Sugar trade

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Sugar & Slaves

15 365 views | 23 May. 2017

Sugar & Atlantic Slave

Sugar & Atlantic Slave Trade Mankind History of Us All

Sugar trade

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Price Of Sugar Documentary

103 154 views | 26 Sep. 2013


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Jeowanamie Fabe

How ironic, I love this documentary but this is the saddest documentary I've ever seen. It is an eyeopener for everyone. I hope millennials nowadays will watch this kind of film instead of patronizing Marvels and Justice League. Seeing the situation of the Haitians make me sad. This film just proved that the cruelties people are the wealthiest. Let us pray for the soul of their descendants, that they would not continue the unkindness and inhumane actions of their ancestors.


What a hypocrite is this so called father from span When span and france are who to blame for so much confusion in the whole Caribbean starting and ending in hispañola What is now dominican rep. And haiti The tru is the white man don't want to help Haitians because they were the first slavesTo over rule there masters and take over the land brainwashing both countries as well as north and south latin America/CaribbeanThat if the whiter you are the better you will be .The DOMINICANS are always be wrongfully blame for no reason .All the sugar plantation have always been Europes primary reason for slavery...
Shame on the ignorance of the European.

el scientifico

If this were a hollywood film, the world would be crying. As it's real life people turn away and try to hide their own involvement. Who doesn't like sweet tea, sugar on their cornflakes? Well, it's time to know the real cost. 

John Henry Sheridan Music

What a frightening reality! I am not that surprised however considering the way some agriculture is conducted in the USA itself...just read Grapes of Wrath. This is inexcusable and I think it forces me to ask myself, "What other luxuries am I enjoying at the expense of others?" 

As I am a type 2 diabetic I have recently been really trying to battle my own sugar addiction and eliminate it from my diet as much as I can. This movie gives me that much more incentive to do so. All Americans would do well to watch at least a part of this documentary if not the whole thing.

Auroura Jest

This is terrible how can this happen these people are evil to treat others like that

solar clapson

Buy local. Read labels.

Peter E. Bisono

Solo espero que el padre no se raje,hay muchos niños envueltos en esta guerra que no tienen culpa de nada ., es lamentable que hasta el sol de hoy la Republica Dominicana y Haiti no se hayan puesto de acuerdo para vivir como la gente., Si Mr. vicini quiere que el padre se vaya y los Dominicanos quieren fuera los Haitianos quien Carajo va a cortar la caña los Dominicanos? Tue eres loco por la miseria que les pagan no creo que lo hagan., A Vicini que vaya el a cortarla con el ejercito de corruptos que tiene atras , imaginense si eso es en la caña me imagino la clase de pulpo manipulador es este Dictador en la sombra.

Patrick Ruch

This Father Christopher , I wish had armed security guards. He is putting his life in jeopardy for a cause that he thinks is right , yet I wish someone would give him a bullet proof vest, and armed UN Peace Force guards to protect him as I assume he is non violent because he is a man of God however for his own health and safety so he can continue doing his righteous deeds, I wish someone offered this guy more protection.

I also wish they would allow this man to speak before a session in the United States Congress as a guest speaker to try to get a bill past through both houses, to try to curtail some of the corruption of the sugar industry.

I want this guy to be welcomed to be a guest speaker at a special United Nations Session where he can state his case about all of the corruption he has seen. So he can try to get this to the attention of the International Community so there can maybe be international treaty's set to try to limit such human abuse. And discuss sanctions for violators.

I want this man to meet Pope Francis, personally I take more of a Protestant stance on the existence of a Pope. But I think Pope Francis is a highly highly intelligent man and has been of great intellect for the majority of his life. I also think Pope Francis , is not ignorant of issues he gets informed about. So if this guy met Pope Francis he could have one of the biggest Religious Leaders in the world on his side against the corruption.

Ox Bone

very very sad


Ya'll talking about this down in the dominican republic, but GUESS WHAT FOLKS??? The US Corporation here in amerikkka has the same crap going on down in florida with the sugar cane fields. Do your research people!!!! There was a documentary on PBS some years ago documenting the squallor that these same people who need jobs end up in florida in the fields and live in large tents with hardly any food, mosquitos eating them alive, sweating their arses off, and yet they don't make enough money to live off of so it keeps them in debt to these wealthy chumps running these cane operations.
Yep, right here under your noses..... you think your senators and congressman and so called PRESIDENT don't know this????

