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(No Longer Relevant) Final Fantasy XIV - Best way to get Venture!!

5 865 views | 22 Dec. 2017

There are many ways to

There are many ways to get Ventures but if you dont need your red scrips for Grade IV Crafter/Gatherer materia this is the best way!!

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I don't have crafting or gathering leveled so that's going to be an issue lol

Grem Jams

Just greed everything from expert and other roulettes if you dont have a crafter or gatherer. My main has 2400 ventures with 4 retainers going on constant quick explorations.

Eric Polino

so it's basically 10 red scrips per venture.

or more accurately, 9.66 since you get 1035 seals and not 1000.

absolute _animeTV

What happen to the old ways?


Tried this out today and it wouldn't let me turn in the rings. Did this get patched out?

Angel Heart

Isnt this like a huge waste of scrips when you can spend them on materia? Then again I guess you never hunt. Allied seals and centurio seals are the best way to get ventures. You get 10 ventures per A rank, and 25 per S rank.

Eric Polino

20x100 scrip turn-ins => 2000 seals => 80 tokens => 40 rings => 41,400 seals => 207 ventures

this takes maybe 20mins if you have all the mats ahead of time


This is pretty nice bc i always try to get dyes from ventures. they go pretty quick

Brick Breaker

What server are you on in this game?

Venture coins

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Venture Coinist 2018 Crypto Outlook on CNBC Crypto Trader

15 588 views | 28 Jan. 2018

On this episode of CNBC's

On this episode of CNBC's Crypto Trader I give my outlook for the crypto market in 2018 plus specific sectors and coins to look out for.

To see the full episode featuring Brian Kelley, Vinny Lingham, Ricardo Spagni, Spencer Bogart, Ronnie Moas, Brock Pierce and others - check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ5QIzEDCzs

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Need more CoinChat videoooos :)

peter danny

great interview man! finally someone competent on tv. cnbcfastmoney should bring you but they favor scammers and idiots so far.



Hue Manatee


Should've mentioned Komodo in the interoperability segment though!


congrats man! so much good info he has to constantly slow you down lol.


Great job Luke!! Spot on as ever

Chaiwat boonsom

0x not OX fina

Silent Lamb

Well done n all but only been in since 2017.... kid keep that advice ??


Luke,I like the cut of your jib mate x

Roberto Rosas

I've been following on Twitter, thanks so much your time an effort to let us know more about this!




Nailed dude!

Topher Columbus

Nice job, Luke -- Well done.

Charlie Penoyer

Great segment Luke! ??

T Foltz

Nice job Luke! Cool as a cucumber

Justin Benson

Well done, Luke. Solid.

M Alex

Hey Luke! Great video. Where can I find that graph showing the current alt cycle?


he is a cute salesman who can draw lines and shout out the newst buzzwords hehe

Som fss



Like this bit i am biased ?

Som fss



You are so smart and quick. The journalist had to keep asking you to slow down!

Kevin Roney


Bitcoin Believer

He was dead wrong he didnt call this crash we just had

Roberto Brevé

5 trillion?

Bangla Steve

What about Komodo as one that ticks the box of 'interoperability'?

Sam Taylor

doesnt cover OmiseGo to much...... probably the biggest moonshot chance in crypto


Glad to see somebody competent on CNBNC! first time ever


He mentioned Vechain (VE)? or something else? 5:07 min

765 Yoshi

Youre def better than that Clown they usually have on CNBC talking about crypto. Maybe they should hire you

Kevin Thayer

Anyone notice he talks about ZRX and they put up OX instead? I guess 0x and OX got them confused?

Phillip J. Fry

WOW $XZC is his Pick just WOW $XZC


Yes Luke!

Jools 777

Awesome performance Luke! Great to see the DEX coverage in amongst this as well!

Black Hole-chan

Good one man :)

DJ Love Hz

Great job man.

