Where to buy etn

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Electroneum Update - New exchange should you buy sell or hold etn ? price crash ?

377 views | 15 Feb. 2018

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Hey frnds in this video I have explained about electroneum coin

electroneum on new exchange

should you invest in electroneum

should you sell or should you hold the etn coin ?

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Chartii partiii kartiiiiiii

crypto guru

Etn will cross 20$ till 2018

crypto guru

Bhai Telegram mein updates diya karo regularly

hunter z

Sir mujhe to nai lagta Dec se pehle etn 1$ jayega

Tahir Naveed

Good i have etn

Sanjay Rajak

Pls Sir Make Laxmi Coin video kab take Laxmi coin ayegi 7282893563

Where to buy etn

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Electroneum Updates, what is ETN?

5 941 views | 27 Jan. 2019

Mattie gives you the

Mattie gives you the latest news from Electroneum ETN as well as a quick introduction. What do you think about ETN, let us know in the comments below!


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What is Electroneum ETN?




Electroneum: The Road To Mass Adoption by blockhaven


Electroneum ETN iOS Cloud Mining Beta programme



Electroneum - compliant cryptocurrency with fully integrated KYC/AML




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Solar Solares

I have more than 20 referrals in the app put this CODE to WiN % CODE 585F5F

Rodrigo Naranjo

ETN is first in coin market in December

Black Hawk

Refreshing! Thanks

Dale Cee

Great vid. Thanks. ETN is definitely a sleeping giant that could bring crypto to the unbanked. Millions of phone holders pay less that 4 dollars a month for their cell mobile connection. If they can earn 3 dollars a month in ETN coins that gives them almost free phone usage. How popular will that be?


Without any question ETN is a sleeper, a massive sleeper. No other crypto coin has full KYC and KML. When partnering with mobile providers, when it keeps off the providers will push ETN to millions or even 100s of millions of active users. They will no other coin like it when it kicks off. Starting next month. ETN baby


Usem meu código e me ajudem também 2EDD59

Kingsid 1st

Glad to see I'm not the only electroneum freak


Finally #electroneum!
Love #etn! The sleeping giant

talal alreyati

ETN is the best


Very nice video! I believe in ETN!

Daved Daly

One of the most ridiculous premines. Trash coin.


Dont sleep on ETN. Could double in price by the end of this month.

Andre de Jong

The sleeping gaints are Apollo the all in one currency, Cardano the greatest team ever, Digibyte the most secure blockchain, U Network beter then Steemit, BABB beter then XRP and Banca the Wall Street on blockchain

Glenn D

Great review on the project! I really love their approach and progress so far. They are the real deal in terms of business!!

There's one thing I'd like to add to the explanation though.
The supply of Electroneum is actually smaller than BTC's because it only uses 2 decimal places while Bitcoin uses 8.


You mean under a penny not 0.07

Dave Doidge

ETN is about to explode. Check ETN out now and grab some coins at a bargain price.


Electroneum is only one of a handful of blockchain fintech companies that will become the equivalent of Google, amazon, Facebook etc. They are huge and are making some serious strides in the blockchain landscape. The ETN coin price is way less than a cent right now, so it's like buying apple, amazon, ebay, Google stock in the very early days. Buy as much as you can now, before the price per ETN becomes unaffordable for the average Joe (this is not investment advice, you are responsible for making your own buying decision).

David Smith

ETN is the best project to come along in a very long time scooping up bags.


Hope ETN brings me some ?

Jay sharma

Good information

Sam Gerland

Best coin on the market hands down.

The Stevie B Show

ETN is so undervalued, it is a sleeping giant, laughed at by many in this space, yet the only ones with a fully functioning working product. I'm hoping with the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch and rumours of a built in Bitcoin Wallet, my guess is, its actually an ETN Wallet

John Doe

Very much under rated project. Going to be one of the big success stories in the future


The Mobile World Congress is catalyst for Electroneum. I have been using the APP for a year now and it is SIMPLE & VERY EASY TO USE. I have sent payments instantly. Please cover ETN more it is a easy mobile crypto currency.


Thank you AB

Gustavo L

Can you do an update on Neblio? Thanks.

