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The Mandalorian - 2x8 Chapter 16: The Rescue - Group Reaction

319 175 views | 19 Dec. 2020

Well folks, we are here

Well folks, we are here again. The Season Finale for The Mandalorian Season 2 left us in tears and needing more! Let us know what you thought of this episode and season in the comments and make sure to leave a like and subscribe! Be sure to stick around after the reaction for the discussion! This is The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 8! Chapter 16: The Rescue!





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Been waiting for someone to acknowledge that a blaster can jam haha



Jerremy Freeman

Your such a fool to not go in the pool

Jeremy B

the season may be over, but the journey is not, Mando will be back in a year, and the action will be hot!

Pão pizza

Mandalorians wear beskar
Stormtroopers durasteel
Death watch from a far
Skywalkers scene steal

adia dean

Gorgu’s call took all day but Luke answered to keep the dark troops at bay


are marketa and chris not dating anymore? I have been away from this channel for a while now lol.

Masood Jalal

There was another Mandalorian with Bo Katan, where did he go?

Krainor Blackthorne

Here is a link to Jon Favreau talking about the Mandolorian and Book of Boba Fett series next year.

Rico Campos

Have you ever watched Battlestar Galactica? Katee Sackhoff played the pilot Starbuck in it.
This episode had a lot of Battlestar Galactica references? Those Dark Troopers were Cylons for sure. The launch of the Tie Fighter was from Galactica Vipers lunch too (Viper as the Galactica's fighter ships, not the Pedro Pascal from GOT hehehe). And also when Bo-Katan lands the ship, was like Katee Sackhoff's Starbuck landing a Viper. That episode was a clear Katee Sackhoff homage to Galactica. And I loved! ♥

Kingdom Spades

Of the Jedi Academy massacre, I will assuage your fears/
Yoda was Jedi Master when he reached 100 years/
At 28 years ABY, young Ben goes Kylo Ren/
But this show is in 9 ABY, so Grogu's safe till then.

He'll be a fully grown foundling in another 50 years/
But it likely won't take quite that long to graduate from his pears/
19 years to grow and learn and train his powers too/
At 69, I'd have more faith in Jedi Knight Grogu.

Travis Bounds

we need a mental health update on rana

Aaron Bonogofsky

The force is strong in my family....my father had it....I have it....you have that power too. Now we know he said that to Grogu!!!

Trash Hammer

Why does the woman on the right have two chins ?

ZeRo CaSh

its a yeti?!?!?!?

Tazmon Sims

When Grugu stood alone and Mando and his crew were shook,

This episode gave me back my love of Star Wars, they finally fixed Luke

Varga Commander

They will not end Grogu's story here. I'm sorry that's the stupidest idea dude in the middle.

Matthew Mercado

Hold the door are we going to Mandalor?

Bree Sturtevant

This finale was so good! And I definitely shed I tear at the end! Can’t wait for more!

Clark Townsend

All I could think of is this means Kylo Ren kills Grogu

Brian Gressett

There once was a bad ass Mandalorian,
Who's season 2 finale excited many a mega fan. There were yells and a scream, then Luke walked in like a dream. This will be noted by the Star Wars Historian.


I don't want to be rude, but who the heck is Meg Griffin here? She lacks chemistry with you guys.


Grogu’s the child
His daddy is Din
His trainer is Luke
In the Mandolorian!

Mr BennPulse

The whole last 10 mins of this ep i was balling my eyes out it was that good ?

Helen Morales

Homegirl in the corner just endlessly sobbing was meeeeeee bro!! ????


da 15:48 a 16:05 sembra che ne spara una fortissima e poi sventola il pupazzo per disperdere la puzza :D :D

Chuck D

Yo? Was it just me, or did that fat gnome with glasses acting black was annoying as hell?


Bo can't take the Darksaber with Mando giving it to her or in a sparring match. She was given it before and the Purge occurred under her watch and leadership. Bad karma follows those who don't win it in battle.......of course a lot of those who win it in combat usually die too when someone else assassinates them for it: "Anyone can hold the Darksaber. The trick is keeping it, along with your head."

Olympian Adamas

React to the clone wars and I will subscribe in a heart beat

Ronnie Jusan

Kylo probably killed grogu ??


Compare the hallway scene where Luke is killing the droids to darth vader at the end of rouge one

Trash Hammer

Why does the woman on the right have two chins ?

Chris Northover

Poor Ahsoka

Flame Breaker

She may not have to kill him but they have to fight like they are trying to kill each other

Kylo Ren

21:16 ?

David Gates

with Grogu, away did they blast,
Whose possession likely wouldn’t last,
But soon would it dawn,
That the Moff ain’t no Thrawn,
And too soon they’d be handed their ass.

Camilo Monsalve

Damn, the new girl it's so annoying

Nate_The_ Gun_Nut

You guys should react to The Clone Wars TV show.


Is it just me or does Gideon's voice have the same cadence as the Old Spice Guy ("Look at your Grogu, now back to me. Where am I? Sadly, I am not in the control room. What's in my hand? I have it. That thing Bo-Katan loves!")

David Lance

Grogu and Djarin
A family divided
But not forgotten


Dude, they didn't get that it was Luke flashing a green light saber. Then when they did know ... No tears. Millennials.


The girl in the Santa hat is so cute!

md hasan

OK I don't get it, why everyone is so hyped about Baby Yoda? I mean he was enjoyable but I would have been very happy if it were Master Yoda. And Girls overreact about this


The CGI de-aging on R2D2 is incredible


" Talent without training is nothing" A dig at the movies and the non development of Rey PALPATINE.


