What is capitulation

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Bitcoin CRASHED To $4500 - Final Capitulation For Bitcoin?

9 098 views | 20 Nov. 2018

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Bitcoin has fallen sharply since it's break of $6,000. In this video we discuss whether this HUGE selloff is the final capitulation for Bitcoin that so many have been calling for.

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JacksonThomas Crockett

never been a better time for BTC and blockchain, now that the institutions etc want what everyone else had years ago (much lower entry) everyone gets a fair chance to own. How low I don't know I've been in and out - Hodling in 2018 is worst plan. I bought in at 6500 then took lost at 5800 and still out. I'm hoping for low 3000 and even 1's. Great for the masses.

Channel Name Unknown

Doesn't even admit he has been wrong for months



Dwayne Cunningham

I agree with your main point, this drop will allow us to find the bottom. It might hurt, scratch that, it will hurt, but we will find that bottom.

Adam Telford

To anyone panicking: Remember this, you haven't lost anything unless you SELL. Ride this out and don't listen to anyone who 'predicts' anything.

Ben Mendoza


Bra bra

You cannot call it the bottom every time we go down a little bit Jebb

Pfrizzle 101

I’ve read many times that when markets retrace after a bubble they tend to retrace all the way down to the point where the parabolic uptrend started it close to it. For bitcoin that could be around $3,000. It doesn’t have to do that obviously but it seems like there is so much downward pressure on the market.

Reggie Wagstaff

I made it in real estate — bricks & mortar — and don’t get the crypto currency attraction. I think you are all crazy, including this breathless barker who sprinkles buzz words as if they are giving the smoke some substance.

Titus Maximus

These prices are awesome! I didn't learn about bitcoin till it was overvalued. I'm beginning to see value now. Your absolutely right, if you missed the last opportunity, it's almost here again. ?

Christophe Oberrauch

Comparing the current market with earlier behavior is overrated.

Chris Rock

The bear market just started. It's not gonna be over in a few days. Heard there was a tether print so we will get a bounce and further drop. The long term bottom is not in imo. 2500 bottom.

Robert De

This bear market(manipulation), is so institutions that made that "Mistake" you talk about, can get in at $2000.

Starchimus Steinenkugle

crypto kirby is always right.. everyone else is always wrong..

Bra bra

A new bull market in the next year? I'm sorry Jebb but it feels delusional to me.

Eric Ross

TULIP market.

enzofer 222

Jebb you are an amateur... soz but it's true

Joe Cortese

we may have just bounced...with a bit of volume...on the 4 hour??

Darin Malone

annoying introduction.

Jemmy Integrated Merchandise

still going to $2,500


All is good with cheap prices if you didn't already buy your limit months ago... geeezz.

Jeff Weidman

Hyperwave says 1300

hello world

I think peoples are not selling, actually they are buying to hodl with leverage as they did at 6000$ level. Therefore market makers robots are selling to crash the market and liquidate leveraged hodls. This will continue and market will continue to crash as long hodlers buy with leverage.

fred fred

Jebb picked the bottom so much hes got brown fingers :p

Ravi Deol



It bounced. I bought some near the bottom. :)
VPVR points out the clear supports.


This guy talks shit, it was all about the accumulation phase a few weeks ago. Crypto Kirby knows whaaaaaats going onnnnn ladies and gentleman!!

Python The Predator Music

4 of the gainers today are all stable coins lol

Joe Beeber

When it gets back to a penny again l might buy some !!!


Great Video bro! Keep up the great content. Crypto will bounce back like it has in the past. BTC to $40,000!

Peter Olutunde

Not final capitulation Jebb, just wave 3 which ends around 3.5k, a mini bounce with wave 4 to 4.9k then wave 5 the big final short, no telling where that takes us 3k to 1.5k


time to judge scammers with bitmex!


Final capitulation? Not.
Going lower. Next low $2600


Butt coin will moon soon. I hate whale blabber...blubber


I see from the comments that now lots of people have capitulated and cashed out they are all saying / hoping we are going to 1,000. Err why? The recent BCH drama drove the prices to here.

