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UDOO BOLT: Ryzen Maker Board

261 488 views | 11 Aug. 2019

UDOO BOLT V8 review,

UDOO BOLT V8 review, including specifications, Ubuntu demo, M.2 and eMMC speed tests, Windows 10 demo, and a Passmark benchmark of this embedded AMD Ryzen maker board with Radeon Vega 8 graphics.

Detailed UDOO BOLT documentation is available at: https://www.udoo.org/docs-bolt/Introduction/Introduction.html And you can order the board at Mouser.com via this link: http://bit.ly/preorderbolt

Please note that while the UDOO BOLT and accessories featured in this video were supplied by UDOO for review, that this is not a sponsored video.

My review of the UDOO x86 Advanced Plus is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpT4WGsMcvk

More videos on single board computers and broader computing topics can be found on the ExplainingComputers channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/explainingcomputers/videos

You may also like my other channel, ExplainingTheFuture, at: https://www.youtube.com/user/explainingthefuture/videos

#UdooBolt #Ryzen #ExplainingComputers

Hexx Bombastus

That would make a very good in car pc with appropriate connectivity.


You know this thing can sit nicely with all its ports connected, drives, etc inside a half-height or full height 5.25 inch drive bay or enclosure. That would be cool to get an older style full server tower with a dozen or more 5.25 inch FH drive bays to populate with these computers. Link them together to function as a baby cluster, or tie in several of these tower baby clusters into a real Fractal Designed computer :)

A. B.

400$ for the top one NO thank you! rather just spend 650$ n build a cheap ryzen system that would beat this thing! Now if this was like 200$ price point then yeah i could see it being worth that much, but not damn near 400$ that crazy.


buy now! because after Brexit we don't know what the price will be.

Xdew Gaming&More

That green screen trail tho...

Jim Viau

I need 1 for implementing SelfDriving on my old F150.


Way to expensive you can buy a better gaming pc for that price or better still connect a few pi 4s together and it will be better and cheaper than this udoo no it won't do board.

Tamás Gulyás

I bought an asrock Q1900-itx 7 years ago, I had extra 4gb of ram and a drive so only had to buy power supply and a case. It was an "under 150$ build" (the board was only 60$).

I really like watching your videos proving that these products are:
- 4x more expensive
- just getting to reach the performance of that 4 core (7-8 year old) celeron CPU
- with demanding more Watts

Technological advancement is incredible. 7 years apart my investment is still competitive and runs win7 without any issues.

Night Blitz Vlogs

Just Make An All In One PC

jim l

Too Pricey

Samuel Mershon

van you please look at some board like this that support the V1807B processor. I want a system to max out my gaming on embedded GPUs and ultra small formfactor PCs. That would be awesome!

Anton Nym

Hyper-interesting, as all your vids are! I was immediately shocked by the price, but then very quickly won over by the array of really nice features on this board. Your presentation is outstanding. Don't ever stop! All good wishes.


Only 428.00 holy shit I could build an real PC for that


goofy looking hydro plug `


Can only watch him on 1.75x speed. Lol.

Larry Gossett

can you get power cord for America?


oh nuc killer

Gunarathna Weerawansha

Great explaning

Sneaky Snake

This board is nice but way to expensive for most people. You can buy a real ryzen Bundle for just a bit more.

Rasak Namthang

use eGPU for external graphic card.


Hi Chris, is there any chance to look how the Bolt works with an RTX 2080ti grafics?

J Martin

New sub, great channel. Very cool product.

Hkey_ Root Philip Bedford

Fascinating stuff. Thank you. The glee in your voice when unboxing is fabulous.

Johnny Gee Jr

Bad news it's made in china therefore it is not wanted ! I BUY ONLY AMERICAN MADE ! the rest is just rubbish ! MAGA !


could you try Age of Empires HD on this sbc?

Joubin Zargarbashi

exciting! only if udoo changed their logo ?

Dustin Krejci

I feel like this is a salesman pitch with my science teacher and my shop teacher combine.

Daemi Ax

The hardware really doesn't justify the price....

the one you dont see

I would want to know how it does with much higher end 16gb kit 2666mhz ram with tighter timings it easily supports!


I beg your forgiveness for my language in advance, do not press 'read more' if you don't want to read this but...

I just mega nerdgasmed.

