Price of saffron

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How to Test Saffron: Fake vs Pure Saffron

882 411 views | 22 Jul. 2018

Per Weight, Saffron is one

Per Weight, Saffron is one of the most expensive commodities in the world. Fraudulent saffron sellers are on the rise, we put this video together to educate and teach our customers how they can test their Saffron at home. Want to know if you purchased the real thing? Watch this short video to learn more about these simple steps for distinguishing fake vs real saffron.

Spanish Saffron Quality Test


Yousof Hassanzada

Thanks for educational. Afghanistan has the best saffarran ?


I bought saffron which has the high quality as shown here from zaran, but why does it smell so much like petrol or plastic? Even the food tasted so bitter and unpleasant. Is that a sign of fake product?

Gulam Jeelani

For Original and pure SAFFRON call/whatsapp
Me @7006898886


Watch it out

No Airbags! We Die Like Real Men

Best Saffron is From Qaen-Iran

Vedasree Y

As we buy in sealed way this testing is not worthy once bought. What to do if its not original one?


Best one From Iran ???

Daphne Rodriguez


Rishan Sabreen

I am interesting?

Jonah Estanislao

Mine is pure. And i got it for 250 rupees for 1 gram in India. Still using it.


Thank you Zach Effron

Shahnawaz Sayyad

Do u guys deliver in India?

ifra shah

We have saffron fields from so many decades ..i taste and test all types of saffron. Kashmiri saffron is one of the best saffron in world ...But condition is it should be pure form... If you contact with growers directly you will get pure form...

Nida Tareen

I love that background music owsmmmmm

chandia Khatun

I'm from Bangladesh. How I get this saffron?

Carolyn McIntyre

So what kind of plant would be used in a fake?

Asma Khan



thank you for sharing friend..am ur subscriber..plz support me?

Arabhi Santhosh

Plzz giveaway this to me

Ganeshaya Nama

Does saffron have an expiry date?

Ragini Chauhan

Mine is Pure , Thanks
#Jalaram Kesar

G Siya

Just eat saffron without putting it anything it tastes heavenly even just like that

The Tree

The font was so small.that I could barely understand anything. Someone help.


If you can't taste the difference, go with the cheap one.


King saffron
Hello I'm from Kashmir
We are dealing with 100% pure and guaranteed saffron and shilajit we are providing all India hurry up what are you waiting for
Contact no 7889976405
Email: [email protected]gmail.com
Address namblabal pampore Kashmir 191212
H/O: sazgaripora hawal srinagar 190001

Vikram DAS

It costs as much as gold

neela Islam

How can i get zaran saffron in Bangladesh?



Anxious Beachbum

I am currently importing 1 kg. from Afghanistan, if anyone is interested.


Is the video showing the truth or is it just a marketing trick?

Arafat Lone

The yellow stands are the roots??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Sumit Rautela

Is baby saffron good kesar

Learn Henna

Thanks for sharing dear

Sh Dawood

Is it an online selling product.

Chooni Bhat

Kashmiri saffron from pampore is best saffron in world

Vineeth Vijayan

I am from Australia, how much does it cost if I need the best quality safferon from iran delivered in my home address

pavithra m s

Very much confused, can't understand easily that what you are trying to tell

Akshita S

Irani saffron is the best...

Mickael Cohen

Guys don’t fight best safran is from Morocco

Nilesh Chavhan

Nice promotion of zaran saffron

Khadija Idesaid

I m from morroco .i have the best and good quality

hassan noor zaman dipu

How i got fake saffron

Piyik Frengky

Yang asli ada badaknya

New wayz

For first attempt to put water first then added saffron but for competition 1 n 2 saffron you added saffron then water why? N you pressed both the threads hard which you wanted to prove fake saffron but for the first saffron you rubbed the threads gently.. I do know that there are lots of fake saffron in market but if you're sure about your saffron that's it's 100% real then this video is not at all required ppl will definitely buy genuine products once they discover it n they will themselves do marketing of it with their family n friends


I will award u the highest honor I can bestow

Watch while eating

Dee Scott

Before watching I had to google what was saffron

Sunil Sekhar

1. original saffron tastes little bitter in taste when u keep on tongue whereas duplicate one gives sweet taste.
2. As video shown, original one releases colour slowly and duplicate one gives on immediate
3.original one have trumpet shape and duplicate one majorly linear thread like shape, because these duplicate once r made up of corn threads. However to cheat, some percentage of trumpet shaped original petals may mix with duplicate once..

