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【Arcaea】Silent Rush - Soleily【FTR譜面Chart】 【作業用】

6 420 views | 8 May. 2020

© All usage rights goes

© All usage rights goes to lowiro and Arcaea, 2020.

Arcaea: https://arcaea.lowiro.com/

Speed: 4.8

Sound Quality: 192kbps (Ogg Vorbis)

Syah Eiman

so calming music

Rush chart

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Rush - YYZ 100% Full Combo (Smash Hits Chart)

4 841 views | 24 Jun. 2016

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Follow on Twitch for Guitar Hero streams: http://www.twitch.tv/jasonparadise | Did you know the main riff of this song is actually YYZ in Morse Code? -.-- -.-- --..

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Teag R

Hell yeah Jason love me some Rush too! Wish I could drop by the streams more dude but times have been very busy/rough lately.


The news of Neil Peart reminded me that you did this song and I just had to come back and watch it. Such an amazing song!

ZerO F3arz



YYZ = The 3 letter code for Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Love Rush - have seen them twice already and would pay my hard earned money for a 3rd time if the opportunity ever presented itself. Along with Gord Downie, they are Canadian cultural treasures.


this fc feels... rushed

Party Squid

GHWT YYZ FC. cool letters, my guy

Dave Marx

Rush is variety
Not truly but still lovem


You should play more rush. For a real challenge you should play the whole first side of Hemispheres :)

Rush chart

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Closer To The Heart - Rush

4 902 682 views | 13 Oct. 2008



And the men who hold high places

Must be the ones who start

To mold a new reality

Closer to the heart

Closer to the heart

The blacksmith and the artist

Reflect it in their art

They forge their creativity

Closer to the heart

Closer to the heart

Philosophers and ploughmen

Each must know his part

To sow a new mentality

Closer to the heart

Closer to the heart

You can be the captain

I will draw the chart

Sailing into destiny

Closer to the heart

Adam Porter

Fack boys, that was DECENT!!!

Makayla Coleman

It got worse after season 7


2020 - Nov. The rime is now In love and with clear intention.

Matt The Hecking Weeb

After Neil's pass, this one hits different.

Jimmy's game play's and review's

Trevor shirt and chips lets go

Melissa mckay

Should I make my friends like this kind of music instead of rap so when we hang out it's like a movie

Bob movies

Love all you trailer park fans and rush ones to

Drake Engelhart

When Alex Lifeson asks you to put on a shirt, you put the fucking shirt on

Andrew Micheals

Seen Rush 11 times... Always amazing...??

Josh Garza

Way of the road bubbles

Clouded Thoughts

Watershed song, and album in Rush's Glorious Triumvirate trajectory. Brilliant on All Accounts!!

that one guy

Boys, when someone like alex liveson asks you to wear a t shirt, you put on the fuckin t shirt

OJ’s Glove

Frig off Lahey

Craig Townsend

A Corona Update
The Quiz marker

Scott Rasor

You no what Julian I fucking toldyaso

Gary Cheetah

Who's got your belly?

Gustavo DeAnda

I'm not giving anyone an "R"

Sarah W

Trailer Park Boys! RIP Neil Peart xx

Thomas Hartman

Perfect song for how our world should be rite now. Come on people.

Lawrence M Peltier

Why do people comment but dont say anything.

Karlo Caprice

Love that intro. Takes me somewhere better than here

Yorkshire Monkey

Why you all using big school words for ???? Just use normal people words ....... You're all just getting me fustatred.......


I'm not giving anyone a fucking R

Kevin Boettger

One of the best acoustic intros of all time, IMO. Alex is a master.

Harshil Panchal

Listened for the first time. Repeated for 3 days

Jeremy VanOrden

Who wants to crawl through a sewer to see Rush?

David Thorne

Get two birds stoned at once

Transfromers guy Gaming

Rest in peace Neill peart??


Listen to the lyrics in this song and then step back and take a look at the world today the men in the power must be the ones to start to shape a new reality that we want to hold closer to our hearts

k_otamob 23

Who came from trailer park boys ?

Bo M

Wild how so manny people just relate Rush to the Trailer Park Boys

Bryce D

Randy I am the liquor

Dastardly Bastard the 2nd

This is my favorite song to listen to while getting drunk and eating hot dogs and chicken fingers.

Britt Moore

I don't understand the dislikes. This is beautiful.

tim kahn

i love this song


I needed this!