Julian Schweizer

EOS will be the biggest clearing up this year!DPOS


Looking sharp lad! You reminded me of Christian Bale in American Psycho ;)


Nailed it! Congrats luke!

Vernicus the 3rd

Congrats Luke dope to see you on the tele

Jamie Galves

Congrats man. Looks like you are being solidified as the Michio Kaku of crypto. You have my vote ?

Bitcoin Believer

He knew better than to say the shytcoin called Tron trx pure bs shytcoin



Justin Jensen

ZenCash nodes are great too! Really like the community and setting up a nod on ZenCash is cheap compared to the others at the moment. Great vid, Luc. Bullish on DEXs and privacy coins this year too.


5 Trillion....let's see....


Nice man, congratulations, great info!


I'm not so good with TA but more adept with market sentiment and totally agree. I think the new money lost some confidence with btc when scaling became an issue at least temporarily. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes for lightening to get a foundation.

Ace Stojevski

Wanchain all the way!! Top 10 coin in the very near future, ready product, ready platform. Get ready!

I've been saying 5T by end of the year, awesome Luke!

Lucas Gardezani Abduch

quite nice!
on DEX I'd definitely add BCO and BLOCK
have you looked into these?

How T

interviewer tried to pump OMG lol


Actually got interviewed by a pajeet. lol

765 Yoshi

ohhh no Omisego love shame shame


Who is this crypto Wizard? I like him.


Someone on CNBC who isnt completely dumb? Insane Nice Interview


Luke Martin excellent chat. Definitely, Dex's, privacy coins and platforms are going to be big. Hope to see you on more channels in future.

My Youtube

Killed it mate


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leon elas

You carry yourself really well man. Thanks for being transparent with your charts on twitter.

Prem Raja

Well done Luke!

Venture coins

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FFXIV ARR: Retainer Ventures Guide

64 542 views | 8 Apr. 2014


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This video contains my own editing and commentary and is for educational purposes.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV c 2010-2013 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserve

Simon Sidorov

How do I favorite this video after liking it?

Andrew Mutz

I'm wondering if there are any specifics with Bot Min or Fisher Retainers.. ya I have those three atm, was wondering if because I'm  doing 3 ppl of the land if I'm missing out on anything huge.. :D


Well, I have not had any luck with rare items yet and I always equip the best HQ eguipment.

Denzil Davis

I find the retainer venture system interesting, my retainer is a lvl 20 blm and she brought a cottage wall, blacksmith boots hq, black risotto( I think that ls a 2 star craft meal) and ifrit 's cane (white mage weapon). I get excited every time my retainer is back from a venture lool

Zelgadiss 84

Love the randomness of the quick venture rewards. I have gotten a couple of lvl IV materia, 2 i70 Crafted gear, a i70 PVP item, as well as other expensive goodies; all from lvl 5-15 ventures. I find it hilarious at how much money ive netted from them. They pay for themselves, Ive used the money I made to buy them BiS items for their level. 

James Speasmaker

Ok, I have a few questions for retainer ventures that Im trying to figure out.  All my toons are lvl 50, DoW, DoH, & DoL.  I have 4 retainers, a lvl 50 miner, lvl 50 botanist, lvl 45 fisher, and lvl 45 archer.  On my miner and botanist, they are geared and currently maxxed gathering at 383 to do the final exploration XIII which requires 383 gathering.  My questions are, with the the ilvl70 primary tools on my miner and botanist, is it possible to obtain a second one to put on your retainer, atleast equip it to your retainer and then get another one for your miner/botanist?  Also, adding onto the first question, on the Explorations via a DoL  retainer, in order to recieve a higher item as in the new items via patch 2.2 which require a 408 gather and 389 perception, do you have to have those stats on your retainer to obtain those items?


That bow, so sexy


I wish in the future they made the ability for retainers to join your party.