This board is a dream come true for my projects, a wet dream.

I am so sorry, but this board is too amazing not to type this in the comments.
I am sooooo soooo sorry.

Mckinley Scottie

The price alone, stopped me from considering it.


Why do I like watching this? *looks around* *....watches again*


honestly. who is the effing target audience.
Anwer: no one

Kata Seiko

Now this is a powerful little thing that should prove VERY interesting indeed.


Or you know, you can pick up a 3500U / 3200U laptop for the exact same price (or lower), have the same performance, and have an ENTIRE SYSTEM. It's going to cost at least another $30 for ram into itandandandandandand to bring it to parity with laptops, assuming you already have a spare monitor. An ITX motherboard would still be a better buy for most as at least you can slap in a graphics card. There's always a USB or PCI/e arduino-compatible boards that offer the same arduino compatibility as this board that can slap onto nearly any compuuter. I get that it's a sponsored post, but this is by no means a good buy.

Ben Mac83

I don’t actually mind windows by the way

Ihenyen Emmanuel

Thanks for the beautiful video. Please can this Udoo board install hackintosh?

Ernj C

Price aside as of now as they came down some but why not just get the asrock desk mini which comes in amd now for us$150 and depending on cpu from from us$50-140..if u want just the mobo rip it out and use it inside something else.

Scott Newton

Looks like your getting away from SMALL SBC. Humm

kizmox star

Regarding previous comments below, no, it's not a single board pc, it is a mini version of a regular pc which requires ram, SSD, etc just like a regular pc. BUT it has an embedded Arduino, which is what makes this a "maker board". I would like to know a bit more about how you would interface with the embedded Arduino, rather than trying to run this as just another media center PC. I envision this small form factor case being mounted to a wall full of monitors and having a really intense home security system...but again, how does it interface with external peripherals like sensors, cameras, etc that can be controlled via the Arduino? If the Arduino has no interface capability, I'm better off with a stand alone connected via the network.

Victor Vgs

So, as I understand this would be your best choice for this type of board?


The price is total garbage, should be a minimal board like raspberry pi at 5USD, AM4 socket with 50USD Ryzen 3 3200G

Bob Blanston

Wow over $400 and no power supply or memory?

Monish Sarkar

This is way better than my computer. The UDOO BOLT has 4 times more RAM than my computer and The Ryzen CPU is way better than my Amd A9 processor.

chad jones

RandomX MXRig hash rate?

Eric Franco

Why you don't run league of legends at this BOLD PC?


Only 2 USB-A? Too little.

Simon Paillé


Jeffrey S Austin LLC

My interest in the UDOO is from an architectural photography POV, please pardon the pun.

I’m currently weighing the difference between spending a gob of cash on a MacBook or using an existing monitor in the office and the UDOO.

I don’t need to be really portable as some of my shots can take as long as an hour to get just right. But, I have no interest in carting around a tower computer.

David Penny

Love watching you unpackage stuff. Given the computing power of this Bolt, would this be better for AI and robotics than the Jetson Xavier which runs for around the same price?


Hi, Is this capable for video editing?


What would be amazing was if someone replaced the old mobo from a 2010 laptop (with working screen, keyb, bluray and touchpad) with a small form-factor mobo. Instant upgrade. Install Windows 10.


Very jealous that you were sent this for free but the more I think about the price plus the cost of all the extras I could never imagine buying one. Looks like $700 for a PC with no PCIe graphics option & no upgrade path.

Thomas Jensen

Very nice little rig

Adrian Ducao

I'd love to cluster this things out for my underground bunker


When I can make the equivalent system with an ITX motherboard for the same price, I'll pass on this. The ITX would also include a lot more features and the CPU would also likely be more powerful as well.


$400? This is a pointless system. I can build a full system for the price of this board.

Muhibb Ur Rehman

liked this computer , i would use it for using photoshop portabaly with lots of power :)

Andrew English

It would be cool if it had two Ethernet ports instead of one.

Michael Harris

Nice little SBC but since I'm into robotics the power requirements are a little high. I t is a lot easier to power a 5v SBC by battery than a 19v system .


Mate do the prices in pounds as well please

Tayro Thinkingoutloud

What would I do with a UDOO bolt? Sell it and buy ten R-Pi 4's.


Can you overclock the CPU on this?

