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Farming karma on reddit with Python bots (2.0 in description)

9 462 views | 9 Jul. 2017

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Harrison K

Every account on reddit is a bot except you.


Is karma really that important to you? Damn bro, you need a life

Cereal enthusiast

So 5k in 4 years?

i have 12 k and I haven’t even had my first cake day yet

Kasane Teto

Bro that ends on a cliffhanger

Kerem Bagci

Every account on reddit is a bot except you.

Mason The Big Boy

Uhhh got me to front page and got me over 46.1k karma. Yikes.

Anthony Lipari

what is the point in earning karma? what's the advantage of having it?


i have 117 post karma and 1216 comment karma. I dont know, i just have no clue what to post


Every account on reddit is a bot except you.

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NFL “Karma” Moments || HD

8 354 539 views | 28 Apr. 2019

NFL “Karma” Moments ||

NFL “Karma” Moments || HD


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Comment Video Ideas To Maybe Get Featured in The Next Video :)

Matrix and Braytrix

We all knew the first one was coming but what does the announcer expect? The dude is sticking up for his teammate after he got hit in his head. Nice job Juju

Landon P

Burfict laying there concussed is one of the best “feel good” moments in sports

Jackson & Autumn

Thanks to vontez antino brown has cte and is now having behavior problems

Matt Altieri

Burfict is bad for the game. Gruden is a moron

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I look at the comments and title I think to myself, when Burfict hit AB, the comments say that's what Burfict deserves. IT'S BLOODY FOOTBALL GROW UP.


First clip might be my favorite NFL clip ever

Sathya Senthil

Who here after juju got clocked after dancing


1:00 - Announcer is annoying as hell - don't act like Burfict didn't have it coming and hasn't been doing this shit since the start of his career. It wasn't a matter of Juju not being "educated" on the "rules". He knew what he was doing and it was cathartic as hell. If you want to criticize someone, don't sign the same fucking player that is known for ignoring those rules and playing dirty.


i don’t think it’s ridiculous at all. karma a bitch.

Astro Galaxy

Wait the lions beat falcons with the same scor last year as they did this year

Alexander Torres

Juju was just sticking up for a teammate


I don’t understand the Jackson one where he runs in the end zone backwards nothing happened after that

Steven Kazanjian

Juju should have been given a bonus


Burfict got insta karma as well, they lost the game cus of it.

Statiic Eli_

" that's my burdda so if u crossin him you crossin me "

Kai Sadler

Imagine celebrating and getting injured and then having like the one of the worst injuries to get yikes

Jules Garner

55 kinda deserves it what he did to brown

Varun Kedia

Whenever I'm feeling low on energy or mildly sad I come back and watch juju clean burfict's clock and it makes me so happy seeing a bully lie there helplessly

tyler ladin

Gruden trying to shit on JuJu, fuck him. He would do the same if he was playing.

wasp '

Thay say that's bad football when juju did it but von fuccccs ABs life and a ow is all he got I hope von are jujus pads


Is this video only about the bengals and Steelers game? Because that’s all I seam to find in these comments. Wait, this video has other plays?? Who would of known


Stick up for your team mate that good stuff

Jacob Henderson

That's ridiculous ? not it's deserved

The first clip



Small Ben7

I want that Juju back


Juju in thumbnail ?

Caleb Osborne

What was the desean Jackson one for?

Kevin Hardaway

yo is it weird that most NFL players are black (I'm black too) and most qb,s are white or tan? im not trying to be racist :>


Burfict was a dirty player and I hated it so much

Sergio Santiago

Man juju knocked that dude out for someone who betrayed him



Carl Robinson

Funny how they blew JuJu out the water for this well deserved hit but Burfict hits AB AFTER the pass was incomplete and he gets sympathy

Casey Shoup

I've seen this hit countless times, and jr baffles me how Burfict tried to cry and be like "but I hit him with my shoulder" as if that was the reason he was flagged.