It should be mentioned that in the case of Disciple of Land classes, If you haven't gathered something they can't find it. For instance if you never found alumen as a miner then your retainer can't find it either, even if it does show up on the list.


Retainers can solo Hard Mode Primals.
I don't know whether to feel ashamed or very, very afraid...


A noob question here. how do you sell your Unique items on the market, since I´ve seen several armors from various dungeons on the market but when I try, it says I can´t sell Unique untradable items.. so how did these others do it or have they simply crafted it or what am I missing. Thanks. great vids btw


Thanks for the help mate. I'm new and am working on reaching max level. Didn't even know this was a thing and I'm already 65.


Your comment on level caps is incorrect. Your retainer is capped at your level minus 5, unless your level is 50, then their cap is also 50. So, retainer level caps will jump from 44 to 50 when you go from 49 to 50.

Therouanne Ragnerock

yesterday my lvl 35 miner brought me back a moogle mog bow from a quick exploration. I have never been more proud of him.


Everything great but unfortunately the "Troubled Adventurer" exists only in guides because I cannot find them in the game at all, looking for them from 2 hours, having a lvl 80 and two retainers since I started playing around 2-3 months ago...


Wanted to give my 2 cents. I have a 43 Archer, 42 Miner, 42 Fisher, 39 Botanist. Doesn't matter what war/magic class they are, they all gather the same materials. As mentioned, land disciples cannot gather items you have not personally gathered at least once. War/magic seems to be based on item level, and as you level up, you'll be able to get more of some items, and in less time (I think 40 minutes is the lowest). Land disciples benefit from Gathering/perception, allowing them to gather more materials in less time.

As a crafter (all 50), it's amazingly convenient to be able to get materials without actually going out to get them, especially fish (I'm 50 in all land classes as well). Botanist can get 1 seed (assuming you've gathered), and Miner can get 1 Topsoil (at least up to grade 2, retainers are not level 50 yet).

And with the recent 2.21 patch, you can see how much time is remaining when you click on the summoning bell, as well as through the Timers menu.


Description below as well, up my azz i say. I hate when people in their videos, say that they have more info in the description, and what not, and then they forget to do that...


So here is a question.  I have gathered seeds and it appears my botanist retainer is able to gather them as well, HOWEVER, only certain kinds of seeds from the ones I have already gathered.  I have gathered a garlic seeds, yet my retainer cannot be sent to gather them.

Huskerdude 27

I'm level 20 and im confused, I cant find a either the troubled adventurer or anything of the sort... what am I neglecting to do ? I need to know the pre-requisets to starting the retainer quest. thanks !


I was surprised how many retainer guides don't talk about how to get the venture coins. Great, simple and helpful video


Are retainer ventures really necessary?  It seems like just something fun on the side, hardly something that will really help.

David Cruickshank

It's disappointing that it can only be your classes, I have lvl 50 miner and I was hoping to make my retainer a botanist so I didn't have to lvl it but could get botany items. It took 5 days for me to find out I couldn't do it.

Michael Nainggolan

Now if only my Retainer brought back that White Raven Armor piece!!!

Kazuma Kiryu

Im getting really irritated that no one has any information on how to use modern vocation to make retainer a samurai


Quick Exploration nets extremely random goods, and honestly, "random" does not do it enough justice to describe it, given the potential. My lv11 Miner went on a Quick Exploration and brought back the ilvl 75 mog weapon for SCH. I'm guessing QE is just another way of saying "Crime Spree".

Neo Android

I have made one a conjurer, i thought about making the other a DoL. But my highest DoL is 20..So should i make another DoW/M or wait?

John Jimenez

Hey happy how do you get more than 2 retainers? I seen people with 4


Probably should have mentioned you can get pvp gear, hm primal weapons, crafting materials from end-game content, etc from quick exploration.


i have a smn and a botanist
i also have a alchemist.
so what is the best job for my retainer?
arcanist or botanist?
what would be best served for my alchemy job?