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The No Time To Die Trailer Explained

330 183 views | 6 Dec. 2019

The end of an era has

The end of an era has arrived. No Time to Die will be Daniel Craig's final foray as British super-spy James Bond, his fifth Bond film in 14 years, making him the longest-serving man to play the role. Let's break down the trailer for this Bond's final bow.

Bond and Dr. Madeleine Swann's drive off into the sunset at the end of Spectre was apparently the only retirement announcement MI6 was ever going to get. Bond took off to Jamaica to live an idyllic existence on the water. He's been there with Swann for five years, with his colleagues believing he's dead.

From the end of 2015's Spectre to the beginning of 2020's No Time to Die - the real-life and fictional timelines basically align here - life has gone on without Bond, exactly as he wanted. It's given Lashana Lynch's Nomi the opportunity to replace him as a 00 agent and acquire a significant amount of experience. Nomi also appears to take on a more militaristic, tactical style for clandestine operations compared to Bond's suave tuxedo look. Watch the video to have The No Time To Die Trailer Explained!

#JamesBond #NoTimeToDie

Five years later | 0:19

Trouble in paradise | 0:59

What's Blofeld's deal? | 1:41

A favor for Felix | 2:40

Who is Safin? | 3:07

Bond's final fate | 4:05

Silviu Vasile Dumitrescu

Interesting. Have you done it all by yourself or followed some given guidelines?

MN x

Plsss let this bond and swann have a happy ending he deserves it he has suffered so much no family no love
Give bond a break for once let him be happy and with a woman in love
I really hope this chapter of bond end up with no tragedy as on bond or swann dying
Or them just breaking up
If its tragic kill em both or let them live happy. Dont ruin it


It’s unfortunate to click on videos with ‘insight’ when you know more about the film than the channels.
Pretty sure Madeline and Bond part each other in Italy before the title sequence and Bond is on his own in Jamaica.

Popcorn Time

This channel is turning into a know it all channel. One movie fart, looper has a million to say


Nope, sorry, the character of Bond isn't supposed to be "real"; I won't bore all of you with details, since I think you know what I mean. Suffice it to say, Craig has damn near ruined an icon of modern cinema.

Ismale L

There are other 00's why can't they use it? Why they must have the new female character to use 007, instead of having her be her own character? There is nothing "strong" or "independent" about it, the feminists are just being needy and approval seeking. And it is privilege seeking to use a branding build by others instead building it on your own.

ace matthew ocampo

Eva Green’s character death killed me. They were really a great match for each other. Up to the point sacrificing her own life for bond.


James Bond can and should die after Craig. Even if another 'politically correct' actor type tries to reprise the role, James Bond will still be...DEAD

Darryl Williams

I think he has another two bond movies left in him!

Mikey_Suze Four

I'm glad that Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter's coming back to help Bond.

Tom Brown

Mr. White wasn’t assassinated, you twat. He took his own life.

Anthony Gallad

A black woman as Bond! GTFO


I hope it flops misserably!


I liked the ending of Spectre, I was hoping he would live his peaceful life away from the action, but if they bring him back and put him away in the same movie, then I would be totally fine with him being replaced with Jane Bond , as long as it was for story reasons and made sense, not just purely to get someone diverse in the role, then maybe after her movies they can replace her with another bond.

Cosmic P.o.m.e

Jason Strathum = New 007

Claire Lovely

So excited for this!

Barbara Vela

I have some suggestions for the next James Bond:
-Max Irons
-Jai Courtney
-Luke Hemsworth
-Stuart Townsend

G Smiley

Your radio voice is unendurable. Making the commentary incomprehensible.

Jeff Wells

Narrate, don't shout!

No DAD Not Tonight

Will this franchise end .

Parry Cross

If Bond dies it would be the crucifixion of an Icon and that would be far too messianic for comfort. Dr Who is dead, Gillette is dead, Jesus is dead, ... Don't kill bond!