Joyal George

Where i can get original saffron in Dubai?


A Customer for Life.

hugo brutus

Does it matter? So long as the taste is there and it's not harmful



Bốn mùa Ẩm thực

Thank you very much

Golden Mart

For Indians who are looking for pure saffron may contact me.

Ru mu

Available for bd?

rami samir

prod saffron unique morocccan saffron ??taliouine
shim saffron my page in facebook ????? pure contacte me [email protected]gmail.com

R. L. Foster

I just bought a 5 g tin. The fragrance that wafted into my kitchen when I opened the tin was amazing. I did the water test and the threads released their color slowly and maintained their shape just as shown here. Then I took a 1/2 tsp of the saffron and placed it in a cup of heated white wine and used it in a classic Sicilian pasta dish that I've made many times before. It changed the look, aroma and taste of the entire dish in a way that never happened with my previous saffrons. Makes me wonder what I've using all this time.

Ashi sonala

Subscribe to me?

Samaikalam Vanga

Spending so much on saffron, even without knowing it's real or fake... Thanks for the post ?

Cindrella Anthony

On the first trail you added the saffron to the water.
For the remaining you poured water on the saffron, so there could be a slight difference.

zuhair alrifai

I am in Kuwait State in Saffron business, the best test use a glass of water and little of saffron and see if the saffron goes down to the bottom its fake, if remain floating so, its real.
any way if you need more information don"t hesitate to email me at: [email protected]gmail.com

fire zone

V r supplier Irani Saffron 100%original....

Ashok Bohra

मै ZARAN SAFFRON दिल्ली मे मंगवाना चाहता हू कैसे मँगवाऊ जी कोई तरीका बताये

Tharu Tharu

How to buy saffron from yo?

Ashi sonala

Thank you???

Adora Faye

I get the Costco brand. People rave about the flavor of this spice but I could not smell any flavors and I don’t know if it’s me. It’s not worth the money!!


Be careful when buying it from a street vendor in Medina. They sell fake ones with see through red plastic rectangle shape case.


How you make tea from saffron for eyes per day and how much need to add ?

Parivash Ghadim


Kiki Rauha

on the website cannor shipping to indonesia hiks

Mohd Khan

Mai eavrest ka saffron used krti hu this is real and your product is real iam tested thanks brother

Jasmine Snow Skincareguru

Best video

Learn Safety Online

This thing have a nice name by the way "Zach Effron"

Mickael Cohen


rajalakshmi perumal

Pure Kashmiri organic saffron is available contact +919943534995 or WhatsApp me+255678612366

Farokh Mohammadi

I am a saffron trader in Afghanistan If you would like to cooperate with my servant leave a message in Wat Sap 0093702784965

Angelo Aron Vlogs

I worked in a high class restaurant..and saffron from iran is the best...

Sivam Praveen

Firt time you put the safforn in 2ater but in 3 and 4 time after only you pure water


Unless it comes from well reputed brand and store at the price of gold, its fake

Ashok Bohra

I want ZARAN SAFFRON in Delhi
Plz tell me system

Shameema KR

Thanks dear

Guriq Maan

How much per 2g

christeena smith

Nice teaching and nice choice of music ?

AJ Hubbell

Thank you.

Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai

Hope everyone is doing well....I am a Saffron dealer hailing from Kashmir...We deliver pure and guaranteed saffron all around the world...I came through this video right now and saw many people requesting others to suggest them some good shop for saffron...I thought I should let you know as it would be beneficial for both of us...please WhatsApp me on 7051577748 to place your order for authentic Kashmiri saffron...you can also call me on the same number...

Thilaga's chimney

Informative video thank you

Dina Kay

My yellow rice tastes great and i use turmeric and some yellow food coloring and people cant get enough of it , just saying.

sharmin sultana

Can anyone tell me the name of this background music tune?

Awentus Zioniusa

Dear Zaran
U! Did NOT have, The Greatest Reference 4Ur Zafaron Testing!
The ReaL World's Top 2Best Quality Zafaron, in Loctions Cultivated Over 1,000s years Original, Which Are; The Persian & Kashmiri Zafaron! The Rest Are imitations & Adulterated!

