Triangle patern

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Triangular Numbers 1, 3, 6, 10, 15 Non-Linear Pattern Rules

71 226 views | 14 Oct. 2017


Tetrahedron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sugnaz8UxgQ

Pentagonal Numbers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQLO20v4P5Q

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Mustafa Emara

Hello Sir. Can you please make a video about finding oblong numbers. Thanks

ziggy jones

1, 8, 9, 80, 88, 83, 89, 79, 408, 403, 404, 405, 3, 5, & 14,265,809.

Bushan Gadai

Thanks you so much this really help ed


sir can you make a video on how to locate the inverse of a function on a graph. thanks.

olive lbb

Thank you so much, this really helped!


Thanks am Donald drum

Ke Wen Wong

So what is the answer for new pattern ? Thanks for response

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Hg Official

Thank you so much ?

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A big thank u ????

Fun lovers M&N

Thank u so much great work

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Katharine Dimoski

Helped me alot. Thanks u explained it the best!!! THX?

Sherene Fate

Why divide by 2?

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Taqdees Dolare

Thank u sir.

Meetu Sharma

Sir Will this be inclusive in geometry?

William John

sir is this related to geometry or something like that

Abdullah Al-Shimri

Different topic - triangular numbers make the best spaced-repetition intervals. 1 3 6 10 15 etc.


Hello Anil

cool noyt

Thanks for doing my homework

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Azza Nasr

but isnt it recursive rule not explicit?

Adavally Karthikeya

Mr. anil is that a quadratic sequence so will we be able to deal with it using the an2+bn+c formula

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Iron Gaming

Plz can you post a video on finding bases with given triangular numbers suppose number 15 is giveb and we havr to find its base

Aushiq Hussain bhat

How 1dot form triangle


For those who are interested in a Python solution:
erg = 0
add = 1
number = number youre looking for
while c < number:
erg+= add
add+= 1
c+= 1


Divya Sharma

viodeo very very poor. Because you do speak in hindi

Manthan Haldar

Sir what if we have a pattern of 4*4 cross matrix and the pattern is
1 2 4 7
3 5 8 11
6 9 12 14
10 13 15 16

Yashika Kumari



It was helpful.

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Numbers Are Infinite.

Lai Oconnor

My teacher was explaining it I can't even understand you taught me in just 5 minutes thank you so much

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Lindsay Forslin

My cat heard your voice and became obsessed with my computer. She was looking for you. It was amazing. I watched the video several times because she loved it.

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Kavidu Kavidu

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Good, it was very helpful


Very useful

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Impressive video

Zaraspe, Bong Jr. G

Annoying blah blah


Can you please help me to print attached pattern. https://i.stack.imgur.com/Uvjw8.png.

Abdel Sid

helped me by a million in minecraft

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You're a most excellent instructor.

Monika Sharma

Thank you sir you helped me a lot

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K. R. Tv. All in one.

3, 6, 10, 15........nवां पद what?

YB7 Bisht


Janan Lawangeen

Wonderful sir. Thankbyou.


How do you know to divide by 2 in the explicit rule?

Xshitiz Chahal

Very very nice explaination

siddharth namdeo

too much old fashion way of speaking

Raji Nair

Thank you so much for making the concept very clear by explaining it so well?


Sir could you fix yr camera focus plz

Mubeen Ch

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Shah Bhavesh

Sir how many multiple of 5 in this pATTERN till 5000

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Bihar Gamer

It's really good