Smart valor

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Blockchain SuperStars | SMART VALOR

359 views | 5 Jul. 2019

NLTV Studios produces

NLTV Studios produces elite programming all across the globe, with studios in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Deep dive into SMART VALOR at the Thomson Reuters incubator in Zg, Switzerland.

Ales Tomazin

Gr8 stuff that is being developed here.

alexey crypto

wow!!! valor-the best invest platform!!!!

Alexandrie Benitez

Smart valor is one of the biggest Project on Switzerland their exchange platform produced trading between Real fiat and cryptocurrency (CHF/BTC) and can trade Security tokens.

Smart valor

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Smart Valor: Financial Democracy through Tokenized Alternative Investments

4 729 views | 26 Jan. 2019

In the world of

In the world of blockchain, functionality and philosophy often come hand-in-hand; new functional possibilities enabled by blockchain technology are facilitating fundamental philosophical shifts in our understanding and experiencing of the world. This is not only beginning to materialise in disruptions to traditional business mechanics (e.g. supply chains) and social interaction (such as decentralised social media and communication) but is also fundamentally challenging our very notion of finance and wealth management.

Believing strongly that a blockchain-powered global transition to tokenized asset ownership will usher in a new level of greater financial democracy for the masses, the top-tier team at Smart Valor have designed an innovative platform to unlock previously unrealized functionalities and investment opportunities in the form of tokenized alternative investments.

We're going to dive deep into an analysis of Smart Valor here.

Have any questions regarding Smart valor? Join their active community on Telegram where you can discuss anything Smart Valor-related: https://t.me/smartvalor_official

Learn more at their website: https://smartvalor.com/

Dig in deeper with Smart Valor 's whitepaper: https://go.smartvalor.com/whitepaper

Get connected to Smart Valor on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@smartvalorinc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smartvalorinc/


Terms of agreement: $3000 of VALOR tokens for the creation and publishing of an impartial article and video review.

Background music: www.bensound.com


Any phrases along the lines of 'finanical freedom for the world' just reminds me of Roger Ver's catchphrase lol


Any exchange agreements yet?

Paolo Luca Agheno

security token platforms... security token platforms everywhere...

Davide Paolini

Where do you look for your projects?


How many security exchange do we really need

Demetrio Capprello

imagine a world where we can shop for assets like we shop for clothes online today and what that can do for peoples wealth. its coming with Blockchain.


great insight. thanks! I just have one question, do you think this could ever lead to a situation where theres too much liquidity? Maybe so much access will lead to higher prices for assets is what I was thinking, then that would mean they will be less accessible in terms of higher price.


Review Structure:
0:16 - Opening
1:51 - Overview & Vision
4:05 - Current Problematic Situation
6:40 – Smart Valor's Solution
11:11 – VALOR Token
11:49 - Team Overview
13:40 - Verdict & Summary


would be great to see some concept shots of the platform, these things always feel a bit airy fairy otherwise. mvp?

Crypto Worm

Killer project, love the fact that they are focusing on the bigger picture in terms of financial freedom. I know phrases like that can seem like buzzwords sometimes but there's a real serious side to that whole idea of what we're doing here, I don't quite think people understand how much the blockchain is going to change everything about how we handle money and assets.

Pandora's box has been opened! Securities are in for a ride, assets are in for a ride the dollar is in for its own ride long term ;)

Brinley Jodfs

Awesome analysis Spartan!! People saying there's too many security token solutions are right but they're missing the bigger picture!!
The shift to tokenization is arguably to be the biggest financial shift in our history. It's going to take a lot more than one project to make it happen worldwide!! SmartValor looks strong and are making solid moves, will be following!!

zebu balk

what is the max cap of their sale

Ali Hussein

Nice thank u sir

pink jows

Hey it's the Bitcoin Queen! Their CEO did some work with Xapo and got her name I know that much.

Jake Harris

So many projects doing similar things but I'm not surprised- block chain based scurities is the new frontier for finance. Will be interesting to see who wins the race.

Christopher Merrithew

Always know its gonna be fire before I even click! Thanks man.

bach jury

The protocol sounds interesting, a great use case for smart contracts. Hopefully if there's a good decentralized solution then other similar platforms won't have to use centralised kyc etc.
The less centralised parts of platforms the better.

Darius F.

I just want to know when institutions are finally coming...

Ben Sisson

The concept is good but I just don't see the use case for their token.

Mickey Flynn

Thompson reuters incubator, Forbes best business nomination. Boom! Strong beginnings but hopefully the state of the market doesnt effect there sale. Many a good project recked right now.

Need4 Speed

smashed the like! a comparison of all the security based projects would b useful

Smart valor

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Interview with Olga Feldmeier 'the Bitcoin Queen' of SMART VALOR

641 views | 2 May. 2019

Gerard Salto

Good production with great summary of SV vision. Olga's self-confidence on the paradigm shift is "contagious".