Ring signatures

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Breaking Monero Episode 02: Ring Signatures Introduction

3 156 views | 4 Jan. 2019

We discuss the history of

We discuss the history of Monero's ring signatures and past approaches to improve them.

Theory Neutral

Very accessible.

Nilutpal Choudhury

Smashed the like

All together now

The key takeway is that Z-cash as Monero's "greatest competitor" has a trusted setup (but all trusted set ups end up compromised). Meaning Monero is the best technology we have right now in the space. If only you would step up and get that kovri stuff sorted out, hmmm.....???

Human nature is at its very core easily corrupted. So trustlessness is absolutely crucial - the Z-cash argument ends there, full stop. If people started using it on mass then we'd see this come into play even more so, just as we do with with computer chips, operating systems, phones and other technology, web browsers, social networks, and even with privacy-centric technologies like TOR, protonmail or DuckDuck Go. Those in search of control or power will stick their hands in everything.

Death Metal

This channel is definitely becoming my favourite one now. Please keep making these videos . Great info about Monero & audio quality is quite good too. I tend to listen to this on treadmill most often twice ( repeat) ha ha @ 3x speed

Noan YoBiseniss

Damn, blockchain have structure! BTW...Catan, nice. :)

andrea togni

Awesome series, thanks:)

Question: during a Monero talk episode, Poelstra said that with ring signatures it's not possible to have perfect privacy AND perfect proof that no hidden inflation is going on (correct me if I'm wrong: I'm not a technical person). Monero chose perfect anonimity, but maybe in the future quantum cputing could allow someone to create new moneroj (again, I'm not sure I have understood the point correctly). Is this true? How would you address Poelstra's concern? Thanks again for your work!!

Denis Goddard

This series, and you two guys (SGP & Sarang) give me hope not just for Monero, but for humanity as a whole.
Honest skepticism. Avoiding dogma. And Real Smart Peeps.
Thank you!!!


very heavy stuff to listen! damn complex

Sirijus Blek

Is coming out and saying you can undo the privacy... An "Improvement" to them? I'm only asking because I was under the impression it was untraceable. Doesn't that mean you shouldn't be able to undo it.

Ring signatures

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Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Lattice-Based Accumulators

653 views | 16 Jul. 2016

Full title:

Full title: Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Lattice-Based Accumulators: Logarithmic-Size Ring Signatures and Group Signatures Without Trapdoors, Benoît Libert and San Ling and Khoa Nguyen and Huaxiong Wang. Talk at Eurocrypt 2016. See http://iacr.org/cryptodb/data/paper.php?pubkey=27634

Ring signatures

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Triptych: Comparing Anonymous Transaction Protocols from Linkable Ring Signatures (Brandon Goodell)

347 views | 28 Feb. 2020

Speaker: Brandon Goodell,

Speaker: Brandon Goodell, Research Associate, Monero Research Lab

Date and Time: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 2:30pm to 3:15pm

Location: Fields Institute, Room 230


To broadcast transactions in public, even if those transactions are obscured, is to risk trouble like identity theft or corporate espionage. Thus, both individual and institutional adoption of peer-to-peer digital cash require strong privacy properties, e.g. properties obtained from zero-knowledge protocols without trusted setups such as linkable ring signatures. Transactions in the digital currency Monero are (linkably) anonymously authenticated using linkable ring signatures; we describe an alternative linkable ring signature scheme, Triptych, which was recently proposed at Monero Research Lab, for use in a Monero-style protocol. We compare Triptych to the current Monero protocol as well as the recent proposals RingCT 3.0 and Omniring. This work was generously supported by donations from the Monero community.


Brandon has been contributing the Monero protocol since 2014, received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from Clemson University in 2017.


Well done, excellent talk!

jj ww

great talk

Eric Duran

Hope you get this video out to regulators so they can better understand that idea behind Monero and the option of view keys isn't trying to undermine our society.