Adrian Ramirez

Ana de Armas should be the new bond tbh. She’s so hot!??

Sbu Mdluli

Fans : Bond coming April 2nd
Covit 19: I'm gonna ruin everything ?

Patrick Smith

One of the best james bond Daniel graig
If not the best

ghost 94

Was Roger Moore not the longest serving bond with 7 films

John Chan Chan Qiyang

Wellciome back 007

Billy Martin

If you think about it,they addressed the Black and Female bullshit requests by having a BLACK FEMALE "00" in this film; that's a clever way to shut up those stupid ass cry babies

John Ice

R.I.P. James bond (1962-2020)

Ralph Del vecchio

Craig said this is the best job and the most fun he ever had.......don’t sound like he’s leaving to me....

Thomas Jones

Sean Connery Has Done More Bond Films Then Daniel Craig,

Erwin Blok

Your're in Idiot. Your content does not apply to the facts and the books. Idiot

Corinne Clarke

Charlie Hunnam was the last King Arthur, would be nice to see him be the next James Bond. That thought actually ran through my mind when watching the King Arthur movie. No idea where he is from or how old he is but does it matter?
Love Daniel and I so wish he would do the next one. I just love that guy.


Some uncaring people have stolen my 007 Flat (Trident House) and put someone with no sense of humour I there. I want my flat back; it's my Bond Girl.

Zuri Fairley

James Bond is my hero I saw all the James Bond movies ??

Tyler Simplot

James Bond cant die, he will return!


the idea and possibility of replacing James with female Bond is poisoning this franchise movie to die...

Johan Pardan

Salute to Daniel Craig ... James bond who resists fiercely everything

Howard Blasingame

Excellent review.


I hope it flops misserably!

Charles Day

No Time For Jane Bond! No woke shit!

André Lalonde

Craig was the best Bond of all.

Debra Jenkins

Good trailer. Daniel Craig very good. Bond is a dream and must reincarnate.

Frank Farago

Did not understand a single word the narrator was uttering here. Speako Amerikansko, Tovarish?

Hiram Yair Gallardo Carrera

??? BUSINEXZ ???

Steven Huynh

Need an update because the movie has been delayed due to the coronavirus


Spectre is definitely underrated. Smooth, smart, efficient movie...

kevj q

Hes not finished with bond

Beth Peterson

Sean Connery did about 6 James Bond movies.


What did you think of the trailer? Did it perk your interest more in No Time To Die?

The Boxer

"We all have our secrets, we just didn't get to yours next!"

Jesneylouise Reed

Can Brosnan come back for 1 more movie

Cross Fire

Man check out TheRemedyEye

steven gordon

Bonds ghosts have finally come in to the light, and they will be the death of him.

His step brother warned him in SPECTRE

samar malik

Being one of the best 007s, Daniel Craig's 'Bond' retired in Spectre 2015.
It is the English actor, married to another English actor Rachel Weisz, who's retiring from the franchise now, making 'No Time to Die' his last film for the franchise!

While we're still drooling over Daniel Craig's retired Bond, the world has moved on, and there's been a new Bond in place already for a couple of years, a female serving as the current face of 007.
Daniel Craig's, retired for 5 years, 'Bond' has only come back to do a favour (..and perhaps also for the kicks he's missed while in retirement) in the current landmark 25th (28 by a meticulous count) outing in the franchise!
'No Time to Die' is a bonus film for the avid fans to gradually let go of the actor Daniel Craig, and what he's brought to the 007 franchise character.

The thing to see now is, if the current female 007 will continue (while she's thrown in for this film, perhaps to check the waters for the consequences of political correctness for the franchise) or the ending in the current outing will leave just as much room for a male 007 to return, as it seems to be doing for a female now for the next/26th Bond film?!

Anyway, thanks to the aging process.. a new face for the character is inevitable every few years, and it's safe to say Ms. Broccoli et al., & their team will keep bringing in new talent without changing Ian Fleming's original 007 character, which in essence is a dashing, suave, womanising, psychopath male who is also a super skilled spy with a lion's share of vanity & inflated ego!

