Mammoth token

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THE HOLY MAMMOTH | Epic "2-Shot" LMG IS GODLY! - Infinite Warfare w/ EliteShot

141 008 views | 19 Dec. 2016

Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare "Mammoth" LMG, tap LIKE! ?

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare w/ EliteShot

Rich Balmer

it's easy when you play noobs...

athen vankham

The vid starts at 0:00 thank me later


Gorgon MK2


that gun wrecks

x e s i o n

No playing on PC is godly

black water

I bought the mammoth today and its beast

Razeen Gamildien

Sean, are you going for camo's yet. If you're not I really think you should start other you're gonna fall behind like you did in BO3. If you're not gonna do regular episodes going for camo's, maybe dedicate a bit of your streams on Elite Stream Sunday? I just don't want you to fall behind again. Thanks for the great content and stay ELITE!


GREAT VID! Only epic weapon I have is the free one.

prod bymias

you and swaggxbl should do a collab and play on infinite warfare together

Mentrez Railey

What was the class set up the one with the Laser


Type 2 Butcher! It's a beast! It's akimbo mode are shotguns! I love it!

Toan Hong

Anh chang nay chơi game rất hay

Dj Dunks

tryna get that flatline lol


bacsically the gorgon

Sam L-D

First two minutes were god mode!


Shawn Aka "the One man Army"

Peter Missureli

Hate to say it but you wasted 500 salvage on the grizzly, since you already had a rare version of it unlocked you could have just got the legendary and epic and saved your 500

Michael Brown

even bomber, best gun ever! also hv mammoth from supply drop

Steven Murray

Around 6:56 you can begin to hear how disappointed he is.



Ezequiel Pichetto

this game is crap yolo


And the next supply drop he opens gives him the mammoth


Good ass intro

Fred Shears


Mr. Brightside

Shawn what vol/db do you use for your gameplay and voice over

James Blackhurst

Hey Elight

David Villegas

Lmao he makes it so dramatic and I got it in a support drop

Jesse Valerio

what's your KD bro lol

ameera ouma

tbh thy shouldve made it so the barrel spins around like an actual gatling gun


Out of curiosity, why did you unlock the mammoth grizzly when you already had a rare variant unlocked? You could have just got the legendary and saved salvage lol

Fred Shears


Filip laskovski

Wait I'm confused why couldn't you shoot those down at the bottom of terminal???

Jacob Compton

Or don't waste your salvage and play hardcore.

Sanchit Anand

This reminds me of the M27-IAR from ghost

MrBulldozer Gaming

LMAO Yo E LITE OMG Im your biggest fan LOL Yea I like the Mammoth also it will be my 19th gold. Love the vids man I need to catch you streaming one of these days. Do you have a set time or day? I couldn't find a schedule or anything when you stream over at twitch. Do you have one. Thanks

Ryan Reiche

I'm trying to get the Mauler Mammoth

Dave Olsson

I also got it in a free supply drop. It does shred! Great vid Shawn. Keep em coming


i got all you wanna check write back . you re a great youtuber


You deserve 1 million subs already

Chris Perez

yo ur good dude no sarcasm bro keep it up dude this is the first vid of urs i have watched keep it up dude

Stephan Wetzl

Damn awesome run.!!!

Tommy Cole

my weapon of choice nice vid bro


This gun scares me ?

Shadow Brady

I'm trying to get the 3 burst sniper

Mr Foster

Just kiddingg

Fidgit007 Burke

Where's the Sabres poster??

Claudia Cabral

Why does Eliteshot make everything so easy

Dominique Sharp

this weapon does make u feel like ur a train it's really amazing this and the rekt are the 2 best epics I don't know which is better they both melt tho


hahaha reminds me of the gorgon

hi bro

hi love you vids

Christopher Brookes

Love the videos elite! Merry Christmas

Anonymous Anonymous

gorgons still better

Co'tje Verhoeven

I ain"t playing IW anymore, I am back at Bo3 and AW. And even thinking of buying PS3 to play MW3 again. Nice vid though.


you didn't have to buy that other rare just FYI. since you already had the original rare you could've saved yourself 500 salvage. also tap fire it like it's semi auto. I destroy with this gun.