Cade R

6:09 I respect the cowboys for this

Tlemay 44

To be fair that was a hospital pass he was going to get hit either way it was a dirty hit though

Jason Christopher Filingeri

What goes around comes around


Hate to say it, but I was so happy to see Burfict get hurt

Eric Gianna



This is why I love juju

Matt Keating

Notice it’s never the white players...


Lol 5:50 George Teague is my football coach now

Andrew Reyes Orozco

This is the hit that changed A.B.

The_Light _Rising

Juju should have broke his collar bone

JackTEM Plays

Dude did that commentator not know why juju absolutely pancaked burfict? Because clearly if he knew why juju did that he wouldn’t be talking the way he was
Edit:spelling fixes

Frank Asti

Fuck you Chuckie, that wasn’t bad football. It was long overdue.


Who’s here after juju got blown up in the bengals game

Zig Wil

While Largent’s payback is the greatest due to Steve getting the guy who did him, juju’s is my favorite cuz I’m a longtime Stiller fan.

knowledge boons

you can hear juju say you know why you got hit

The Randomist

me, a bengals fan, rewatching the part where juju laid out burfict. amazing

Matthew Beam

Juju did the right thing

smurf account

FUCK burfict to this day

keith weber

Fuckin pussy

Charlie Cunningham

I am the biggest bengals fan and I hate burfict for that


it’s lowkey funny how the commentator took up for burfict. AB hasn’t been the same since that hit. That hit changed his mental state for ever.

The Wing *

Antonio Brown was never the same... also nice hit JuJu commentators are a joke

Nigh Sneezy

Gruden found himself on an island with that commentary.

Justin&Carolyn Lasley

Juju!!!!!!!!! I love it ?

dan krocka

That was a designed play for Burfict. Notice the qb sneak with a wide open wr

valentin pons

AB didn't deserved that. Schuster did great

King of rage 296

Juju hit hard

Mustard is Yellow Ketchup

They’re not saying anything about Burflict then they’re like for juju,” ThAt’S rIdIcUlOuS”


Juju the real mvp for having his teammates back.

dan krocka

Tomlin didn't seem too upset about the penalty. The announcers have to be professional. There are Bengals fans in the world... somewhere

Christian Marlin

I’m a jet fan but when I saw JuJu do that to the dirtiest player in the NFL I was going nuts



Nathanael Heil

Kind of sad how AB said all that shit about JuJu when he stood up for him like that.

Matt Bruce

Just shows you Gruden was just saying that because he was on ESPN. He has always been known to be a “shoot from the hip” and hardcore football coach, it makes no sense why that hit on Burfict would have been “ridiculous” and/or offended him so much. If there was a highlight reel on Burfict’s career and you watched it, Steeler fan or not, you would delight in that hit JuJu put on him.

unathletic big toe

Gruden sucks off burfict



Ben Dover

I personally hate these announcers they are air heads



gamingisfun15 _

The Terrell owens is the celebration legend

Luke Munro

that’s a side of juju nobody has every seen

Cary schoone

It’s hard to say it but I kinda mis Ab




0:59 you hurt AB we going to hurt you

Huddah Huddah

I wonder if desean jackson ever thinks about the lack of super bowl rings on his fingers...


That is how you protect your teamate


Brown that was a clean hit buddy and you deserve it lol big boys sport



Duval Only type shit

lol jalen Ramsey still won that matchup

Dark bomber central

Burfict was bullshit Antonio brown was already down

Scrolliver _

That hit on Burfict?


mdgaming #3315

Bruh the first clip was after the 2nd clip seriously

Drew Brees burner

Who’s here after the Vonn bell hit

Drake Vick

I love how the only situation shown in this video being commented on is the Juju Burfict slam. And in all honesty, while I find Brown to b an egotistical asshole, Burfict 1000% deserved that slam from Juju. I actually cheered when that happened, too



W Eckberg




Jordan Johnson

So burfict has almost broken multiple Necks with illegal hits but when he gets some of his own medicine he can't handle it??? I never wish I'll will on someones health but Burfict deserved this. Fining him and suspending him didn't do anything (great job NFL) so Ju did what was best for the NFL and the Steelers that night. This announcer is a straight moron. Burfict got what he deserved only once and if he ever steps back in the league consistently JuJu needs to crack him for all the other hits he has delivered. "The world usually tends to unfold how it should"

Chan2legitt _

Juju did right to get revenge



Easton Wagner

Add Schuster on this for dancing on logos then Vonn bell hit the weakling




Imagine tearing your ACL over a celebration dam

Jacob Lehrhaupt

How was vontez burfiect not suspended from the game after the dirty hit.

