Ross wallets

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226 485 views | 18 Nov. 2017









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FaZe Apexx

my Ross in Ft. Lauderdale never has bape or supreme. hard to find

dog poo

I love ross

Blanca Rodriguez

You’re asking store associates?? Not professional designers? That’s not legit

Barbara Era

I think it would be illegal for anyone to sale fakes.

Berry White

Hey bro bro bless up respect , bring it back one time.. for the culture.. ross\marshells vid ?

Jonathan Bawa

You need to do one with the Jewelry department

Mario Chavez

Yo you from San Antonio. ?

Patricia Lisseth

Boy please ! Ross wouldn’t sell fake stuff !

Cemdem750 Gaming

I found a Tommy Hilfiger bag worth more than 300 dollars and the price was 40, the sad thing is that it was a girls bag. It could’ve been a cop

Cerise Min

Basically for you guys who don't know/understand Ross is like the goodwill except they get most of there stuff from stores or directly from Maker


I got that savage shirt at ross

Angie Morgan

Is that hustler hacks ?.

Michelle Manzo

Just watched your video for the first time, and I saw your Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Wow I was so impressed with you that your love for God so with that God bless you and I became a new subscriber

linda 0709

Ask Ross for a sponsor lmaoooo

Brocolino YTx

Damn im gone start going to ross now

Kevin No Love

I found that shirt I bought

Andre. Skateboarding

I have found that bape shirt ate Ross I got it it is cool

savannah silbernagel

out of all the bags you chose GUESS... No one is wanting to fake them, you're a guy and you probably dont know any better but it's just funny seeing that

Ian Allen

Ross doesn’t sell fakes because they get in trouble


Check out drlr i think thats what its called it in mansfield tx


which ross is that cause every ross is diffrent i feel like

Riverdale tales

Ross is actually pretty cool you can find decent stuff I wouldn't buy the shows they got only the Converse's and that's it

Zero TwoSixty

The "fake bape" is actually a company kust like the spray ground book bag with that mouth its not trying to be bape

Cris Chavez

I just got some 49 cent jordans lmao


4:40 those are Gucci shoes

Evanie Salinas

Ross doesn’t get fakes. I work there. They have their original tags still and sometimes even come in the companies products. We get our merchandise from like the guy said on the phone products that do not sell or over made products.


Video starts at 3:51

Anthony Grader

This nigga is low key gay that ain’t his gf that’s his bff

Ely Hester

I got a pair of nice shoes there

Anon ymous

stoneridge mall??? hmmmm

Antonio Cortez

The first Mexican I ever seen with the name Tim. ? your real name must be timoteo huh

GINI KAUR Property Group

I love Ross ??????. Good informative video.

Aleah C137

Without seeing the whole video I can tell you that Guess bag is 100% real. Guess is one of my favorite brands and ive gotten that bag before for christmas. It was like $130 in the Guess store but Guess is comparable to Micheal Kors, its a high end brand but it typically falls on the low end of the spectrum.

Buster Brown

Tim? Yea right

BenJr GadGets

I trusted Ross I bought some of my expensive stuffs there, but in Electronics be extra careful because, i think some of their items are open box or Maybe Refurbished or Renewed electronics like Bluetooth speaker or Headphones etc... but thats only my speculation, I like Ross i buy lots of stuff there. I Returned just this week a bluetooth Speaker, Altec Lansing. Its priced $90 in Amazon and its $37 in Ross it was sealed and stuff but there's no accessories, and i watch so many reviews before i buy any single stuff, I think what happen is People return stuff and and they steal the accessories, and Ross put them back in the Shelves but so amazingly it was sealed by Altec Lansing ? Anyway thanks for sharing and i will still keep on going to Ross, since you can return the items if you dont like it.

francisco soria

Why pay so much for stuff lol I live at ross??? I got that shirt you are wearing for 12.99 size small here in La habra Ca ??

crackhead girl

people keep sleeping on ross, tjmaxx, marshals, and burlington

Armaan Heir

I got harden vol 3 at winners

Mwadjuma Mukamfizi

Nice video do the Walmart too good job dude


I work at ross and work in stock and come across SO many good deals with high end brands plus I have my employee discount so it’s amazing

Emanuel Ponce

Bro i have sooo much mosquito bites on my legs, and all I did was itch it for the whole vid

Chris Willie

Good job ??