Robert Giles

I'm just hoping Craig is going out with a winner because....well, you know how bad some of them were.
Sooooo, British Intelligence doesn't know Bond is alive? He's on a small island under British Government control. Hmmmm, have they no good intelligence? Does Bond not get a retirement check, Health Care, friendly chats with the Home Office?
Stupid how the new Double O agent threatens to harm Bond's "good knee" if he doesn't "stay in his lane". Yeah, forget about the quality of any future Bond films if this is the path they are going down. Catty Double O agents. Right.

Pj Declemente


DJ C Combat

Vesper Lynns death bothers me

Mark Thomas Christopher

Good job!


Daniel Craig is doing another film

Tyler DeBoy

??? we all thought April. But NOT ANYMORE

Zachary Zarko

She only said one sentence, and I already loathe Nomi (Lashanna Lynch). Thor is now a woman. The Ghostbusters are all women. Dr. Who is a woman. I don't have a problem with strong female characters - but why are they replacing ALL of the strong male characters? This misandry bullshit is quickly getting old.

Luis Sanchez

it's april 19 2020 and no release. Bloody COVID-19!

charles s. sturdivant

I love it.

Hidden Talent Films

No one explains or talks about Bond like Krazy Kajeevie at THE JAMES BOND SHOW.

This Looper Pooper gets Bond so wrong. Madeline does not go to with Jamaica when he retires. He breaks up with her in Italy then he retires to Jamaica.

Head over to THE JAMES BOND SHOW the dude there is awesome.

afghan afzal

Don't know what the writer was thinking of when she wrote this bond movie, I mean not being a male Chauvinist pig but there is no need for a woman playing a 00 role itz just wrong, 007 that I know is a womanizing gambling alcoholic and a top murdering operative meaning a dame good M. I. 6 agent, and should be shown on the screen as such

Mr saiful

Bond he's are need me.falkland not me to die

Harry Smith

Let’s wait and watch the film first yeah ?

Max Furious

Looper just why? I mean we literally saw the same trailer


No time to explain


007: No time to retire

Stuff Happens

It’s time for Hollywood virtue signaling to die.

Lucia Nicklaus

but the billie eilish song that was just released, why was she in the beginning of it?

Muhammad Al-Syahmi

Who next bond 26




I bet she used to be engaged to that Rami character

17 76

So, daniel craige gets a writer assigned to this film, whom he knowingly wanted to push the "let's be progressive" and introduce the first female (of color, of course) 007...
Way to lose the predominantly male fans of the fabled James Bond/007 franchise...(think craig sabotaged his replacement, no matter who it would have been?)?

Tim Piechnik

But to be honest. I hate how they put a sequel line through the craig movies.... Don't get me wrong, I love the James Bond movies! But I just hope that the next Bond will be a Bond that just has new adventures and doesn't align in a franchise where the villain connects all the movies together. Also the fact that craig's Bond again and again goes rogue or retires in a way. That is really annoying.

Teresa Sobrino

El mejor Agente 007 espectacular Daniel Graig

Raiden Croft

Henry cavil ..next 007

Mr Bojangle

I don't think any of us will get to see this film.


I hope it flops misserably!

Mr Ranasingh 007

Sean Connery >Brosnan>moore>Craig


Holy shit, Ernst Stavro Blowfeld and Hannibal Lecter are teaming up as the bad guys??? I think they should have Freddie, Jason and Michael Myers as their henchmen. That would be the bomb! Fuck it, it's the last one, go all out!!

Furor Frisii

It explains only, that this company wants bankruptcy also. Thus following leftwing-extremist Disney into the depts of brokeness.
God choke on your leftie extremism, cry babies.
James Bond is ENGLISH, WHITE, and most inportant- MAN. No real Bond in this movie=no money out of my pocket.

Ernesto D.

they should wait 5 years and make christopher nolan make a trilogy.