Technical Creativity and Tricks Channel

Hey uncle can u give me link so I can buy this thing in India and also what is the state of Corona in your area
Stay safe because I want u so I can learn


Please always write prices for this that are visible

Mike Catrone

I love how the case has a cutout for the arduino ports! Very sleek

Mouryaking Gameing

Give me this...


Would you please make a video about CPU silent coolers? I hate the noise of mine

Love As Apologetics

Could you hook up a graphics card to this?



jeferson sousa

our wonderful excellent is the most complete plate i have ever seen amazing

Bang Stick

How does it do as a VM server?


This thing, once you add all the essentials, is insanely overpriced. This is NOT worth the $1,000+ price tag. Crazy


Really nice. Just too expensive.

zuoshui zhou

if there could be a updated version with ryzen 4800u, I would immediately drop my heavy laptop away???

Said Bakr

A laptop without a screen!


I just realized that a temporary solution to the fans revving up randomly might be a manual fan controller. I have one (in disuse now as my new MB has enough fan connectors to support extra case fans) that fits in a 2.5" front panel, supports 3 fans (though the connector needs to be modified (read: mutilated) to fit 4 pin fan connectors, works nonetheless) and essentially runs off of a 4 pin drive power connector, yknow, the big ones that I even had on old IDE drives. It also had extra USB ports, but the "professionals" who put it all in a case for me shunted the cable into god knows where, glued it in place, and only connected the front USBs of the case which lasted about 2 weeks before falling apart.
Of course that requires you to keep an eye on the temperatures manually, I personally dont use Linux, but there is a whole slew of programs that monitor temps under windows and can even give beepy alarms if something gets above a certain point. Use at your own disgression, alarms may cause auditory damage.


I'd attach it to an autonomous drone which required onboard AI to fly between way-points and capture footage and scout for footage of pre-programmed activities within a certain geo-domain. That's the main way to make sense of the price to power ratio while taking advantage of the size/overall weight of the PC. I'm almost certain that part of the attraction of marketing such systems is to make headway into recreation, scientific (identifying and counting different types of animals in a geo-domain over time for environmental studies), police, and maybe in the future even military applications - skynet gets closer >:[

Upcycle Electronics

Hey Chis, if you see this, why is the BIOS such a bottleneck barrier in modern x86 computers? Is it proprietary dev software from AMD/Intel or just pure complexity? I searched YT for "ExplainingComputers BIOS" to see if you have an 'Embedded BIOS 101' or 'The history of BIOS' type of upload. I didn't see anything in the first 200 or so results, (but found some older stuff to watch later :)
I finally picked up a newer (used) laptop and looked up the I/O datasheet for it's i7 5500U. I noticed the large number of peripherals embedded into the processor. I was exploring the hardware because the HP supplied wifi is terrible. While looking for a replacement wifi card I discovered the dreaded whitelist of "compatible" cards built into the BIOS. Why are we not able to rework this stuff? Such a "list" on a standardized bus protocol is criminal.

The motherboard in this laptop accepts 2 different processors on the same footprint, an AMD A10, or the Intel i7. The A10 uses a separate graphics processor that is not included with the i7 version. The board has all of these footprint connections broken out and unpopulated. I just need to map the A10/graphics pinout to the i7 and I have access to a large number of pins along with other supporting peripheral footprints. I really wish I could learn how to program this directly at the register level, what is involved, and where the practical limitations are.
Like, why do I need to add a chip to the USB connector on any computer just to get a working serial port I can control? The processor has embedded support for around 30 devices just on the 'General SPI' bus alone, not to mention the eSPI, I2C, UART, SMbus, and tons of GPIO that are listed plainly in the specs. What changed between the age of a DIP-40 8086 and the current era that makes it impossible for the user to gain full control over the hardware?

nascii boy

De Yiudu bolt!!

matt cunningham

I would replace my current PC with it is what I would do with a UDOO BOLT V8

Thomas Jensen

I would put it inside an amiga 1200 case with 32 GB of memory, m.2 accessories, a sata SSD, keyrah, kryoflux, external 5.25" floppy and the regular internal amiga floppy drive...I need one of these this year

Kindanyume .Kindanyume

you should have started at the 3:17 mark where you list the batshit crazy fuktarded pricing since as soon as that revealed the rest is beyond a useless waste of time period....

seriously even at half that price its a bad joke at best..

thumbs down for that waste of my time alone for starters...

