 1337

????? God speed ?????

I got my brother in law into you and I'm hoping my good friend too. ⭐??


Thank You ???

Money making vlog by Corey elkins

Anyone with fb or Twitter stock I would get out now

Fix it Felix Appliance Repair

Brooooooo ????? look into. ISR.. FIREEEEEE ????

Sneasel Weasel

I just subscribed and I’m 23 living as a hard working black man trying to show my family better days as well as myself. I been digging into learning stocks for awhile and come across a lot of YouTube’s but your every different


Entertaining and informative.. goodshit my g

Lula Ruelle


Egalitarian 1776

Kenan, I like your enthusiasm. You sometimes make me laugh but, you always have my attention. You’re a good hearted dude and I appreciate what you do for all of us. My kitchen is hot but, it’s cooking up plays for me to invest in with your suggestions. Thank you...

Bim Rai

I lost £400 chasing.... So sad.. learned my lesson though...

Kierra Betts

First off I’m 1 minute in and you just got my mind right OFF BACK “Build your wealth” “there will always be another play”

Nick Finance

Okay! This dude is fire! ? You just got a new sub! Cheers

Christopher watts

I HAVE 24 shares of ZOM

Chris Sean

I'm gonna play my PS3. I'm broke from investing in big plays.

The Dividend Investor

Every stock you’ve recommend have been a hit for me ???

Ricardo Guzman


Yoshi SD

You a real one kenan

James Davidson

Good stuff, the trade market has been favorable to me ever since I was recommended, I make amazing profit from my investments best regards to Me Anorld Chris mentorship.


Hi I'm just starting to research Romeo and I'm curious to why it dipped 50% since it's high on Dec 28th did it have a stock offering or was it just because it merged and changed its ticker symbol?

Nicko Junior Official

Why all the stocks you talk abt when I go check they seem to go down ??

Damien Cameron



I lost money because you told me to buy ZOM....wtf man!!!.... j/k na I bought the dip and averaged down.
Can you revisit ZOM now after all the day traders dumped their positions today

Shad Dee

Ty bruh and I got in on Zom

D Aj

ZOM only flew up due to carole baskin being paid to do a promo

Josh Arellano

You are presenting your content amazingly keep it up brotha

DeCay Grim

Thank you Kenan

Phil Tang

Great contents. Wise. Hard hitting. Actionable. Thank you.


Looks like BITCOIN is starting to pump again

Trevor Blackbourn

You should review observa OBSV. Lots of upside! I hope we can all get in on it early ? love the stuff you do boss


I had beem for 30 dollars and day traded it sadly

Weici Wlx

Are you still holding CTRM ?

Al Gray


facetheworld 24

These not on the cashapp. How do I get it on cashapp?


Bro I'm new to your channel , u str8 dropping Gems ???

financialdaynews financialdaynews

great one!

Francheska Acosta

I started on stocks 2 days ago I have CTRM, ZOM, TRXC,PSAC,CCIV AND NIO. The one with most shares I have is CTRM. I just want to get more clarity if I’m doing it right are these easy money?

Grigore Andrei IFBB

why these stocks can t be found on etorro ? Thank you

Vale stock forecast

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3 Junior Lithium Mining Stocks which are about to EXPLODE!?? (TESLA BATTERY BUYS)(PLL Stock)

11 290 views | 19 Aug. 2020




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⭐3 Lithium Mining Stocks about to Explode!? (Lithium Industry analysis)

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Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice, investing is risky and especially silver mining companies! Don't invest anything which you can't afford to lose.

Good Luck & Invest safe.

#Lithium #TSLA #PLL #Stock #analysis #Battery day

3D Property Impressions

What do you think of Standard Lithium, they have a process to extract in a much shorter time frame?.. SLL

Sven Olaf

Wish I would have watched this a few days or weeks ago


Just bought 2300 shares of Westwater Resources stock yesterday morning (9/27/20) after the Tesla/Piedmont announcement. Bought in late in the morning after the initial climb but it absolutely took of after hours. I made the mistake of not investing in lithium earlier in the year. So I also scooped up some Livent, Lithium Americas, Galaxy Resources, and American Lithium Corporation stock.

Mm By

Thanks to this video I’m up on piedmont lithium 500% just saying!


I thought a lithium mine's close proximity to a Giga factory in Nevada has no economic significance because the raw materials have to be shipped to the battery makers majority of which are located on the opposite side of the Pacific in East Asia ??

Jorge Corino

I’ll remember when my father use to talk about Bitcoin and Software 25 27 years it was a time when friends told my father buy bitcoin at 300 dollars and now is 25.000$ this can be the next bitcoin is call lithium but no money to invest cuz everyone is distracted by EV etocks

Виктор Панин

https://pipeflare.io/r/3vw5 вот

Hassan Ali

Bacanora have just dropped their prices so if you have already purchased shares. Buy some more. Of course with money you can afford to lose only.

Rick De La Garza

what's your position in any of these stocks?

Marzell Money

Lithium mining stocks! Hadn’t considered these but think you’re ok to something here

Michel Guev

What do you think about Nebraska Lithium?

avanza lg

Heard of Cypress Development? Not a promotional company, but in a great spot to become the next major producer of lithium hydroxide for the EV industry/ Tesla. Below I’ve put down some of the most compelling reasons CYP is the best value lithium junior out there.