Love it, but why do you keep intermittenly cutting out the video?


Rana is me when R2 showed up.

Youtube isdead

like really xwing - green lightsaber - glove on right hand .... and they still dont know for sure are you really SW fans ? :D

Alex Tapisevic

The sequels are not canon, all fans have accepted that and Disney must have to, although I don't think they will, they didn't understand SW or didn't want to, but they wanted to make a statement and they failed.

Vee Clash

What if they resolve the Dark Saber issue by making Bo Katan into Mando's WIFE?!! Mando Waifu for Laifu?!

Alan Mejia

Boba fett in the flesh

William Timmins

Spent the whole episode giddily waiting for the end reveal

I like hugs

Lol i cried to Rana

Juan Ritz

I don't know what potato you guys were watching this on, but Luke was peak uncanny valley. I completely accept it because they finally gave us the full Jubei Luke that we've all been waiting in many cases a literal lifetime for, but it was rough. I've already seen some deep fakes that are better than what they did here. Again, I love them for the idea, but I really hope that Luke's face is handled better in the future, and I'm really surprised that they couldn't have nailed this a little bit better. I know I'm asking a lot when we were just given so much, but they had a chance to push the envelope here, and instead the result is mediocre at best.


Here’s some possibly sad info. This season/episode takes place in 9 ABY. Ben Solo was born in 5 ABY. So he’s about 4 at the moment. In the sequels through flashbacks we learn that Kylo destroyed Luke’s academy, and killed his students. That happened in 28 ABY, about 20 years from this episode. Grogu would be about 70 by then, and hopefully he was no longer being train by Luke. Otherwise it be very sad?.

Greg Steele

Normies: What? Your space gun can jam??

Luke in the trash compactor scene in Star Wars: Shoot it, will you? My gun's jammed!

Da'n Dabmouth

Nobu Grogu
(Nobu is Japanese for trust, I think...) Hope that is rhyme enough
Sorry it's so short just starwars words are so weird and difficult to rhyme, well for me at least.

Jeremy Cates

So in watching and reading articles they purposely trying to give a little bit of misdirection and then settle clues one thing at a time. Such as when Luke's X-Wing flies into the picture Cara dune says oh boy one X-Wing. that was in reference to and part of the reason why they had those two X-Wing police officer type guys showing up throughout the series here and there both with Mando and then again with Cara appearing is just kind of campy cops flying x-wings. So with that the misdirection was initially by having her say that you weren't sure is it Luke or is it just one of those campy cops. But then the tone of the music changed and you saw a hooded figure. You suspected it was a Jedi and we only know of one Jedi that we know of who flies the next wing. we know after having watched especially the prequels that many other Jedi used green lightsabers. But that we know of only one Jedi uses both a green lightsaber and flies a X-Wing. Then throughout of course you see the one gloved hand but then they specifically set up a shot where he takes his ungloved hand and shoves a crate into a bunch of robots and smashes them against the wall. then when he gets off the elevator they do not show his face but they make sure to show his Bell buckle and if you're a good Star Wars nerd you would recognize that belt buckle from return of the Jedi it's the same one he wore when you first see him in job as palace and throughout the rest of that movie. so they try to give you little teases along the way that let you know it's Luke but most of us in our hearts knew that's who it was going to be. but I like how they did try to string the surprise along with a little bit of potential misdirection here and there. and there has been a lot of speculation despite what people have said in interviews about the timeline for this series. This episode absolutely positively nailed down the timeline we now know that it for certain and is Canon now that the Mandalorian series takes place shortly after the events of return of the Jedi but before the force awakens. And your friend was right I believe they are backpedaling and I believe that they are going to make the force awakens and the other two that came after it a legends timeline going forward it especially seems that they are setting that up. I was entertained by the latter Star Wars movies they were okay for what they were but I would have gone a different direction with the story so I hope that they do write those off as a legends material and go back and redo a sequel trilogy going forward with the TV multiple TV series. I for one am very excited for the Asoka series. And I am hopeful that they do a Luke series for his heyday. His prime when he according to the games and some of the books turned around trying to rebuild the Jedi it would be neat to see that Luke possibly through a TV series. and this series also answered a question and made it canon something that I'm very excited about at least in the idea of it. We now know things to this that Asoka Tano and Luke Skywalker were both alive at the same time.

Mike T

Girl on the right needed a hug, like most of us.

Morbo Kzzuta

Ben's destruction of Luke's school... is about twenty years away from "now". Grogu is safe.

Arty Lols

Star Wars is more alive than ever ! Thank you Jon and Dave !


Men want to be Luke Skywalker again... Darth Kennedy weeps.


I‘m fuckin up guys in the hallway, like my father before me!

Super Crazy Movie Geek

The bond between Mando and Grogu will never be broken,
because This is the way, and now I have spoken.

Jorge R. Gaete Graiff

This is definetly the prove that Aquarian era has begun

Darth Virgin

kylo ren wasn’t born yet during this episode.

by the time kylo ren destroyed the new jedi academy, grogu more than likely has become a jedi and may have left the new academy already.

Benoit Lemay

Rana breaking down at 15:18 :o

Beksultan Alibek

Please watch rogue: one and han solo movie?

Connor Mcleod


Dylan Frigo

Wait didn’t gorgu already kill stormtroopers before this episode?


They don't need to, that's not canon anymore. Forget about it.