Maik Dean

Can you connect camera modules with this board and run a software in the background?

joscha p

Nice video! It is great getting this performance as a tiny makerboard.
I am wondering, its possible to tune the ram-speed and infinity clock / fclk?
The rzyen 3000 cpus get a incredible performance boost around 40% with [email protected] and [email protected]

SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls

Udoo Bolt 2 is coming with 3200G Ryzen Board


overrated flash drive


Hackintosh it! Lol

Paul Thompson

I gotta have this one.

Tobias Tobler

It seems North Bridge is locked at 1200Mhz, I cannot seem to find any settings in the BIOS to alter this my ram is: HyperX Impact DDR4 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB) 2400MHz (HX424S14IBK2/32)

Will Sher

can you add a really good graphics card and then would it be usable for the latest games??

alex gliddon

have you seen the asrock a300?

Lovely Toblerone

Love that itx board. Would love to build one but can you find the parts!

Ben Mac83

Him: installs windows
Me: Sad internally


I would play Minecraft on it.

fly tie

looks like a ryzen 3 APU Build thats more cheaper than that SBC

John Doe

Hi there, a few questions if possible: 1: Is the CPU Overclockable? 2: can you add a better thermal solution? i.e a standard noctua 40mm fan and a better heatsink

Insidious DrNine

Thank-you for doing these videos. Waaaay too many youtube 'reviews' are just dummies unboxing it, not running real world benchmarks etc... you're consistent, to the point, and don't have so much filler.

Andrey Awsarkisoff

Дайте два !

Arnis Lācis


LowspecGamer: Oh, wow, i can connect a external GPU for heavy gaming on this little PC.


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Udoo - A Long Walk (prod. BobAir) Jill Scott cover

867 views | 16 Oct. 2020


Posłuchaj na!



Tidal: https: //tidal.com/browse/track/158666138

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/by/album/a-long-walk-single/1535919446

Voice: Aleksandra "Udoo" Piśniak

Prod. Tomasz "BobAir" Musiel

Miks&master: Michał "Eprom" Baj


Follow Udoo:



Follow BobAir:



Adam Bednarski

Będzie wydanie fizyczne??

pat mama

I jak to możliwe.. Ze Ty nie w mainstreamie

Sara - Her Music


Marcin Pi

Ufff ✌️


piękny wokal

Romian Sobieszczański-Pasztęski

Bardzo ładnie! :D


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UDOO x86 Advanced Plus

201 475 views | 13 Aug. 2017

UDOO x86 Advanced Plus SBC

UDOO x86 Advanced Plus SBC review and demo, including fitting M.2 SSD and WiFi cards, a peek into the BIOS, running Linux Mint, and even a little video editing and two-screen video playback! (Yes, this board supports multiple displays).

More information on the UDOO x86 Advanced Plus can be found at:


My follow-up video running Windows on the board, comparing it to the LattePanda, and doing some benchmarks, is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjV7QPqure8

Related to this video, you may also find useful my videos on:

Explaining M.2 SSDs:


The Kden Live Video Editor:


You may also enjoy some of my other single board computer videos, such as:

LattePanda Windows 10 Single Board Computer:


Asus Tinker Board:


LeMaker HiKey 960:


More videos on computing-related topics can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/explainingcomputers

You may also like my ExplainingTheFuture channel at: http://www.youtube.com/explainingthefuture

Herbert Shallcross

Back before I went over to the iMAC I used to go to the shows, buy the bits and build, my own Windows machines. I suppose that path is still open. I haven't seen the shows advertised, but the internet is always open. I would like to get back to experimenter computing rather than just running programs. How much does it cost to get performance equivalent to the UDOO X86's in a standard small desktop form factor? I'm looking for the crossover point between fifty buck set-ups with limited , but still good power like the RPI 3, and a "normal" desktop that could still run Linux. Where does the UDOO X86 fit in that spectrum?

Benjamin McEwan

Not worth it due to price, and doesnt come with onboard wifi. You can get a laptop for 269 dollars easily enough.

carl antonio Generoso

Angela merkel is that you?
Edit: nice channel dough.


Lets check out the Youtube, if it's still there

Game of Charging

Supports Samsung SSD?

