Turkey lira currency

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Inflation Soars 12% In Turkey As The Currency Crashes 27%, Citizens Get Desperate To Escape The Lira

14 997 views | 31 Oct. 2020

Turkey is not unique in

Turkey is not unique in that hyperinflation is the common result of using fiat currencies. Turkey's central bank is struggling To convince the public that the currency is undervalued following a 27% collapse in value. We covered previously the desperate lengths people will go to to escape the Lira including taking out a new mortgage just to buy gold as the reports keep rolling in of Turkish citizens redeeming their savings to avoid the rapid deterioration of purchasing power. This is the critical weakness with using money that is backed by nothing, it requires faith and once the people's faith in a fiat currency fails there's little left that can be done to reverse course. The more people rush out of the currency into gold or other inflation protected assets the lower the currency falls and it becomes a self reinforcing system. The main objective on everyone's mind is how do I stem the losses now which has been the driver behind the climb to record high gold prices in the Turkish Lira.

Carma Qiara

Maybe if Turkey had not spent the last 9 years at war with Syria, they could have avoided this mayhem. It costs money to war. Investing in technology to uplift the economy instead of war (like U. S.) is a more sensible solution.

Michel Kalombo

The curse of ottoman empire has begun ?

Xraw Goldx

These things happen ?.

Nicholas Alexander

Despite the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest

Mark Edwards

Whatever government agency or group of Elites NEED TO STOP MANIPULATING the price of US silver & gold!

Randy Best

Kudlow is a total boob.

Black Route

Turkey been in a bad position since the leadership distanced themselves of the idea to join the EU.

Witness Protection

I like to stay dangerous

Chess Dad

Just keep printing faster than inflation. LOL. This is a joke.

Peace Miley

People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin


I notice women trying to leave TURKEY...
Nice blondes, too

Tatiana Malinowska

Is worthy to buy a property in Turkey for cash now?




I feel sorry for the cats of Istanbul.

shirley lake

Trump is trying to move us back to the gold standard.
Vote Trump2020! Even the Amish and my 89 yr.old mother have voted Trump early!


Things get better when there is work.

Left Box Anderson

Is this a bellwether or an anomaly. We as a community have been journaling these things for decades and yet we continuously underestimate the resilience of capitalism and fiat currencies


Erdogon took one of the most dynamic economies and threw it in the ditch. The guy destroys everything he touches

Dennis Perry

At the end of your video you started saying "we". So I was not sure if you were talking about Turkey or the United States.

D Sopher

Hyper inflation definition is a 50% loss of purchasing power per month.


Erdogan just getting a head start. We'll catch up to him soon enough


Hey JJ. Have you noticed how these leaders foreign and domestic do demonic signs with their hands? We are a cattle driven world into the one world order.


We’re really at 10% inflation in the US so not much difference

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Mike Callies

So tell me something ....How much gold is there for everyone ? And those that dont have it will die and only those that do will be able to buy or sell ? Boy thats good for an economy that never existed in the first place

ozan arslan

Turkish here, at this very moment the time is 5:26 am here. President of Central Bank of Turkey has been expelled three hours ago. Yes, he is expelled around two am on SATURDAY. I suggest you to start working on your new video. I can't wait to see what will happen on MONDAY.


Just like the FED's Inflation Bluff!
While the FED act is in effect, they can only jawbone it

Bill S

Happy pumpkin ? day!


Well and this is the thing too is don't forget that DC and turkey have been at odds for good while notice how DC and Venezuela were at odds and then conveniently their currency collapsed!

Basically that is how powerful the central bank is so yeah DC is going to tell you that it's because they printed too much there's all this nonsense going on and blah blah blah blah blah yeah I don't doubt that they probably did some money printing especially back when they were in our good graces of course they joined it but it wasn't really enough for them to be holding half the bag that they are holding and the same with Venezuela!!!

Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez

next is US on Turkey day

Perry Escobar

I look around outside people don't see it coming. Amazing

Macro Guy

But no currency dominates 80% of global assets, there is such a demand for dollars from it being the worlds reserve currency that deflation will only happen in this situation. Prove me wrong I’m willing to go deeper

fallen angel

Who cares about Turkey's lira (anything can happen in a 3rd world country) ?!

