Trading leaps

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The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy: LEAPS (Simply Explained)

1 927 views | 1 Dec. 2020

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Thibaut Woolace

A 3 year, at the money LEAP for apple is trading at 24.20 right now, and the stock price is at 122.25. About a 5X equity multiplier. Just a friendly suggestion, you guys should use real world examples instead of throwing around hypothetical scenarios. Maybe explain the concept and then show the actual numbers to better explain things


Very interesting and ty sir..so when do you excercise a leap option? Can you sell a leap option at anytime or wait until expiration?..

Trading leaps

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How to Make 300% Profit in 1-Month Trading LEAPS

1 059 views | 29 Sep. 2017


➤CLICK THE LINK GET $1000 PER DAY FREE http://smarturl.it/100aday -------------------------------------------------------- Learn how I made a 300% profit in a little over 1-month trading LEAPS options on Wynn Resorts (ticker: WYNN). This video shows you how a professional stock and options trader approaches the Stock Market to build wealth and produce income using the power and leverage of LEAPS options. You will also see how this original $3700 investment is now worth over $12,000 and is able to produce an additional $1000+ in ongoing monthly income for the next 11 months.

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Hi Good day

long vega /pos. theta.....well now you def got my attention!

Trading leaps

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Ep 164: Option Leaps: Long-Term Investing Strategies + Examples

33 640 views | 7 Dec. 2017

In this video we are

In this video we are going to be focusing on Option LEAPS, long term investment strategies to make more with less money.

We are going to talk about how to use options for longer-term investments. However, you can still use some of the strategies and concepts I’ll share with you in a shorter time frame.

What are LEAPS?

LEAPS are Long Term Equity Anticipation Security, but basically, it’s just a long-term option. Long term means a different thing for everybody, it can be 6 months, a year, two years, five years, etc. However, in my opinion, this means holding options for more than 60 days, anything beyond that is longer-term holds.

Disadvantages of trading option LEAPS

- They are the higher total cost

- Change in price makes you less money

- Bid-ask spread can be a problem

- Volatility can shift and create issues with the position

Advantages of trading option LEAPS

- Lower cost for the time you hold

- Less time decay

- Longer life for the strategy to work

- You can still make money from time decay

You can use option LEAPS in all sorts of ways. You can use them to make some money from time decay, and you can reduce your risk by using less of your capital to make more money.

In this video, I’m going to show you on screen some strategies with option LEAPS and how to set them up, so that you can see how to make money with them.

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Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf

Last week I bought a MSFT 18 April 2018 100 Call Buy +1 @ 13.57. A 6 month to expiration call option on Microsoft, deep in the money for a lot of intrinsic value, a delta of .75 and hardly any theta decay. I might go for a leap next.

Bradford Kaellner

If I think FCAU will double in price before 1/2021, what do you think of the 1/2021 Call at 27 strike?

Flower Spikes

My brother and Sasha are identical, Jeez

Sean Mcneme

Great video, I watched it twice. I'd be curious to see a video like this comparing OTM vs ITM contracts for the leap strategy. I see that a lot of other people use ITM options for this whereas in this video we are looking at buying OTM options.

Mordechai Levinson

....Sasha....thank you for posting this....clearly presented ....

Raja Jani

Dear Shasha Sir,  as usual you have made great videos ... please made video on what fundamentals we can check before entering for long term, for example ratios,market capitilizations, sales growth , EBITA,CAPEX ,expansions ,please mention their range too which is best for investor to enter and all factors so that investors could be worry free and have good sound sleep.. Thanks in advance and Kind Regards

John Lake

I'mimpressed, how did you learn thinkorswim like that, is rhere a class you can take ?? Thanks/


This is just a quick review, I intend to respond with a more detailed one later, but thank you so much for your fabulous videos and this one on LEAP options is just incredibly helpful. Thanks so much.

Juan Leal - Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate

Sounds all good but lets say you have a long ITM 2+ year LEAP call but underlying is reporting earnings soon (and you dont want to sell due to taxes or whatever) -- how do you avoid IV crush-- IV affects only extrinsic value which is greater on leaps then shorter term options- Maybe sell a call -- and which strike (right above or above what the expected move would be?

ramesh sharma FB

evergreen sasha evdakov.........option needs adjustments from time to time as per mkt conditions

Andy Liu

I always wondered if u can treat long term call options as investment? For example, buying a 2.5 year call option on spy. On average spy makes about 10-15% per year. Instead of buying 300k worth of spy stocks, buy 300k worth of option call, which equates to about 100 orders. 2 years later when the stock price gone up by 30%. And ur option orders is now worth 250% more. My question is, is it liquid enough to sell all 100 orders when the price is that high? When i looked at the volume, sometimes those very deep in the money call options have close to 0 volume....does that mean i couldn't sell my 100 orders even when its worth that much?

John Lake

OMG. Bought some leaps On 7/11/2019, ILMN been watching before earnings. Bought, ILMN Jan 15 2021 340 call, that evening ILMN pre announced lower earnings, the stock went down $60 dollars a share, unbelievable, I'm in deep trouble !! HELP.


What simulated trading software are you using?

Jean-Paul Arnaud

Question: what will be the advantage/risk to sell OTM cash covered LEAP puts? You collect a large amount of cash, your collateral is proportionally lower than options that have less time to expiration. You will be less exposed to volatility and you can rollover your position many times. Any comment ?

Bronson Lee

i smash a like button ALWAYS for ur good contents so for a long term options can i use dividend stocks and collect the dividend with stocks and etfs while i trade this options LEAPS and other spread options keep up ur great work and stay safe mahalo all the way from Hawaii

So Ho

Options are complicated I guess I should start learning asap.

James Homes

When buying LEAP options which is more recommended OTM or ITM ??


5 years?? CBOE has a max of 3 years....

Enrique Perez

what is the benefit of trading 8 months long monthly options

Jithesh George

actually amazon did the extreme level to 3500 :)

John Lake

Why do you state, Theta, sometimes it makes you money, and sometimes it cost you money ?? What changes it from positive to negative. in the money/out of the money ? Awesome Video !


Great video! I have an unrelated question, what annotation tool are you using?

Saint Marco

Hey can you show this on Robinhood website with spy nio Microsoft apple


Break these long YouTube's up into 2-4 parts so we can get through them

Karl Duu

Sasha buy Bitcoin✅

Positive Investing

Hey Sasha, is this TOS platform available for anyone for free? My broker doesn't have the capabilities for this charting but I'd like to use it to lay out my strategies. Thanks.

Na N

Thanks Sasha. I will not skip ads in this video. So I may contribute to your channel.

Rob M

If you did this exact trade at the time he released this video you would have made a ridiculous amount of money. The $1200 strike calls for 8k each he was looking at are $52,000 each right now.

Scott Russell

"If you've been burned with time decay before"... Lord knows.