Stefan Gies

UDOO BOLT V8 Review & First Look - RYZEN Powered! The Most Powerful SBC Ever:

UDOO Bolt V8 + RX590 External GPU Testing:


286 type pcs without need of cards and rams etc. are reincarnating. i still have my 286 pc i love working on it.

Jeff Wolsieffer

3 Displays at one time ?
... not sure I've ever found a use for Multi-Displays outside of Programming or Video Editing.
Question Time:
¹) 4 Channel Audio In is needed by myself. Any ideas on This?
²) a BIOS Option.!...?
I believe the time of the BIOS Forced Post has long since Past. ¿really?
- JW

Marvin Leininger

It looks like a nice piece of hardware, however I think they made the wrong decisions in deciding what's included VS. what's at additional cost, and priced themselves out of the market. At the current prices, I can't think of anything I would recommend it for. Whatever application one has, with this board, you end up paying for unnecessary hardware, and sometimes even having to purchase additional parts, making it even more expensive.

James Laidler

Who names these flipping things?


Can it run blender?

Ewan Qu

Sooooo how's the temp?

Jake Adams

what SBC would be best for a basic 3d game that I made in unity? It is a very samll 3d game.


Just 1 ethernet port = NO POINT!

Star Fyodperor

Can it run on batteries? I may use this thing to be a wearable PC... The future is to become a cyborg, right...

Any Media

Is possible to install/run Windows Server OS on this board?


amazing info...where do i connect the start jumper


Crinkle crinkle and here we are


Join this amazing Discord server about Technology and Linux

kaif ahmed

Sir, can i connect graphic card of nvidia with udoo x86 advance plus i want to make this a gaming laptop

Genevieve Hennacy

Do what?

Marios Skl

Hey Christopher great video. How does this compare to the Odroid XU4 ? I'm looking for a good power-efficient single board computer to use as a small webserver and NAS and the SATA port apart from all that m.2 goodness is especially alluring. I saw it's about 5 times faster than a raspi3 but the raspi isn't a particularly powerful sbc so i would be interested to see how it compares to some of the beastier sbcs like the xu4. Cheers

Zachary Shaw

Hey Christopher, I was just wondering if you knew how high the board is? (from base of the board to top of heat sink). Haven't been able to find a datasheet with this info! Thank you!

Dinesh Kotnala

This board doesn't worth as it is very costly. In $165 we can assemble a PC with pentum gold G4560 good for gaming and 8gb ddr4 ram

Patan. Ahmed Ali Khan

What is the cost of it


Me talking to me talking to me is verry confusing


Udoo or up board? which has best performance?

michael mooney

my dell laptop uses my LG 60 inch 4K smart TV as primary monitor. awesome.

Schismatrix Plus

What is that terrifying animation 13:13


Could you install a Mac OS on this board some how?

Harish Rajamani

is it possible to used 7inch lcd as main screen n hdmi as extended display using udoo


Christmas came early last yeah, eh? :D

Brian Stephens

I have a chime with SIM card and I have a Visa with the SIM card I can't buy it either way how do you buy it I guess I can get a MasterCard but I have to work really hard for my mom and my grandma if I get a MasterCard and I can barely survive I can barely make it home I'm crawling on the cement to make it home

Herbert Shallcross

How much do all the other bits cost? Computers are not entirely, but never not about price versus performance.

keghn feem

Not really into Arduino. bout does UDOO have software to to access the GPIO pins
with a python program or c++ software?


Cost too much .. better off with a NUC


What sucks is that it's x86

Ben Hansell

Looks like Mr Scissors didn't make the cut on this occasion

Left Slough


Jason Gooden

The Udoo that you do!

ruben barrientos

where can i buy the udoo x86 plus kit that u put together.

Clarence Mentor

Can you make a video on how to build a set top box using any of these small single board computers like udoo x86 or raspberry pi?

Robert Mertens

At your behest and suggestion (thank you).

The Udoo website shows four x86 boards, the Ultra (8 GB DDR3), Advanced Plus (4 GB DDR3), Advanced (4 GB DDR3) and Basic (2 GB DDR3), but when I go to look at the Basic, the page isn't available. The Ultra is very expensive, $267, Advanced Plus $174, but no prices on the other two.