Cona Var

I love you guys and your reactions.... May the force be with you!!!!!!!


Hope this rhymes.
Mando is gonna loose to Kylo

Desiree M

Hate it when they talk over the big emotional beats


have a feeling they are going to retcon the new trilogy and make it a stand alone

Ricardo Avecilla

The best and honest reaction of the girl on the Vader sweatshirt it´s that true fan look, felicidades!

Michael Reyes

Happy Holidays to the Normies, death to 2020 at the hands of J. Voorhees
I can’t wait for Mando season 3, as I wait until he’s been freed
And by him I mean Grogu, I pray that the Moff doesn’t eat him like tofu.

Edit: I hadn’t seen the episode before posting this.


The formerly cutesd sidekick meets the now cutest sideckick and Luke ends up leaving with both


I am clicking Like because of Rana's reaction. :)

Atong Redillas

Next: Grogu gets his head chopped off by Kylo Ren. Unless they get rid of that repulsive trilogy.

This is Scorpio

The de-aging on R2 was incredible. Sebastian Stan?


Hey guys the pilot that grab the doctor is the guy who played Nathaniel in AOS S7. And the other pilot played a Chronicom. Never thought it will be Mando who end up with the Darksaber. OMG it’s Luke?. Poor Dark Troopers they were totally destroyed. Boba gets a series. That pushed Mandalorian S3 till early 2022.

Son of Somerset

Almost as emotional as when Trump got cheated in the election.

David Wright

I'm starting to think that [the thing that happened to Ahsoka in Rebels] changed the Timeline, and the Mandalorian (and SW going forward) is in a separate timeline than the sequel trilogy.

Scott FitzGerald

Great reaction ya'll. Love your content.

But yo, can someone please give Rana a hug? Love you sis.

Genghis Galahad

7:20 it's possible, it's a laser rifle kinda like Mando's and he has a cartridge for it. It's probably different from a handheld laser blaster that's less likely to jam. Plus Space Jam the movie...

Yordan Marquina

Así nace una Nueva Esperanza para Star Wars.
Con Jon Favreau y Dave Filoni

Dante F

Am I the only one thinking Disney would be insane to not have Mando and Baby Yoda as the main two in this show? He is a cash cow so I don’t think they will end it there.

Keto Rising

Grogu did not die at the hands of Kylo Ren. They worked way too hard to try to redeem Kylo to give you an extra reason to consider him irredeemable. They may very well have trained together, and part of Kylo’s turn to the dark side may involve feelings of resentment toward Luke and jealousy towards Grogu’s relationship with Luke. I would anticipate that Luke sends Grogu away so he isn’t there for what could go down.


I think separating them was necessary. It’s called The Mandolorian after all and I’m intrigued to figure wtf ACTUALLY happened with Mandolore.


how i felt when i watched this episode = Rana

Antonio Tyler

I heard that was Grant Imahara's R2.


I'm betting as long as Disney keeps that trainwreck sequels in the mix, my guess is Grogu doesn't become a Jedi Knight and the show ends with him following his dad. Hopefully they get rid of the Ben Solo arc and Grogu becomes a Jedi Knight

Arthur Guillen

Yes prequels r better then new trilogy

Fingol Noldor

Ffs, SHUT THE F**K UP while you are watching an incredibly emotional scene like that you both a**holes, you ruined the reaction video just because of that. The moment when Grogu goes away with Luke is extremely sad, and you ruined the reaction by saying something that NO ONE F**KN CARES while you are watching it, and worst of all, you ruined it for the girls right there because YOU DIDN'T LET THEM HEAR THE MUSIC WHICH INTENSIFIES THE FEEL. SHUT THE F*CK UP WHEN YOU WATCH SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

Robert Davis

Luke goes into exile because he failed Grogu :(

Carl Bradley

Forgot all the stuff I meant to say. So I'll just say: Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy are trash.


How did they not know it was Luke the moment he arrived? ?

Ronnie Jusan

this was such a danaerys and jon snow moment LOL

gideon: It belongs to you now
mando: I dont want it


Nothing Here

The sequels doesn't exist for a lots of fan


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WandaVision - 1x4 We Interrupt This Program - Group Reaction

124 161 views | 29 Jan. 2021

This episode explains most

This episode explains most of our questions, but we still have 2 things that are really itching at our curiousity, Billy and Tommy! Let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments and don't forget to like and subscribe! Be sure to stick around after the reaction for the discussion! This is WandaVision! Season 1 Episode 4!

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#WandaVision #DisneyPlus #Marvel

Jedii Dawn

Colors in the helicopter are actuality similar to C. Marvel. Also, in the comics, Wanda has twins (later become “speed” and “Wiccan”) but she freaks out when she finds out that they are only fragments that belong to “Mephisto” a powerful devil villain in the Marvel Comics. He is known to have encounters throughout the comic universe with Wanda and other heroes like Dr. Strange.


Pregnant how?

Grinny Dorr

It’s not Wanda it’s hive hexagon shape( honeycomb) hydra references find the goddess hive is a god and the guy turned into a bee keeper.

Philip Williams

I think in the next few episodes, Vision is going to figure out what's happening through Agnes and with her help he'll try to snap Wanda out of her power struggle but it won't work and she'll probably explode like a fucking nuke... She's scarily dangerous in this series...

King Shark

got it backward; Wanda is the villain, not the antagonist. she's a villainous protagonist.


The fact that it was basically Necromancy implied on a “Disney” show ??