Yo Shawn, in your next intro you should purposely call yourself Elightshot in dedication to that dude?

Matt Lewis


Dolan Duck

should I craft this variant?

1k dayton

all i can say is this is the next GORGON from bo3

Chris B.

I have gotten all the assault rifle epics, ripper, mammoth, machete, smoothbore, bomber, Osiris, both hailstorm variants, cartel, and the mission team fhr varient. Gotta say bomber and flatline favs, but invective and rekt are horrible, machete is just fun to punch ppl with friends, and others are ehh. I use mammoth with silencer and thermal on hardcore just so easy to snipe with.

Adrian Flores

that gun would be so over powered in hard core


Now everyone should realize how good the Salvage system is. Shawn didn't have any epics apart from free ones and now he was free to choose any he wanted. Of course not having Supply Drops would be better but at least it's something


foesnt show when he dies. lol. lame

Claudia Cabral

Look so easy

Dr BigMix

I got that mammoth from a supply drop.

Νίκος Παναγιωτόπουλος

first time i watch cod gameplay and over 2 years since i quit AW but this gun is just a rip off of the gorgon LMG from BO3 (correct me if im wrong) which is basicaly tipical cod guns... rip offs of previous games guns... poor cod

Joel Gray

Nice Video love your channel

FC Mania

the only epic I'm gonna craft with salvage is the EBR800 triad.

Alexandre Cabral

i´m trying to get the mammoth and the liberty

Príscíllá Hálf-Brééd

"Just saw this video and i swear already subbed to him"


I had a 50-11 game on Genesis in Tactical Team Deathmatch

Nathan McCormick

Knew you would like the killing power of that gun. Glad you went with the Mammoth.




earned the Ripper, NV4 Flatline, & Erad Cerberus using keys

Nathan Meche

Omg thats was the first time I had ever heard you curse lol


I have this in mk 2. I got it on double exp

slenderman 312295

nice gaming Elite Shot


german somebody here?


My highest score so far is 50 and 10, though I think my other score of 49 and 5 is better.


The ripper


The Mammoth is the new Gorgon .3.

Shane Woosley

I want that gun. Its on my radar to get

itzz Smoke4Me



I spent all my salvage on the NV4 Fkatline. I still suck. It's skills and experience that counts not the weapon, and I don't have them. Still enjoy playing though.

Mike den Hartog

This gun is made for campers. put a supressor on it stay around the edges of the map and nobody can kill you.

subzero43 _

This is so cringeworthy


Cool gameplay

Its_ Rapiid

damn that facial hair growing back fast af lol

TolgzZ G

a light shot


Im gonna be 17 tomorrow! Finally gonna get this game.

Nerd of Skittles


Mcmillan 539



Reminds me of the gordon from bo3


i only used this wep in zombies but never tired it in mp

Nerd of Skittles


B Lee

its elo not e l o. if you were my biggest fan youd know that!


LOL your funny i laughed when you where like I'm a bully! then i laughed when you said holy crap

Tom White

He didn't even need the grizzly,

Matt Lewis

what did u do to get all ur salvage


Wy jou don't play hardcore

Mammoth token

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Tana & Sakashima | Clone Token Factory | Budget Commander Deck Tech | EDH | MTG | Commander

22 380 views | 29 Dec. 2020

The Commander's Quarters

The Commander's Quarters is your Magic the Gathering source that helps you Command Your Budget! Let's Brew with Tana & Sakashima as our commanders on this brand new Deck Tech! Clone mass token producers and flood the board!


Support us directly, get rewards, and join The Commander’s Quarter’s community on our Patreon page:


Get your official Commander's Quarters swag at:



When you are buying decks or individual cards, make sure you are using any of our TCGplayer affiliate links below to help support the channel!



Upgraded deck:


Reasonable Upgrades only:


Commander's Quarters general affiliate link:



Commander's Quarters decklists:


Commander's Quarters general affiliate link:



Follow and reach out to us on social media!







D W8284

What is the budget of this deck?


I like clone decks because they scale really well to the power level of any non cedh pod. You just play their best creatures and get multiple copies of them.