Francis schenk

Stock crashes, investing in Bitcoin will be the wisest thing to do ?

Marco Segura

Trump 4 more years no more sleepy JOE ?


You have to keep in mind that countries in that part of the world turkey is one of them they still have a lot of Street vendors they still do a lot of barter and trade they live in the environment where gold and silver is more applicable to more people any day of the week.....

However throughout the Western world particularly here in the United States we left gold and silver far behind about 80 years ago so even most of the proponents of the gold and silver movement don't even really fully know how to attach its value to specific items.....

See that's why exactly precious metals will not work in our society it just will not work you will end up with basically gun fights much like the OK corral legend....

because of course the old saying goes something is only worth what someone is willing to pay....

and there's only one major problem with precious metals and that's the sheer fact that once it's gone it's gone I mean you go around town and start whittling flakes off of this s*** you ain't going to have it very long you start passing out bars and nuggets and whatever you might have coins okay well you still have that you might be able to get dinner but what happens when you run out of it because there ain't any more coming your way....

Also you have to figure this the technically it's in basically short supply compared to other forms of currency but also just compared to normal everyday goods it's totally in short supply you could argue that that would cause its value to increase however I also would argue that that makes it even less feasible for everyone to actually use it and the reason being is because your employer is not going to pay you every week or every two weeks via gold and silver it's just not going to happen because there's simply not enough to go around......

Also for years I myself have more than predicted not hedging like some people believe and or even lower inflation it would actually lead to higher inflation and here is why.....

Simply because it's not trackable there's no way to insure its theft there's no way to protect a business from taking the risk of using it....

In other words when a business hangs up the sign that says four flakes equals what used to be the dollar and or the equivalent of when they hang up a sign and says you know one nugget is worth whatever one ounce or one coin is worth a dollar okay when you start establishing a conversion to where every day people can use it that sounds well and good here is the major major problem....

Again it's not trackable so that means a crooked clerk could decide to pocket one of those coins so where you get the inflation would be embezzlement which is theft what happens well that bottle of lotion that used to cost a dollar is now going to cost $5 because the business is going to figure in that somebody might help themselves to a couple if not three of those coins!!!

It would be a complete pain in the ass to manage and as someone who has management experience in retail I can certainly tell you you wouldn't want that shit in your store!!

slava key

I have noticed collapse of currency all over places in the world. Will this wave hit us soon? I prepared as much as I could.

Victor T

The dominoes begin to fall ;)

nick hurley

The definition of hyper inflation is 50% three months consistent or more so by definition this is not hyperinflation... not even close


Anyone who listens to Kudlow is just as much a moron as he is.

höpö nasu

Well there we go - this will lead into wide war since Turkey dictator has only one avenue left - to get energy source to keep the economy float so he is in Libya, Agean Sea and current support for Azeebaizan.


NO ON 22

Mill Stacks



I am travelling in Turkey, one of the few countries wide open for tourism. The currency has dropped recently. Prices are low, value is high. A great country to spend time traveling around. Restaurants and cafes are busy, people have to wear a mask unless seated.

Kenny G

No Stimulus is coming period ..they stringing those fools along ...Maybe 2022

r canyon

Hyperinflation is a term to describe rapid, excessive, and out-of-control general price increases in an economy. While inflation is a measure of the pace of rising prices for goods and services, hyperinflation is rapidly rising inflation, typically measuring more than 50% per month.


fear porn.... turkey is a despised country therefor global trade is punishing them... no correlation to western markets at all, this video is nothing more than fear porn


The other thing about inflation is and I've said it amongst many friends over the years...

And that would be that yes the monetary problems are definitely contributing to inflation no doubt but then you have a lot of businesses that just make excuses to jack up the prices and because you have largely an uneducated public particularly when it comes to business they're mindless consumers who just buy whatever the company tells them they think they've learned some next level shit anytime these corporations say something publicly and of course whatever they say happens to be on this side or that side of the political spectrum and that's generally the realm that most people hang out in...