I hope it flops misserably!

Dale Robinson

Talk about missing your target audience

Olly Nathan

He’s the best bond to ever live

Ashish Dewan

Thanks to COVID 19, we all now have to wait longer.

James Long

How did Madeline get ‘captured’ in Spectre? She said goodbye to Bond, walked through London alone but then somehow ends up tied up by Spectre in the derelict MI6. There’s something suspicious there. Additionally, she would have ‘spoken’ to Blofeld without Bond witnessing it. Did something happen? It almost seems that Blofeld planned Bond to reach MI6, kill the baddies and then find him in the building. James Bond on the memorial wall and the target practice. She may have died in Spectre yet was saved, Blofeld was captured and then she finished the film with Bond. Now she has a secret. Intriguing.

Andreas Merkel

I am impressed....they really fixed the completely destroyed Aston Martin DB5 and changed the .30 Calibre Brownings in the headlamps to 6-barreled M134 Miniguns.

Speed Racer

These films nade Craig a star and rich and makes a 007 every 3 years and complains they are too hard to make but a midget like Tom Cruise makes a action film every year an breaks bones and never complains .

Francis Kundukulangara

Latest Bond films show too much violence, compared to old Bond Movies. Not a good trend. Lot of money spent on destruction and explosions. Why not use that money on pleasant and posh scenes? Also, beauty is replaced by ugly in casting in some Bond Movies. Whom are you afraid of? The world expects the best in Bond Movies.

DJ_ James

I really don’t like Daniel Craig as bond. Since Casio they have tried to restart the franchise. But I really don’t like it. Blofeld died in Live and let die, why does he need to come back!


Hold the presses HOLD THE FILM HOLD THE RELEASE!!!!! we got a mean nasty virus to eliminate!!!


Craig is the only guy on Earth who doesn't want to be Bond!

Adam Taylor

Looper you are bunch of muppets. Apr 2020 should 2021.


Nothing against women, but Bond is a Male character and should remain male. Also I'm prepared for the feminists...

Juan Pepperoni

My theory about bond dying is the man who is suffocating in the ice

Colin Luckens

That moment at 0:48 where the other "00", machine gun in hand, disappears into the darkness is a truly awesome shot!!???❤️❤️

Spectre def

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Specter Meaning

2 064 views | 15 Apr. 2015

Video shows what specter

Video shows what specter means. A ghostly apparition.

A specter haunted the cemetery at the old Vasquez manor.. specter synonyms: Wikisaurus:ghost. specter pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition by Wiktionary dictionary. specter meaning. Powered by MaryTTS

Twentyonepilotsfanboy3849 Channel

You said vasquez

Spectre def

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Florence + The Machine - Spectrum

64 684 541 views | 30 May. 2012

Celebrate the 10 year

Celebrate the 10 year anniversary of ‘Lungs’ with special edition re-release on August 16th - https://FATM.lnk.to/Lungs10

Official Store: http://po.st/FATMStore3

Join Florence online:




Follow Florence on Spotify:


Sign up for updates:


Directed by David LaChapelle & John Byrne

Music video by Florence + The Machine performing Spectrum. (C) 2012 Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

Crystal Sanchez

Did this come on the vampire diaries? ✨

Ronny Granados


Pj Leahy

Kate bush. Mark 2

Mourad Rchily

Anyone listen to it in January 9.2021 ???????


Still remember it

Hey bro

Its amazing song!!!

rlos12 youtube

I came here because of sally Skelton

Banoo 23

2021 anyone?

Super Sarah

Just say my name! All you need to do is say my name and I fly as high as a free eagle


fav sooong!

Michal Wojciechowski

dobre gowno

Sam Sheikh

Always reminds me of Kate Bush. Superb.

Pac Man

Спустя такое долгое время ее песни не отпускают меня

Simon Jumpa

I wish it could be used as a lip sync song for Drag Race

Life As Maryann

I’ve been looking for this song for ages!!!?