AquA Tekz

I was at the bengals vs Steelers where burfict got layed out and there was Steelers and bengals fan behind and they got into a fucking fight and that was hilarious



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r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Gets Instant Karma!

374 339 views | 3 Sep. 2020

r/Maliciouscompliance In

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, a spoiled rich woman Karen thinks that she can put her gross hands all over the bread at a super market. OP calls her out on it, and of course the Karen freaks out and demands to see a manager. The manager shows up, but he actually makes Karen buy all of the bread she touched in a moment of instant karma! If you like this video, subscribe to my channel for more daily Reddit content!

? r/Maliciouscompliance "OK" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RowWIhojlT4&list=PLQWFBACAObMj6W6NyJvSBp_kj2HI33iXN&index=6

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? Discord: https://discord.gg/VD6eYD3

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? Merch: http://bit.ly/rSlashMerch

? Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rslash

#reddit #maliciouscompliance #funnyredditposts

"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

License: CC By Attribution 3.0

Teaya Brown

This actually reminded me of a manager I had. I was one of his best workers. So much so that the manager before him took time away from his assistant managers and gave it to me instead. Now, he seemed cool at first and it takes a lot to get on my bad side. But, he did. I was the first dog trainer that the store hired, making me the rightful lead. However, they hired a second after me. She was certified over seven years prior. However, policy dictates that if you stop dog training for six months, you are required to go through the training program once again. The manager tried getting around this for her and made her the lead dog trainer, cutting my hours from 48 to 24. They did this by putting her in the highest assistant manager position (there are three) while she was away on maternity leave, which messed with her position and pay as well, even though she was still expected to carry out all of her duties. Even though I was a dog trainer, I did a lot of work around the story, especially after they made her lead, since they would overlap our schedules and she would never allow me to have a class if she was there since all classes were based off commission. Because she had more classes, I would often sign people up for her classes and she would take all the credit, publicly reprimanding me, saying that I needed to actually sell classes. She also asked me to help her understand policy, so I tried. But, every time I told her about something that was against policy, like teaching the classes outside of the store, she would tell me that administration told her and the manager that it was okay (they didn't). After some time, my overly helpful attitude began to dull slightly and my cheerfulness towards the two definitely took a hit. I was literally almost fired because I didn't smile at the manager all the time. Until I reminded him that i was one of his best workers and that i was always friendly and much more helpful to every single customer. I've literally had customers that were completely angry with someone else and I would ease their anger and help out as much as possible. I didn't show any aggression towards them, and before this I was extremely nice to the two of them. I even helped him with his relationship with his son. He realized that he couldn't fire me for not smiling at him all the time (I still forced a smile when I would walk into work). He made my job hell. He would schedule me to open and have me running the entire store. Normally, when someone is doing anything in regards to the animals, they are not allowed to step away for any reason and must pass of customers to another employee. Since only the two of us were working, I would try to help customers if it didn't pull me away from the animals. This was not enough for him. He expected me to help every single customer as he was at the register and not allowed to leave lol. He would even open the store half an hour early, interrupting my routine with the sick animals. He would also schedule my shifts opposite of my classes. I wrote down for him the days and times of my classes so it would stop. It didn't. I was forced to work the scheduled shift, clock out, and then clock back in for my class, spending the entire day at work but only getting paid for half. Eventually, I was getting ready to move and I wouldn't be able to commute to work. While trying to find a store that I could transfer to, the administration had finally found out what the manager had done to keep the other dog trainer from going through training. She was getting paid the salary of the second highest manager with commission from dog training all day long. After the second manager had come back from leave, she had to wrangle to get her position and pay back. So, the put the dog trainer in the position of the animal manager, demoting and eventually firing the actual animal manager. When administration found out that this is what they were doing and that they were grossly overpaying her, they gave her one choice. She would have to become the animal manager and would lose her dog training role. She quit. Now, normally this would make me the lead dog trainer. But, I had a huge smile on my face as I let the manager know that I was transferring. And, I did to an amazing manager. So, that store lost all of its dog training, its most profitable service, and the manager was eventually fired. I don't know how the store is doing now. And I really hope the remaining employees are doing good.


