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Loki Setting up a CLI wallet

248 views | 23 Dec. 2019

Here is a basic video on

Here is a basic video on how to set up a Loki Command Line Interface (CLI) wallet. You do not need to use a CLI wallet unless you are a primary host for a node. The GUI wallet is far more intuitive to use for beginners who are not a primary host of a node.

You can download the GUI or CLI wallet from here:


Here is a link to the word document cheat sheet:


Loop Life

Hii dude what is the command to trasfer loki coin from cli wallet.

Loki wallet

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What Can A Service Node Do? QnA

890 views | 22 Dec. 2018

Loki Docs:

Loki Docs: https://loki-project.github.io/loki-docs/

Service Node as a Service Guide: https://loki-project.github.io/loki-docs/ServiceNodes/RunServiceNodeAsService/

Loki Service Node Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uiRD1847UY&t

Service Node written Guide: https://loki-project.github.io/loki-docs/ServiceNodes/SNFullGuide/

Don Mon

So now it's ONLY profitable to run a service node, and not to mine. What is your game??? If you make mining your coin NOT profitable - what's the point????

Loki wallet

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How To Mine LOKI With Your CPU (Intel & AMD)

4 785 views | 28 Nov. 2019

How to mine Loki using

How to mine Loki using your computers CPU. In this video guide I'll show you how to get started mining this interesting cryptonote based coin that's similar to Monero. You'll learn how to create a paper wallet, download and setup your miner, start miner to a pool and build your coins.

#Loki #crypto #mining

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#### Useful Links ####

Loki Website https://loki.network

Paper Wallet https://wallet.loki.network/

XMRigCC Miner https://github.com/Bendr0id/xmrigCC/releases

Mining Pool https://loki.miner.rocks/

Loki Miner & Sample Config Files http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=85896140555971137037


#### My Links ####

Website http://www.imineblocks.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/imineblocks

Twitter https://twitter.com/IMineBlocks_com

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Tips are appreciated. Here's my Addresses





I mean...I'll switch from mining Turtle to this but it'll never be profitable.

atv_rider 700

good film


Hows your mining equipment going in your garage? got any FPGA's yet?

Anthony Carrelo

Wonder if anyone can help..get the following error when trying to run cmd: "XMRiggCC is complied with CC support, please start the daemon instead" - Does not mine??

Ten Pound Sterling! (T£N!)

Privacy coins are getting the brunt of government regulation. tread carefully.

Gaetano Giuseppe Doc

It's profitable with a cpu i7 9700k 9th gen?

Sieb Claessen

Where can I buy loki?


Maybe in future you can show us how to setup a masternode for loki

Peter Mcknight

hi Lee can you mine turtle with a Gpu


hi thank you very much video but may i ask a question my desktop amd also wgich one download amd64 or win64 again thx


i did everything u did the same way with the bat file and nothing works, the miner comes up and says it is not recognized we have the same intel chip


LOKI is a really cool project.


how do you get around huge pages issue? says huge page unavailable? thanks!!

Jeremy Giordano

Can you do a review of https://warriders.com/

S Rose

so interested in mining WAN, Link or KAI

Alexander Comkoff

my proc made 22 hours 0.7 loki)) hashes is 2543,3 h/s

Pipe Pulga

Actually the profit is good to comeback to mining? 4 example 5 core 7 7700k equivalent in ryzen what is the profit per day thaks for your answer

Marcelo Antonio Briganti

I dont know why buy my workstation with 2 opteron 6386 resets when i want to open the cmd file ???


thanks having a go. nice vid as per


IMineBlocks , I think everyone would be interested to know what you think about about approaching halving " 05/12/2020 ". What do you think will be the course? like like like


Its worthless, 1800X 5.2Kh/s... 0.23$/day.

But its cool to give it a try and see how your cpu performs on ramdomX ;)