In other words one issue that's frequently talked about is minimum wage increases now the majority of the time the minimum wage increase year over year is only about 10 to 15 cents most of these stores we all know are running skeleton Cruise now so the problem is is if 10 to 15 cents on the hour especially as their capping their hours below 30 if that small of an increase actually really hurts your books the way that they love to claim then technically at that point you have no business being in business you're already broke you're already a zombie company.....

but of course the companies get on TV and say well we're going to have to raise this or that another dollar or another dollar 25 all because they had to pay another 10 to 15 cents to the work that big of a price hike certainly doesn't match up with their claim..... But basically that's what's going on that's what causes inflation is that it's made the hell up!!

But of course the major problem that I have talked about in my strengths and family for years is the sheer fact that we are in a race against Time what happens first is all this monetary stuff blow up in our face and that causes the economy to collapse.....

Or is it a matter of that there's an income to fish to see across the population but also across businesses especially given that most industries and the businesses within those industries are heavily saturated with debt does that actually collapse first you know we've already seen that this year yeah it's not really the coronavirus it's the sure fact that many suppliers to not only retail industries but suppliers for manufacturing have folded up and the reason being is because they too have played the debt game and they've lost....

By myself would say if there's some sort of steadiness to this madness it's probably a combo with a bus that it could go slightly before the other either one of these problems could go off but I can assure you that the other problem is not far behind it could only be about a moment's notice of a difference....

I would also say that before you really get to what everybody has talked about being hyperinflation you know where you're paying $100 for a loaf of bread before you get to that point because you're never going to get to that point guess what the bread factory done went out of business so you're just playing not even getting the brat but that also means that the suppliers of wheat and of course just regular around the middle of flower which is made from wheat those guys are out of business at that point they probably couldn't get anybody to ship and so they don't they just close and go home so you're probably not even going to be able to make your own bread unless you happen to raise wheat!!

Basically in other words I'm in my own camp about how it really comes down to manufacture and supply you can argue about the price of goods all day long and high prices are devastating and that too can lead to starvation literal deaths of people however it's also a lot worse for the products to never even make it to the store shelves that they're not even being manufactured.....

So I would say at this point standing here today you more so run the risk that we're just plain going to get cut off of supply and that's going to implode the economy and then basically what happens after that is gold and silver is completely useless because well there isn't anything left to buy and there's no one to buy it from at that point we basically in the course of 2 hours if not even just a half an hour when everything will be loaded we will de evolve into primarily a smash grab run like hell society!

and then I know that some of you in the gold community love to talk about well it isn't for that particular crisis it's more so for the aftermath....

well there is a major problem with this theory and that is that the aftermath is actually part of the same scenario it's not really over just because you can go out on your front lawn finally and actually have a civil conversation with someone doesn't necessarily mean is it in two days they're going to pop you off you may end up with false senses of security and normalcy.....

Don't forget that even during the dark ages after the collapse of around there were good years and they were bad years and there were some years that was worse than others you're always get them the bottom line is is that period of time sucked so bad that the whole thing was labeled the dark ages and for those that don't know it lasted a thousand years so 200 years after the collapse of Rome a lot of people could have said well you know we're we're definitely done with the aftermath of Rome but in reality they weren't they were still living out that reality......

You have to consider that especially in the aftermath of a postmodern society people will be basically running in stampede only to find out there's really nowhere to rock when that reality hits them okay it gets even more dangerous than the first initial panic....

So chances are you're more likely to be forced out of your dwelling wherever you have your gold and silver stashed you're not going to be able to take it with you because you too will have to move your ass and you will have to move it in a big hurry and it more than likely at that point will not be worth anything given humanity as we know it is lost and the humans are in a giant panic and stampede they're not interested in buying or selling things and they certainly ain't taking the time to manufacture things they're simply rating others for what they can get and some of them that may had been able to establish small communities if they're producing anything they're producing for themselves not the likes of any of you!!