I used to love being assigned at the bakery station, but a lot of stupid people happened and I was fed up of always asking those tongs to be used... Nobody listened. The best one was a arabic woman complaining to my co-worker that it was ramadan so for some reason, she thought she was 'clean enough' to touch them.
Yeah, No. Those baskets or carts were NEVER clean and it's hard to follow that up on a busy day before corona.

There was a grumpy woman, always complaining, always finding things to be grumpy about.
one time, she was poking the croissants all the time, just grabbing it, and putting it away. I asked her to not grab it with her hands. She saw me, ignored me etc.
After a while, I resigned and my days were numbered so I said to myself. F*** it.
I saw her poking and squeezing the tomatoes, every single one of them. she was there for 5 minutes just squeezing to find the 'perfect one' Of course, they were all bruised. I abandoned my station, walked towards the can aisle and grabbed a can. I put it in her hands and said/ 'here, I think this is better.' with a customer smile.

It was a can of tomatoes, sliced up and ready to go.

Bryan Scriven

For the landlord story also check your states recording laws depending on that state you may be allowed to record the call without requesting their consent

Lucas test lab

In stores, where i'm able to buy cake or bread etc. I always use gloves or tongs, when they're available ??

I could never in the world just pick up something without that, because other customers also should be able to have some of the products ?

Andrey Protas

In the last story, what does he mean "We wouldn't get away with it now"? This sounds like something perfectly normal to me, why wouldn't they get away with it anymore?

If someone came to the store and spit into the basket with food, they will be held accountable, how is it any different?

Satoshi Kenji

Look where we are now. If that Karen in the last story actually doing that at current time, she might get a bit more disgusted look from the crowd.

Morgan Newton

Karen: ignores worker, keeps pawing the bread

Manager: gives Karen ALL the bread

Karen: But I only wanted 2!!!

Me: Yeah, well, you're...toast!


I'm trying to start a reddit channel since I hardly see any female ones. I was wondering if you could give me some advice and if not then I completely understand. Have a nice evening or day <3

Alexandra Luster

Funny thing about the last story is that they absolutely could get away with telling off that Karen now.

Breccan Spicer

R/ be like incor.fm us life


This great, the best karma that happen the Karen karma


Ight people, be real with yourself, if you actually watch this video of a slightly monotone guy reading out reddit posts with 5 minutes of editing per r/ post, your worse than satan, because i can guarantee my left and right nut that for 95% of people have this in a forgotten chrome tab while you sip on some coffee and look at something on Amazon.com

Beth Chapman

Holy crap how many ads can you fit in a 14 minute video smh

Rithvik Kona

I come back to the school and ring the * ad *

Sarina Lain

First story was so funny to me!
Karen: " I'm going to get her kicked out for touching MY stuff! "
Talks to housing manager and fines are put into effect.
OP: "Okay good luck then!" (marks EVERYTHING that is hers.)
Karen: "WTF! is THIS!" surprise Pikachu face!
Karen kicked herself out of their apartment! In the end she limited her choices to 1. buy EVERYTHING that OP owned so she can use her OWN things! 2. Risk the fines and eviction. or 3. Pay the fee that she was trying to avoid!
Sounds like she might get kicked out of the apartment complex with how messy and ungrateful Karen was. She probably had "issues" with her other roommates too. LOL

Uthman Baksh

"I'm going to have your job for this!!"

Girl, you haven't worked a day in your life. You can't handle a day at my job!

Christopher Joslyn

this is making me made


on that last story I thought OP was gonna straight up give that karen tongs for her 224 rolls ?