Thomas Michael Sizemore

Not a fan of the way y’all have what y’all are Watching basically fish eyed. Not easy on the eyes. Enjoy all you peeps though

matthias hiele

Excuse me! We jumpropers still use those ropes thanks!

get the fvck out

The theory of wanda keeping visions corpse is so TERRIFYING TO ME

Daniel Midkiff

S.H.I.E.L.D is better than S.W.O.R.D? Well at least S.W.O.R.D. didn't harbor a Nazi organization for decades.


@The Normies, why assume Wanda is broadcasting her warped reality? She's clearly doesn't want to be disturbed, so why would she broadcast it for all to see? She's co-opted the townspeople to be part of her ideal reality against their will, and she's made the people that live just outside the town within reach of her reality warping powers to forget about the town. Agent Woo can feel something telling him not to enter. So yeah, Wanda doesn't want to be found or disturbed, so why would she broadcast her happiest moments?

Obviously, I don't think it's Wanda, but someone else, Agnes! Agnes is Agatha Harkness who, in the comics, was Wanda's mentor and a witch in her own right. While she's been shown to pretty high energy throughout the show, she's distressed. She's jokingly asked for husband Ralph to be disappeared several times and suggested that the blackout made her husband look better. Agnes, may be trapped between a rock and a hard spot, Wanda and quite possibly Mephisto. Mephisto cannot make people do things against their will, but he does make deals with them. You do something for him and he does something for you. Failure to keep your end of the bargain results in a forfeiture of one's soul. I don't know what sort of deal Agnes might have asked for, but that doesn't really matter. Some sort of deal seems to have been made as her role in this has been to make sure that Wanda and Vision copulate and have children--she's the one that put the idea of the date of the calendar being Wanda and Vision's wedding anniversary date while suggesting that she impress her husband in the bedroom; she's also the one who put the idea of children in her head and possibly visions too, well, the whole town really. In last week's episode, Agnes prevents Herb from spilling the beans. Why? Most likely because her life and possibly those of the other towns people depend on things going uninterrupted.

Why doesn't Wanda have any memory before Westview? Well, she does, but why is it very limited? I think this is due to the deal she made with Mephisto. WandaVision is about Wanda dealing with loss, and while she's managed to suppress her past pretty well, it's creeping back in, little by little, and perhaps this explains the acceleration of events in WandaVision. Mephisto is incredibly powerful, but he's most powerful in his own realm. The outside world interfering with Westview has found kinks in the armor and it's been slowly exploiting them.

Wanda's been going through the five stages of grief since Infinity War: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. We saw denial in Infinity War we she had to be the one to kill Vision. We saw her deal with Anger when she came face to face with Thanos. Bargain happened at the start of the show off screen. I don't know how this all ends, but it can't be good as this dove tails into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, but if I was a betting man, I figure this ends with depression, kicking off the whole multiverse events. Acceptance likely won't until after Spider-Man given that it's been said that his movie will also be connected to the multiverse.

Wanda is being made to look like the villain of her her show and she is, but I think this is like the drama 24 in that we at the part before the plot twist, midway through the season. Someone's manipulating these events. Things are about to get really wild real quick and I cannot wait!

Tyler Gannon

I mean gay and interfacial couples existed in the 50s even if you couldn’t necessarily be open about it


time for dead vision cosplays xD

Luna Songbird

did none of you notice that agnes doesn't have a id attached to her picture? Like maybe she doesn't have one?

Andres Poveda

YO... that skit was flame lol


How could vision get her pregnant... You idiot...

Richard Page

She got pregnant during the sitcom, how did you all miss that?

soulless chicken

i don't think vision can produce any biological material to create a child

2ThingsCan B. True

How exactly could a human become pregnant by an android. ?


I thinks she’s grieving. She doesn’t really realize it yet. Since Monica kind of broke her cookie cutters reality that’s why he saw “Dead Vision”. I think it’s going to be breaking even more eventually where its going to hurt other people.


imagine you're in the hospital and reappear in the same bed, which is currently used by another person.... that would be akward.
but i guess still better than a pilot reappearing somewhere in the air.

GT johns

Logically speaking there were at least a few people finding distraught naked people in there houses post unsnap

William Timmins

She's a Voodoo Chiiiild...


For the record, when everyone was unsnapped, they didn't reappear in the exact same place. Tony wished for everyone who was snapped to return safely.

Gaurish Tembhe

I am coming here every day to see the reaction at 18:55.


Wanda's town is story brook! XD

Steven James

I got stuck on the second episode and I'm glad I gave it another shot.


Nobody is mentioning that she threw Geraldine through 2 walls, a fence and the barrier, making her break the 4th wall when leaving the show.

Bacon Ocean

If your in a plane mid flight and get blipped? ?

Mich Lin

this aint even classed as horror and that vision scene was insidious tier

Bruce Wayne

Oh man...I may have just realized something. I think that the couple from the first episode where they were having dinner and Visions boss was choking, his wife just kept saying “stop it” because she knew about Wanda or whoever controlling what’s going on, kinda like the other characters understood what was going on when they were talking to vision outside when Geraldine/Monica was inside with Wanda. Which is why the wife just kept saying stop it instead of trying to help or asking for help. She probably knew that Wanda made him choke on his food and was too scared to do anything. And it seems like Vision is also might be scared to talk to Wanda about the things going on. And when he does she rewinds the show, which may or may not make him forget what happened.