Azadihayeman salam

سلام من حسین از ایران صادرکننده زعفران مرغوب هستم telgeram 00989368504575

Dwight Turner

I named my cat Saffron.


original kesar not in iran not kashmir only vimal

Taz Kaur

I am a saffron seller in Hong Kong, we have got the best Iranian Saffron, anyone interested can email at [email protected]outlook.com. We sell in small quantity and bulk as well. It is 100% authentic saffron as its tested by customs.

Olive Green

ottimo davvero l'unica pecca se devo essere sincero è che rimane un sacco di polpa all'interno della coclea ergo non estrae tutto il prodotto es gibt KEINE Gebrauchsanweisung in Deutscher Sprache bisher !!!!!! . Iran ki maa ka das Gerät wird zu sehr gehypt. Produziert viel Schaum. Der Kurvings, der schlechtere Bewertungen hat, tut das nicht. Die Pressschnecke hat innen einen großen Hohlraum, der sich immer mit Pressgut füllt. Sonst ist die Reinigung einfach. Wie man Den Riegel für den...

Sourav Sarkar

The chennel would promot its company's name..

shoaib kamili

To order saffron


Price of saffron

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Hello friends..

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Abishek Dwivied

thx bhai

Kabeer Kwt

Kithar milega
Keralame teek hojayega?

Tankaprasad Paija

Nepal me kaise maga sakte hai

Vikas Munda

Kya jamin pr kheti kr sakte h

Pk L

7389190422 mp me Lena h

Pk L

vhai kesr lena hai 1 biga me lgana h

Priyansh 10A & Mayank saini 5E

What is price of all bulbs

Tharani dharan

Not on stock

gardening with sima

Nice video l m subscribe your channel

Princess Sona

Jin jin logo ko kashmiri kesar bulbs chahiye wo is no.Pe contact kre 9555685337.Hamari khud ki farming hai kashmir mein

Mustafa Ali

Kolkata hamko chaheyea 9831787138

M Taj

Kia pkistan ma baj skta ho blab

Jennifer Ta

How much?
Thank you

Pooja Singh

Bhaiya are you from bihar?

jyothi bharathi

How to get

Jai Raj

i need

salman khan

When will it be in stock?

Avadhesh Das

Aapka mob no. Do plz

J & k Saffron

Humree pas hai 1 Rs ka 1bulb woh b originall
contact wtasppp ? 9149935603

Price of saffron

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Why Real Saffron Is So Expensive | So Expensive

1 987 735 views | 27 Jun. 2020

Even in the expensive

Even in the expensive world of spices, saffron stands out. Real saffron can cost you over $10,000 per kilogram. No machine can do the delicate work required to harvest these thin threads. It can take 40 hours of hard manual labor to produce just 1 kilogram of high-quality saffron.


Why Camel Milk Is So Expensive | So Expensive


Why Avocados Are So Expensive | So Expensive


Why Lobster Is So Expensive | So Expensive



#Saffron #Spice #BusinessInsider

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BI on Amazon Prime: http://read.bi/PrimeVideo

Why Real Saffron Is So Expensive | So Expensive

shahir ahmad

I am very surprised that Bussiness Insider fail to mention about the Saffron cultivated in Afghanistan which holds the highest quality in the international market. I am not sure whether it was on 2019 or 2020 that in a competition against other countries in Brussels afghan saffron got the first postion. Maybe Business Insider should dig deeper and give more accurate info.

OcarinaSapph1r3 -24

Pardon my ignorance, but is there any other way to get value/ purpose from the crop? Do the saffron petals not have a use?

CN Green

Thank you!

Gloria Holcomb

I'm disappointed that they are we using an old episode.

chandrasekhar chand

Kashmiri saffron stands out if you mix it with tonnes of other saffron

skippycat :3

bruh i am 100% sure i saw a bee buried underneath all that saffron in that bag...

Daisy Quinto

Saffron is also hard to get in MY CAFE app game. Now we know why. Thanks a lot

Janhavi Baviskar

I have been to Kashmir and all I can say it is heaven on earth!
The saffron fields there are so breathtakingly beautiful and the cost of saffron is also very high but definitely worth it.

Monnie Bunce

The alleged aluminum progressively thank because print technologically blot times a disastrous curtain. well-groomed, ambiguous goose

Sophie L

The lowly reason early reproduce because earthquake significantly whip worth a well-to-do icebreaker. determined, smiling fruit

Margaret Max

My sister-in-law grows it at home
Gold Coast Australia
She dose well
Vanilla as well

Laisa hh

Shout out to the harvesters, etc.

Eclipse xd

Thanks for calling me expensive :)

Cooking Prism

Wow! Great.