1. One of the biggest resources in the world:

CYP just recently increased the measured and indicated 55% to 5.2 Mt LCE (>900ppm)

Using a lower cutoff, the resource is even more impressive sittning at 9.52 Mt LCE (>600ppm) PFS measured & indicated (~80%), and inferred (20%). 

To provide a reference, the largest lithium mine in the world, The GreenBushes in Australia, estimated to produce 160,000 tonnes of LCE per year after 2021. With Cypress resource, that would be enough to last 60 years with the same yearly output!!

2. Proven lithium extraction technology to produce Tier 1 battery lithium hydroxide

The company has in large batches successfully produced a PLS (pregnant leach solution) which has been verified is suitable for tier 1 battery lithium hydroxide OR lithium carbonate.

3. Low Operation Costs:

The Cypress deposit has basically no overburden, which means low mining costs. The operating cost presented in the recent PFS was US$3329/ tonne, before additional sale of byproducts. With further testing going on the CEO Bill Willoughby project Cypress OPEX to be in the lower quartile of lithium projects worldwide.

4. Possible high return byproducts

Cypress has both REEs, magnesium and potassium as possible byproducts to be extracted and sold.

From PEA: Using just the 1-hour leach test extractions and an annual feed rate of 5.475 million tonnes, the project, for example, could generate 10 to 15 tonnes of scandium, 25 to 40 tonnes of neodymium, and 5 to 10 tonnes of dysprosium in solution as potentially recoverable oxides. This could result in valuable oxides to be sold as byproducts, which could contribute with as much as +$100M.

5. Flexible production

The costs are highly linear, which makes it very flexible in regards to Cap-Ex. They are able to start small to test the market (with 12,5ktpa (kilo tonne per annum) or ramp it up to 3 times the PFS yearly production of 27,4 ktpa LCE to 90ktpa LCE (and even if they do, the resource would last for +100 years)

6. Great location in Nevada

Located next to the only producing lithium brine operation in the US, Albemarle’s Silver Peak, close to the Nevada gigafactory & can benifit from the great mining jurisdiction of Nevada.

7. Current discussions with multiple partners with multiple NDA ’s

8. Low valuation

With a proven extraction technology, cost efficient mining, great location, in post-PFS stage in a time where battery lithium will be a valuable resource - Cypress is in a great place. Still valued at about 2.2% of their PFS NPV(8%), this company has a bright future, to quote the CEO.

Ekeba Slay

The only problem i see with this is if they will start to develop a different type of battery( solid state) and require a totally different approach when it comes his components ?


Elon already has over 10k acres in NV to mine for lithium and manganese... Why would he acquire another company??

Holistic Hottie Inc

I wish I'd listened to you!

Rick De La Garza

Lithium mining in Argentina doesn't sit well with me.I'm out.

Eduardo Santos

Suscribed, thanks for mentioning the relevance of LiOH over Li2CO3

fred hernandez

I have 700 shares lac stock trying to get to a thousand shares

Tom King

Good video! I’m a believer in lithium America’s Corp. I’m up 116% on my position so far!

Leon Austin

Insightful video I must admit. Last month through professional advisory from a licensed broker, I made 20% profit from my start up capital and this would continue consecutively. The goal is financial freedom, happy I’m applying knowledge through this journey.

Nes Di

Which ones offer dividends

Виктор Панин


T Barrie

See NoramVentures.com large lithium claystone deposit in Clayton Valley Nevada

Videographer FeelmyEdit

you talked about the Penny stock Piedmont LTD but on other Channels they are talking about Piedmont Lithium (ISIN: US7201621064) which is over 5 Dollar at the Moment, Whats the difference and your thoughts?

J . P Goodwin

The other one to watch is Graphite, especially clean very pure of the right flake size and shape


22 pence, is 22 pence, it's not £2.20.

David Johnson

This guy called it. Subscribed

Videographer FeelmyEdit

There is American Lithium A2DWUX which is also in the beginning. 
What are you thoughts about this Company. Also placed in Nevada and going on new way of extracting Lithium... thanks for your info!

Ali Araci

Wealth minerals, Australian mines, Latin resources are the coming stocks for lithium.

Tony Steel

Great call...!!


Great content and informative thanks ??

Isaac De La Cruz

Nailed it with PLL stock. Just announced partnership today!



Ahmad AlSabban

Wow you predicted it a month ago, i am a believer in u now


Have you heard of FUSEF (and Glencore?). I thought that was the latest news on it.

thomas vancouver

Thank you....great video...also good to consider Standard Lithium and Livent...very well positioned for the coming boom

Andy T

You're a bloody wizard I wasn't aware of these picks. I've opted for plays on abml and nmgrf ??, I'm just waiting for abml to set up their plant and to form a partnership with a big auto company.

Jasv I

Can’t believe you talked about it 5 months ago n nobody is still talking about it ???????? thank you sharing your info

Francesco G.

When there is a lithium boom there is also a nickel boom. I like Rio Tinto for the lithium (plus a myriad of other precious metals) and Vale for the Nickel


What do you think about a company called Zinnwald Lithium?


Would Ioneer LTD in Nevada be a possibility? Thanks for the vid

Nicki Jensen

Tesla uses Lithium Hydroxide in their batteries, so I don't see them buying Bacanora as it looks like they focus on Lithium carbonate. Great video


LAC is Vancouver based

Luis Revi

I bough as soon as I heard this video, a week ago at $22

M Beliv

Mustang is ugly. !!!


Thank you bro. This video was worth a lot of money