Kodk after hours

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After Hours Watch List (9/1/2020) Momentum Scanner | HOME JAMF AMC PSV SCVL PSTV WLL OSH CAL ODT

189 views | 1 Sep. 2020

In this video, we put

In this video, we put together an after hours watch list. Be sure to keep an eye on these stocks over the upcoming days and weeks to find potential trading opportunities. The most popular movers today are HOME, JAMF, AMC, PSV, SCVL, PSTV, WLL, OSH, CAL, ODT

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We will be using the following thinkorswim plugins from Stock Scripts:

✔ Intraday Momentum Scanner

✔ Monetary Volume Scanner

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Disclaimer: This video is not a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Please exercise proper risk management if you decide to trade.


frank mead

I find that after or pre market movers doesn't always mean the same for the regular session.

Kodk after hours

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Trading for Gains - Doing What I Can - CPSH - SAVA - IPWR - KODK

71 views | 3 Feb. 2021

It was a fairly flat day

It was a fairly flat day on the market overall, but I was able to come away with some nice gains. It could have been way better if I held out on my first sell on some of my trades. I will keep working on that aspect for sure.

Trades on IPWR and SUNW were nice, but the CPSH was a big mess up. It is still running.

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Nick Nak

today the biggest lost 1200 today trading sino and man i got flush down i look away from the chart premarket to see this came on who was trading it and got flush down $830 and then revenge trading and lose another bunch but what i notice that it was good fill but the exit wasnt good at all there was a lot of slippage on the exits,, but i was only trading 500shares but this guy was trading like 3000-5000 shares getting in and out like nothing but me with my 500 shares was getting all slippage on the exit. im starting not to like tradestation.

Rooftop Trading

Good work on IPWR and SUNW and good job avoiding toxicity after KODK. A lot of dudes lost their shirt on it trying to trade it post-halt. You're doing great. Keep at it!!

Kodk after hours

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KODAK (KODK) Stock SOARS 450% After $765 Government Loan Announcement - Time to BUY??

43 views | 29 Jul. 2020

Kodak stock soared over

Kodak stock soared over 400% intraday today on the announcement that it is transforming itself from an imaging company to a pharmaceutical company after talks of receiving a $765M loan from the Trump administration.

Does this represent a buying opportunity or is it just hype?

Nikolai Stakheiko

Pop or flop?