Ashton Evans

They explained the post snapped and how the people didn't fall from the sky if they were on planes or work or wherever. They we all just snapped back to somewhere safe on the ground. "Because smart hulk is well smart"

Peter Hoeller

Anytime doggy gets on the couch and gets pets it's like therapy.


That image of Vision lives rent free in my mind ?

Nana Aforo

it definitely got more lit

Matthew Reyes

Skit's amazing!


Regarding that theory that Wanda was really pregnant, I'm not that will informed about vision. Can he even get Wanda pregnant?

Steven Rogers

Vision is a synthezoid, he cannot get Wanda pregnant except through sorcery or something

Otávio Santos de Albuquerque

LMAO Suraj saying “Stop it”


...good Tropic Thunder reference... ?

NJ Ringlord

Wanda's powers are identical to those of the Reality stone, but she can't affect things on the same scale as Thanos could with the stone nor can she apparently make things permanent as of yet and that is why the people inside the energy field are sometimes aware that they are not in the real world. What I find interesting is both Wanda and Vision received their abilities from the stone found inside the scepter Loki had in the first Avengers film and that was the Mind stone so exactly how did she get the powers of the Reality stone?? I think the answer to that question has something to do with why Wanda and Vision developed a relationship to begin with.

As to the overall plot I know that Wanda was supposed to have gone into hiding after the events of End Game and was supposed to be seeking therapy to help her deal with the death of Vision and her connection to this sitcom reality was because while staying wherever she was while getting therapy she would binge watch old sitcoms ( since she was not from the US ) and those simpler times where there were never any real serious problems and they were all solved in the space of 30 minutes appealed to her. Plus she apparently had a psychotic break along the way. Now we only have two episodes left and the whole season is only supposed to have a run time of 6 hours total so I suspect the last two episodes will be almost an hour each. Also because this show is supposed to connect to Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness I would not be surprised to have him make an appearance in the final episode of the season.

As to what will happen to Vision and if he will remain dead I have no clue. In the comics Vision never had the Mind stone as the gem in his forehead, but rather some solar gem, still powerful, but nothing close to the Mind stone so maybe Wanda makes that gem, finds it in the final episode of the season or either of those events occur in the second Doctor Strange film, but I hope they make it happen and bring Vision back.

33wLeopold Espinoza

actually, we know more than SWORD because we are aware of the things that have been censored. SWORD had no idea what we know as an audience.
So we will be able to see what Wanda knows and what SWORD knows along with that they each don’t know.

33wLeopold Espinoza

Wanda is Psychic powers gained by the mind stone. At least on the MCU. In the comics, her powers are magic.

freńchiie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

so wanda is playing a role with a dead body this whole timee wowww

Zé Victor César

i was thinking...Vision's dead body being manipulated like a puppeteer doll + song "VOODOO child" , so Billy and Tommy would be sons of a "VOODOO" father?


People didn't fall from the sky. The Hulk made sure everyone who come back did so safely. So if they blipped on a plane, they would come back on that same plane where ever it is. Wanda didn't create Westview, she took it hostage and mind warped all the people. Bee keeper guy I think is dead. Wanda pregnancy lasted a day so she created them or did someone else?

Richard The Cowardly Lion

Come on now Normies, why ya'll still clinging to the idea that 'people will return to the EXACT spot they where dusted at" thing?? One of the 5 Infinity Stones is the MIND stone. You think magic god stones aren't gonna take that into,.. mind?

2. And If it DID work that literally, NO ONE would have reappeared on any planet. They would have reconstituted out in space as the planets are moving through space. "But it would have taken that into account" OH REALLY? It can take extraordinarily complex relativistic astrophysics into account, but not, "hey, there's a (wall/person/car/nothing/air/etc/etc/etc) at that spot right now, lets reconstitute them over here, or 20sec later when there is space, etc??? Come on now.

James Foster

Can we all just stop to appreciate that all the shenanigans from the first two Thor movies and Darcy was like, "ok screw poli sci, time to get a doctorate in astrophysics..." and now she's recognized as an expert by covert agencies.

Patrick Prejusa

respect for referencing an oscilloscope

Viral Universe

Wanda can 100% alter people's chemical makeup and change them physically. She turned the chicken into eggs in episode one and turned the fake butterflies alive in episode 3. She's basically god her powers are ridiculous.

Jason McAlpin

This feels like the horrifying love child of Mike TV from Willy Wonka and that Twilight Zone episode with the kid that could make anything reality. Also Monkia had a while to explore it and will probably explain things next week

Zé Victor César

My god...a insight: Vision doesnt heard the walls breaking , because Herb was with the equipment making noise... how convenient!!!! , than him and Agnes were worried about "Geraldine" so they kept Vision on the outside...

lissa lou

but can vision get her pregnant tho?


So we are watching these reactors watching a tv show and the people in there are also watching a tv show and wanda and vision inside the tv show are also watching TV at the end....

Jeremy Jesson

Woo and the Director are Skrulls.

John Murray

wanda was in Edinburgh, not Berlin just an fyi


What is wrong with your reaction setup, we can only see about 80% of the show and it’s small with a background blocking it


That opening?....chef's kiss.

Elisa Taylor

Marketa at beginning ??❤


Pregnant? Lol vision is a robot!

Trey Walker

I'm so used to Doki Doki Literature Club that it's so weird seeing Monika spelt with a C...

Casey Bushee

Dude, Wonda is nesting the whole town! I think you're right, Wonda was pregnant when she was snapped!

