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3 Penny Stocks Under $1.00 | Top Penny Stocks To Watch NOW

6 780 views | 8 Nov. 2020

In this video we are

In this video we are going over 3 penny stocks that are under $1.00 to watch right now. I believe these are some of the penny stocks with the highest potential upside over the coming days and weeks in the stock market as they have positive catalysts in place with large upside based on their charts. As always do your own due diligence before making any trades/investments and leave any questions and comments below in comments section!

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Marcelo lacerda_


brendan king


niels mark

Im pretty sure you doing a good job.... But its imposible to read the ticker code ...so small...

Shajeeb Sadat

i need to avg down admp!

ren essa

will sndl get back to $1


Always giving good info. Thank you

Thomas Carvo

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Anthony P

Always on point. Thank you for you’re help

Michaela Podhrazka

Thanks for your videos!hige potencial!
Sorry,Another question?
How do you see RXT? I think it will go up about 21$ on earnings call.

Tony Garza

Thanks man.

Michaela Podhrazka

What is your opinion on WWR for longterm?
Unfortunately I can't go for live toady so I ask here.
Thanks in advance

Chris Rogers

Hey man first time commenter. I have subd 3 YouTube accounts to your channel. Thoughts on $CBBT?

gary vega

Thanks for all the work you put into your videos, it's greatly appreciated. Quick question, better to get into ADMP before or after earnings report? I've been burned before holding through earnings, so just wanted your opinion on it. Thanks again.


Thanks for the video. I like SNDL until I saw that it went up 200% premarket today. Wow.

Bull Blak

AAIRF. November 19 earnings and webinar. American Aires.

Brandon Faria Nogueira Taborda

medipharm labs stock/ Gran Tierra Energy Inc stock


We can't see anything! Very bloor

Dominic Pozzi

Check out ENG- Software Enginerring
They were awarded a $20 mill contract from Haldor Topsoe- for a Hydrogen Factory in Texas
Haldor Topsoe is a big conpany in Denmark it was founded by a old famous old scientist from Denmark named Haldor Topsoe
If you read up on it they are working together to build the hydrogen factory “The first of its kind in the US”

brendan king

U putting out a watch list for this week? Tonight?


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TOP 3 Cannabis Stocks under 1$

202 views | 27 Dec. 2020

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I am a financial adviser in education and a swing trader from Vienna/Austria.

Don’t take any of this as professional financial advise but as entertainment only.

Thanks for watching, post your favorite stock in the comments.

If you live in Germany,Austria or central europe contact me for personal financial education.


In this Video we talk about the TOP 3 Cannabis Stocks under 1$.




0:00 START

0:16 PHCG


3:20 CNBX


6:17 SNDL

sateesh kumar

Thanks for your video


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Top Penny Stocks Under 1$ NOW ???

6 273 views | 14 Aug. 2020

Top penny stocks under ONE

Top penny stocks under ONE DOLLAR to buy now! Kevin shares his top penny stocks currently trading under 1$. He reviews the companies from a fundamental & technical analysis, and discusses why he likes the stocks for long term swing trades & investments. These stocks are extremely speculative, but Kevin thinks that their potential outweighs the risks. Kevin mentions how, Apple, Tesla, & Netflix all traded under 1$ at one point which should show the potential of finding the diamonds of the penny stock world.

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"Top FREE trading tools": https://youtu.be/PpJ7RIk7nrM

"Day Trading Truth vs Lies:" : https://youtu.be/6u8ZZJzxTO0

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All content on this channel is for informational & educational purposes only, and shouldn't be taken as personalized financial advice. Always consult a financial advisor before making important financial decisions.

Maxican American


Brian Fitzpatrick

Great video thanks. I’m watching this video in November. I think your sunw was much better than your knos.

kue Xiong

Original shark Kevin Harrington is on the knos team - he made a youtube video about a week ago saying infomercials will be coming out very soon for knos product...stock price should go up when the infomercials hit...

A Wu

I l❤️your videos ?

Savvy Money Show

Sun works mossed earnings and half revenue that is why the pullback

Andrew Adorno

I love your channel - You're funny and inspirational - great COMBO!

PENNY STOCK 미국 동전 주식

Thank you so much for sharing this precious information. Best wishes,

Steven Holt


Alex Drummond

hey, i am a beginning trader. It would be great if looked over stocksthat that you think will pop sooner then later. like close to a couple days rather than a year. I don't know if you look for those but that would be awesome. Thanks Kevin!

FrankBLACK 101

SNW .75 when Kev uploaded this. Today $2.80
Good call Kevin wish I seen this 2 months ago. Is there still growth potential in the Loooong term or is this it?

shadow king


Roger Hastings

Turning over cow poop. Lol
Lots of that here in Texas

Ramon Cabassa

Thank you for the video I tripled all my money on s u n w will you please find more penny stocks more more more!!!

Awakening Enthusiast

I can't find knos on Robinhood, is there a reason for this?

Jon Gill

Thanks a lot for the advice brother! Might need to send you some commissions soon as several of your recommendations have hit for me! Cheers


Haven't decided if I'm going to subscribe yet, but I like your vibe and where you're headed with your channel! Oh and check out TLSS, I've been watching it for months. HEXO, and SNDL too...both are pot stocks under $1.

Crt Skateboards

I used OGEN for swing trade over the last week or so, I don't believe in any company's that work with covid vaccine for any long term even fell bad short playing them. But anyways SUNW seems good for some swing/day trades as well, catch em low sell em high. Thanks for SUNW. I'll def be lookin out for more penny stocks you provide


new to penny stocks. any advice would be nice. thank you for your youtube contribution!


Ty for mentioning knos it has a. Lot of hype partially from the stock watch and could go up huge because of the need of good air quality because of covid and in general

j lybr

CYDY at 4$ is going to get to $20-30 soon and maybe ina couple years be at $100+

PENNY STOCK 미국 동전 주식

Thank You Best wishes,

Vince Santroni

SUNW = BIG WINNER in this group of stock picks -- from .74 cents/share to $5.12/share TODAY!
SUNW rose to $6.96 back on November 23rd, 2020, too!
1 HUGE WINNER out of 3 total picks = HUGE PROFIT!
Buying 1,000 shares of EACH of these stocks back on August 13th, 2020 would have totaled just a $1,890 initial investment.
SUNW cancels out both other loser stocks & created a $4,490 to $6,330 PROFIT!


Thanks for the video. But for the love of God, eat something.

Black tibby07

Im down 10% on OGEN today, hoping it reverses, thoughts on SNDL? Im down 35% on it today, im not understanding the offering they just made, if its good or bad

Austin Friese

Sunworks is up 17% today!! Great find!

Julien Jackson

I'm first

Musawwar Chandio

Hi, KNOS is currently at 0.0720. Do you think it is still worth investing in?

Maxican American


Dan McCaleb

.035 is 3 cents bud for Netflix

Jose Cortes

Great video. Thoughts in how much Could get OGEN or SUNW in one year hold

samuel villarreal


Juan Campos

Excellent research ? ? ? thank you very much..!!

Brittany Donnor

Love how you kept it real?? valuable information about each company!

Pam Rickman

Loving the penny stock videos!!

James Linsday

Damn I can’t find Knos on Tradezero:(