Basically this is the thing with farmers a lot of people in the gold community unfortunately an arrogantly fake because they don't actually understand how farming works but as farmer types are going to kill a 2,000 lb cow to sell some idiot $5 to $10 worth of beef that's not how that works we don't do that so we don't care what currency you show up with we don't care if it's metal we're not interested because we know that we will fare better in the long run if we keep that cow and many other cows out in the field grazing rather than selling it to you five to ten dollars at a time especially because we have nowhere to go and nothing that we really need to buy so your money is useless to us!!

Of course that is the problem with the current population by the way young and old people their boomers and what's left of the supposed greatest generation.....

Yeah let me just tell you this I'm an order filler at a big box store and all age groups in this population even in this small Midwestern town have a huge problem accepting the fact that this and that is by the way out of fucking stock.....

see this is why the gold and silver propaganda has caught on so much is because people do not want to deal with the fact that someday they may not be able to get what they want even if they've got the money they're again it comes down to supply and this is something that most of the population find boring and they don't want to deal with and that would be logistics so most people do not understand it this is why most people do not have an understanding of business let alone retail.....

You know it's hilarious is the jailbird high School dropout drug dealer you can find out anywhere you wish to go knows more about retail customer service and fucking logistics then the majority of that supposedly overeducated middle class that's what's fucking hilarious at this point this is how stupid the majority of the population actually is.....

To get screamed at on a daily basis because we do not have this this or this it stopped and it's usually by some well-dressed old Peck and puff and or some young preppy son of a bitch who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground it's ridiculous they get irate they're ready to kill us so no I'm sorry you're gold and silver is nonsensical bullshit and it will not help you and the reason being is because it's either you have the fucking products or you don't!!!

And most people in the gold community I'm sorry you're in the same crowd as this idiot customers in many respects and the reason being is because most of you have this huge problem where you can't fathom the world where you just can't slam money on account and get whatever you want on demand sorry Charlie that's coming to an end and you need to fucking grow up a deal with it every single one of you!!!!!!

Wendy McIlroy

Forget about gold, get into Bitcoin...


This is because of Erdogan’s ambitious behavior . TURKEY ?? is in SYRIA ?? , LIBYA ?? , Now in AZERBAIJAN ?? ARMENIA ?? war . Even the USA ?? corporation is scratching their heads wondering what the hell he is doing . ?‍♂️ .

Phil Fortner

By 2021 America will be in Turkey's position except leaders will attempt to mask the actual inflation. By 2023 the whole monetary system collapses.

Ernest Tarango

They are not just buying Gold. They are also buying Bitcoin. It’s easier to transact Bitcoin than Gold.

Robert Weaver

Gold is money, it's not a currency

inner dinosaur

Hello everyone ?✌️?

Michael Jason

It isn't called tribulation for nothing

Shinobi Shade

Just ordered some more Gold and Silver. I feel bad for the people that don't know what's going on


Lol no I'm sorry the dollar Nor silver gold nor cryptocurrencies are not an investment and they certainly are not a hatch what they are is their currency so that's all they were ever meant to be in fact cryptocurrencies for the most case especially in the case of Bitcoin was not actually meant to be monetary anything what that was used for was a show of work go look up the white paper on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.....

of course that's the other thing too is if you're buying gold and silver stock what you're doing is you're buying paper metal which means you're not buying metal so it's crap just anyway....

you see that's the problem they have down to comex they've been rigging it for years especially libor everybody knows this okay the system can't last much longer...

Yeah I mean what was that famous situation where couple man Kennedy went to go get his shoes shined back in 29 and here the shoe shine boy new just as much about the stock market as he did right after he got his shoes signed he went back in and dumped everything he out because he said that if they know just as much as we do do we have a massive problem and that problem of course is many things but one of which is that they too know when it's rigged and they may get itchy and get out and that alone can cause implosion it was an engineered crash that was later due to politicians prolonged the depression!!

Maskman Five

And when people ... Like everybody starts hedging onto something .... You know a blood bath is going to happen.