Vicente Ortiz

I imagine after all her trauma, she just wants the simple American dream. Growing up in eastern Europe, her main exposure to American culture would have been through popular sitcoms that made it into European syndication. This is the life she saw on TV and has dreamed about having ever since. Simple lives with simple quirky problems...a world away from existential threats and galactic conquerors. She's shut it all out for a slice simplicity.

lissa lou

in the comics, Wanda alters reality and creates a life for her and Vision. in this life, she also makes kids for them, twin boys named Billy and Tommy. this world gets destroyed or she destroys it I don't remember which, but she remakes billy and tommy and puts them in different homes. they grow up separately not knowing they are brothers. eventually, they find out and join the young avengers as speed (Tommy) and Wiccan (billy). so I think it's very possible that the twins will stay. especially because marvel is bringing in some of the other young avengers, iron heart, ms. marvel, and kate bishop. they could be gearing up to make a young avengers movie. one thing is for certain though, if the twins do stick around they better not make Wiccan straight. Wiccan and hulking are in a relationship in the comics, they don't have to bring him in but they better not erase Wiccan's homosexuality. also, vision haunts my dreams lol and makes me super sad

1c3 sLy1

I prefer this one show a week, especially with the way you can't go online without seeing a spoiler. The way they are saying the ending is going to be huge, I'd be PISSED of some one binge watched this asks spoiled it for me.

Brendan Beckett

I like the idea of 30 second skits before more videos

Clara Nguyen

wanda is kinda like regina from Once Upon A Time

Iski moi

Doctor Darcy Question: Where are your masks? And where is my coffee?

33wLeopold Espinoza

yo! Since Wanda is able to bring Vision back from death, maybe she could also bring back Black Widow and thus the new Black Widow movie!?!

Real Raymond

Epic intro!! properly executed ;))

Drake Coleman

Read “house of M”

Michael Hanggodo

Someone said that Rambeu broke through the 4th wall when Wanda kicked her out (broke through 3 walls in Wanda’s house and then the energy field)

Tasteful Tuna

One of the most literal representations of breaking the fourth wall I can recall seeing. She literally sent her through the wall typically facing the audience, breaking it, as she expelled her from the fictional narrative.


How did they expect Wu? Also i wished they figured out the Monica rambeau thing on their own and not through the comments.

Daniel Drummond

"For the children..." -- nice ideas about her pregnancy and the role of kids in this plotline...

The Progressive Frequency



Nico Palmucci

Must fucking suck if you were blipped while on an airliner. You reappear at 40,000 feet going 560 MPH until your limp body slams into the ground.


We saw some reverse snap in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Adam hufz

nice intro bhahah

Viral Universe

I feel like yall are underestimating wanda's power very much. When Monica got blasted outta the dome her 70s clothes stayed. Pretty much confirming that anything created in her dome reality will continue to exist in our reality. So her kids are here to stay and they will age up with the decades. I think vision will also be able to exist outside of the dome but there will be complications because of the mind stone. It actually appears like wanda will create the mind stone from some trailer shots. So maybe once she has the mind stone back in vision's head he'll be able to exist outside of the dome.




Vision is a literal AI he can't physically have kids.


where is the beekeeper?

Kalvin Hwang

That Korra reference “her boo bae got his head blown. Like P’Li”


It's supposed to be a mystery, you don't give out the answers halfway through the story. You need to get to the 3rd act.


Why is Pat having a revelation about what Kat Dennings is from as if he doesn’t know her from the Thors?


This dude in the middle need to stop talking all the time, seriously.


wandavision is too short

Zefram Cochrane

"We never saw what that looked like".
Well, actually, if you watched Spiderman: Far From Home then, yes, you did.
They just played it for laughs.


I’m gonna start saying stop it like pat

Cloud Strife

Maybe Vision can come back. Rambeau got thrown out and still had her costume from the show. The rope turned into a Jump Rope n got pulled out.
QUESTION: What Would Happen If Vision Walked Out Of Westview????
Would He Be Alive???

erin parker

I love you guys creativity and reactions it’s so entertaining ?

Jay Brewer

Uh, Mephisto is editing the broadcast.

Alexander Dixokov

Love the WandaVision Intro.

Adrian Bara-popa

Hi Normies, could you do reactions to 2 shows on Hulu? 11-22-63 & Last Man On Earth. Please consider reacting to them.

Zé Victor César

People are talking about a theory , Tyler, the S.W.O.R.D director said that they lost half the astronaut crew on the "Blip" (Thanos snap as we know) maybe the Fantastic Four came back with Hulk snap...they are confused by the whole situation, as the people at the opening scene from this episode....and got caught by the solar flares ... that would save time on the F4 movie...in regards of telling a origin story all over again.


Chris goes through his whole theory on Wanda being pregnant and no one brings up how that would be possible...Vision is a synthezoid, he doesn't spraying any jizion because he is synthetic. Which would mean Wanda created the kids on her own with her powers.

Senator Poopypants

Suraj casually wearing a t-shirt in the 50, and nobody said anything


This intro was funny!!!

Keith D

Four years ago, when Elizabeth Olsen was doing press for her new role of Scarlett Witch, a you tube video was released in which she narrated an "Origins of Scarlett Witch" video that detailed the comic origins of her character and touched on several major plotlines from the comics over the years.

One of those plotlines is the subject matter of the Wandavision show. Whether they stay 100% faithful to the storyline from the comics, or whether they change some, or most, of it to fit into the MCU... is really anyone's guess.

They obviously had no idea they were going to be making this Disney series, because anyone can look up that video on You Tube and get an idea of what may be happening if its a direct translation. I wont link it here out of respect for spoilers.