I got the notification 4 minutes ago and wanted to be early... why YouTube notifications. I wanted one thing


I swear u already posted the first story or story time did


Basically it costs less to process credit cards online than in store. Also the few minutes between order and pick-up allows more time for stolen credit cards to be frozen and reducing charge backs to the store. That is why you cannot honor online prices in store.

Ricardo Castro


Skylar Miller

I love these entitled parent/choosing beggar/Karen videos but they’re getting a bit boring. I wish you would post more nuclear revenge/pro revenge/ and stories about Kevin videos.
Even if you don’t, I still love these videos so thanks for posting them!

Bagductions [Gamejolt]

AAAAAAAAAAAAH, just came back from a Mario Direct?

What did I miss? Karma?


Implantedtomb5 my songs

The rolls omg


I noticed the “S” sounds seem way sharper than usual in this video- just letting you know in case it’s a recording issue and not just my headphones

Eternal Thunder

My brain told me to post a comment so I did


Two things from her gaping maw stand out: "Betters" & "Your place" speak volumes about that woman's mindset. I say we need to bring back the pillory, just for snooty, self-entitled fucks like that. Lock them in the board and let folks pelt them with rotten veggies. Publicly shame them on social media for their actions. Stop judging folks for the way they look, and judge their actions instead. Time for society to grow up.

Alys Baah-danso

It was probably a M&S - Karen’s in London flock to that shop

A Guy

Me: Sees "Karen" in the title

eric kestner

Bread Lady violated multiple health codes and could have gotten the bakery shut down. Anyone who does such things should pay for everything they touch and/or damage.

Jo-Ann Bastings

« .......a lotta dough..... !» HAHAHAHAHA ??????

Carlos Locatelli

The image on the thumbnail should be posted in R/Technicallythetruth

Arturs Lejins

5 ads in a 10 min vid? Bye choosing beggar.


If the rolls of bread are like 15 cent then that's a 33 pound/euro mistake, could be worse

Erin Jackman

My YouTube keeps suggesting other channels that read out reddit videos because I watch yours so much. I've tried a couple since I'm pretty much out of videos on your channels, but I can't stand any of the others. No one is an entertaining as you nor sounds as good.

BRENDAN copster

I love your videos but I’m just saying it’s hard to listen to them with an advert every 2-4 mins ?

-ˏˋ heather nosredna ˎˊ-

bro wtf. i was talking to myself out loud about how i should be asleep and i said, “well i should be asleep too but instead-“ and as soon as i said instead, rslash said it too. it was so weird lmao

Matthew Zablocki

What's the difference. Tongs sit out, there are germs in the air. Unless ppl are washing the tongs right before use(which i doubt) what's the difference?

Magdalene Hagey

For the first story, what OP also could have done is leave her things all over everywhere, so the roommate couldn't do anything without touching her stuff, lol.


My little brother kept on yelling at me when he was gonna walk away he slipped on paper ooof


If you aren't subscribed, why are you such a Karen?

The Pigs Are Rebelling

No one in the UK says Ma’am. 10:23 is fake.


If my elders are worthy of respwct, I will respect them. If they are an entitled piece of shit, they deserve to be mocked.


14:20 "It sounds like this Malicious Compliance is going to cost that Karen a lot of-" [AD] "-Dough."

What hilarious timing there, Rslash.

Mylum O'Shinn

In this COVID-era, that last Karen would've been tossed out while half of the store screams at her...

Mao Frost

You sounded tired in this one, are you getting enough sleep?

Cajun Rabbit

That last story is gold.... a "Manager of old" one that would Stand up for their employees if they knew they were the good sort. One that would tell a customer that Yes you are in fact... wrong. Sadly in todays world of PC culture and Bend over backwards corporate policy (for no reason i might add) the employee probably WOULD lose their job for asking a customer to not be gross.

Nora Russell

Texting is not an approved form of communication.


Is it like this in the US as well: in Germany if your landlord refuses to do repairs, you can just reduce your rent, till he fixes the issue. But if your landlord can proof that the malfunction was your fault alone, then you'd be responsible to pay for the repairs.