It's too bad. They have a lot of features I need, but they've priced themselves out of my market with features I don't need. 2.00 GHz is more than I need, and 2 GB DDR3 is plenty.

Digikey (my favorite store in the world, after Radio Shack, and maybe Mouser) has it for $135, but they don't tell whether this is an obsolete part, which they would normally show. Still kinda pricey just to get that extra video port. It's MinDP port, so you need an adapter (I don't know what sort of video display has this - I think it's Mac-based).

The built-in heat sink is a nice feature.

Johnny B

You should instead install parrot linux...

marc carter

the only thing putting me off is the price. Great piece of it, hope it lowers soon

terrance strawbridge

but can it do google earth pro

Al Cortzprogm

ExplainingComputers -- Can you boot windows 10 on sd Card????


"Can handle up to 3 4K displays."
lol I'd love to see Intel HD 400 do that...
I'll still probably get one though this is probably one of the best single board computers ever made.


He put the fan upside down - also he would look SSOO much better with a haircut


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Wayne Siemund

Needs more support to build for mobile applications.
The RV community is looking for built-in motorhome computers just like the built-in audio video system.

Simon Fitch

Very nice review - thanks. Did Linux Mint boot that quickly, or did you speed up that part of the video?


X86 makes trisdos 80 pop in my head. Lol

video watcher

In a scale 1-10 how hard is it to put windows 7 or 10

Compete ToDefeat

I think their site is hosted on one of their boards from a dialup connection... 3 minutes later it's STILL not loaded their main page.


this is an excellent video and this looks like a superb small computer. I find myself wondering why I would want one as it seems to be edging up towards the smaller ITX boards. I also have lots of old P4 motherboards lying around which would suffice for many tasks. Granted they couldn't run 3 monitors maybe. The advantage of something like the PI is that it's so cheap and has everything onboard, this computer is more powerful but it's like a mini PC and can be quite expensive once the add on peripherals are included. Powerful and small it is though, no doubt.

kyle chilton

You can make servers out of these bad boys, 2 128 m.2 ssd's with any pxe operation? Yes please only thing missing is type c

Muhammad Salman Sheikh

Hi, a question just came into my mind after looking at the QR code at the beginning, that what mobile phone do you use? :P please reply.

Stefan Gies

Udoo Bolt is first Ryzen V1000 based hacker board: http://linuxgizmos.com/udoo-bolt-is-first-ryzen-v1000-based-hacker-board/

Hambone Dad

Just wondering if beginning each segment by saying "right" is some sort of new trendy way of starting out speaking?

Iam Pyre

Wow, I want the Udoo-Ultra with pentium core!

Krzysztof Kliś

Your video encouraged me to buy the exact model of Udoo and I don't regret a penny spent on it. I installed an Elementary OS on this baby and it easily became my main workstation for Internet, entertainment and some hobby electronic and software projects. The fact that it's Intel based not only makes it faster, but gives access to a greater software base. And it still fits into a (coat) pocket :)

Henri Koivuneva

Cool! How do you think it compares to the LattePanda Alpha and Delta on Kickstarter?

Aric Wang

this board can run srslte with 5M cell

Ravindra Badgujar

can you review PicoITX and mobileITX X86 motherboards?

Harish Rajamani

have u tried windows 10 with dual display n dose it works fine?

Juan Sanchez

I doubt it can drive 3 4k monitors tho, and it woulda been better if it had more USB ports or even a USBC


Well done !!! To the 85 who thumbs down aaaaa why? This video was very thorough and covered the board in 15 Minutes !!!!

Razii Taka

I get many information about singleboard computer is this singleboard computer available in Pakistan


I want one..

Malin Yamato - Lääkkö

is it possible to run on a battery that delivers 5V=3A, 9V=2.6A, 15V=1.6A


Apologies if this has been already asked and answered...
What do you think of the potential for this board as the basis for a small home server, (NAS / media center) or automated home backup? Are there better options in your opinion?

Krzysztof Korzeniewski

Thankfully, playing YT inside of YT did not cause infinite recursion... ?

grassy climer

So it cost more than a regular mobo and processor. Its more than twice the size of an rp. Skip buying this and pick up an old laptop board if you got nothing better to do.


