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RNDR. - Nateraka Hangirana (Lyrics Video)

5 375 views | 17 Jan. 2020


Artiste: RNDR.

Titre: Nateraka Hangirana (Lyrics Video)

Beatmaker: Titijex on the Beat

Video by: Indicafilms

© TurnUp Recordz / Indicafilms 2020

Antso Vicky


Rado Rakotoarimanana

Ca va ben a. Bon courage tohizo foana

Nix Lerouge

GG xtasy

Ricco Alix

Masika lesy! Maka an'la atram farany bro

Eniox - Tiavina



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5 views | 26 Jan. 2021


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OTOY GTC 2020 Fall - Clip 2: Octane Multi-Render, Brigade, RNDR, Hydra, Octane X, AR/XR!

129 315 views | 7 Oct. 2020

A clip from Jules Urbach's

A clip from Jules Urbach's Fall GTC 2020 Presentation focusing on OTOY's new rendering technologies for real time path tracing with Brigade, multi-render support through Hydra, and Octane X on iPhone AR!

Watch the entire presentation at: https://t.co/uGickczP5M?amp=1

Thomas Kumlehn

cannot wait to see results with AppleSilicon

Chris Dennehy

Brigade always looks way better than render to me, why is he showing this as the render guy?

Yk Sin

how much is octane in us dollars? on the site it saya 699 euros which is 850 us.




Please add a good way of handling license keys, the current does suck and we won't upgrade for that reason until that is better.


hmmmmm :)

Mr WiP

Bigade seems awesome ! Is there any chance to see it well integrated in sketchup, like Lumion or Enscape ?
The actual Octane for Sketchup plugin is really weak and unstable, and Archviz user could really benefit from a new tool based on Brigade and deeply interconnected with Su.


Life is just a real time rendering engine based on ATOM tech I own 35% of it.

Laurent Marques

I dont understand arnold in octane ? is it need to have arnold licence ? why render arnold in octane ?

Nicolas Sempere

But before anything, make the 30X0 functional pls !

Ricardo Rey

omg u guys are gonna make me really switch to IOS????? HOW DARE U!? ok :(




Will brigade and octane going to have blender plugin version? Not a custom blender build, like a zip file and you install it like other plugins

The Big Negative

Brigade is the future but can you also rewrite your 3ds max plugin? I have worked with every 3ds max engine for quite some time and octane definitely has the worst workflow of all. by far.

Владимир Попов

Is it possible to render a brigade of 3ds max?


Is Brigade a competitor of Unreal Engine and Unity?

Logan Pinney

Great presentation. Jules you are a true tech visionary!
So excited to see the future of Otoy unfold. Anime shader looks like so much fun. Brigade in Unreal ?? cannot wait!

Boba Fett

what's that app name on iphone?

TWITTER: BankingOnXrp

If I bought two 3090’s is it possible to mod a PC to have double the power if I had multiple other components as well

Felipe Soares

Will the brigade be available for next generation consoles?


17:53 Do you guys not have any phones?

free nomon

So when can we see Brigade on 3090?
Ive been waiting Brigade for 5 years

gabriele gelfo

I'd like to see Otoy in the Blender's corporate gold list. I would invest everything on Blender. All these technologies need an open source platform. Autodesk and Nemetschek are closed worlds.


So, hold on!!! I went to bed on the 6th of October 2020..... and woke up on the 7th of October 2030???????????????? ???

Jimmy Gunawan

20:42 Octane X as AR on iOS is INSANE!!!

Wout Tengrootenhuysen

That all looks super promising, really really nice :) ! Funny to see my pasta video show up again btw :)


Well my idea would be Nvidia ditches Cuda cores for RTcores and calls it RTXe (endgame). Rockstar adds Brigade into RAGE engine and Bäm GTA like never seen before.

James Conkle

Will Brigade utilize multiple GPU? Also, will it be able to be used in C4D view window where one can interact with the scene, move objects?


Its sounds like Low settings Elon Mask explaining render engines xD

Liam Kv

Will this join in c4d?



Doctor KJ

Great presentation. Thnx. Were do you see MacOs in all this? Honestly. I'm forced to switch from Mac to Windows/Linux because Mac seems pretty limiting at this point regarding GPUs (no nvidia). Apple silicon is still far away from a workstation standpoint. Octane X on metal seems slower than on Cuda.... Can you shed some light on the subject? Thank you.

Andreas Aronsson

Someday we'll be able to run a Brigade scene in VR, and it will be glorious. ?


what is the plan for sculptron ? what will the product become?


Disappointed Brigade wont be out until next year. It'll be worth the wait, because the ray tracing support on UE4 is all over the place.

mister tamura

Wow, this looks promising. I just wonder why these guys are able to so efficiently code for the Metal API, while the devs at Chaosgroup can't figure it out.

Joseph P

The Brigade logo looks like it was designed with anti-aliasing off XD

Eddy M

Hi, thanks for this interesting video.

Mike Wood

If Brigade ever comes out will it be part of Octane?


Those last videos ?

Tom Crotty

Awesome. I remember seeing previews of Brigade all the way back in 2013. It was always clear that the engine would be a huge leap for realtime rendering and it's really exciting to see the results!