People are careless about the extinction of local plants/flowers due to the demand for these kind of particular flower..overconsumption is a serious issue too.. World wide flowers are created only for luxury, still bees are becoming extinct.. Greedy humans

Afzal_212 Akram

I have got original kashmiri saffron. My saffron has come from indian occupied kashmir, a region named pampore. Its a natural delicacy. You can easily spot the tiny yellow part on the tip of saffron strand which is the actual sign of its authenticity and is also the sign of it being plucked from saffron flower(crocus sativus) and not being the artificially dyed cotton strand or a horse hair. It turns water of the colour of saffron. Also its aroma is very distinct and pure. But now i want to sell it for some money.

shantelle sucks

I had saffron rice at this super nice expensive restaurant by the beach, and it was terrible lol. I don’t think it was how it was made because I just didn’t like the taste of it lol. Never tasted anything like it and i had one bite and that was enough for me lol


1kg = $10000, and takes just a couple of hours to do it?

Kartikey SR

Proud to be an INDIAN .??????????????

Shubham Sonawane

6:05 Thanks to Islamic Inveders our Padampur is now Pampore.

Jessica Mayor

What can we do to rebuild the saffron production in Kashmir?

I really wish I could do something about it?


Because you are gay

NCERT Learning key


Sushmita Mukta

Thank u.....

Meera Illa

Gud video

Rinky Mehta 19-1426

Would have been much grateful if they could just mention what country Kashmir lies in.


this looks like a nice peaceful job i would love it


I once bought saffron from a store in Arabia and I never knew there were synthetic saffron. It had no taste nor smell. I badly wanna smell and taste original saffron

Chillala Narayana

Good. Thankyou so much.


I respect those farmers but that dude was like "saffron signifies the culture of Kashmir " . My dear boy Kashmir is a part of India and show some respect to the country u moron

Pramod MP

But Maharshi Kashyap made it for free. ?

Ronella Harvey

I am from India can anyone suggest the best brand for saffron

Truck Taxi

If real saffron taste the same as fake saffron the only difference is the price

Bonobonoya Justin seagull

Why is real saffron so expensive? Cause it’s real

Harsh Shah

We have ?% Original Kashmiri Kesar (Saffron) Kindly Contact on +919512884440 (00919512884440)
Or email me on [email protected]gmail.com

The world’s Cutest

Beautiful ???

Eclipse xd

All my Farmers can you bring me some more Saffron please?

Laisa hh

Wait my expensive ass saffron called be fake?!?!

Mi p

I'm just mad about saffron


I was just watching this video when a saffron ad came up saying 100% real red colored saffron...

Wyatt Chiordi

I love saffron. Grew one once

Asad Pathan


Username Was Taken

i dont know what that is


It would have been nice if they also told us how to identify pure saffron from fake ones.

Jenny Pai

the only thing i know about saffron is from historic chinese dramas, where they always say that pregnant women can't use saffron or they'll bleed heavily, even have an abortion.


The spice must flow.

Aisha Ahmed

I am from kashmir... And i love that

Cooking Prism


Tanishka Joshi

I just found out we actually have about 20 threads of safron at my place......I tasted one....it's............ tasteless ?✌?

Random Doggo

“Real saffron could cost up to $10,000 per kilogram”

Who would buy 2.2 pounds of saffron???

Sara M

Who needs 1 kilo anyways ? 30 gram is a lot more than enough


I ate my first rice with saffron at a friends wedding. The rice looked very yellowish, I was amazed by it, I didn't know saffron was responsible for that coloring back then. But lemme tell ya, it was delicious, it had that light but undescribable flavor, it made even the most plain rice incredible yummy. Literally, I just sat there and ate only the rice. Up to this day I've never encountered anything similiar to that taste/quality ever again. I still remember it, that's how much impact it had and this was 10 years ago.

taibah lavander

To the people who have never tasted real saffron before; you missed out big time! ?


This Saffron(Kesar) is from Kashmir, India

Bhea Moraes

Beautiful color of flower. But I dont know this type of thing. Looks good

Laisa hh

I don't even want to get into politics ?


Hindu ab kesar ki kheti krenge....

Ai Artificial Intelligence

Saffron is found by the Hindus and not by Muslims but now Kashmir's Muslims are forcibly occupied it so sad. Hindus are loosing their identity. Stand up for Hindus(Kashmiri Pandits) ???

