Stock market historical graph

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Excel PivotTable Case Study: Analyzing Stock Market Data

30 563 views | 15 Jan. 2017

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Thanks for this. May I ask where did you get the 29k-entry data set for this exercise? Did you compile it yourself or did you import it from somewhere?

Steven Popovic

Thanks! I am subscribed to the Udemy course, and it's perfect! Explains pivot tables as a tool to answer questions easily. That line of thinking makes learning much less intimidating.

Alex Rosén

Great! I like how clear it becomes even without using secondary charts

Paulo Ferreira

How do you get a unique sample data for 500 companies all together in one chart?


Excel Maven, Thank You for Useful video! and i have 1 question, where we can download draft data and train ourselves?

Steven Popovic

One suggestion I have, conditional format against standard deviation values. I have trouble creating the logic to define clear boundaries, but a gradient is easier to learn than too few conditions when so many are available. In this case, more is more and less is boring. $SPY SD's are easy, it's daily .0123%, literally. For the most part a bull run touches 1.38%, here I've seen short put expiration's melt 80% in 15 minutes. The inverse move pumps short put premiums, I've seen in the thousands of percent that day (last week theres historical examples but daily individual option historical data is near impossible to find as easily as equity stock price data. So $5 becomes $50 in premium, the price markets at rn after the hit -1.23% still well above statistical SD from original opening price, and a rally earns back $33 in 2 minutes.

lalit giga

can you explain all this thing using google sheets Plz...

Marmont Cap A

Great video. I do not have the course, but I was able to follow everything except for the date. How can I add an auto-updated Date for historical price purposes? Without having to refresh the data every time you open the client.

Stock market historical graph

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Python Stock Market Analysis Automation | #79 (Python for Finance #7)

1 732 views | 13 Jun. 2020

I saw this awesome video

I saw this awesome video by @Manuel Amunategui and he manually went to Yahoo Finance and downloaded the S&P500 and Russell 2000 historical data and then used matplotlib to graph it out. Awesome video. Check it out here:


So I thought. Let's automate the whole process using Selenium and shutil. In this video, we go step-by-step so you visually see the automation.

Watch all of my Python for Finance videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT8WeU5lHsiQ25CNGzfxog6bvwPFc_m-L

#Python #StockMarket #PythonforFinance

contrarian thinker

Can you do indicators in python if not which program do you use for creating indicators

Oh My

Great video ??

Everett Playz

Commenting for algorithm

Bot Stopper

Amazing video

Data Analytics Ireland

Great video, like the graphs!

Stock market historical graph

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Monte Carlo Simulation of Stock Price Movement

58 637 views | 5 Mar. 2017

Modeling variations of an

Modeling variations of an asset, such as an index, bond or stock, allows an investor to simulate its price and that of the instruments that are derived from it; for example, derivatives. Simulating the value of an asset on an Excel spreadsheet provides a more intuitive representation of the valuation of a portfolio

Scott Boutaugh

I can't get my columns to be error free - whats the trick? Some are fine, others get the #NUM! error. Thanks!

Robert Ovalle

OMG this is amazingly simple and so clear!!! Why cant my professors explain it like you? THANK YOU!!!


This is the video I was looking for. Thanks for this!


can you put the excell file here to download?


You are really kind to share this, thanks!

TB Bucs

can you make a template available ?

Shaya G

Awesome video, very clear. Can you explain how to price an option using Monte Carlo simulation?

Mutlu Gundiler

Dear Option Trader. Please check my understanding of you using the SMALL function. Have I understood you correctly?
One way of selecting random values from the "change" set (distribution) is to assume it is Normally or LogNormally distributed, calculate the distribution parameters, and select random values from the distribution you define, as needed.
However, you are not doing this, instead, you are selecting the
Is this what you intended to do? If so why? What advantage do you think this method has.
Thank you.

Panos Doukas

Why do you use the small formula? I was thinking of applying that to 2 stock prices and generate correlated time series.

Casual Gaming & more by Kigama

1:13 Why dont u calculate the change as (price today - price yesterday)/price yesterday = (14.67-14.73)/14.73 ? Why do u use the natural logarithm?

marsul siregar

This video is wonderful, good explanation of the analysis

Lukas Köbis

I just created an Excel plugin that let's you run Monte-Carlo simulations easily: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/WA200001657

Kaushal Thakker

Wont adjusted stock price be better for the analysis?


It is possible to provide the excel template please?


why pick 1 - 1256?

Xinyan Wei

Very helpful. Although I was searching for clips to explain Monte Carlo methodology used in Project Management and found this video. It relates the practical use case to the concept perfect. Very easy to understand! Thank you!


Options Strategy Simulator (free software)  -- https://optimizedoptions.wordpress.com/options-strategy-simulator/ -- computes the payoff and probabilities of profit of one or more options trading setups. It presents a very simple, easy-to-use, self-explanatory user interface. Moreover, the data used in the calculations are conveniently provided in Excel files. Internally, all the calculations are carried out considering a normal distribution of stock returns and the Black-Scholes model for options pricing. Results are saved to a comprehensive report in Word format.


get a more powerful pc dude ahah

Himanshu Patil

If you are getting Num Errors check the Randbetween function. In general, it should be (total number of rows - 2). So if you have 252 rows you randbetween should by between 1 and 250.

Tony Zh

Thanks for the video! one question,what is your horizontal axis in your example? is it days? So when we are asked about a particular day, you will give VaR from that particular day distribution?

javier bonza

Crystal clear! Really very well explained. Congrats and many thanks


Great explanation sir but just one doubt ...Where are we using probability in this...?? and why have we used the exp func...

Merve Bilgin

hi everyone, ı need help :/ when ı see date ı saw dates appear in reverse order
which one is right

Ricardo AM

this technique gave me a great idea but having all those lines in the graph is unnecessary because this is not technical analysis.

Abhishek Yadav

Please make the vedio on utilty calculation of the stock price


I am getting number errors in excel shet

David Gutierrez

Thank you Professor Ramanujan!

Lauren Bennett

why are you using ln for daily changes?

Sandeep Pai

It would b nice if you could upload the file for us to learn


This video killed my ears

Vendi Vukelic

Just wonderful, I've been looking for "write stock analysis" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Ganichael Yonharlotte Trick - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

Wilson Jonathan

Any idea on finding the average of, for example, 1000 simulations? Or maybe even expected value of the average?

deepak ammanna

Bro F4 will put $ symbol.
CTR+shift+down arrow will select till last data.


How to simulate how good an investment could be or could have been?