Kobe Not Bryant

Right above the jordans were red and green adidas kind like the gucci ones.

Nathan Yee

I think the guy at the Guess store was lying because it would be illegal for any store especially a franchise

Sabrina Barrett

No hate against legit nation


GUess is high end?

Harmony :P

My friend had some Steve Madden shoes from Ross and inside the shoe it said made in China.......



Thortillaz Z

I wish my country has ross


The shark shirt is Hudson, a brand that parodies bigger streetwear brands like Bape.

Alessandra Jaure

That guy that was convinced it was Gucci ?

Kevin No Love

I saw that hat but white


Do you Tim think you have a big head?


Good job.

Cheek Snatcher

Ross sells average stuffs you need to go to Marshall’s would you believe I found Gucci shoes for $800 actual price was $1,400 cause I looked up the serial number I had in the shoe

Scoot 100

ross acatly gets fakes cuz i saw some super stars and thw logo was just black and said addidas when it had to be gold and be the addidas logo


Ross is foot locker approved..! ??

Pxsion X

U know ur Hispanic when ur Hispanic mom always be shopping at Ross ?

bubby bro

I subscribed and turned on notifacations

Sharky Tube

He wasn't even gonna buy the Jordan's

Daddy Chulo

the polo from ross is fake


They are ideas brought to the company and shut down for retail name brand store and resold to companies such as ross shoe carnival famous foot wear and tj maxx.

Dawa Sherpa

U are awesome dude


I didn't even get 1min into the video and I know that purse is guess


Ended up finding a michael kors belt and the same calvin klein belt ??

Solidrabbit 65

3:33 is where the actual video starts.your welcome


They don't always sell the same things in the boutiques, Ross and other off price retailers like Marshall's and TJ Maxx, and the department stores. I used to do buying for boutiques. Some of the stores want different items in their assortment, and ask to have exclusive styles for their stores.

Norman the great

Ross does not sale fake they would get sued

? 9


J G Tormenta

Legit looks for life

Ben Mokwa

I own the shirt in the thumbnail got it for my birthday friends got it for me

Theyyy.Luvvv. CeCe.

The hell is with you and ROSS


Ross does sell fake stuff because that bape shirt was obviously fake

Alejandro Lopez

Dumbest video I’ve seen in awhile

Julissa Palomares

i got some “fila” slide-ons from ross today and I searched up “fila slip-ons” on google and none of them looks like the ones I got. this is how I ended up on this video lol



Celia Rhodes

ross boss

goddessgaby •

Of course Ross sells real stuff! ?

SucelitaBonita 69

Someone help me find the footlocker worker on social media

jennifer roman

Yo at 4:56 tim said theres no good bags then like 2 or 3 fell on him!???

Katie Fernandez

This man really made content over Ross, lmao YouTube has become trash

BH_Drizzle ツ

I love Ross it has do much good stuff but they need to upgrade they're shoes ?

Junior Sanchez

Bro you chose the gayest stuff

Ramos lawn services 239

Champs used to be a Walmart brand anyways lol



Iris BD

Thank you for your positive words ?

Kevin No Love



him: i got this guess purse right here
her: *turnes head at the spead of light

Veronica Llamas

Awesome you guys do bible study...I need to get to God

jose 0925

Sometimes it is real but not authentic


Those look alike 13 I had them in 6 grade and now a size 9 is 1,000

Jerry Salmeron

I find no sense to this video


Ross can’t sell fakes, they CANT

Abraham Joel

Yo, this video is lame

Carly Marie

North Star mall!! ❤️❤️

Ms. S.E

I have never seen a sale rep walk around with their jacket/coat on, with their hands in their pockets. Nor have I ever seen a store rep/cashiers that gives dap!

Mason Hadley

Faith healing isn’t real?