Well her vagigay was shining

Un Paraguayo

Y pensar que descubrí esta canción por geometry dash


black riddle?

Lilliana Edwards

I recommended this song to my school choir once for a spring concert because of how powerful it is and the message behind it and everyone including the teacher was like “ew no we’re singing Lost Boy by Ruth B.”

Manu Sánchez

I do really think that this is her best era but when I remember when she talked about how she was still battling against drugs it makes me see all so different. She was brilliant in this music video, but I can't stop thinking about how she was suffering inside bc of that. I come to the conclusion: everything is not what it seems, there's always something behind, a mental war, a pain in the heart, a human being discovering life, I'm so proud of her in her overcome, pure admiration.

Elizabeth Cannon

My fav song of hers

Ilona Vilmane

Umejete molchat umejete jeto poroj bolshe chem datj sebja discipliniruju the kogda zhe ta zhenshina schashami vjesov predstanet pered vami vsjemi na koleni i vtozhe vremja sjadjit na nih no ne na chuzije a na svoji a ustavshij ljev zamerznjet i svalitsja zamertvo



Smangele Majola

ICONIC!! LEGENDARY!! Def not of this dimension. Don't remember how I discovered this woman ten years ago but I'm ever grateful I did

Fulvio Vicentini


Brandon William

Thursday 19 December 2013

Lauren Doherty

She has enough power in her voice to keep a city lit

xkyle privatex

Now that’s what I call music 83


whos here in 2021

Magister Dorian Blackthorne' Gray / Andras ᚨᚾᛞᚱᚨᛊ

When we first came here
We were cold and we were clear
With no colours in our skin
We were light and paper's thin
And when we first came here
We were cold and we were clear
With no colours in our skin
Until we let the spectrum in
Say my name
And every colour illuminates
We are shining
And we will never be afraid again
Say my name
As every colour illuminates
We are shining
And we will never be afraid again
Say my name
As every colour illuminates
We are shining
And we will never be afraid again
And when we come for you
We'll be dressed up all in blue
With the ocean in our arms
Kiss your eyes and kiss your palms
And when it's time to pray
We'll be dressed up all in grey
With metal on our tongues
And silver in our lungs
Say my name
And every colour illuminates
We are…

MadiDe Monkey

POV: your here in 2021 and the last time you were here was when you were 5?yeah me too :)


I saerched 5 years for this song damn

Betsy Rivas

Thank Daneliya Tuleshova for bringing me here UwU


cellbit ehehehehe

Pabline Fernandes

Came here after the Daneliya Tuleshova. Your voice is amazing ?

Roodv7 _

Daneliya tuleshova bring me here

꧁Glitch Bunny xoxo꧂ ꕥ

Been looking for this forever??‍♀️?


2021 and I am still here

Bartolomeu Dias

quem veio aqui por causa do cellbit enigma negro

Rafael Pontes

This is always a day refresher whenever I'm feeling down. Thanks for presenting us with this masterpiece! \o/


Very good Song !

Someone U don't know


sorry i just had to do this, after all she asked to say her name...

Agate Maluhina

don't know how i feel about this video!

Wendy Gacsi

Theatrical? Absolutely!
Amazingly without a doubt!


old, good and perfect ;)

Adam DFC

Who's here after searching up the name of the song from the 2021 firework london show? Just me..?


Slowly reaching the 9 years of releasing and it's sooo good as the first time I listened to it and I think I commented that some years ago on this same video, the way she move her hands is hypnotizing and at 2:15 is magic.

Stuart M

Sums up my life until I met my girl. ❤️

Click Boom

French montana brought me here ❤

Fadi Sbaihat

Yes , I'm watching this in 2021 !

Luca Aiello

Nice Florence Welch


Who’s here after the bbc new year fireworks

Leptune Cannet

What's this ,,Egyptian" guy name?

Unknown H

2021 gg already may Aswell sit & listen to this

Timothy Munkers

Impressive. Beautiful. Woman. Unique.