Michael Anenberg

It looks to me that this Fiat casino is gonna last for a long, long, long, time yet!
This crap can go on for another decade! Hardtimes will last another 10 years! This is NOT going away!
The world is sick and tired of the lies and schemes!!


Well the problem with any currency not just paper pal but even with gold and silver is it the faith-based system and as I spoke before and mentioned quantities of said currency gold and silver is not something that you can really base an economy on at least person to person person to business and the reason being is because there's simply not enough to go around this is why it was more so to back the currency but of course with everything they printed up and create a digitally you'll never have enough of that to back so that system is blown to hell and back already it's gone it's over face it it's done.....

You know there again there's not enough gold and silver for your employer to pay you each payday it's just not going to happen that way you could argue that that is why they're wanting to move things in digital realm but of course they're also wanting to do that for control....

The major question on most people's minds at this point is what happens not only on the other side of the goofy election but what happens on the other side of Christmas you know basically since late August I myself have felt well they're just basically coasting us through the year and then next year who knows it could be balls to the walls bullshit one thing is for certain the so-called normalcy isn't really coming back and what we called normal in 2018 wasn't really normal because nothing's been normal since September 11th 2001....

Basically on the other side of this what I see is not just unemployment rates going through the roof and I don't mean the ones that your government tells you what I mean is you're going to see less and less people get up and go to work each day and then eventually you're going to see more and more empty houses on your street probably because of eviction if not foreclosure that eventually you're going to see people basically breaking into those homes and just living there and by the time we get to that that means your police force is possibly not half showing up or they're just looking the other way.....

The truth of it is is the system has always been fragile as long as people were able to get their entertainment get the goods and services that they wanted as long as they were able to at least pretend to have enough money then technically everybody would bow down and be faithful to the system in one manner or another.....

But I believe that what we're seeing is there's a massive loss in faith and as that continues the world will seriously look a lot different some say only one needs to look at California others point to Chicago and New York honestly I've never been to any of those places but all I really need to do is look at my own town because we're getting a big swell in the homeless population and now I don't believe all of it is drug related that is something that's a media throws out to basically keep the middle class entertained with the idea that their brand of life is there to stay and they'll be fine and it's just these people's problems blah blah blah....

It's a cover story the reality of it is is those who already lost their jobs this year those who are going to lose their unemployment benefits and then those that will not be able to get a job next year or even the latter half of this year they seriously face homelessness then of course you have the normal job losses that happen every month.....

there's normal job losses that happen every month basically come from the sheer fact that the majority of jobs are temporary jobs even if they've pretended to hire you in permanent full-time or even permanent part-time.....

Look at the work opportunity tax credit an employer can hire you and if they work you 120 hours they receive a 25% tax break if they work you for 400 hours they get a 45% tax break so basically what's going on is employers hire a big body of people....

They work these people for the 120 hours some they may work a little longer but ultimately they're getting rid of them and they're hiring new people in here's the problem at any given town everybody's done been through those places at one time or another this is why we're seeing companies 30 miles away advertising in our area even companies that are 50 miles away and these jobs don't pay any more than maybe 12 bucks $13 an hour some of them it could be 15 but who the hell wants to drive 50 miles for that it's ridiculously stupid.....

And then of course in my town yeah we're totally seeing people 20 30 and 40 miles out driving clear to here for work.....

The name of the game is psycho man and cycle about pick up those breaks most of these people aren't worked anywhere near the 400 hour mark because the employers figured out that if they just hire in a big group of people and just go for the 25% tax break that that's good enough and that's what they do by the way temporary services are also eligible to receive these tax breaks everywhere can get these if you employ people you're entitled to that program!!


Turkey doesn't have the reserve currency and can't export their inflation. Off course 3rd world country currencies are suffering.

Miriam Morkhul

Gold is the answer


there stock markets is at all time high

Eli In the Wolverine State

Good video. Great lesson in fiat.

Open Carry

If you think 2020 has been bad, wait till 2021, it's going to rise to the the level of FUBAR.