Great video as always, but I fail to see the point of this board. Not small enough or cheap enough for a true low cost SBC, and yet no where near the flexibility or possibilities of a full size computer. So where's the market for such a thing? I can't think of anything I'd use this for...

Nicholas Riegle

A good option for someone like me who is really into the single board market right now thanks again for the amazing video.


We can get i5 refurbished laptop for that cost

Mr Twister

From what I understand transcoding with plex requires an x86 cpu. UDOO is supposed to be a good plex server with transcoding.

"Yes! I just purchased an Udoo board to do this after having really maxed out my Odroid. I can easily run 2-3 streams converting 1080p 10Mbs files to 1.5Mbps 480p on the fly. Sync conversions run between 6-10x real time."


Game of Charging

Can Boot Any Operating Systems?
#Windows 7

Martin Kaspar

hello dear experts - i need to create a SATA - cable / connector for the udoo quad - can you assist me!?

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Iam Pyre

That box is thugly.?

Dr.G. Eckert

Could buy a Netbook for this max-price, including a display. Extremely expensive!


Disappointed......I was hoping to see it run Windows :(

DowskiVision MagicalOracle

You didn't get in on the UDOO Bolt kickstarter? What a shame....


good grief, it has higher specs than my laptop. lol


does MIT use UDOO?



Jose Juan Rivera Reyes

Crinkle crinkle :)


Well Sir Chris,  As always I was impressed with your recommendation of the UD00 x86 Advance PLUS.  Yes a bit pricey. but so is the ROCKPRO64 once you add all the components.  However, I thing the UD00 x86 Advance PLUS gives me more connection capability as you mentioned. What confuses me on that is there is a SATA port on the board but also optional SATA cable and power cord.  Would that allow 2 SATA iii SSD WD drives to be attached?  also,, they reference the M2 board you mounted as being available on their site but didn't find it. I opened a ticket asking for assistance in locating it.  I would prefer to load OS on the M2 as you did.  I will check out that version of OS Linux/Mint I believe you mentioned and read up on it.  I need to assure it has a good spreadsheet package with it. and both the document and spread sheets are portable to windows document and spreadsheet programs.  I am eagerly looking for your ROCKPRO64 video.  However the FORUM board people say it is too early in release cycle to buy as they are still working out bugs.  I was going to connect usb3 to sata cables x2 and my spare 500gb drives.  however the UDOO seems more suited for those 2 SATA III SSD drives and use M2 card.  THE DECISION WILL BE PRICE AFTER ADDING UP ALL COMPONENTS FOR EACH and getting a final price for each.SO SORRY AGAIN TO RAMBLE ON!  I AM JUST EXCITED!  YOU ARE DEFINITELY PURE QUAITY IN Y9UR VIDEO PRESENTATIONS OVER THE OTHERS COMPETING.  YOUR IN DEPTH KNOWLEDGE AND METHOD OF EXPLAINING TO ALL VIEWERS THE PRODUCTS ARE ON SPOT!BE SURE AND HAVE A COMPETITION BETWEEN UDOO AND ROCKPRO CONNECTING 2 SSDs AND PERFORMANCE!IF YOU EVER COME TO USA. HEAD TO ATLANTA GA.. LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE! I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN A SEMINAR OR JUST MEET YOU IN PERSON.

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50MilionSubs NoVids

I use the p
Rpi 3 thought it works it u use USB ram and instal thunderbolt 3

Mohan Barman

Can in install kali linux 2018 version on it?

Tom B

Just found your channel last week. It's excellent--thank you for making and posting these types of videos. Incredibly helpful!


I should've used a pair of pliers but I didn't

Umbra Deus

whats the best single board for gaming, i want to make my own device that plays my old PSP rips, actually with Udoo having Adreno can i rig the UMD drive straight to it? basically im trying to make a small multi console. something that will play GB, GBC, and GBA, cartridges, SNES, N64 and Genisis cartridges, PSP UMDs, and even Bluray discs... will this SBPC run all that hardware? or would straight emulation be the way to go with any single board?


Can it run debian xfce flawlessly?

Georgian Laborer

Chris please get Udoo Bolt and do a review about it. It seems that Bolt is going to be something big and important. It would be awesome to see the first review of Udoo Bolt from you.


does it comes with an os preinstalled on it?

Raji V.P

Price is too huge for a student in India as 1 US $ = 70 IN ₹