Rowena Salabao

THANKS, GOD, THAT I'VE WATCHED THIS DOCUMENTATION. USING IT AS A PROJECT WAS A BLESSING. I cried and this is definitely a must watch!! I am so showing this to my students when I become a teacher soon.

Samu la voz notable tv show RD

Ahora los Clinton se robaron todos el dinero de la ayuda del terremoto 8 billones de dólares ojos LOS CLINTON SON K.K.K CLAN ELLOS SIENTE PLACER CUANDO UN NEGRO SUFRE PA FUERA LOS SATÁNICO EMPRESARIO

M.U. G.

From this day forward my thoughts and daily prayers will be with you, Father Christopher Hartley!

May God bless you and keep you. And may He richly reward you for your selfless work and sacrifice!
Your sister in Christ,

Chris Williams

I didn't know. very humbling. our government is as complicit as the Dominican in this tragedy

B Tte

I love Haitian art, Dominicans would not appreciate if they were treated in New York like they treat Haitians back home.

Jay L

Awesome documentary and the value on it!


It's amazing how people can be dirt poor but will not challenge their slave master, from fear of reprisal. Why treasure life if it is 'worthless', I don't know how I would react but I hope that I would die for what I believe. Meaning I would die trying to get justice.

I guess I can talk big sitting in my comfortable American home safe and free.

Where are the 'human rights organizations'? I know they know about this.

Lynn Leigha

It wasn't the father that brought them there


When Dominicans flocked to Puerto Rico in makeshift barges, they were welcomed and allowed to stay and make a home on the island.  They share the same human and basic rights as Puerto Ricans and can work and open their own businesses there.  Haitians are being brought into the Dominican Republic to essentially become slaves to the land owners and mistreated and scorned by the populace.  I think that the selfish, hypocritical Dominicans should experience a little of their own medicine and deportation of all Dominicans off the the island of Puerto Rico should begin immediately just as the Dominican government has done with the Haitians living on their side of the island. Perhaps, collectively, they will open their hearts in humility and refrain from their ethnic cleansing campaign against the Haitians.  I am sure if Haitians came to Puerto Rico on makeshift barges, they would be welcomed and have place they could call home.  God bless Father Christopher.

The girl who wants to know

Why do Dominicans hate us?


it's funny how the sugar plantation was/is created by the European Spaniards and still is
now this gay Spanish priest want to make it look like Dominican started this gos on everywhere in
latin American..

First Last

Before everyone decides to boy cott sugar and deprive these people of their livelyhoods and the little they have consider how it will effect people there.

Queen Ebony

NO More Sugar!!!!may The Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between continue to shower him with his grace and mercy. MAy the hatitians go back home and May that death camp be put out of business!!!!

Judah Shepherd

Israelites. (Deut. 28)


The Viicini family = years of white privilege - inherited wealth passing down from one generation to other. While the poor passes on honor, sacrifice and hard work from one generation to the other.


That's the reason why here in Louisiana we only buy sugar from Louisiana cane fields. How would the Dominicans feel if they got the same treatment in NYC ?

6 Gorillian Sea Monkeys

It’s evil in Florida, the United States, wealth for owners the awful family lobbying government to keep prices high, and workers are just slaves. So we can get this drug, gives us metabolic diseases, it’s poison. Have cane in my yard, no press, like to use to make alcohol. We are all debt slaves to central banks and families like a Rothchild’s, but they are real chattel slaves, now more than ever had all over world, including USA. Israel has legalized prostitution, but in reality use many sexual slaves from all over world. Another terrorist evil monstrous country, causing misery all over the globe. We haven’t changed for the better, don’t let anyone tell you so.

Dawn E

I cut sugar from my diet years ago for my health. Now I have a much better reason to keep it out.


same shit is going on in u.s.a

Diana Mendez


Eric Surprenant

Makes me sick to my stomach to see this. Why can the sugar companies just agree to build better housing for their workers and issues 3 square meals a day along with the pay. It wouldn't cost that much more, anything to make a few more pennies per pound of raw sugar they produce. I ask at what cost!


a gay Spanish priest is


same shit is going on in u.s.a

Roberto Gomez

God protect your soldiers like Father Christopher and guide us to your Grace. Perhaps we need history to repeat itself with another Touissant Louverture a Haitian Slave Liberator to help us.

