Stellar cm-6

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Alctron Large Gold Plated Diaphragm CM6 Professional FET Cardioid Condenser Microphone Unboxing

1 280 views | 27 Jul. 2018


Alctron Large Gold Plated Diaphragm CM6 Professional FET Cardioid Condenser Microphone Unboxing

mike kingston

thanks for the great info


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Stellar cm-6

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Michal Shapira & Ori Shlezinger - Put your records on (Corinne Bailey Rea Cover)

1 330 views | 22 Dec. 2014

Vocals: Michal

Vocals: Michal Shapira

Guitar & Arrangement: Ori Shlezinger (Orishlez)

Vocals recorded with a Stellar CM6, Guitar with Michael Jolly 990-Hulk.

Thanasis Zardas

great sound!!! what preamps and sound card have you used with the mics?


Wow! Fantastic!! Ori, you got a brazilian fan. Perfect voice and interesting wowan!!

Scott Shields

That was a great performance!

Laila Drumond

Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Erick Rodríguez

Which preamp did you put the voice thru?, it sounds really neat.

Stellar cm-6

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Mic Roundup Part 2: Affordable Tube Condenser Mics

100 285 views | 9 Nov. 2016

Join Sonic Scoop’s Justin

Join Sonic Scoop’s Justin Colletti as he tests out some tube condenser microphones that won’t break the bank. Here he’ll check out the Rode NTK, the Se z5600a II, the Lauten Audio LA-320, and the Avantone CV-12. He’ll give his thoughts on each microphone, but more importantly you’ll get to hear the difference yourself as he tests each capsule on vocals and acoustic guitars.

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La-320 is SICC AF ?️
This singer needs to work on intonation, breath support, & her upper and mix registers in general. smh. I could grab a random kid off the street more skilled than her... no offense.

Dan van gelderen

man, oh man, oh an, who has the cash for such things...

Scott October

I like the CV-12

Wady Official

La320 sounds good


3:36 & 4:23

All Movies

I have questions? Currently I’m using Rode NTK Mic with Avid mbox. Personus Tubepre V2 can support?


I’m afraid how many bad comments there are!!!
Perfect comparison with good technic and singer :)
Youtube is plenty of stupid childs.


Why didn’t you test the NTK

Alosha Ponomarev

I have been waiting for a good La-320 review thank you. Im excited to get mine in the mail.

Jay Rama

wow.... listen to this with high quality headphones or quality monitors, that high frequency roll off on the lauten la 320... wow what a difference.... so clear with it off, sounds amazing!

Benjamin Clark

Terrible examples dude?

Abhishek Gupta

Why there's no take of rode ntk by her singing and guitaring?

Jp Eex

Avantone for vocal
SE Z5600A for guitar
The mix of avantone sounds better than others.

Christiaan Bezuidenhout

I have a CV12 (and many others) in my studio and record people on it every week. One of the best mics I've heard. Its really a well balanced mic. I swap out to try some others but always land back on the CV12 as my fav.


Distorted tracks. You can clearly heare it with low volume.


Just can't take my eyes off from the...

Mena Safwat



Lauten 320 the best

Nick Riley

La320 sounds fantastic!

shubh shinde

Please make more choices


Lauten Audio LA320 for vocal!
SE Z5600a II for Guitar.
For price? LAUTEN!

oscar morales

This is horrible, on voice everything sounds awful, sorry.


I love Justin, and I love sonic scoop, but Justin looks like he has bodies in the trunk.

Minister Travis

the se wins

John Mingolla

You forgot to test the best one NTK Rode!

Quan nguyen

Rode NTK where?.


I actually think the sE and the Lauten sounded the best to my ear. The sE seemed like a much richer tone, but for the pricepoint difference between these... the Lauten is the clear winner in my book. If used in a mix... I don't feel that any of these would sound bad at all. I guess it depends on what you're recording. Thanks for the review.

Brandon Skeens

Hmmm, didn't fall immediately in love with any of the mics. The Lauten and SE sounded solid on the guitar, a little different position on the Lauten to avoid the boom and bring the top a little closer would sound nice.
I've got two Avantone Cv12's and was never impressed by how they sounded. That low mid bump and crunchy upper mid isn't real fantastic. The Cv12's are fairly simple to mod into better microphones, pushing them closer to the newer Telefunken RFT series mics. But, I suppose you could just buy a Copperhead and skip the fuss.