Viva Namida

no sharknado? you gotta be kidding me

Dario Campanella

sakashima is like butter now. goes everywhere...

Im happy that I purchased it for my krark flip coin deck -I wanted to do a flip coin deck with oklaun and zintpleintsaas-f (yes I just pushed some keys at random) but getting all the flip coin cards was difficult, the cards I needed were so old and segmented between sellers that having that to complete was too much of cost and time. Instead I will put those guys in the 99 that would be equally fun.

Allen DeKeyrel

Aww thanks I just pulled a tana this is helpful


Doubling season.


I love the monstrosity that I have chosen.


Me: I should buy Sakashima
Me after seeing it's price: NOPE


Episodes have been feeling a bit naked with the changes.
1) Please put the rocks back in, because #ReprintWayfarersBauble
2) Please put the lands back in, because allocating the proper lands can be confusing.
3) Having a fuller list is a good way to get into the head-space of brewing, being a comfort and motivation.
4) That, and inspiration is basically free motivation in a lot of cases.

Timo S

Drinking game: everytime mitch says clone

Blake N

Doubling season!! This is a great deck Mitch, well done.


Gunna burn yourself out here, mate. I'd try for a more reasonable upload schedule like twice a week, even once a week, not every day. Would also mean you could put a bit more time into editing to put things like prices on the cards you show.

ferit Perliare

My riku deck:well I guess 140 copies of legendaries wouldn't hurt?



Writer Bluck

This whole video I was like “golden pig is Brudiclad! golden pig is Brudiclad!!” Glad he was mentioned. Getting a whole board of tokens to then become token generators... nutty! In my top 5 of commanders for sure.


I noticed in your deck there was not a lot of way to pump up Tana or take advantage of the token generation. I would put in Skullclamp for card draw on our 1/1's and Goblin bombardment and High Market, since instant speed sac outlet are very good. With Tana in mind, I would put in some stuff to make it unblockable, like Prowler's helm and Whispersilk Cloak. To pump Tana, I would give her double strike with Fireshrieker and some power and toughness stat boosts. Some good ones are Grafted War Gear, Commander's Plate, Champion's helm, Empyrial plate, and Tenza, godo's maul. I know there are other ways to get tokens in this deck, but without ways to get Tana through, she ain't doing much.


When will you be appearing on Command Zone's Game Knights? I'm sure everyone would be hyped to see that!

space commander

Do energy kraj

Obeid Eldick

How can you call these budget decks when the commander(s) make the cost almost double your budget? Do you mean Budget compared to a 400$ or a 1000$? Even though you say you dont include the commander in the cost most people will still have to purchase it to build this deck so its a moot point...

Adam Liu

This feels like a lazy build

Andrew Gan

I feel like Sakashima has some really interesting combos with a lot of green spells that turn all lands into creatures. Partner green/blue, full land ramp with some massive bombs like the eldrazi, then Sylvan Awakening into Sakashima’s Will.

Edit: if it goes poorly, backup plan with River’s Rebuke/board bouncers to completely reset lands, or just an anti-board-clear incentive.

Nacho Ruiz

I really like this format. It lets you skip the "staples" that go in every deck like ramp, lands... As well as more freedom in those fields.
But I can see why people think it's less organized, grouping strategies under a name lets you better follow the thread.
Great video as always!

McAgee3 Productions

I know I'll get eaten alive by the comments, but I'll ask anyway.

Wiuld you be willing to do a "budget" deck tech on one of the Walking Dead legends? I put together an interesting Negan deck with Obosh as a companion. The deck is a bit slow, but a lot of fun to play.

Wayfarer's Bauble

I'm not in this video, but don't worry! I am, of course, a reasonable upgrade. Unfortunately, I'm still over $3: as of this posting, my lowest TCGPlayer market price is $3.08 for my Modern Masters 2015 printing. I hope Wizards makes a resolution to reprint me until I'm a budget card again.


Yo with red you can get crazy enter battle field effects off like fabricate with cards that blink and flameshadow conjuring

An Am_Eric_an Person

Mitch, can you make a video on the decklist for your Jhoira deck? It sounds like a super busted deck and I just wanna see how you build around jhoira on a budget. That would be awesome! Thanks!

