Jm bullion

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JM bullion unboxing review

2 996 views | 18 Apr. 2018

JM bullion unboxing

JM bullion unboxing

Billy Gagne


Margarito Espinoza

Has this has this happened to anyone??? I have purchased many gold and silver coins from JMBullion with my credit card and had no problems but 2 days ago I tried and my whole order was canceled. The reason they gave is that my payment was a risk, what??? My FICO score is above 800 and I have a zero balance on my card. Could it be that I mentioned to them I was buying gold bc I fear the coming of a Biden economy ??? Y’all be the Judge.?

John Doe

JM Bullion are my favorites. Texas Precious Metals is a close second. Grats on the haul! Beautiful selection!

Mark Schaefer

Great looking silver! I use JM all most exclusively. Buyer warning on Texas Precious Metals! They sent me the worst bunch of coins that I have ever bought from any bullion dealer to date. With that a side, welcome to the stacking community. It's a lot fun!

Myron Gunnar

Nice solid style. Excellent unboxing style. Just be careful of the smacking while talking. My only neg comment, otherwise really good stuff, not just for a newbie, but nice interesting stuff period!!


I love jm. They are my favorite online pm dealer. Beautiful bar! I got 1 ten ounce rcm too. Leave it in the plastic or get airtight ????

Womble Stacker

I'm new too great pick ups womble stacker uk
Subbed good luck with your channel and stacking so many great stackers in USA

silver watcher


Womble Stacker

Got love ten oz bars

Dakota Rudow

I’m gna take it out so you can see.. nah nvm ima leave it in there for now lol.. just bought my first silver went through jm and I wasn’t sure if I made the right choice over apmex but this video made me feel a lot better

Israel Superguide

when you order online, are you charge any kind of taxes? thank!

Illusion Five

JM Bull Yawn

J.m. bullion

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What I don’t like about Jm bullion

1 958 views | 14 Jun. 2018

What I don’t like about

What I don’t like about JM Bullion. first of all let me let you know that JM bullion is a wonderful company great products awesome customer service but in this video I’m gonna share an experience that I had with them that I didn’t like. but I still will purchase from them. Thank you for watching another video of urban lifestyle

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Provident metals has a very long waiting period before they allow you to have the E check
“Privilege”, I believe 3 to 4 months,Their Legitimate concern is Fraud,
3 to 5 business days to process a paper check,
So far two orders averaging 11 days for delivery,How many days do a stacker expect delivery, to me 11 days is a couple days too long...
Us Stackers like quick processing and delivery,Anticipation Drives us Wild,we live for unboxing... we need that immediate gratification...LOL
Ampex has amazing
Variety and reputable return policy... I was unhappy with a couple of coins I purchased from them, Morgan cc
Graded coins,ugly corrosion, no hassle return and refund.
Modern Coin Market
Could you do a better effort in packaging.
Each dealer has their quirkiness
Stack on.

Dropping ATruth

hope you're not buying on credit... if you have the funds available jmbullion + wire transfer = awesome. just wait to buy when you can meet the minimum for wire transfer


It's business, once you order they got you, price goes up, you're canceled, they make money, price goes down, you pay them. Keep orders small so they don't got you.

Donny Hernandez

I always mail a money order. It's cheapest and you don't need a bank. You're very impatient to not want to stop at a 7-11 and buy a money order as easy as buying a pack of gum

Antiony Grilmady

another click bait video....... stupid


When buying from their website, I pay by Bitcoin because they offer a discount. I haven’t set up e-check with JM yet

Lord Richy

just be thankful you have so much choice when it comes to precious metal dealers like. keep up the good work

SD Bullion

These bullion dealer payment policies are all about fraud prevention. Apmex obviously is willing to take the risk by extending the ACH feature to you w/o a proven check payment track record. In a perfect world without fraud, these policies could be more above board. Yet try sitting on a bullion dealer's side of the transactions and see the myriad fraud attempts that come your way (mostly CC, some check ACH frauds) and you'll get a better sense as to why many dealers are hesitant to take these risks associated with ACH. Sounds like you'll have to send some checks to JM Bullion if you ever want the ACH option.

Menehune Stacker

Cool video,yeah that's crazy that they would make a paying customer jump through the hoops like that. I'm always used to paying more living in Hawaii. So the good deals even with that extra cost of paying debit/credit is still a bargain for me. A coin/ round that would normally cost 25-26 $'s bought there would cost me 32-35 $'so here on the island.even if it's generic bullion. That's why I've made friends with my local coin/ bullion dealers, they hook me up! Like you, I like APMEX,but in fact I like them both equally. Take Care Bro!- MS

E Stars

Yea I wish they had echeck as well

JT Coin Rings

I have enjoy JM Buillion thus far but the convience you seek would make it a whole lot better. The ease of convenience to the customer should be paramount. Amex seem to accommodate you in this exchange...I name them the winner !

Yankee Stacking

Got the eCheck feature after just one check. But now I'm all in on eBay Bucks, so...yeah. ?


papert check is the way to go and echeck if you qualify. Gold Bureau is the worst tho

Darkness L

Quit bitchin over small shit!!!!

Nickel Nation Coins & More

I don't like the different prices period by any of the companies. But hey to each their own.

JM Bullion Inc

Good Morning Urban Lifestyle! First, thank you for your feedback and review regarding our company. Unfortunately the echeck does take extra time to be approved because we do have to have that established order history and trust before we can turn it on. I do apologize it takes longer however, in the mean time we do accept Money orders and cashiers checks instead of paper checks.

