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Vice ICO extended $0 05 to $1 00 ep 3 Crypto Buzz

1 352 views | 16 Jan. 2018

Jimmy Phoo

My prediction for 2018: Photon (PHO) $ 0.04 – 20.000% are possibile after this news:


They want 25 million in ICO funds. It is more than what I feel is normal. It is not the best investment if you want to make money from it. The token price is pretty expensive. Normally I dont invest in any iCO wanting more than 15 million max. The more funding they want, the more expensive the coin, the less you earn. 50x instead of 100x. And if you get the token for free by watching porn, how will then coin then ever build a lot of value and 100x my money?

paul potato

i heard she has something do do with a bankruptcy filing of some sort. someones info could be wrong!

Vice coin ico

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House of cards francis against the united leadership

49 349 views | 23 Apr. 2018

Romeo Tan


Genrole Caspe

2:31 me to my crush

Rishi Triukha


Kolt b

for some reason my favorite clip of the entire series

Bambi Boy

What s episode is this


Gotta say, this show works much better when you watch clips of it, than as a whole.
Some of the scenes in the show (such as this) are incredible, but the show as a whole was uneven, to say the least, and often downright silly.


2:44 - come at me bro

rhys doyle

My god, that was satisfying!

Jay Burrows

I kind of got scared when I saw this scene haha


One of my favorite scenes

Rishi Trikha


Mister Sarajevo

Is Kevin Spacey a good actor?

Jereriah Graham

Best scene

Vice coin ico

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Vice Industry Token - How Can They Pay Viewers Without Adverts?

782 views | 4 Jan. 2018

Answering the unanswered

Answering the unanswered questions like...

How can they pay people to watch porn as well as everyone else involved without advertisers?

How can a token with a 4 Billion supply that is also inflationary be a good investment?

Why is the token I am buying an Etherium ERC20 token, when Vice is on the Steemit Blockchain?

Why is TMF so damn sexy and can I see him naked?

This and more in this episode of Another Forking Crypto Show!

If you have no idea what Vice Token is, watch this video first (Our FIRST EVER Video Play Of The Day!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jijmawsS8mQ (Suppoman's Vice ICO Review)

PLUS... More from Suppoman on Vice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo46VOyjEaM (Play of the Day Double Feature!!!)

Vice Whitepaper https://vicetoken.com/static/Vice_Industry_Token_Whitepaper.pdf

Vice Twitter (@ViceToken) https://twitter.com/ViceToken/

Vice Website (Sign up for newsletter) https://vicetoken.com/

Vice Telegram https://t.me/viceindustrytoken

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!! Right after I recorded this, Vice got back to me with some good info. Here it is...

Hi There!

Thanks for your interest in Vice Industry Token! We do have a pre-sale that is opening Jan 15th. It is open to accredited investors (KYC) how much are you looking to invest?

The main sale opens 1st February - tokens will be available to be purchased directly from https://vicetoken.com/. We'll be opening the whitelist soon, join our Telegram to keep up to date on all announcements: https://t.me/viceindustrytoken

Thanks Katherine (Vice)


dont mean to discourage you but the whitepaper will be revised tomorrow so this video might be out of date information shortly


yo believe it or not, but women watch porn too


hey man, me again. could you please comment on the Penthouse bankruptcy thing and how, if at all, it would affect Vice?