Mikey Long


Gaming Duck

Sakashima is one of my favorite commanders. I always enjoy shape-shifting cards.


This deck needs a phyrexian metamorph and a dack’s duplicant!

Joseph Tarmey

I’d add helm of the host and avenger of zendikkar just to make thicc plants with all the AOZ tokens and add triumph of the horde

Mikey Long

Commanders Quarters Playmats?

Kevin Trujillo

This is a really cool deck tech I have a brudiclad clone deck that could really benefit adding green into the mix!

Andrew White

No mention for Progenitor Mimic?? Boooo

Michael Whaley

I just made this deck, glad to see you doing a deck tech on it!

Origami Nosferatu

Damnit stop stealing my ideas! :P lol tbh my brew is stolen from the Prof.

Rose Levengood

Bravado would be an amazing aura to cast on Tana.

Dakota Adams

Dennis sounds like a tool.

FYI. He is my friend

Scrottila TheHun

I miss the old format. These are alright but it doesn't feel like a deck tech. I liked how you went over every card in the old format so it felt more complete.


Deck is meh, just another mass token creation, time to showcase Rare decks Mitch

Casual tcg

You are saying xyris, the weathering storm incorrect it is pronounced z-ear-us, the weathering storm just thought you might want to know but either way keep up the amazing content live watching your channel

Darth Emphatic

No Scute Swarm highlight? Could be the golden pig of the deck.


So..is this what the deck techs are now? I subscribed for powerful budget decks, I feel this channel is long removed from that now.

Kazually Kunfuzed

Reminds me of my "Clone the Mutants" Roalesk deck. LOTS of fun to be had!

Jason Klusty

I love this. This encouraged me to combine my wort the raid mother, keiga, melek, and brudinclad into one deck! So fun and can pull off some off the wall combos and synergies.

Quinn Enstrom

Algorithm boosting comment


I really like Sakashima, I've brewed up a Sakashima + Akroma deck with a clone token focus for myself. Cool deck!

mattia marchetti aloisio

honestly I have partnered Tana with Sidar, because the tokens will be mostly 1/1 or 2/2 hence pretty much unblockable, I haven't really thought about Sakashima, and beside cloning Tana I didn't see much functionality. A Temur token/clone sounds weird

Denzil George Remington III

I also prefer the old format with suggested upgrades.


Harvest Season is probably a good recommend for the deck, you ramp for each tapped creature you control

Andrew Lagrange

Tana, the bloosousand faces

Stealtyboi 78787

hey mitch! long time fan here and a frequent watcher of your budget decks! unlike many people i have come into the luck of pulling a few of the more expensive cards in magic, (gaeas cradle for example) and i want your help making this fun and interesting deck based around the commander toski, bearer of secrets more budget friendly!


this is the link to the deck list, ive been playing it quite a bit on the website Untap.in and it works fairly well against all kinds of different decks!
it would be an honor and a privilege for you to look at this deck and make it cheaper but still effective for all my squirrely bretheren!
merry christmas and happy new year!


Not to be rude, but this new format is rather hard to follow. The old one was more organized.


Thank you Dennis for requesting Mitch make up a budget deck for two commanders which I desperately wanted to see.

red jack the fool

i think the old video format was more helpful and more entertaining.

Shaun Greenwood

Rhythm of the Wild Red Green Haste or +1/+1 for your creatures.


I prefer the old format. This new format takes away the exact reasons I love your videos. There’s no card prices and no 10 tactics and it just doesn’t feel the same.

Bwah Channel

Did you add scute swarm and some mutate creatures like lore drakkis?


I would add more infect sources.

Phoenix Draco

Honestly sounds like a deck that perfectly matches my commander playstyle, token overhaul.

Casey Williams

Verdant embrace make another verdant force

Shadow Council

Any chance we can see a Rhys the Redeemed deck tech?

Joe Momma

I think i liked the old format better. I really prefer to see all of the cards and to me it helped me understand the deck better as a whole. Plus it allowed to show more cards that i may not have heard of. I don't hate the new format by any means its just my preference

Charlie Williams

Sakashima deck tech

brandon shipp

just purchased this deck, i hope it's as awesome as it looks!