Dr. Paul Plumbing Heating

i think the us stock market will be down by 3000 this week


Banks are selling off gold. The future is digital. Buy Bitcoin.

Albert Lau

turkey is doing just fine, they are expanding and raiding neighboring countries and states for gold and silver.

Murray Terry

turkish govt wanted to restore turk ottoman empire. land grabbing in syria and libya. no good comes of this.

Reach 4 the Stars

Again I say, the United States needs to go back to the gold standard. And, I will continue saying it!

Mike Craphone

Why are you gold pumpers not buying bitcoin. It's digital gold. Right?

David Schupner

Buy 1 bitcoin while you still can...


They have alienated the Western World and this is the result of the Western Banks punishing them for thinking they could turn their back on the West.

Finance & Economics

Trust in the financial system worldwide is at an all time low, it explains everything!


Is anyone aware on this channel Turkey just got hit with 7.0 earthquake?

Michael Anenberg

10% inflation added to my home price is good! That's 50K! Higher and higher. Another 50K by May 2021? Yeah!
Californian's will buy my bloated house! Yeah! But who's buying the California Homes for sale? The Chinese! That's who!

harry viking

The Turks should be more desperate to get rid of the mad man Erdogan!!


We are seeing smaller countries one after another currencies collapse USA is just bigger and will follow suit just latter than smaller countries with less reasorces

Amy Czepiel

Bitcoin is the feature investing in it now is the wesest thing to do now especially the current rise


Hyperinflation is here


Turkey will end in being divided up into nations rather than the Frankenstein monster of ethnicities it is. Its the final stage of the dissolution of the ottoman empire.

Mark Murphy

Was in turkey 2 weeks ago, get this all inclusive hotel for a family of 3.
90 euro a night, incredible but the wages over were ridiculous.
Everywhere you went they knew the exchange rate against the euro and pound.

Andrew B

I believe hyper inflation is 50% per month not annum.


I was supposed to be going Istanbul next week. I bought some lira a couple of weeks back, £1 = 10.26 TL.. Its already at 10.85 TL!

UK likely to go into lockdown tomorrow. Gonna have to cancel /reschedule my trip AGAIN...

Good thing is by next year, the TL will be even less. Good for me..

Kenneth L

I get the concept of gold but what happens when people value something other than gold? What if food in the future is the most valuable.

Sunset Drive

Global inflation Turkey, Argentina?

The FED buys $120 Billion Dollars worth of Treasury and mortgage securities and a month. More money to the top 10%!

Imagine if $120 Billion Dollars was monthly pumped into the American local economies!?

Papa Bull

They had chance to join EU and modern western world but they abandoned all that and choose islamo-fascism.
Do I feel sorry for them ? No ... they got what they deserve.

NDM 84

Turks on average still live better than most Americans.

Maskman Five

Hahhaha as Tayep continues to be like Biden ... Going dementia.

Turkey lira currency

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Why does the Turkish lira keep falling?

3 293 views | 11 Aug. 2020

Further weakening of the

Further weakening of the currency could hinder Turkey’s efforts to generate foreign capital and strain the ability to repay debt. Insights via @CME Group: https://openmarkets.cmegroup.com/quicktake?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=paid_social&utm_campaign=quicktake_evergreen&utm_content=more_insights

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Joseph Yakubov

Again this SOB Erdogan???

Turkey lira currency

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Turkish Lira Hits Record Low Against Dollar

30 644 views | 6 Aug. 2020

Aug.06 -- Turkey’s

Aug.06 -- Turkey’s lira tumbled to its lowest level against the dollar as interventions by state banks failed to keep a lid on the currency’s depreciation. Piotr Matys, a strategist at Rabobank in London, says Turkey is close to facing a currency crisis. He appears on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Michael Scofield

Berat redflag faking turkish economy

akshay kumar

Turkey is the next Syria of this world. I am very happy to see that Turkish people are returning to their medieval way of life.

Erkin Küçükerol

beter olalım inşallah

ras Gerger

Well done Erdogan !!!
do not give up !!! ???