Dan Basler

Buying at $347. then again at $$217. HeHeHe

Tom Ash

Jebb you getting it wrong, you said 6000 was the bottom.!! .

owen gemert

We will see a bounce up first before going down even further.

Mr Hole

if BTC goes sideways with low volume,,it means it will crash further

Igor Juric

Crypto Like I said Jebb :D j/k, keep up the good job!

No Name

The bottom, your sitting on it !!!!!!!!!


First time I'm giving you a thumbs down Jebb and I've been with you since the beginning of your channel! You seem completely lost... this wasn't really TA but speculation more than anything else, you really seem to have no clue as to where this is currently going. Now I don't blame you but in that case maybe just skip a day because this feels like an obligatory/forced video.

To finish on a positive note ; I had the same thought as you concerning this crash being an absolute awesome opportunity to right your past wrongs!
And don't worry, i'm not unsubscribing yet ;)


Frightened the shit out of me with your yelling at the start lol...


Everyone said 10k was the bottom, 9k, then 8k and on and on. The TRUTH is the bottom will be around 1k, maybe 2k at the most optimistic. It may rise short term, but be careful people. World wide economy isn't good, US markets and others going down for weeks now, Bitcoin is high risk, putting risk in this world economy isn't smart.

Vinay Kumar Pasi

How is deepbrainchain for investment.?

hello world

The reason why 6000$ did not hold is because too much hodlers bought and continue to buy with leverage.

Johnny Martinez



Gimme, gimme, that Hopium ?

10 Billion Subs - 3 Sh*t videos

bitcoins drooping lower than my grannies boobs.

Ricard Borrell

Hi Jebb, following you for few weeks now. I'v just looked at your CT2A, do you explain there how to trade in practice (which are the best wallets, security aspects, etc)


nope nope


JEBB: I stay subscribed if you say "oops. I called that one wrong" regarding capitulation and sub 6k.


ive put my money into XRP i think its the most stable crypto at the moment

Lelle Post

I don't like your banners and your advertising of your show. It scares people to start with crypto current.

Tyler Nelson

LTC was my first buy in as well in 2017. They were $28 per I think

Geek Support

I guess its because he said we will never go belo 6k.


Useless analysis as usual. His earlier video said bull horns are here soon.
I liked this guy but now I listen to this and waste my time. He needs to go back and listen to his own videos and he will feel disgusted. Done man. Cheers. Glad I didn’t see his videos and instead sold at 6000$.


the 78.6 fib level is around 4,200-4,300. The 2014-2015 bear market bottomed out at the 78.6 fib level

jian12345 jun

bottom is 10.00 USD , just matter of time


Could go to zero, bots race to zero , loom up when the new York stockexchange had to turn the bots off whos going to turn them off for bitcoin?

Steven Hubbs

Steve from Crypto Crew thinks it's going to go up to $6000 in a couple of weeks and trap new bulls; then capitulation to $3000. Time will tell.


Total percentage drop of last bear market in 2014 then it's time to buy back in. I think that equates to 84%

techd -

You must have cost your subscribers a fortune with your terrible TA. Watched a few of your videos now and you have a really good record of making incorrect calls

henry odikanwa

Who wants to learn how to trade Binary on the downside?


I don't think we're gonna see a real accumulation phase, maybe some small ones cause the market always range for brief periods of time. But i believe the real big range is on the rear mirror. We're definitively past a very very old accumulation phase, volatility is coming back and i'm expected to see the same thing in the opposite side now. No idea when, so i won't touch that for a while, only "buy and hold" if i find something else than my toes in the bottom of my socks^^

Adam Smith

The bottom is $0

Marcos Carrillo


Icses Adin

NOBODY can say which the bottom will be. NOBODY.
This is just a free fall... Until a sign of reverse shows up, sit tight and have some cash ready to buy when tendency changes.


You people who have been in crypto all this time who sell here to think its going lower are absolute morons. People shorting from now are absolute morons. Who shorts at the bottom when you go from 6.5k to 4k in a week??? You people have learned nothing from your past mistakes.