Dat's DFO

I have a sakashima kamahl clone deck lol making tokens and having multiple kamahls, each giving +3/+3 trample lol mvp is dark depths making a marit lage token and getting sakashima to clone it or a spark double to have multiple indestructible flying 20/20s is cool


This is the deck for Tishana, Voice of Thunder as card draw. Into the Story is another great instant for card draw. And the scry temples have never been cheaper than right now, so please for the love of all the gods in the multiverse, finally ditch those bad tappedlands that not even are gates (fetchable with Circuitous Route) or at least gainlands. Oh, and play Circuitous Route. ;)

Anthony Todd

Hey mitch, could you add some good protection and value cards, its great to have clones until the board is nuked


Love how the deck works. Just one important question: would Biovisionary work in this?

Jake Zywicke

I built a similar deck by taking my Brudiclad list and shifting it to be Dargo / Sakashima. Can't wait to play it!


I was watching some older videos and I was wondering if the rainbow hoodie is merch or not

Scorn of the moon

Someone tell him to make one of the new Jeska, and Kamahl, the combo will be so much fun.


I think Desolation Twin would be a good addition to this deck, especially with Brudiclad.

Pokelicious NChill

I love seeing fun Sultai decks

Benedict Cabual


Dan Johnson

I like Tanya but I think she’s weak w/o equipment. I built a karak and sakashima deck it’s crazy.

eat ass

Give us the infect deck tech

No2h Returns

Please ditch this new format Mitch. The old one was way better. It explained way more about the deck and card choices, and was way easier to follow.

Orangi _MTG

Hi Mitch, I've been a been of the channel for years and I was just wondering are you changing the way you make budget deck techs cause for the past few deck techs are different. I like what you're doing by changing your format and changing the format. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Mike Duncan

This looks overwhelmingly (if that’s a word) fun! Love it building it tonight!

jean carlos d

Scute Swarm + any number of mutate


I wanted to do a Tana deck with Krark and free/cheap pump spells. Resolving spells like invigorate and mutagenic growth with Krark out mean you trigger prowess (potentially many, many times) regardless and make Tana even bigger when it does resolve. Also, a copied Atarka's command with a board of saprolings seems really silly.


Desolation Twin would be good in this deck. Use brudiclad or sakashima's will to turn all your creatures into 10/10. If you have budget wormcoil engine is good too


I gotta say I don't like the new vid format. It's nice that you give the patreon users more prominence and that you speak more calmly, but I much rather have the entire decklist in the video, not to mention the price of the cards (this is a budget builds channel why on earth would you not track the deck's budget??). Reasonable upgrades was a great inclusion as well. I dunno, it doesn't even feel like the same channel to me.
I don't wanna sound entitled, it's your channel and your prerogative but maybe you'd find the feedback useful.

Jessen Alexander

I prefer the way use to do these videos. Where you go through the whole list and price.

Manx Mouse

Id love to see a deck tech on Kodama and Sakashima. I feel like that would be insane!


Sakashima is just really good in decks where you have a commander with a triggered ability like Kadena’s or an effect like Kess. I basically use it as a second copy of spark double and needless to say it is amazing. Easily one of my favorite new partners.

James Myers

Impact Tremors? Purphoros and terror of the peaks would be fun to put in this deck. I know budget. Damage to the face for creatures entering is just an awesome thought

Antônio Reis

Saprolings and tokens <3


I was really interested and torn between building sakashima with tana or vial smasher especially since I pulled doubling season from double masters vip. I like scute swarm, omnath locus of rage and elder gargaroth


I like it more when the upgrades already are presented in the video itself, not only in the description box.

Solstice Pride

Sakashima is close too broken. Love playing it

Mammoth token

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Token's First Time Trending || Token Talks About No Service January 15th, 2019

35 views | 12 Jul. 2019


#TokenHipHop #NoService


Token's First Time Trending || Token Talks About No Service January 15th, 2019

Instagram → Twitter → Facebook → @RapMammoth [Cover Art || Visualizers || Lyric Videos]