Vaginas_ Vibrators

Ross is racist they don't have xs clothing for men only girls

Maria Rodriguez

Most merchandise have a code which tells the date of manufacturing . Most stores will reduce the price after that merchandise spend X time on store . This is why sometimes the same stuff have 2 different prices on the same store .


ross sells items that have a tiny misplacement or something. the brand thinks that the item is messed up because they probably missed a stitch. but it’s still made by the brand.

Ross wallets

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ROSS DRESS FOR LESS Shop With Me | Handbags And Wallets???

3 067 views | 25 Nov. 2020

Hi everyone, thank you for

Hi everyone, thank you for shopping with me to Ross Dress For Less store for handbags and wallets. The store is located in Tustin Market Place in Tustin, California. Hope you enjoy and please don't forget to subscribe, thank you for all of you supports!

I've just uploaded another video featuring women's shoes and boots from the same store. If you are interested, please check out the link below:

Women's Shoes and Boots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnEW8mSTs70

끼니와간식Meals and Snacks

Great shopping video : )

Shyn Facundo

Hi Thank you for sharing your wonderful video. Keep on Vlogging my friend. Sending you my support. Hope u can visit me too...

Tám Vlogs


Pamilyang NOYPi

Wow enjoy shopping, Ang ganda naman,... See you around sisi

Siluman Music

Ros Drres forras good ??????❤️❤️???❤️???❤️ ❤️??

Ghina Mahrushah



Beautiful selection of handbags. Beautiful Vlog. Thank you so much for sharing darling ❤️

Kiki Kids

The book bag models are very beautiful

Editha Corpuz

Wow po ang Ganda naman ng Tustin California at sana makapunta kami dyan kapag mahayos na .and god bless..

Kota Tape

Great video. Thanks a lot! Have a good day.

Clau Ivory

They have a lot of beautiful bags! The one near me is always empty ??, Happy Thanksgiving ? ❤️


Great Video.
I have enjoyed it very much.
Thumbs up.
Please continue to produce more.
I am looking forward to your next video.
"Like" # 24

Shining through NK

That’s a big store. Leopard prints can’t seem to go out of style. I love the Guess backpack. Everything looks cute though. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Lots of nice bags. My Ross never has very many options? Thanks for taking us with you!

Brady Schiller

For the last 15 years I've been a mall walker just for the exercise. I love your stuff! Liked #88

BalikoRemz Lifestyle

Wpw another cute collection my dear friend enjoy and keep safe always


Thanks for taking us with you. Love that dooney. Tfs ?


Hello friend. Cute bags. I love the design of MK. All are excellent. Thank you for sharing

Ynzkie Bubble

there are alot of nice items in this place. looks very good.

Betty's Simple kitchen

That a big selection of wallets and handbags ?


This street seems big and good to explore. wonderful street tour my friend. like 17 Connect when you are free

Dicas da Lau

Hello friend, our loved these bags the small backpacks all are a charm, I loved a black purse of the golden rope, very beautiful the details of the bag, the wallets are incredible, I loved the red one and the one with flower embroidery, God bless life.❤️❤️

dd harshitha flour & kitchen




Tisay 214

Hi shop i like all your bags..???


Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thank you for sharing! Wonderful video and attractive music,. ??,??? Please keep in touch.

PDV walk

Did you got a free bag from that shop??because you helps a lot to film this
Beautyfull bags and from cheap to expensive for everyone enought choices i love your vid my friend i enjoyed?much blessings

troj_ jan

Nice.. friend..???

Hart Anto channel

Wah tas nya sangat keren banget
Bagus bagus sekali
Dan manis thank you for

SKpinkos Vlogs

I love to shop in Ross they have inexpensive branded stuff.

Cookie Cutter Clutter

wow, cool channel! thank you for sharing your shop tours and deals, so nice to see, my dear friend,
i need a crossbody small one!
My loving like,....? like 18 and a big gift for you, along with your bag you get from here, ? ? new friend, I scbd you, my friend,
i hp the same from you,
see you my dear friend, ?

The Laughing Lion

We have like 10 Ross stores in my city too. I love shopping there and getting designer stuff for bargain prices. Sometimes you'll get a gem on a nice handbag there.

Bang Gus

a great city, it is very useful for you to not know, so you know, thank you my new friend, see you later ??

Bisdak Family in the USA

Nice handbags!