If you know how to trade, this is clearly a good area for long trade to around the 5.5k. It's very unlikely that BTC will drop from here to 3k. Move up to consolidate then back down to 3k area. That's whats been on the cards during this whole bear market.

As for capitulation - this is not capitulation. This is just a measured aggressive sell off. No capitulation candle, no buy/sell volume to rebound.

Robert Tomkinson

Can somebody lend me some money?

Eric Michael

I've been listening to your channel for a little while now, but what is wrong with shorting this market? It has been the most opportunity for the last 4 months! There's nothing wrong with traders selling their positions. Just look at the one month trend! If you've been buying at any of those lows, you have been losing! Because it just kept getting lower and lower and lower. The charts look so incredibly bearish. How can you say that buying alts and btc right now is a discount?? Even if you dollar avg your way into alts, you've been getting crushed. For all we know 3/4 of these alts will be gone and their all over priced right now! Next support is $3500. I don't think you know when the bottom is actually in or even close.

Tezza H

Dont think this is capitulation, if you compare previous negative volumes this isnt it. Think bounce to around 6k-6.2k(where 50&200day are on 3day chart), then capitulation after. Suggest around 3k-3.5k. Anything possible as we broke market structure and are below the 200day moving average on 3day chart.

Doris Hernandez

This is not the last one capitalization. This is the first to many to come.

No Name

rectify or rekt ?

Scottish Football Calls

The bank would loan you $10m.


Hey Jebb, great video Thanks. This market is so new to the world. We have so many gurus that know squat. Many of us are having a first experience with fin markets know there will be lots of money made by the willing to learn how it all works. All the alt coins are in their final square up phase some may still be driven lower but all in all this market is being reset for the next bull run. I say plan, stalk, and pounce on some turtles then when the rabbit starts to run be ready to trade. Keep learning TA for for dreams. Life will change.


so, cheap hot alts?

Donald Branson

Who wants to learn how to trade Binary on the downside?


Jebb, did you hear about the major banks buying btc otc week before this selloff? I did, and if I was them, I would have sold the lot on exchanges on the day of my shorts expiring....just saying

Jason Paternostro

Awesome TA as usual Jebb, my favorite technical analyst, keep up the good work and ignore the haters, no one can "predict" whats going to happen but you always give the most accurate analysis you can. Thank you, keep it up

Jerrell Hill

He said if I knew the bottom I would place a 100x leverage all the way to the bottom ?????? funny as hell


SEC is looking at the ICO's and exchanges, suspect that is part of this drop, all the Alt makers selling out.

Crypto eagle

Good video Jebb...keep it up...good time for shopping crypto

Danny Gee

Christmas dump save your money 10 lite coin inc baby lets load up after chrismas


I like how he avoided saying 4000 ?

James Watson

Crypto Jebb..... Trying to call the bottom for 9 months! Cant fault your optimism. Still looking at that 20k and dreaming, pumped and dumped and moved on, cryptos are dead. Alt coins are garbage, bitcoins, anonymity for criminals, ISIS and pedophiles, not a great foundation for any currency. Sub 1500 bottom, keep selling.


Wrong....we get big bounce then to lower...lower levels. No capitulation...no signs of it. No accumulation no signs of it. Bear is dragging the Bull by the horns all the way to 1250 South Crypto Street.....my opinion ?

A Rose

Every market in the world is crashing as well, it's not just crypto, entirely based on monetary policy imo.

Alexandro Piscarious

Hi Jebb I have to agree - where is the market going to come back, when it is real only at this moment, and tomorrow it will be different? It's interesting that whenever there are drops, everyone talks about the decline of cryptocurrencies. Was it the same when the stock market in the last weeks when there were such big drops? Probably not. So I'm looking at the future with positive thoughts. I've invested in the FuturoCoin altcoin and I hope it will bring me profits!


I’d give up predictions if I were you. Your followers are revolting.
Buy a magic 8-Ball. Beats doing TA

What is capitulation

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What is capitulation

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