K Moore

This happen to me. The reason they are doing this is because they want to make sure you are a legit customer with a good account. Because when they do a e check transaction they are shooting in the dark. They do not receive a confirmation from the bank that the order has gone through for days. This is a headache but this is a precaution for both them and the customer. This prevent someone from just using your account to purchase. Think out it. Someone you have given a check to which have your routing number and account could just order online from them. This is a pain but I am glad they have this precaution to help protect the customer from thieves. Good video. God bless

Michael Cardello

Thanks for this video. I didn't know Apmex took e-checks before. How long did it take before your package was shipped from Apmex using e-check?

David Arnold

I started ordering from JMB earlier in the year and used a credit card for those early purchases. I didn't even know about Echecks until I saw a Youtube video about it. I immediately wanted to get my purchases with that since it is a bit cheaper. I looked on their site but didn't see that as an option. At some point, after about three or four credit card purchases I noticed that the option became available so I guess after people have established a history with them you get the option. I really like JMB and they are the only dealer I use.


People are attracted to the negative. How many orders do these companies get and mail out a day where everything is fine?


Make a couple of small orders with a check just over the $99 for the free shipping. If you really want something fast keep using your credit card. When it's done it's done. The red tape will be behind you.


Are you using a cash back credit card?

xd Sugjections

The only places I get silver from is eBay. JM Bullion and my local coin shop

Gabriel Caraballo

What is e-check? I bought from apmex now 5 times already and it would b cool for me to get those low prices with out sending a check.

funktatd Forcelle

I Mailed In One Purchase With A Check & Now Only Use E Checks, JM Bullion Usually Has Better Prices Than Apmex. But Both Have Stores On Ebay Sometimes With Better Deals Especially If You Get 10% Ebucks Offers

Nicholas Worrell

I mailed them a buy back over 100oz on the 21st. Today is the 31st and they have not honored 1 to 3 days.

J.m. bullion

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Weekly Online Bullion Deals 2/9/2021 | Stacking Kat

2 253 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Welcome to a weekly video

Welcome to a weekly video series from the Stacking Kat. I go over all of the weekly deals and sales that are put out by the online bullion dealers. These are their deals for the week of Tuesday February 9, 2021.

#Silver #StackingSilver #WeeklySilverDeals

[email protected]


Bloomberg interview with SD Bullion CEO about demand for physical silver:





JM Bullion


SD Bullion


Bullion Exchanges


Monument Metals


Hero Bullion


Finding Bullion Prices


*I am not a financial advisor. This channel and its videos are for the sole purpose of entertainment. The Stacking Kat channel is not responsible for the decisions made by individuals who view its content.

Thank-you for Watching

Vera Bysyt



Spent my monthly amount just before the premiums went ape-noodle. Watching so far, wont be buying for a bit if premiums dont settle out. What a mess

Silver Sea Captain

$9 Premium on an ASE is just crazy. I am so glad I pre ordered a 2021 tube and received it already. Before all this insanity started .

Silver Oceans

The commemoratives look the best to me. I think they are just under 1/4 ounce so you need to keep that in mind too.

Big Apple Stacker

gold and silver u never can go wrong


Thanks for posting!


Glad to see most people are not falling for crap Eagles. Silver is silver, it’s a poor investment to stack 1 oz especially wasting premium on eagles or any other mint mark.

Charlie S

I panic bought weekend before last but glad i got another 40 oz all about 31 a ounce average can't get that now.... but i got about a month before i can buy more hopefully it will settle down by then... i got a feeling it won't but here's to hope....

Beto D

Dalm I wanted to get eagle's but at this premiums I don't think so al just wait until it goes back down and stays like that.. mean while am buying gold cuz I don't have gold just Silver to have 50/50 in both then when Silver goes low al get more..


The shipping delays are such a scam, they dont even have the inventory thats the issue and are hedging with your money

Its all Good

With premiums I see no deals, I think I’ll wait to see if demand stays this high just doesn’t seem like a good time to buy to me

Edgar Gomez

You are crazy if you’re buying right now. I got a lot of stuff I want to buy right now but I know for a fact that I’m waiting at least a month

james michael

They tend to milk spot

The Guam Stacker

Thanks man always like to watch your weekly dealer deals updates.


Yep not buying anything right now, the premiums don’t bother me as much as the ridiculous shipping delays.

houseofpain lilrock

Thanks for keeping us update on the changes.

Brian Clevenger

The only thing that I'm interested in are semi numismatic that are priced just above bullion. I have grabbed some cool rounds that may/not hold a little value.

Rory Ross

I confess I laughed out loud when I saw the video announcement just cause the premiums are nuts but it was another typically useful video reference.


Thanks for sharing the weekly deals. I am holding off for now. Take care and be safe!


Thank you for the Weekly Deals video! Premiums are too steep for me to purchase anything...I’m gonna be window shopping for a while. Take care.

The Silver Sliver

Thank you.

daca decenu

The premiums are crazy, I don't understand who is buying physical at these prices.


Holding off on the bullion right now but still finding great deals on constitutional silver on eBay

michel tremblay

I'm trading All my silver now for Gold....it's been way too manipulated for Me....Sick of it...!!!....GO GOLD...!!!

Savoy Truffle

A 15.5 ounce can of corn was 3/$1 just a few years ago. Now it's one can for $0.68 ...
I could buy a Hershey bar for fifteen cents in 1972; now it's $1.79....
so what does that tell you about your dollar bill?