Luuee Janice

Hi hi Michelle.. Great to see your new video.. The intro is awesome.. The driving to Ross.. ??? The guess backpack is beautiful.. Just three hours and already more than a hundred views... ???Support for u.. Good night and have a great sleep..

りょうの旅チャン Ryo's Travel channel

Dear my friend.
It's a store with a great selection of Handbags And Wallets.
nice video and full watch.  like 16 ??
I hope you have a nice day tomorrow.


Pretty! My friend. I really like bags. I want to have more after watching your video. Have a nice day today.♥

Walk With Me Bcn

Wide variety of bags, thanks for showing us. Greeting?


All bags looks pretty and cute ^^

Bloom & Company

Hello friend! Shopping time again! Yayyy! Lol ? well I like leopard DKNY and Bebe back pack ?? ! Take care! Have a great day!

Naz Farhana Uddin



i like your
vlog this is saika channel

Ross wallets

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Ross Michaels Wallet Review | Wallets for Men

53 680 views | 15 Jul. 2015

Ross Michaels Mens Leather

Ross Michaels Mens Leather Flip Up Passcase Bifold Wallet: http://amzn.to/1TByKTq

Ross Michaels Mens Leather ID Card Case Wallet: http://amzn.to/1I1697R

Ross Michaels Mens Leather Bifold Wallet:


Ross Michaels Mens Leather Trifold Wallet:


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the video! The wallets I received are great! You can't really go wrong with wallets. They are real leather, they come in different folds and colours. Its a mans essential to have a wallet. Ross Michaels is a new company and they are looking to grow so check out the wallets as soon as they are released.

***Subscribe for new videos every week!***

Last Video:


**Vlog Channel**


**Group Channel**






**Facebook Page**


Music: Find my way home- YT Audio Library

Love you guys!

Thanks for all the great comments and likes!

Appreciate it!

*Sponsored video*


This looks nice :) thanks for the video, Cam


For $20 these will last you a year or two maybe then it goes in the bin.

Anthony Mendez

Awesome man!. I gotta get me one of those wallets especially the blue one!!. Love you bro. Stay Fresh, Always?


I really like the first one, I rarely carry cash, usually just have my debit card credit card and Id first one suits that


I give my girl a bonia purple wallet and Victoria secret bombshell

Adrian Roque

I carry around a fat wallet if you know what i mean. Jk im broke asf ?

Mr Troll


Established Clutch

SO many of your videos are sponsored

Wilfredo Chavarria

Too bad none of them carry coins. Loonies and toonies really mess up wallets.

Jay C

Awesome review! Are you still using the blue wallet? How is it holding up? thanks


cam are you still doing your fitness series?

Ramos Online

Hi. I m from Bangladesh and i looked everywhere for american crew, by vilian gold digger, Hanz de fuko hair wax, but i found none. I couldn't find hair wax of any brand here in Dhaka. Can anyone help me out?

Jordan Fleita

The longer sides suit your face shape really nice

K's Stuffs

Hey cam. What do u think about long wallets?? And what watch is that?? Looks so casual, :)


What do i tell my barber to get that haircut
Thanks in advace

Jesus Garcia


The Crow

I have finally found a straight forward video with different types of slim wallets, without have to deal with all the "Minimalist" BS
Thank you

Luis Lu

Great video!? We sell men's super cool metal minimal wallet on Amazon US, is it possible to cooperate with you?

Vishnu Parashar

Sir those product is not available on amazon

William Han

are you canadian?

Christian Bautista

Super awesome video. Definitely going to check out this new company. Their wallets are awesome.

Ryan Connolly

Definitely some sick wallets, but i think i am going to stick with my brown leather Ralph Lauren Polo wallet!

Grigore Cusnir

what's that watch on your wrist? looks great!

Dre Drexler

dang i want one!!!!

Christos Vasiliou

do they are better than zara wallets ?

Patrick Beglane

When is your next workout video? I enjoyed the leg day one, I'm starting to incorporate some of those machines into my workout at the gym. I run track lmao

Devin Lopez

Dude your Cool keep it up !

Billy Simons

I actually prefer fat wallets even though I don't use wallets that fold money I use a bikers chain wallet