Bobby Thompson

Etn sets itself aside from a lot of cryptos out there.They have a guiness at the helm in Richard Elles

Devin Bowman

Bringing on the BUZZ baby keep up the good work

Ooga booga information

80% of the world have to do kyc to buy a SIM card, so it
Makes sense for electroneum to align

Cali Cann

ETN? ?????????? would only trade that shitcoin for more Bitcoin

Diego Anaya

Let’s gooo! Love me some ETN

Matt Merrick

Thanks for the objective video. Etn gets alot of hate from people that dont do the research and see where they are headed!

Latin Crypto

We being call a shi*coin for a long time, this usually happens when the competition knows that there's a real threat cross the street lol...This sleeping giant will K.O a lot of altcoins and who knows maybe BTC as well.

Mike Jones


hunter z

Shit coin

Alex Psy

Ιt's a hype based shitcoin...nice marketing, they must have taken lessons from Tron..

Gabe Anderson

ICO holder. Great team that has always followed through and very transparent. They have accomplished more in 1 year than most accomplish in 3 - 5 or more. Not saying this crypto will ever be $1 or more, but there is a huge upside to be had for sure. Looking forward to it! Great video btw. Thank you.

Jonny Reid

Unibright next pleaseee :D

Monkey Magic

People who like what etn is doing need to look into Cardano.

nuhman thennala

Best project

yva nael

So irrelevant ! So many video about ETN already ... Also, it is pointless to mine with mobil compare to all other support that mines so much more quantity




It has a airdrop wallet but its a fork of monero code so the devs must run the actual miners from some actual miners. its called virtual mining and they dont explain that. Thats enough to be called shitcoin their only gimmick is calling themselves mobile crypto. Kyc is even worse but irrelevant central banksters might like that shit. Can you actually mine it or is that all centralised?

Stian Fisk

Kucoin stole my ETN since they claim it was "lost" on the blockchain, i forgot to add the payment ID... shady exchange

chuck c

Great Content for over one year Novachain .. cc has been paying passive income everyday incredible

E. Mark

Good project! And so under radar!

Evan axm

they disabled ring CT and Mixing on the last update be able to apply to KYC and AML Laws. They kept stealth addresses though.

John Hill

Y’all must own a lot of this shit coin... and Jeff really don’t do videos anymore

ant bull

Can altcoinbuzz give an overall outline on where they stand in crypto?

Someone Better



This is a sleeper, just wait till the mobile GSM congress next month

Brendan Q

Regarding ETN and KYC...For those that don't see the big picture..!

KYC documents are important for anyone in the world of payments, banks and business. KYC is a reference to the regulated bank practices carried out to verify customers identities. Companies use KYC documents to process, verify, collect, and classify a customer’s identity.
"Mainstream validation is what the industry is shouting for, and so far we have been looking for it primarily in the form of acceptance by financial institutions," said Dr. Prash, CEO of leading Australian cryptocurrency agency Caleb and Brown.

147 Countries mandate KYC for Mobile Prepaid SIM cards. Any currency, Fiat or Crypto, that does not have KYC will not have access to these 147 Countries !. Electroneum is the first Crypto to integrate KYC, thus providing access to these 147 Countries.!!

Remember ETN is a hybrid which wants to integrate,...Across all platforms..!! ETN Wants Everyone to be included,Not Just the Crypto Enthusiasts !
If you want different results, you need to do different things...!At some stage all coins will have to change their model to embrace regulation or prepare themselves for the back seat....

Look,... This is what these Countries mandate, this is what these companies need and want. If you want your Crypto, whatever your favorite Crypto is to be a Payment method on a mobile device in these Countries and Companies, this is what they have to do. This isn't bias, this is facts. This is ETN Crypto complying, the rest are not.' the fact of the matter is, We can argue all-day long about how Electroneum works but You cannot argue with how the World works. !!


One of the best synopsis videos I've seen in a long time. Good job!

crypto etn

would something like a lightning network work on ETN ?

- Kai -

Only a bullrun will move this (ETN) SHITCOIN to 1¢

Christopher Koumi

Great update! So may people coming on board! Air drop free ETN pre mined coins to each user that runs the simulated miner!

NamJin Shipper's Club

electroneum is a gamechnager

flatearth crypto

remember ppl. the miner is temporary. they have a certain amount of etn to give out thats it. its a promo. not a thing thats gonna be forever. so ya know



gooner girl

I love Electroneum


Nice video thanks for info

Joe Amor

Well focused project. Massive ETN adoption coming soon.