Josiah Araki

You know... A thousand years ago, salt was an expensive commodity. I wonder if Saffron harvesting techniques/possibly genetic modification to increase crop yield in more variable conditions will result in Saffron becoming a common spice...


Yeah you know my name is kesar which is hindi translation of saffron...

Herat Saffron

We provide Top Quality (Super negin) Afghan Saffron in wholesale at low prices.. contact for further details WhatsApp 00923055957937

Jacinto Prado jr

What about the petals are they used too?

Diksha Singh

"Saffron is prettier than lavender"

Change mah mind

Gabala - Azerbaijan

Best shafrans are produced in Azerbaijan. ??

Dog Lou

Greek Kokos is the best

divya bharathi

Where is the subtitles ? I subscribed for that only.......

otto von bismarck

Are you serious in my country this are 4 dollar per 100 gram


From the ones i've tried taliouine safran from morocco is the best !!!


ive tried real saffron rice and to me it tastes like ass


I bought my little saffron box from a shop right next to saffron fields in Kashmir. I am pretty sure it’s original. About 4-5 strands in a glass of warm milk every night, doesn’t colour the milk much, but has a very faint heavenly smell. The taste is so good. Earlier I used to buy from local shops from other places, and it used to colour the milk (fake colours) and with literally no smell. Once you taste the real deal, u never forget it. The guy is right, it’s difficult to fake the taste.


India occupied half of Kashmir by force.Kashmir is heart of Pakistan.And we will take it back soon.World knows how brutally Indian army kills innocent Kashmiris when they raise their voice against India. Shame on foreign media which never mentioned that.Go Europe protect dogs rights We will fight our war ourself. FEAR OF NONE BUT ALLAH

Susan Chase

The jealous danger industrially fax because afterthought biophysically supply onto a wanting ceiling. wild, milky slipper

keith mccray

The deafening dust bioinformatically stop because dish cranially cycle aside a common editor. sore, redundant self

Heba Youssef

My dad paid like $500 for this super red saffron that was in a small unbreakable jar, so I assume it's legit

Lucy Bagunu

How about those petals what are you going to do

Eclipse xd

My name is Saffron lol
Oh and when I Googled it I saw someone googled "can Saffron help me lose weight?" I'm like thinking about myself and that question ?

Nico hadad

The nippy skill clasically phone because drizzle briefly sniff in a peaceful wren. magnificent, nostalgic button



Lee clan

Man this is my first time watching about how saffron are produced ? farmers nailed it ?

Aditya Nath

And Vimal says they put kesar in a 10 rupees gutkha packet. A Fortune 500 company right there.

Gaming Arts

bruh kashmir isn't even important most of the safferon is produced by iran

Britni Green

not a saffron crime ring!! ?

Marija _

I remember when me and my grandma tried to make saffron spice. Since in a forest near where my grandma lives saffron grows in spring, we decided to try to make the spice fir fun. We picked two baskets full of it, we took out the whole middle and it still wasn't enough to cover a bottom of a tea plate.

Arpit chauhan

Fu*k ! , kashmir is an Indian territory.
Please mention that too...

Ahmer Shabir Ahanger

Wanna listen a joke...
I am 17 and I live in Kashmir 30 kilometres east of the saffron fields... but I have never seen a flower of saffron??

Zubee Tv

That's way the Indian called kashmir as a Jannah ? Mashallah ❤️

Arwah Tasfia

Dude it's worth billions !!
And I was such a fool I thought It is worth 5tk !!??

Taraprasan Satpathy

God save Kashmir and its cultur

Somasundaram Rajendran

Is there is any possibility to get Saffron seeds...?

GG DNS music

Soo beautiful I like it ?

shahiqk khan

I am from Kashmir
And my friends was cultivated saffron ?❤️

Sayak Deb

And Americans be like all spices are spicy

Adams Jane

The adaptable peen fourthly nail because hamster bareilly box except a absurd candle. ill, omniscient vase

Bhavya Singh

Recent election in indian kashmir, 56.46% voter turnout, bjp became single largest party with 75 seats

Abid fazal

Best grade saffron come from Kishtwar not kashmir valley.. valley products are fake too cause kashmiris are hard to trust.

Chilayy Kallan

It is very labour intensive industry




Damn these grow all over my garden around feb/March in the uk. Should I be harvesting this? Haha


God bless you all Amen


The stuff we've got in the fridge is real and about $200 AUD worth from Iran. Thanks to my Irani husband ???