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Naruto Shippuden - Episode 129 - Infiltrate The Village Hidden in the Rain - Group Reaction

103 860 views | 3 Feb. 2021

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The awesome and tragic tale of Jiraiya the toad sage. A story of fate, of time, of some increasingly heavy stuff, geez Shippuden, you okay?

If you would like to see the fillers, check out our patreon where Rana and Nahid are watching those as well.

Join us on the couch again as the Normies watch Episode 129: Infiltrate The Village Hidden in the Rain! Be sure to stick around for the review at the end of the episode. And if you are feeling spicy, be sure to continue the discussion in the comments below. Despite our good health, we do actually read the comments.

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Tahjay Bernard

I really starting to think tht runa lives w nahid but don’t like him anymore

Elvin Martins

Upload the episodes 131 to 133 all together please!!!!! They need to be watched all in a row

Brandon Norton

Talk so much shit about the last opening, talks over the entire new opening. nice

Billy Boii

Def looked like nahid ????


I was the same as Micky. Then it turned into skinny jeans and billabong, hurley, etc shirt then finally skinny jeans and band T.


Who d keep up on a 1 episode reaction. Do that whole fight at 1 episode god damit


If pain is not a terrorist leader then Orochimaru is the Dalai Lama of Naruto

Yna Sora

Nahid: Pain is not a terrorist, the US does the same things
Chris: I think Pain should be considered a terrorist and so should the US for doing those things
Nahid: That's exactly what I was saying!!




Rana has good taste

Jose Carvajal

Nahid has a problem with reading period.

Kenshin Himura

Someone has ponytail
Normies: Deidara

Parhat Ronin

I realize that screaming pain, when you guys looked the spoilers in the intro.
Wait the minute...


They turned off the best opening in the series... unsubscribe

Jakari Brown

Rana, sweetie... I love you to death, but if you ever talk during this epic ass opening again then the naruto fandom WILL come for you Walks away*............ *Turns around menancingly And i WILL help them (The originals reference lmao). But honestly tho, yall wrong for talking over the opening after the inital "Don't Look!" lol


lol can’t wait for the arguments that are about to come about pains ideology

feather zynn

I hear reanimation jutsu xD

Chris Dixon

Goddess Konan, Lady Angel. ?
Itachi, Kakashi, Pain... Rana has good taste.


The hidden rain is under constant surveillance.
Democrats are calling for more surveillance on Americans.
PaIN Is TruMp!


rana seems to know pain....


Why are they screaming so muuuuch in the discussions jesus christ, Americans are so loud

Marcos Antonio

Suraj`s love for orochimaru-sama speaks loud LoL. I love it

Filip Gasic

The fat guy with the yellow sweater is that typical reactor who only loves morally good characters to virtue signal how he is a good person...

Jerek Headrick

Just sayin' pain is waaaaayyyy more competent than the other dictators and leaders you mentioned. No one in this village is starving and as far as we know no one is forced away from their families into military service. Also, the rain is a safe place for civilians. Do you realize what a crazy accomplishment that is for this wartorn little country?


best anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NOOOO DON'T SKEEP OP 6.That's a crime in the Naruto comunity! Also,k get ready to ? ?

Raymond Yongho

I'm looking forward to you guys coming back to this discussion after learning Pain's backstory.

Pearson Fire

Chris: “Pain’s a terrorist.”
Nahid: “THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO SAY! But also, Pain isn’t a terrorist.”

Never change, guys

Anass el Fakiri

Love how people keep figuring out how fucked up the real world is because of Naruto. Chris just wanted to watch a kid in orange yell believe it, and now figures out that the US can be pretty darn terroristy

kushagra nigam

From here on real and mature naruto shiupenden start

Jose Iglesias

Best Opening Ever


Jiraya is the CIA of the leaf xD


This episode still gives me chills. Amazing

Kale Kale

When you approach me gotta wait for me to talk no touches no kills

S. Grey

Did he compare lord pain to Donald trump? ? how dare you!


29:30 did he just called pain the Naruto Bin Ladin (as the opposite of Naruto) ???

Kale Kale

I give you underwhelming vibes on purpose to make it look underwhelming its not 50 50 you not following along right

Hungi 7

Navi is so fine

Sr L Shinigami オタク神

Ustedes solo ven anime por moda no porque les guste normies no son otakus de corazón como nosotros


'Granny, your pork buns are flaming." -Chris

C Yeah

Please react to Prison school ??

Joshua Brown

Rip my happiness bro

Al Mahdi

Nahid: You can watch my uncut reaction over at patreon.
Me: Nah, I think I’ll pass on that chief... ??

Yung Tragicc

Please don’t take it to deeply just enjoy the character

osvaldo garcia

Best OP

Jonathan Catala

10:11 Jiraiya aka colonel sanders


I hope you guys are ready for a journey.

Danny Phantom


Makice hit

It's Pain's Reign in the Rain

Libby Himè

I missed seeing you guys like this♥️


what about the new opening :(

hanter fahim

this is how asian family avoide kissing scene with out any shouting

Michael Pulliam


Elite_Rock_ God

When i first saw this episode with my friend i was like "wait! Wait wait wait, this fucker hanzo was strong enough to take on all three sannin at once, and this dude pain beat him!? Jiraiya get out of there!!!"?

Maria christine Tadle

Why not watching the op????