Scrappy Coco

It's a shittoken

Torsten P

All my etn are on Cryptopia. ?

flatearth crypto

etn was the best idea a year ago. still is today. #hodl. #fuk a lambo. gtr! ?



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Brian Meeker

If they can’t get on the iOS App Store they’re worthless to me

Where to buy etn

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Electroneum New Exchange! - Buying ETN Just got Easier!!

3 987 views | 5 Apr. 2018

Hey guys, hope you enjoy

Hey guys, hope you enjoy todays video, I talk about the new exchange where you can buy your ETN directly from Fiat!!!

This is really good news for getting new people into cryptocurrency!!

check out the exchange here: https://www.cryptonit.net

Like, comment and Subscribe to the channel for more videos!!

Munzir Khalid Khan

clear vocal tone :-) I am so happy how good ETN is progressing in right direction ... surely moon soon and to good $$ value ... keep up the good work

John Dough

What's the update with NEXT.exchange?

Rich Rams

Look at the qryptos price? i feel sick now


Thats good for etn! we need an exchange to buy etn for gbp, i wonder when that will happen? well done, the sound issue is resolved. Also hot off the press!


I am fully aware that ETN can already be traded with Fiat on the Bitbns Exchange, an exchange that is also easy to use, not to mention the NEXT exchange that is still in beta that will also make it very easy to purchase ETN, I think what Finom is trying to show off is that Cryptonit is the first exchange to give euro support, making it available for many countries to get in on the action for ETN, But you guys are right there is another exchange dealing directly with Fiat so apoligies for not mentioning it in the video! :)


Biggest fucker i have ever seen on you tube


yeeaaahh you are the first in youtube ;)

Da Blackxican

What if ETN Got a deal with Bitcoin ATM’s? then people with out bank accounts could easily buy ETN too because you need a bank account to link in order to buy on exchanges


Awesome news for ETN.

Ajay Sharma

Bitbns is really great exchange in India. Doing well


Another good video, I hadn't heard of this exchange till this video. The more exchanges that do fiat to etn will have a profound impact on it's growth. The easier the better for mass adoption, Next Exchange looks like it'll be a really really good one as well and even doing etn to usd I believe. I think Next will grow incredibly fast with the things it's implementing, the crypto market really needs a lot more fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat to make it really fast easy and seamless for users and adoption would grow exponentially with it.

Also, the new dev the team got looks to be really damn good too which is great, p2p was showing that he was immediately super active I think it was on the Github for Etn. I think in 6 months time Electroneum will really be a powerhouse. They'll have a much more solidified foundation then, it will be truly exciting to see. I like to go with the old saying, All good things are worth waiting for.

Wrestling Rants

Great news! Thanks for sharing bruh ?

Andrew Coe

350 satoshis per ETN !


Just euros and not USD?

frank dukes


Blab Tag

Agree ! The major factor is getting the word out about Crypto. Millennials are key ! Find great Crypto T-shirts with catchy phrases at Cryptocivvies.com Fun stuff !

Jason Hillman

Your volume is fixed! Yaaaaay!

Jayjit Porel

In India we got bitbns exchange where we use fiat to buy ent..


Great video and great volume too. Keep up the great work! ??

e. g. g.

Great find

Optimus Gaming

Its nt the frst exchange to b honest! Etn was launched on bitbns the largest exchange in india where we can buy etn directly from inr ?

Johny Relax

yeah good job we can hear you clearly now :)

Electroneum Buzz

Thank you. We've shared your video with our community: https://www.electroneum.buzz/video/electroneum-new-exchange-buying-etn-just-got-easier/

Maxim Olaras

Use Promo code for 948539 for 5% H/s bonus. 948539 Good luck..

Diamond One

A SHIT COIN can only be traded on SHIT EXCHANGES!!!

Jasvinder Suri

nice info - I think this is brilliant - will be buying shitloads less hassle than before .. thank you


You r the biggest fucker learn how to speak before getting new video

None to One

Please change the crapy backround


Great news everyone !

Jagdish K

Etn when go.to moon

Uni life with Rob

subscribed and liked, nice video, clear information, nice to see some truth and no predications made up :) thank you