Christian Elliott

Wow this is all too familiar - rich and powerful people making a propaganda narrative to infect soft minds and pay protestors to violently Pursue the innocent

Tricia Maureen Luis

Its so sad that the locals there want the priest to leave the country. It shows how envy they are towards the hatians. They kept on being blind about the truth. When in fact, they should be the one who supports people like the priest in the film. Its just funny to think that they lowkey support the slavery happening in their country.

Joseph Grima

I'm raising public awareness about this shit I'm tired of ppl being taken advantage of

Monique Brown

I lift all of GOD's poor children up in prayer?????? Especially The Black people of the world.??


Funny how the Dominican people think that the priest is carrying Haitian into the country who brought them in there in the first place, NO BRAIN they really don't think. I wonder how Dominicans will react when they do find out THEY ARE ALL BLACK LOL!!# and American doesn't even recognizes them when they have any disaster, i wonder why? ?

green sorrel

Is this recent, I had no idea was looking around for support to quit sugar and could not have found a better reason, how evil.

Natacha S.

God please continue to bless and shield this priest and all Haitians abroad and all those who stand in solidarity with them.


you are a honorable man father. god bless your heart. you made me cry with your last statement.


Very eye opening. I've always been careful to buy my sugar produced in Hawaii. But what about the sugar in my cereal? My candy, anything that is processed. How can we get the companies to list food source, as they list ingredients? I never stopped to think, where does it come from? We need to know.?

Anais Mx



Jesus/Yeshua is the ANSWER. The few elite that control the flow of food, money, and PROPAGANDA to get Humans to Fight Humans. We Do Not Battle Flesh and Blood but Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.
Start with JESUS, the TRUTH, for Only The Creator can HEAL THE LAND and the PEOPLE. Pray and Pray without Ceasing to YESHUA for These people, and let the HOLY SPIRIT (Ruach HaKodesh) Tell You, Guide You How to HELP. He is ABBA, ADONAI, Our Father Who Art in Heaven.
If you ever think Your Flesh will fix anything,Without the LOVE OF JESUS, THE HOLY SPIRIT within YOU, You end up wandering, despite your best intentions. Turn to Jesus , He Will OPEN YOUR EYES. All of us have been played. Moved into positions we didn't want, nor intend to hold, like pawns in (the evils) big chess game. The WORLD is FREE, but long ago we became stiff-necked ,hardheated people who refused to REPENT. REPENT TO JESUS, The Truth, Way and Life, The OUTSTRETCHED ARM, the BRANCH. Let Jesus Show You HOW TO HELP. It All starts w JESUS, His Love within the Temple which is Your Body. Obey the Voice of the Lord Your God. Only JESUS/YESHUA knows how to HEAL ALL, for He is All, He CONQUERED ALL THINGS. Turn to JESUS, He Will Show you How to "Feed My Sheep". Our Father in Heaven LOVES Each and Everyone of us, from the least to the greatest. Jesus is no respector of persons. We are All PRECIOUS IN HIS SIGHT, Black or Blacker, White,Red , it matters not. You CRUSH the serpent with JESUS/YESHUA Dwelling within YOU. All Glory and Honor to JESUS. He can, and Will expose the LIES, all that's Hidden will be Revealed. With LOVE OF JESUS , You can Accomplish Anything. Nothing is impossible w God Almighty Abba YuhuahYashua within You.
Pray without ceasing, Weep in PRAYERS to YESHUA, and Watch the Miracles of LOVE and TRUTH crush the enemy Off these PRECIOUS CHILDREN.
I Love You Abba, All Glory to JESUS/YESHUA. Please Abba Send the BLOOD OF JESUS, and YOUR HOLY SPIRIT Across their land, Protect them from the adversary. Fill Them with Your Love Abba. Put Your Fortress around them. Provide them with All they need and surplus. Guide Your Servants Father , so we can Help and Do Your Will. In the Mighty Name of Jesus/Yeshua, Amen

Queen Ebony

Where is the United Nations!!!!

michelet wilkinson-pennington

And....I LOVE and APPLAUD his parents for their support.


