Venezuela stock market chart

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Venezuela MASS PANIC MODE as Government Begins COMPLETE OVERTHROW!

17 730 views | 18 Mar. 2017

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Venezuela runs 511 companies and most lose money | Miami Herald


Venezuela seizes bakeries amid bread shortage | Miami Herald


Venezuela Stock Market (IBVC) | 1993-2017 | Data | Chart | Calendar


World’s Best Stock Rally This Year Was Really Just an Illusion - Bloomberg


inflation hyperinflation stock market economy crisis bank money currency

Jeremy El Malek Bey

tell the truth in my Future voice

Lap Dog

I'm invest in mining hydrogen indoor farming some pot and cancer pharma. I'd like land out of country also run a small clean business in my town and abroad.

Fadi A

they should short it, that would be a better example lol

Astral Flow

They arn't arresting bakers for making bread, they're arresting them for not making and selling enough bread at fixed prices. Bakeries are shut down b/c there is not enough affordable flour on the market, and any bread they do make are sold for at a loss. Many of them reserve a portion of their raw materials to make more profitable things like pastries in order to keep their business afloat, then the government comes in and says, you're intentionally suppressing bread production, arrest them.


Hey GPS can you please do a video regarding the importance of gold and silver. Esp. silver...

I really think we have to get as many people as possible into buying PHYSICAL SILVER! God bless bro


Venezuela is what happens when you do NOT default on foreign debt, but instead drain your economy dry to make the payments for a couple more years. This is exactly what the elite bankers want to happen EVERYWHERE, to give them total control of world assets.

Dollar cost Backpacker

viva socialismo. America will be as great as Venezuela one day!

Jeffrey Desir

I don't get it why don't the people rise up take out the despot and take your country back the Power is in the people right????? ?????

The Money GPS

Why haven't you invested in the best performing stock market?

Adam Jensen

glad I found you Money GPS . I stay away from the stock market.If you don't hold it, you don't own it!

r Negoro

Essentially venezuela is a communist country.


When your only export is oil and the price of oil is on a downward spiral what can you expect..


civil war is in the up rise theres no other way they have too over throw there government lots will die and many rich will flee. But they have to fight back and i know Venezuelan's are very strong willed people. These people have suffer enough now i ask myself and we should all ask this why isn't know one helping. This is all part of NWO they will see that this country and others like it be incapable to support itself so they could interfere like suppose heroes after millions have died.

James Killa

bajans you need to change your leaders like last year

Bruce MacKinnon

A desperate fuel shortage in the country with the worlds largest petroleum reserves. Welcome to true socialism in South America.

oak mitchell

buy his book too guys! said it for you brother.good vids!!!

Free The Plane

why they dont just cut all Usury Rothchilds Money
EVERY country good have a healthy economy if the Nations owned their Nationalbanks

g bruceg

pay no attention to them. they are hatah trolls. you know that you are over the target when you get the most flack.

J Smith

There is a perfect storm around the stock market, it's clear the market is no longer floating free. But there is no way to know when it will crash due to the manipulation. Cash is King in my opinion because likely gold and silver will crash down with the market. But I also suspect Trump is being setup for a big fail and the market will be used as a lever. So it might not be allowed to crash until before the next election.

Southern Tiger

Venezuela wanted Socialism the got it! This is what happens when you want to make a country into a Socialistic System. Just think The USA could have gone down the same road if we would have elected Bernie Sanders.

interested party

Please do a video on immigration to Canada. Our PM has invited all people unable to be in the US to come here. We now have people using illegal crossing points to avoid the laws regarding application in first country they come to. And now we have Toronto and Montreal declaring they are sanctuary cities who will give benefits without asking for status.

We have taken in large numbers of legal refugees even though we don't have sufficient resources to support them. Our PM even bragged to Tom Brokaw on TV about how well vetted these people are. But now we have people entering the country who we don't know anything about. He has also removed visa requirements for Mexican people and they are coming in huge numbers. I don't have any problem with them as maybe we will get good food and they are hard workers. Aren't some of these people a danger to us? How are we going to pay to provide for them? And now they are attempting to muzzle free speech with a new law protecting only Islam, bill M-103. A lot of Canadians are becoming alarmed by all of this under Justin Trudeau. Please let the rest of the world know what is going on here.

Robert Parelli Sr.

Actually the crime is making sweet breads, not plain bread.

The Money GPS

My computer crashed 3 times during the making of this video. I gave up so there's no outro (But you already knew what I would say!)

Patrick L

Hi David, On that link to Venezuela's stock market, be sure to click on 'Max' to see the entire rise. Same story for Argentina too...

