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Is VTIQ Stock a Good Buy @ $28? (Nikola Motor Stock Merger)

8 943 views | 14 May. 2020

Nikola Motor (VTIQ)

Nikola Motor (VTIQ) is currently one of the hottest stock as of late due to their merger with VectoIQ. Nikola makes heavy duty zero emmissions trucks for corporate transportation needs. The company has a vision of producing thousands of vehicles by 2023 and already has 14,000 preorders from major companies like Anheuser Busch.

In this video, I'll talk about the background on the company and why I think buying shares could be an excellent long term investment. Trading at under a $1 billion market cap, early investors could experience CRAZY hypergrowth gains well into the future.

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Alex Johnson

brought 150 at 10 :D

Nicholas Fazio

After today, I’m still up on VTIQ bc I bought on Monday. The only this is idk if I should sell or buy more at this price. It’s down 4 bucks a share rn so :/

Tony G

Imagine getting into Tesla at $30 back in the day 10 years ago? Well if Nikola can have half of the success Tesla has in 1” years. You’re looking at at least 5x maybe 10x the returns at the current price.

Larry Karlin

I heard and researched everything I could about this when it was 12+ per share over short period word got out and it hit 35 and chilled out mid 20's. It's a long term stock and the world is ready for this. I'm seeing this as the next Tesla for heavy duty trucks. A few bumps will be ironed out, but there's an excellent team on board. What's more exciting, the company has 16k trucks on order from major company's who see this a marketing P.R. for them to look good. Buy

Investing with Kevin Gov

Vectoiq behave similar to spce starting out, sideways with rise and falls.

Rise when good news but not sustainable until revenue deals


Tesla tries to make super charger system in the world.
Nikola tries to make hydrogen fuel cell system in the world.
Both of them think that vehicles are not main, they are trying to make the whole new system.
I wanna say "stay tuned and invest it everyday"

Darron Boxley

I have 10 shares when they change the ticker so I need to re buy under what they trade under


VTIQ is trading -8% in premarket... someone know what this means? is it going to open at lower price? These day the market stocks are crazy... I really dont know anything anymore...

Amos Lee

Wealth Manager, Geber Kawasaki says "Bears on stock, Bulls on TESLA"

D Rod

Will the merger sustain the current stock price or will NKLA adjust the price accordingly?


Nikola Motors is a FRAUD. Watch this you who were conned by this NKLA deceiver:

the nibelung

Check out RVLV. Lots of ladies spending their rona checks on designer clothes online.

Jack Abbott

It's a 10 buck stock imo. A lot of ifs and buts. They're competing against Tesla, got an unknown CEO and anyone can 'order' one of those trucks. Takes 2 mins. No from me


VTIQ is definitely a trending stock at this time ?. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out as we wrap up the week and head towards the June 2nd merger date which the CEO announced on his Twitter.

Savvy Money Show

I found some shocking news in my deep dive check out my video

Enlightened Investments

I was warning people to sell out, due to it being overbought and it formed a archetypal stock bubble, today it was oversold and will continue . Only people who bought puts when it was $30 are making money now.


I bought at 13, I’m still good ?

ILC 1234

I bought 106 shares as $27, so I'm stuck. I think Tesla needs some competition, other than the well known companies. I watched a stick video with a guy wearing a Tesla shirt, just dogging Nikola. He obviously doesn't want to see his Tesla stocks fall??


I think 1 month ago at $10 it would be interesting. Currently at $30, I would wait it to go down if you believe in the company.


You're an idiot and clearly know nothing about emissions. Don't analyse a company model you have no experience in.

SJ God

you missed the fact that after the merger there will be 350m+ shares not 29 m. dilution is not factored into the stock price. over paying unless the price is closer to $10-12 range. read the prospectus

X36hypnotize X36hypnotize

Why can't I find this ticker on wealthsimple trade? Liked btw?

Tviaq stock

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Nikola Motors Secret Stock UP +1,185%!!!!! VTIQ

1 904 views | 12 May. 2020

For those of you who don't

For those of you who don't know Nikola Motors will be merging with the Stock $VTIQ. Nikola Motors will be the next big thing in Hydrogen powered vehicles and electric powered vehicles. It has gained a lot of attention around being Tesla's competitor.

VTIQ offers a warrant under $VTIQW, which is basically extra shares to raise capital for their company. This stock has showed +1,185% Gains for the year at a fraction of the price VTIQ is trading at.


Risk Disclaimer. DISCLAIMER: Futures, stocks and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The valuation of futures, stocks and options may fluctuate, and, as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment. These are my personal opinions and you are responsible for your actions within the stock market.


what is the strike price for this warrant? isn't it 11,5$? you buy it for 7,19$ so to break even, this stock price needs to go to 18.69$ when this warrant expires to break even and If the stock is not above the strike price, the warrant expires, so it becomes worthless. Is this correct?

Brittaney Dixon

Please, how do I by?

Trevor Hassel- Investing and Personal Finance

I think VTIQ has potential, but I am don't really consider this stock to be a Tesla competitor just yet. New to your channel btw, look forward to more videos from you, Just subscribed!

Drew Beaton

can I still buy the warrants?


Dope?. V3ERG from Stocktwits

MS - 12ZZ 595677 Mississauga SS

Does warrant get affected by the merger?


Hey man, love the videos! Was just curious how do you research and find these stocks? Ive been learning stocks for about a year now and most people on youtube just say "Play biggest % gainers" and i cant stand playing them. I feel they are up so much even before market open that im risking a lot. I just cant seem to get any help or tips on how to search for stocks that have a good possibility of spiking and research them. Thanks again!

Phenom OTF


Bernard Jex

This blew up, I bought 60 shares at 26 just 30 min before the market closed. Apparently this morning it was low 20s

anno vintiko

So what price will it be after merge?

Ryan .K

I bought 1000 shares at $19.50

Alex Naish

Can’t thank you enough bull trader! Saw your first video on a random chance it paid off big time, congratulations

Brittaney Dixon

What app/aite are you on?

Result Relaxing

For every $1000 you buy, you total worth is 11850. Profit is $10850

A. Daoud

This will be big stock in near future, good to hold for long term.