This is literally the only good thing Libertarianism has created


Trailer park boys probably led us all here lol

Josh Garland

F--- off! I got things to do

Ewan Fresco

It’s no Gimmie an R tho, that song fuckin rocks

Ghostly Hydra

This song has a new meaning after having a heart transplant


Hey you fuck off with that Conky shit

Debra Meyer

God bless Neil Peart

Sepher Agon

Fuck trailer park boys. Rush 4eva!

Naydine Swain

Bubbles brought me here

Maximilien Prigent

Deeeeeeecent !

Katy Martin

This has got to be the prettiest love song I have ever from a kick ass rock band I just love and adore this band RUSH was kicking ass way back when I was teen 4 a very long time I tried to get tickets to one of their shows. but before I could I was like Cinderella who lost the golden slipper just a little too late they were always sold out whoever got tickets were some lucky son of a guns! Their music forever lives on in my ❤️

MR Nobody

YouTube sold out.

Margaret Burns


allan burton

Please rise for our national anthem.


Tô aqui na varanda olhando algumas estrelas e ouvindo closer to the heart kkkk sdds de quando eu era pequeno e fazia isso, mas eu tinha que esperar minha mãe colocar ela pra ouvir e quando coloca eu já tava indo correr pra varanda olhar as estrelas, não sei pq eu fazia isso mas era mto bom

federico amadeo

Pretty problematic in retrospect. "The knowing elite must rule, philosophers and plowmen must know their place". I still love it, though.

Jacob G.


Ahmad Tubasi

I knew Rush way before watching Trailer Park Boys but todaybim here again because of Bubbles.

Thomas Gawlinski

Rush was my best buddy’s favorite band. He strived to be like niel peart, among other things. He was a runner, a cyclist, a man of god. A brother, a boyfriend. An amazing friend. Couldn’t have asked for a better one. Ive known him since the first day of kindergarten. He passed away the 17th in an accident. Its been hard but amazing to see how many people hes touched in a way or another. Nobody can replace him. He just turned 16 8 days before. We miss you man, and love you more. Rest well.

Solo Trench

Bubbles here for you man

Zaid Martin


Shawn Mcdougall

Fucking deeeeeeccccceeeeeent!!!

Greg Anderson

Listen to 2112 if you like but don't know them well

Bobbi - Tsu

One of my favorite Christmas songs of all time.


Neil harnessed the power of thunder in two little sticks. Not many man can be called Gods, but you were Zeus' physical form. Rest easy, my friend.

Stephen Parrott


Katy Martin

Listening to RUSH! I get a RUSH! HUSH! I'm listening to RUSH! ?????

Tyler Remaly

I love that there are trailer park boys comments on here great show and rush is a great band

Jan Karlsson

I thank bubbles for this song


Veruca Salt vibes

Thomas Hartman

Tremendous tune. Unbelievable

Rhonda Baroli

Can we all jus agree it an awes band and song and brings back good memories ..from my younger day s ..lot of my friends loved Rush .

Milos Nikolic


Dylan Gatenby

One of prog rocks best bands in history. RIP Neil.

Peter Herrera

Take Care ❤


Great song.

Music Maven Publishing

Thank God for Rush

Tyler Hayward

This song has power behind it...thank god for rush

GrungenThrash 1997

sings in high voice

"Bubbles, you better fuck off with that Conkey bullshit"

Billy Van Beekveld

I'm not giving anyone a fuckin R

Hayden Burke

just got sent here for a school assignment ?

Le K

I would like to say thank you to Bubbles who bring me at this song




Awesome song

Sam Greak

Fuckin mustard tiger

Transfromers guy Gaming

We'll miss you Neil????

Mitch Kelley

Philosophers and plow men each must (FUCK!!!!) know his part!

Tommy Harrison

Amazing music will be here long after I’m gone...

Zach Bobre

Fuck off I got work to do.

Rex Jolles

My uncle was nuts about rush in the 80's. At my grandma's house I went in his room as a kid and found a bunch of rush bumper stickers and pins and shit. My other uncle was nuts about the Beatles so there was a ton of that shit too. He had almost every Beatles album

john hitchcock

....and I was that plowman...

Lorenzo Roman


cain russell

This should be the Canadian national anthem

David Putnam

Who else did bubbles send here??

Mouko#1 The Real One

7/14/20 views 4.731.469 like 24k & dislike 660 enjoy !

Yussif N

Goddamn sexy Julian

Will Seman


Ethan Daniels

The non animated days were the best ?


R.i.p. ? you were a bad ass


I forgot Neil died...
Dammit why...


Gimmie a fuckin R

Victoria Cooper

"The blacksmith and the artist ...."

The Cat

This isnt the bubbles cover

Belen Perkins

Smokes let’s go Trevor