The point being - there are 4 places to store wealth.
-Precious Metals

Real Estate is in a massive bubble and property taxes are set to rise dramatically, to socialize the losses in pensions and supplement income taxes. We all know what happens to cash in the bank...Inflation & the eventual NIRP=Bail-in. Gold, Silver, etc are great for a short or mid-term crisis but they don't 'generate' income. Most Venezuelans have long ago burned through their stash of PMs and now have nothing left. It's equities (yes stocks. those assets that every doomsday/naysayer on YouTube is warning against) that are providing the last place to generate ant-inflationary income in the hell-hole that is Venezuela. Namely large cap dividend paying companies that provide necessities like electricity, communications, oil and gas transportation. And with those dividends you can buy silver.

John Hardin

The funny thing about the abject failures of socialism, is the worse the failure the more socialism they apply. Looks like a communist state at this point. They blame everyone but themselves just like Hillary. Pretty soon they will blame the farmers and 5,000,000 "kulaks" will be starved to death on their fertile land. It's a pendulum. It will swing as far as it can before it swings back. It's going to swing far past the excrutiation point before the addicts give up their fix. In the meantime forces of reaction are gathering to sweep up the loot when they are in utter despair, anarchy, and at their weakest point. That's your tropical paradise for you. Maybe next they will ruin a nuclear plant and the deluded population will finally give up on it.


It's the Jesuits

K Selected

How many times does this have to happen before the lesson is learned? It's the same story over and over.

ICU 777

people can't handle the truth.

Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop)

I like your videos.

Gerald Parker

Being fooled to invest in Venezuela's stock market is akin to going to the pet store and buying the fattest but most unhealthy cocker spaniel available for the money! You get a lot of cocker spaniel for the money that you laid down, but the poor beast is going to be dead within days. Go, Hound, go!

Jungles Bongles

This is just a small step to a communist paradise.

Eric Sanchez

The only reason all politicians lie to get elected love it todays video was great a lot of sarcastic humor go an invest on the stock market even the wall street jurnal talk about how overprice stocks are Jjjajjjajja https://www.google.com/amp/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/this-crazy-expensive-stock-market-is-for-speculators-not-investors-1489078334


the only thing left the Venezuelan people can do is violently overthrow their govt and be prepared to lose alot of good people doing it.

Iru Verchere

Venezuela will need that others countries help to return its money.


I bought snap at 24.9 sold at 26, classic pump an dump I should have shorted it after

Deshaun Tellez

David I also use Venezuela as North Americas yard stick. The turn that your videos have taken lend credibility. Now I'm reading your book and hopefully I can make sense of what to invest in next.

Maya Roque


Iru Verchere

the money from Venezuela is in bank counts of robbers.

Mister International

If muslims would stop using the koran, they would be welcome in the west

original cosmic being

economic down turns are going global due to cabals way they make money, but this time, your credit is worthless, your resources (collaterals) are up for grabs when you cannot pay for your death, or your life, mankind stop the madness of these graduated thieves, and murderers.

Faustino Di Bauda

dude you're funny. lol.


Thanks for sharing bro! Stay motivated! Stay blessed!

eddie leroy

The Children have never learned patience. Everything must be right now.

James Killa

Barbadians you are going to be in the same boat people have become extremely material and they are easily influence specially by the USA everything is a big party having a good time there are so many churches yet there is seriousness towards the almighty people just want god to get riches . having a form of godlyness but not living in truth

nikola zekic

currency wars, trade wars, world wars

James Killa

you cannot serve two masters at the same time

Tom Boardman

$ilver is the real thing!

Martin Newton

Socialism kills a country .

Iru Verchere

all the money milliards of milliards are out from Venezuela.

John Olsen

Great video. This is the end game.

Shayke Speeer

I analyze charts all day, every day. The US stock market crash IS coming this year, whether people want to believe it or not. Invest in Gold, Silver and precious metals (preferably hands on, not digital contracts) for long term. Or, if you play Options, prepare to get rich shorting (if you know what you are doing). jmo

Rolando Esparza

Nicolas Maduro is out his mind,He is imitatin Raul Castro comunist Cuban system ,a failure!

Wedge Pressure

This guy is a poor man with a narrow mind.


In the meantime Panama has allowed in a flood of Venezuelans on tourist visas and they are undermining small businesses by staying and working illegally for less than the amount required by Panamanian laws, thus squeezing out legitimate Panamanian workers.. This situation in Venezuela is a perfect example of what happens with big government. Is it not obvious that they are either pure evil and love destroying their country, or JUST COMPLETELY STUPID!? Maduro in Spanish means mature!, how hilarious is that!? He is mature for about a 75 IQ I bet! Meanwhile I have read that the illicit drug business out of Venezuela is doing fine.

See Canon

To invest in the Venezuelans stock market is like buying the shrimp farm I have in Arizona.

nuhs jus

high rents are the problem the elites are going to lose the whole system is a scam bitcoin no good if networks are hacked gold will be taken

Iru Verchere

the goverment will let the country in ruins and a lot of death people.