Abhinav Nama

You NEED to start posting 13 episodes a day for my angel to watch or I will report you to YouTube for abuse. And for all my problems with not having enough content o watch, you need to pay ME 5 multiplied by the amount of video’s you made so far.


Imagine getting 224 rolls


Wait, what happened to puppy bloopers?


-1 like for the bad dough pun.. you know you did it wrong, better yourself! Learn your place!

Tyler Johnson

It'll cost them... a lot of dough!

Nyah Becerra

Me: Enjoys rSlash video and leaves a thumbs up to show support

rSlash: Makes pun

Me: Removes thumbs up

Gabriela M.

"See? I told you I would have your job for this!"
Famous last words...

RIP Karen


Can 100k dollars be really charged by a plumber I mean some houses cost less than that


That TV story wasn't from Wal-mart; we always price match the website.

tee love

I’m still trying to figure out how he got his in store pickup so fast.

Australian Rb Nationals

Hay @RSlash here's a story for ya.

I live in Qld Australia. And here the taxis are called cabs and I used to only use Yellow Cabs.
One night I was coming home for a night out. So I hailed a Cab and jumped in. I gave him the address and off we went. Now it was late or early depending how you look at it being 2am. Anyway he took the longest route and I said to him hay can to turn down here its quicker. He said no it may be quicker but there is more traffic. Like I dont know the roads around my suburb but obviously do. And yes at about 4pm during the week days the traffic could be bad but this was Sunday morning @ about 3am (at the time of me questioning the driver). So there was litterly noone else on the roads.
Any i just bit the bullet and then he takes a random turn. This turn took is off of the HIGHWAY and through some other suburbs. I jumped on google maps and typed in my address and hit directions. And the way he was going added about 18ks and 23 minutes to the trip. So again I asked where are you going. Why are you going this way.
He said easier quicker. His English wasn't great (He was Indian).
At this point I got the shits and said mate turn around, get back on the highway and take to Bruce highway exit. So he starts complaining in indian and I had no idea of he was saying.
He did what I said but obviously wasn't happy. He gets a phone call and I put my headphones in and opened google translate and heard him abusing the living shit out of me to the lady on the other end of the line. He's said. "I got a passenger and I'm going from the city to my suburb and when I tried to take him on a real long route and didn't think I would notice (I was out on the piss and wasn't wasted but was pretty close) and he did and now he made me turn around. I could have made another 35$AU From him. Bloody Aussies think can control everything. I will try to take another exit when he is watching.
Now he had no idea i could understand what they were saying as i had my headphones in.
So i pretended to be asleep and sure enough he takes an exit that he had to but veered of to the other exit coming off my exit. I let him go for a bit then
" woke up " and said dude what the EFF are you doing. Get back on the highway and stop being a dick. And if you do amything like this again im called Yellow cabs call centre. So he did and ended up going the direct route.
When he goes to charge me I said take 10$au off the price for your Effing about. So he did. It ended up costing 97$au anyway which was about the normal cost. That was that and I went inside and went to bed. But was still pissed off. But let it go and that was that.
Anyway the next weekend me and a few friends went out on the piss again. And when it came time to head off we went to the cab lines and wouldn't you know it. Guess who was sitting near the cab line. The same cabbie. And a plan was hatched.
As he was sitting on the opposite side of the road and not in the actual cab line.
So this was a bit embarrassing but bloody worth it. I went to all the other cabs and said to them that i had no money and need to get home so if you can give me a free rind home ill [email protected]$k your D. I'm a male and they were all males and so was the Indian cabbie. And as expected they said no. I asked all of them. About 14 of them. Yeah I got some weird looks and a bit of abuse from them but I didn't expect it to go smoothly.
Then I walked up to the Indian cabbie and gave him an address that was about 10 minutes away. And off we went.
So there was about 14 cabbies that thought he cave me a free ride for a blowie.
Funny as hell.

Sorry about some of the language.

Take care and keep up the good work.

Avante Walker



I love stories with karens getting some heavy dose of justice.