Jorge Gomez

Turkey is turning quick a sh*thole country. But they can only blame themselves for support this lunatic called Erdogan


Turkey's economy is sinking... Hi new venezuela

A. Cruz

Buy Bitcoin

Panteleimon Orfanos

I use now the lira as toilet paper it's cheaper!!!!!!!!!!

panos xd

Hopefully this country collapses and all of us in the Balkans and the Middle East get rid of those oppressive and opportunistic neighbours. They never stop trying for more conquests and wars. What they are doing to Greece, Cyprus, Ajerbaijan and Bulgaria is just terrible and unethical


Hahahaha hihihiihi ??


Nice keep going Down:)!

Rimas Kautsar

Every country now using QE, even in the US, the question how much Turkish government and Turkish people have gold bullion in their deposit?

Bit byBit

Only Red Cap Zaid Hamid from Pakistan can help Erdogan and Turkey PERIOD


Blame your dictator not coronavirus.

Petros K.

???????? u morons

Liberty Springs

Sending good wishes to the people of Turkey. Hope to visit your beautiful country and taste the wonderful food someday.

Muhajer lubnani

Apolitical party who takes the economy from # 113 to #13 in the world worth recognition. I traveled all over and my best visit was to Istanbul safety good transportation easy of live best food.., i advice the critic’s to visit and see for yourself, you will change your point of view.

Dhe Jokur

perfect, as a greek I love this. Im sure our allies do aswell :p

why is 45 still alive

Not been there since the, '80's. Didn't like it then. Erdogan's muslim agenda only makes it worse.

Taco taco Taco

Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey can do business with each other. This is fate of Muslim caliphate.

Darun Khourshid

It's only about to get worse for Turkey, they will soon need to step up with their own soldiers as their proxy forces are getting neutralized day by day by Syrians forces in Idlib and in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. Also, their middle-eastern neighbors are starting to grow tired of their BS. Erdogan went too aggressive and is now building several plans for Turkey including a new airport that is not even needed. Their economy is going to keep going plummeting as they keep playing with fire. They will not be able to continue what they are doing in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Also, why is the news casters head half orange and half white...

Joel Bondurant

Daaang, the US dollar is a trash fire. Buy Bitcoin, bye banks.

drc ula

Well son in law of sultan is in charge?

Joe Miller

wait for me, Turkey. I'm coming to get rich.


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Game Lion

Turkish people belike: erdogan is the best!. Hahahaha good luck

Burek King

Is it good buying turkish lira now?


Guys im live in turkey and erdoğan says in last days "the people cant buy fridge when we werent choosen but now everyones have new models fridge.."

YES its how he sees economy, u guys must be grateful for having intellectual leaders

Petros K.

13/10/2020 1€ - 9,30 TL wtffff


Turkey has been back for 20 years and this is the mistake of President Erdogan who with his policy only makes enemies


Lol sensationalism at its finest. Y axis starts at 7.03. Change is 17%, which is significant but not a “crisis”

Anax Statements

Easy solution stop the bullshit in the east medi and start negotiating for Oil money 50 50 with Greece and no one from the west gets any from it easy money no war no more crisis just logic

Jin Mazarro

Turkey,welcome to Pakistan ?

First French Republic

what is bad

i live at Turkey

Ali Ata Çiçek

we are screwed. tayyip erdoğan just killed our economy for good.

papas george

turkey is doomed.

Gertrudes Arellano

Mag kanu ang halaga

Nutaarsiassat 67

12 Mitsubishi trucks for the most corrupt country in the world Fuhrer who took me Church gives!

Sofyan 990

haha good riddance also you can forget the Libyan oil it ain't gonna save ya and you have sisi to thank for that XD

nitz vision

India canceled many defense deals with Turkey in past year due to its support to Pakistani extrimism....india gave them 2 billion dollar loss




Well if Erdogan thinks he doesnt need to lower interest rates thats the result he is getting. At least it shows that a fake university degree doesn't help and he is still the same old peasant

John Tan

Drop more pls turkey lira I wan go istenbul shopping

Clemens Steinbauer

Allah gonna solve this problem, just pray more