Algm veio pelo cllbit? Pq n sabia q música era essa;(

Dina Sampaio

Esse video é perfeito!


I remember the times I used to listen to that like idk 5/6 years ago on my sisters phone and after these times I spent YEARS to find the song bro


Wait, this isn't paramore

xXPinnaple SquadXx

Anyone else watching this in 2021?!!!

Raul Victor


Koko Tablea

This is how I'll come out to my family.

I just need background dancers & a good hairdresser.

Rafael J

Who is here because Daneliya?

Carolina Frias

Quiero decir lo que siento pero estoy harta de molestar a los que amo, no son malos, simplemente soy una decepción, se me sale el corazón, quiero llorar todo el tiempo, quiero morir y quiero que todos estén bien, soy débil, sin sueños, esperanzas, ilusiones, soy un desperdicio de tiempo, nada me sale bien y estoy muy por debajo de todos, soy un desastre.

leo 2020

i love love cloweths!!!




Luke Jorwin Devilleres

Avicii & Florence + The Machine - Sunshine Vs Spectrum ???

Stuart M

Resonates on so many levels when you meet your soul mate No longer will we bow to coercion and control because we adore each other.

Sabrina Palma

skam Italia?

- CPX -

I don’t even know what all these other reasons for being here are. I’m here from Low Death


Person: "So, how do you plan to come out to your parents?"

Me, watching the video and taking notes: "...but where would I find the dancers?"

Mayck Mello

?? ??

İsmail Cagli

What a wonderful clip

Hamlet gamer

Let me guess... she must be an american to be famous!! Life is unfair ,

Alexio Forte



Romos - Magic Touch

Rebecca Crowder

Thank you Florence, love you ???????


I didn't came for skam italia, i here from romos-magic touch(31 song mashup)

Marin Kasalo

She is absolutely amazing, I would give my left arm to hear her singing live once


I wanted that hairstyle when I was a kid!
Thank god my mum said no!


Who else is here from the New Years thingy at the O2??

Martina Stefanelli

Chi qui dopo skam Italia?

Paul Henderson

Florence love her and the machine

Bertha Miranda

Puede pasar el tiempo y me sigue gustando es increíble ?????


Queen in her own right. So many years to her craft. She sings from her soul, the Wiccan she is. What a bright light, a gift for those who see

Lima Rahman

Did anyone forget about this song but london 2021 fireworks reminded you?

leliş ya da lâ'l


ee bb


Elena Ilic


Nathan Paul Prince

what is your name, no shame


Yeah i'm old man :o


Wow her eyes..I was looking up singers with green hazel eyes and so many have this eye color. My child does too and she is amazing..


GANG RAPE (INDIA) in chronological order?

1972 (26mar)
Gadchiroli district MAHARASHTRA

1990 (30may)
Bantala WB


1996 (16jan-26feb)
Suryanelli KERALA

1998 (23sep)
Jhabua district MP

2002 (28feb)

Ahmedabad GUJARAT

2008 (25aug)
Kandhamal district ODISHA

2012 (16dec)
Delhi gang rape and murder
Munirka DELHI

2013 (7jun)
Kamduni WB

2013 (22aug)
Shakti mills gang rape

2014 (21jan)
Birbhum WB

2015 (14mar)
Ranaghat WB

2016 (29dec)
Ariyalur TN

2017 (4jun)
Unnao UP

2018 (10jan)
Rasana J&K

2019 (27nov)
Shamshabad TELANGANA

2020 (20jan)
Bhabua road railway station BIHAR

2020 (14sep)
Hathras UP

2020 (29sep)
Balrampur UP...

Juan Daniel Gaviria

My favorite song in 2016

Cara Mason

Awesome music artist ?

Telmo Mota



FEYTH ?????


idk why people say jeffree stars music is bad! this lit af

bilal şahin

Dinleyen türk yokmu yaa

Viv G

Simply. Love. Everything. She. Does. ❤❤