Roxana S'here

What... is this... am i dreaming or are the reactions for the next episodes out, but like, since 1 month ago? ... someone please... explain ... i am sooo mindf-ed rn... for a minute it felt like i really did time travel or something...

Shido Kim

I realize the screaming pain ~

I love the opening so much ..its my number 1 cuz its so special in my heart

Tristan Jones

Hidden rain is like North Korea

Batty S

The moment is coming

Gonzalo Olguín

I think what we are really coming to grasp with on this episode, is that the word 'terrorist' is rather new. And you know, made up from an outside point of new. I'm sure Napoleon wasn't called a terrorist, just for the sake of saying a random name.

alex cavoli

So the Pain begins


proof that Jiraiya is really good at stealth and collecting info :D PAIN seems like a real savage :D I love how they make him so mysterious, the build up and the tension is perfect :) Konan's jutsu is also really dope its very unique :)


Дождалась,наконецто,будут слезы?

Jj Mmm

Normies: I fear no man, but that thing

The Intro

It scares me

Kam Lee

I know that’s right Navi speak ya piece!

Super Champloo

I know you have to skip the opening for the spoilers, but after you watched the arc, please watch it. Its AMAZING.

Allen A

As a relatively new fan of the channel, thanks for shouting out my rainy city of Vancouver ??


A Dictator is the highest form of terrorist. This is what I learned today on The Normies.

Rick Black

I don't like rain, its cold and wet and depressing, and it gets everywhere

Nameless King

29:00 It's okay to praise some things about a terrible person just like it's okay to criticize some things about a good person. It doesn't mean you forgive them for the terrible things they've done. If you don't give the Devil his due you miss half of the lesson you need to learn from him. For simplification say a person is 60% bad and 40% good, if someone recognizes they're a garbage person and decides to be the exact opposite of that person, 40% good and 60% bad. That's still a failing grade, but if they recognized and did even 1/4 of the good things that horrible person did they'd pass and if they did all of the good things that person did they'd be at 100. Seeing people as pure evil or pure good without looking at the details puts one at a severe disadvantage when morally orienting oneself.

Rain Bow

5:16 Suraj is so salty cause nobody likes Orochi lmao

Bryan Martinez

Why avoid the opening though, that's just stupid. We all saw the intro back in the day it aired and didn't worry about spoilers. I mean, all anime openings build expectancy for what's coming, classifying them as spoilers is just lame. Who the heck guides you guys on watching the show anyways. Watch it your own way, that's the best way to experience something.

Jonatas Silva

No 130 this week?


Dictators and presidents definitely can be terrorists....The two are not mutually exclusive

Dev Goyal

Suraj: Navi don't look at the new intro!
Navi: puts her hand in front of the screen
Me: Yeah! That 5 inch hand will cover a 15.6 inch screen!

AnthonyDb1 rawwwrr

They are about to know pain?

Stefan Durbaba


Jona Laurenson

“who is talking and why”

Yes! Asking the right questions there ?

Warner Reyes

"we all know what happened to qui gon" He knew pain

Lucas Matos

14:31 .....oh boy

Rena Bonita

Normie: Itachi destroyed his village
Naruto fans: hmnnn... just wait for it ?

Menma Uchiha

This opening is the most iconic and defining in all of naruto. Yall better appreciate it ??

Pennywise The Clown

Dub is garbo guy said he considers himself a god when he really said Pain is a God not considers..

Also yes you can look at the Outro


Because I would like to point out one thing that they have slightly touched on but I also know how fast they are to jump onto a villain the instant that villain is portrayed as a villain realize that painting gave his village peace also realize the last people that came before him could not stop everyone from having Wars in their Village and that if Jiraiya is in their Village trying to kill pain this is the leaf village doing assassination attempt on their leader of government when the people inside of the village are perfectly fine with the way they live their lives nor is the way they live their life interfering with anyone else's lies outside of the village

Nightcore Gamer

By nail paint u remember that every Akatsuki had a ring which says something different. Like Itachi's had crimson on it.

Maria christine Tadle

It was an awesome op and the song is a banger too!

Black Bolt

nahid is a bit slow

Lố Phước

Crying Feel all the screaming pain ringing loud in brain

Lord Warryl

6 pods of pain


I hope Micky doesn’t keep comparing Pain to Trump it’s not even similar. I’ll take the Ninja Bin laden comparison because that actually makes sense

シ notazuraa シ

technically anakin is the chosen one

Jonathan Melton

14:09 Yeah, But even if its Torture I'd still consider this a pretty Humane as hell way to do it since you really arnt physically Hurting them and the worst you could do is scar them for life from tickling, No real pain or Physical Damage though so its a really good effective way to Torture someone, Probably the best way to torture a kid even if you had to interrogate a child Shinobi.

Madara Uchiha

Jiraiya: comes out of a frog's mouth
Normies: awww ? woah ? damn ?

Orochimaru: comes out of snake's mouth
Normies: eww ? grosss ? weirdo ?

Trent The One

Yall aint ready for the power that is Pain

Carlo Justiniano

and the opening?

Ramón González

All they know right now is that Pain is controlling everybody in that place by using the rain to spy on them 24/7 keeping a totalitarian rule over the the entire town.

Rana: You know what, he's kinda cool.

Lol, Rana is the kind of woman that sends love letters to death row prisoners.

Steven Barry

Aww they didn't react to op

Kale Kale

No matter what you say or think this happened


Late 2000s masterpiece.

Dev Goyal

There was only one great Sage who was called 'The Sage of six paths'.
These six paths can mean (hypothetically) like love, anger, etc.