William Jones


Smiling Angel

I live in the uk and i love the last story makes me have faith in humanity again


I wish op would of said “will you being paying in cash or credit” when the roll lady had the 200 rolls


The only problem with the last story is that I don't think Karen actually got that much karma.

The way the Karen was dressed and acted, as well as the fact that her main concern was "What am I going to do with 224 rolls," and not "How am I going to pay for 224 rolls," makes me feel that she had quite a bit of wealth to throw around, and being made to buy all that ruined stock was only really a minor inconvenience to her.

Max Denton

You think the people in these stories are the ones who disliked it?

Just Junior

Bit late.
We used to have a Customer come in who was a Nurse/Carer for people who couldn't do stuff themselves. She was an utter bitch to the staff at where I worked.
Even my Manager told her not to be rude to the staff.
She had issues and one day mentioned she wanted to speak to the Manager again. I just responded with
"Can I have the number of yours so I could speak to him about your attitude?". Never saw her again.

If you know the person you are dealing with has full time employment. Ask for their Managers number if they're being a dick.

Kasey R.

F*** the whole not getting away with it now they should definitely still do that you touch bread without tongs you need to buy all the contaminated bread that's fair I mean seriously we got covid-19 around you're honestly going to tell me it's okay to just touch it with your dirty ass hands the tongs are there for a reason if it even if we didn't have covid you your hands or f**** dirty


Can u switch up the Karen voice, it’s honestly getting kinda annoying

Darth Nihilus

Can I have some video with my ads?

TailStraw xD

Someone buy the manager from the Bread Roll Karen story a 6 pack and a cigar. What an absolute bro unit.

Hehdhd Hdhdhs

Lmao that last one is my grandma for sure why do old ladies have to squeeze the rolls??

Lit Potat

"and everyone heard the same-" *supercell logo plays*

Based on a true story

XxAmanmini_ProxX 123

I love the text one


rSlash the channel will always and forever need more puns!

Erin W

I have the worlds best land lord , hearing stories like that plumbing one remind me of how lucky I am. ?❤️

Captain Basketcase86

I always email my real estate. I won't communicate via email for my own reasons.. mostly so they can't say they never told me or that i never told them some thing needed to be fixed

DinoooOo_ Plush

Soo uhh. Has anyone else realised the background moves?

Andrew Asher

Bruh ily your Karen voice


Bare in mind, most "rolls" in supermarket bakeries in the UK cast anywhere from 40p to 65p (ballpark from memory, could be higher), and that lady's arrogance and utter karen nature cost her anywhere from £89.60 to £145.60 PURELY cause she was being grubby and sticking nails and her hands in and on fresh goods.

Jer Berus

This is one of your most advertisement-heavy videos. 7:30 in, and I've already had 3 advertisements pop up while watching your video. :/

James Williams

It’s illegal for the landlord not to fix the plumbing.


For the one with the TV. I just basically had that when I got my tv a few months ago. Price was $349 online with free delivery in the same city which I am. But it says there is delays in shipping due to covid. Well the store in about 5km from me. So I call and say can I pick it up. Guy tells me no, even though I paid for it and delivery is free I wasn't allowed to drive down and get it. I had to wait about 7 days for a 5km journey I would of made for free same day ??


rslash out here with more cringe than cnn student news lol

Joel Navarro

Ding ding I will sue you for doing what Ian telling you to do

Andariel Drachen

"a lot of dough" .... lolz.... ?


0:20 so you aren’t human?

Pcnazillp G


Dana Carter

a lot of dough... groan.

CJ Jasira

I don’t understand the second story about the tv. It sounds like a regular purchase.

Kartikey Rajderkar

You have used that thumbnail before




i got an add right when the bread pun happened I've never been so grateful of adds

StingrayKitten 179

I just realized in the first one if ops a guy and his roommates a girl isn't that illegal

Unless I got a gender wrong I'm actually curious about this if anyone knows the answer

Rock Brain

Yay top 750 comments


Could you please say "Be sure to be subscribed!" because most of us already are....

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20h 775th comment

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rSlash can you cover r/rpghorrorstories in the future please