White Heat

Where is the rode NTK guys?


Lauten la-320 going through a neve 511 would sound amazing

Ever Matter

Did you not do a take with the Rode?


The second and 3rd one sounded a lot better then the first mic on my opinion. But not sure which one id choose.


Z5600a II is noticeably better for me.


I had to stop watching once she started singing..

Todd Crosby

Bless her, she is quite pitchy.

honeybbq fritos

dude need
to drink some water


Hi i have a question guys. Can i connect tube condenser mic to a audio interface? or i must have preamp to use it?

Silverback Audio

great shootout

Yardee Bless

What microphone stand is that


The Avantone is really natural sounding and clear. Very nice.

Shaun Ashley

The reason the Avantone is a winner is because when you’re mic is giving you some tube character and distortion the warmer tone will help to make the sound a lot more palatable. The problem with bright tube mics is that when you get that tube distortion it sounds horrendous! You want the mic to be warmer (with a bit of goo end roll off) surely the reason you buy a tube mic is for that warm vintage tube breakup, character and tube compression?

Glenn Mc


CARLO T Valentin

SE mic I liked best for vocal & guitar


I like this girl so much

Mr. Nobody

The black one after you switched it, sounds best to my ears.

M. Fajardo

others are brighter and "present" but man!, CV12 sounds so smooth and natural, neutral and well balanced, like ready to be mixed.
I would need to take some brightness from the other mics though...

Good job there B&H

Paul Isbell

I like the sE Gemini because that’s the mic Phoebe Bridgers sung on in her Paste Studio session.. sounded heckin mint

Chris Chronos

I got the NTK and been using it for a few years. I've never really liked it, the top end "sizzles" a bit too much for my taste. I've looked around online and it seems a lot people don't like the tube that comes installed in it and recommend changing it with an ecl86 tube instead.

Xolani Naku

What is the difference between the SE Electronics Z5600A VII Condenser Microphone and the SE Electronics - sE Z5600a MK2 ?

Radvanyi Andras

Hi! can someone help please? can the Rode NTK used with Irig Pre?lets say i find a mic but i dont have the original power supply

Veer Chasm

3:50 What?!? You had a chance to run a Taylor acoustic through a Mesa Rectifier and you DIDN’T?!?


Greetings, this was an awesome line up for mics shootout. I own a few of these mics and one thing I picked up on this shootout is the Ssssssssss cutting threw even with the spoken vocal. I'm wondering what was added to the vocal chain that pushed those Sssssss to the forefront?
Also my ntk sounds a ton warmer, nice on rb and rap, where cv12 sounds more like a pop vocal Mic, but on this shootout they both did not sound like they usually sound. Am I the only person that ears are having a hard time with this shootout?
Please list vocal chain and effects settings if any. Thanks.

Ron Edwards

Lauten LA320 is far better than the Avantone CV-12. Owned both.

Sebastian Apolinario

3:52 CV12
4:38 LA-320
5:24 Z5600a II

Dietmar Schillinger

Distortion on ''let you go'' I suppose its the pre amp since it is on all mics.


I can't tell which is good... she is singing out of tune big time


What type of headset was the woman using when she played guitar and sang?




I’m pissed you didn’t test the NTK with the singer as I’m about to buy one!

Brandon Lentz

The Avantone CV12 is by far the best recording microphone out of all of these and many more. Especially for the price. It's a steal.

skim the channel

I cringed listening to this with headphones

Maheen Maheen

? Girl

Alex Jerome

This sold me on the CV12 over the Lauten

First Last

$3,000 preamp on budget mics. Any mic will sound good if you run them thru a high end preamp.

Moromo Music

does it matter which preamp to use?

Breymien Official

Avantone best !!!


Z5600a II шикарный

Craig Eccles

I watched it but didnt see any affordable ones

Marcos Maldonado

Buen video ????. Consulta La del Rode ntk?


Yes, I think they should have included the Rode NTK in the apples for apples test, Its in the same price range

Remedym Flakon

3k$ Preamp and 500$ish mics...