Wow! I didn't know. This is absolutely horrible. America is kept so ignorant. I'm buying local. Human Rights Violations are prevalent by these Evil Elite. There's many waking up. Evidence Satan and his dominion are very active. Praying for Mankind. This is Why Jesus is coming with a vengeance. He's not bring flowers. We will all meet our maker. Anyone standing up for people who are being harmed and used by Elite will be persecuted, from the beginning of time. Lack is what they breed and keep people killing and murder, slavery, totally humanity is fooled by their propaganda campaign. Do no harm is the golden rule. These Elite have been feeding off mankind for thousands of years. The Elite are the parasites of the earth. We have to remember the food conglomerates of America are not innocent either...high sugar is poison, ruins your health and is just like heroine on your nervous system. Educate yourself about this and how sugar is addictive.
May God of Haven Protect the Heroes like this Priest. He does Gods Work.


Wow, powerful documentary!


NEWS FLASH "IT IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY" 1:20. Your all original Africans. If you would stand together you all could over throw the GOVERNMENT WHO IS USING ALL OF YOU AND really develop a FUNCTIONING  ISLAND TO SERVE ALL FAIRLY, well as fairly as possible.


Another example how the powerful elite uses their wealth and power to create divisiveness and conflict to continue their devilish evil. It's really amazing how they can convince brother to go against brother which works against Haitians and Dominicans making both people weaker and weaker, while the elite get stronger and stronger.
The Dominican people are African people as well. Some embrace their African roots but most have convinced themselves to think they aren't African. They try to say their color comes from the indigenous people of the island, but those indigenous were wiped out completely, genocide. Wake up and come together.  

wam dok

This is modern slavery!

Term limits Com

If George Soros is such a philanthropist , why doesn’t he step in here??? Bill gates?? The rich don’t care because they can’t find a profit in stoping it.


"an engineer or a mass poisoner" i LOVE his dad, ah that was wonderful, i live people with such wit

Rh Last Nae

Once again, its so unfortunate and so sad. Its certainly an uphill battle.

The dominicans beg for an opportunity of a better life by moving to PR, but then themselves deny it to the haitians whem moving to DR...

michelet wilkinson-pennington

wonderful film, wonderful priest, wonderful Haitians. VERY BRAVE!


I can't watch anymore past 23 minutes; its just too horrible. But I will read the label on my sugar to see where it comes from, and write a letter of protest. Of course it will not change one thing.

Aras B

At around minute 19:00 the journalists wonders why the sugar company pays so little to the cane cutters, and the reason is at least twofold: first is profit, but just as important to the company, is power over the worker. The less money the worker gets, the more power over those workers the company has. It is that power that keeps things status quo for the company. The middle class is, while being a great customer for small companies, is a threat to abusive monopoly like companies.

carmensita five

Good video , its like so obvious that this is just the Devils way of making OUR people fight against each other and / or giving praise to the RED devil of which the Bible speaks of ! Is it true the el Padres familia have business with the Vencini's , . . . is what I believe ! Also , can anyone give me list of the sugar distributors from the DR , well those associated with the Vencini family

Maria IsMe

Stupid local dominican (being interviewed) dont they got like radio and some shit so they know the truth,... probably busy doing drugs and drink ... im so pissed

Deknoi Noi

It is very good that he tries to change the system in the Dominican Republic which is the downstream of the problem, yet it would be a lot better if somebody tried to change the system upstream which is in Haiti. Somebody that would try to improve the conditions of Haitians, so that they would not have to go to the Dominican Republic and enter this brutal cycle to feed themselves and their families.

Sam Obrian

OK lets look at it from a different way. Lets say they return all the Haitians back to their country. Would the Dominicans be willing to live as the  Haitians cutting cane for the same wages and conditions? I think not, improve the Haitians living conditions, give them back their papers, give them a decent wage, at the end of the harvest allow the Haitians to return to there country and return when harvest begins. The sugar companies are making millions from each harvests and they can afford it. Problem solved. 

Lonnie 1Love

my people this really hurts

solar clapson

A seemingly rather noble man. Shame about the M.Teresa connection though.

Sidy Tayibe Niass

All my support to Father Christopher for his humanitarian works !!!


Eye opening documentary... Very sad to see how Dominicans are being manipulated by their government to basically promote slavery. The world truly does perish for lack of information.