Tabla Smagdarina

Australia.. Founded by FREEMASONRY for Freemasons

Australia .The NewWorldOrder's NewWorldColony

Australia..An American Government Corporation registered under the..

Security Exchange Commission

All Australian Prime Ministers go through Prudence Blue Lodge NSW Sydney to receive their 3 years
3 degrees in Witchcraft(Symbolism)
and an Honorary 33 degrees in Illumination

On the morning of the 9/11 Satanic Ritual Event. Then Australian Prime Minister..John Winston Howard Received an Honorary 33 degrees from American Skull & Bonesman President George W Bush for his Participation in the Port Arthur Massacre False Flag CIA/ASIO Mass MURDER RITUAL SACRIFICE using Norwegian Freemasonic CIA Family Member and Mk-Ultra Assassin

Anders Behring Breivik

Wake-up Australia


Tabla Smagdarina Channel


Paul Angeli

Venezuela may be the harbinger of things to come to western countries if collectivism isn't stopped.
Great video as always.

J Smith

0Probably all the spyware on your machine is crashing it.

judy mohre

The cabal is creating the destabalization to create a strangle hold on the population which will eventally cause famine and starvation. The cabal wants to kill the majority of all the citizens of Venzuela. Who is next on their agenda. Oh yeah, Nigeria, Sudan, Yeman, Somalia next on their list to kill millions of people through starvation. Already in the process.


If things are so bad why do they still support the politicians?

Proud American

Thank You for all your great informative videos. Please don't listen to the few detractors and continue your hard work, in depth research and great content!!

Truth fears no scrutiny 123

we all know Venezuela is screwed up and that communism / socialism doesn't work. But at this point in the country people are starving and dying. What does the government do??? Well they have to take drastic measure, however wrong me and you may think it is. bakers are being arrested, but those who refuse to bake bread for the people. Those who comply then they I assumed are not. BUT IF THEY HAVE BEEN RIPPING OFF PEOPLE BY SELLING UNDERWEIGHT BREAD DURING A TIME THAT PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING, ARE YOU SAYING THEY SHOULDN'T BE PENALIZED? I'm no communist or socialist but we must keep in mind the agony these folks are in.


Like there are Capitalists left in Venezuela, ready to invest in industrial enterprises.

Letting things rot until a Capitalist sees a profit margin is not a viable option for the Venezuelan government. Thus they decided to take matters into their own hands.
You are criticizing Socialism for having the guts to pick up the pieces Capitalism has dropped on the floor.

If you could only quit your FAKE pretence of Capitalism doing anything out of compassion for their fellow human beings, you would be less intellectually dishonest.

tim wilkinson

Thanks Dave !
Ignore the stupid twats !!

steve o

Very happy looking over my stack to see real wealth now and again. It sits in the dark of my vault and does what PM's do- preserve wealth. Feel sympathy for the people of Venezuela. Won't b touching their stocks or bonds.

Risenson Inthesky

Obama's take over of our healthcare was a crushing blow to America's democracy and the beginning of the end of our freedoms. If the current administration fails to eradicate Obama Care, i.e. government control of our healthcare system, we will someday be doomed to a similar demise as Venezuela is facing. Mankind must come to the realization that we are accountable for our mistakes and not the government. If anyone screws up the only thing that keeps them from returning to their errors of the past is to be held accountable and suffering the consequences. When we mankind understands this principle and knows they have to pick themselves up and straighten out their own messes a society can flourish and prosper for everyone barring corrupt governments and polititians.

Eamonn Doherty

Dictatorship wrapped as socialism.

Dave Crabtree

but, but, the government is supposed to save us!

James Usher

lol...that should shut up the trolls brother....yes invest in Venezuela...not that this is humorous in anyway

Johnny G

keep reports going. All your reports are very informative and appreciated. Thanks



Matthew Anderson

Venezuela is so messed up they are beyond help until their government is overthrown.

D'Mathmoth Tutinean

WHAT A MESS! Monetary policy suicide 101.....dayyum!!!


Yes, Venezuela is the prelude to USA upcoming demise!

people of life

Trump said theirs a huge bubble when he was running.Why would he lie.Their is no reason for the stocks to be that high.

LCarlTBM x

2:10 Sounds like Trump's America.

Buster Brown

Venezuela is collapsing, yet it is one of the few places on earth where you might have a chance to survive.
Tell me where in Venezuela I am specifically talking about and why?

Marc Sarfati

Venezuela Pres is radio DJ
Check it out Mandura spin the one and two on Ven radio

Now your PM is model dose not look so bad??

USA Pres, Trump is in the WWE HOF before being elected
THE WWF !!!!!!
AT lest Trump tax plan is right direction

Venezuela stock market chart

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Venezuela's Stock Market Soars Amidst Hyper-Inflation

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CCTV correspondent Martin

CCTV correspondent Martin Markovits reports from Caracas on the complex state of Venezuela's economy.

Venezuela stock market chart

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