Sioux LeQuinton

Just when you thought you saw it all. Now I'm going to watch something about coffee and then tobacco and then Jesus can sanctify me I hope. We have something really sad in Kosher meat going on too everyone, please be aware that kosher is anything but kosher! Thanks for the great video, we need to see what we're doing, how to be like that priest and help! In Jesus name let's do something here

Sheahan Nariman

3 and half years on youtube and this video has only around 60k views. Meanwhile other crap has millions. It isn't just the rich people. The consumer lets this happen, he says F*** it, I feel sorry for them but at least its not me. The planet is full of cowards. The brave are few and far between.

Peter E. Bisono

Caña fertilizada con sangre Haitiana desde 1918 hasta el momento,pobre del pobre.,es una pena que Mr. Mandela se haya muerto,ahora que empezo y se desato esta caja de pandora,abuso tras abuso ,pero hay alguien que los esta siguiendo muy de cerca y ese se llama Dios,y el dice la venganza es mia,vayanse preparando que los suyo de un momento a otro les llega.

sandy beaches


Carol Elizabeth Bello

Gracias Padre

Lorelei Lets Live Together

Its possible to buy C & H sugar from Hawaii!


It's funny how the Dominicans looks down upon the Haitians as lower beings because they are "black". Especially when Dominicans are black themselves and share a common history with the Haitians. Stupid fools, it looks like they learned nothing from the "Parsley Massacre".


So the locals want the pries out and the haitians out? hmmm, if they get all the Haitians out there will be no one to cut the cane and the Vicini's will have to go elsewhere, the government won't be getting any sugar money or extras from the Vicini's and in turn will become even poorer, i think it's sad how easily manipulated the dominicans are.

Bill Cheung

God Bless ?

Ran John

Fighting each other but not the oppressors. In America they'll all be looked upon as black.

Ray Ray : The Awareness Channel

How is running a slave plantation, needing to pay more? That girl was so removed from reality.

Amy Kayani

its an amazing documentary and awful to know what them guys are doing to all these innocent people.

Mr Nydus

Really makes one think

Kelly Efird

15:01 seeing that baby makes my heart cry.

Wesley Bush

50:00 sick moves

travel squadd.

this documentary was eye opening...I'm speechless...God bless that priest

Blessed of the Lord

I'd love an update on this situation.

Joseph Grima

Worst part is the good countries are in on it. Why else would their cowardly leaders never mention this

emmanuel tange

Why always black people, Haiti has been an independent country for over 200 yrs, same with African countries, the only developed black nation in the world is South Africa, oh it was built by white people, it is basically a third world country with a first world infrastructure, i am black by the way

K. R.

Thanks Eddie

Pedro Mateo

Another collateral damaged produce by money = Master + Slave.


The Clinton Foundation stole billions from Haiti. Fuck your politics those people are criminals.

Pedro Mateo

Dominican and American government : GUILTY.

Mr don’t play

Light skinned against dark skin light skinned Mf never want to do the hard work but want the fruits. Dark skinned Mf do all the hard labor and can’t get a crumb..

Mantra Azul

To much liar Liar! !

Gelbert Ramos

God bless you father. today in 2020 I am watching this video because I have an assignment about domica republic and I have a bittersweet taste after drinking my coffee because I felt so bad that for every spoon of sugar I put in my coffee someone has cut its hand or lost its life because of it. its a shame not many people have watched this video


I admire the bravery and courage that God has given to this his son so that the most ignored in this world, find at least the consolation that there is always someone who cares about them, guided by his Holy Spirit. Before having access to see this video, I had the opportunity to read the book titled “En El Púlpito de la Miseria” - Spanish version by Joana Socias, and it deals precisely with the story of Father Christopher Hartley Sartorious on his mission in Dominican Republic. And now, when comparing his stories with the images in this documentary, I am speechless about the struggle of one man, against the force of economic power. May God always bless you Father Christopher, and may your efforts continue to grow with your new mission in Africa.

Fatoumata D

Thank you Nicholso for this eyes opening video.

Shaira 216

Keep your head up high and have faith in the Lord, for these things are just temporary...surrender your life to Him...His children...His true children will live eternally with Him...I pray for you all...


this video is so full of lies


He wears that uniform and is excepted by the locals... SCARY!!

Zack Smith

Mathew 23:9  And call no man your father on earth, for you have one father, who is in heaven.

Nice documentary.  Definitely causes some concern to further your knowledge about sugar to say the least.  

I prefer my coffee black.   

Imagine Haiti

What other name for that, if not slavery?