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OAuth2 Authorisation Code + PKCE Grant Type Walkthrough

1 486 views | 25 Sep. 2020

This presentation explains

This presentation explains the need for PKCE in addition to the OAuth2 Authorisation Code flow, including a simplified step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeilDonkin

Dennis Jensen

Thanks for this. So much clearer than the videos trying to explain this with all kinds of analogies.

John Fernandes

The flow needs to be re-visited... it is terrible

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OpenID Connect - id_token, what they are, how they work

540 views | 17 Sep. 2020

In this video I am

In this video I am explaining how OpenID Connect id_token work and how they can be used. The video concentrates more on the usage than on all details about ways for retrieving or validate them. The video should help viewers understand the value of these token for their application.

References are made to the OpenID Connect specifications (https://openid.net/connect), JSON Web Token (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7519) and to my open source project Loginbuddy (https://github.com/SaschaZeGerman/loginbuddy).

This is an example Java library for validating and creating JWT: https://bitbucket.org/b_c/jose4j/wiki/Home

The JWS specification talks more about JWT validation:


Note: where the video says: 'recreate the signature' it refers to 'validate the signature'. Recreating is only possible if an algorithm such as HS256 has been used.

Rodney Dias

Excellent content

Sascha Preibisch

Sorry for the poor sound quality, my notebook is dying, slowly but surely. Where the video says: 'recreate signature' it refers to 'validate signature'. I hope the video is still useful! Oh, and it's 'Rule of thumb' not 'Thumb of rule' ...

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6 240 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Wanwan Limited Skin

Wanwan Limited Skin Draw!!

On this What's New? volume, we are going to show you how we got Wanwan's Pixel Blast Collector Epic skin in the Grand Collection event.

Were we lucky enough? Well, let's see!





? We have a weekly skin G I V E A W A Y every Saturday Live Streams. ?

? CLICK THAT BELL to know when we go live: https://www.youtube.com/toymtraveller?sub_confirmation=1 ?


?Mobile Legends : Bang Bang


Just comment below for suggestions and recommendations for next content.

? Be a YOUTUBE MEMBER here: https://youtube.com/toymtraveller/join

** This will support us from getting hungry and to stay alert and awake while doing your favorite contents. Donations are NEVER necessary, but are always appreciated. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)




I wish all?? can i have elite wanwan pls for my bday on 13 pls huhu?

Yusuf Love

Please add

Shadow Gaming

Is gender switching an option? I didnt get to pick mine

Jai_Jai Lacuarin

Hope you Notice me Kurumi

Chris Rey Ejandra

as a Wanwan main. This hurts. I hope this skin makes a come back. I'll start saving.

Gabriel Matthew A Roy

2:50 there’s the skip button down left. Didn’t see? Well try again :>

ᴡᴏʟғ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ

I love ur vid ❤️ thanks for tips ❤️❤️

Angelo Ybardolaza

Follow these Steps for BIG DISCOUNT!
1st day
•Spent 210 Dias/Coa for 1st Event Reward Random(Horn/Border/Basic Skin)
•Spent 570 Dias/Coa for 2nd Event Reward Random(Horn/Border/Basic Skin)

2nd day
•Spent 865 Dias/Coa for 3rd Event Reward Random(Horn/Border/Basic Skin)

For Daily Discount Part: 50% OFF!

3rd day
•Spent 95 Dias/Coa(w/ daily 50% discount)
4th day
•Spent 100 Dias/Coa"
5th day
•Spent 105 Dias/Coa"
6th day
•Spent 110 Dias/Coa"
7th day
•Spent 115 Dias/Coa"
8th day
•Spent 120 Dias/Coa"(4th Event Reward:Elite Skin)
9th day
•Spent 125 Dias/Coa"
10th day
•Spent 130 Dias/Coa"
11th day
•Spent 135 Dias/Coa"
12th day
•Spent 140 Dias/Coa"
13th day
•Spent 145 Dias/Coa"
14th day
•Spent 150 Dias/Coa"(5th Event Reward: Special Skin)
15th day
•Spent 155 Dias/Coa"
16th day
•Spent 160 Dias/Coa"
17th day
•Spent 165 Dias/Coa"
18th day
•Spent 170 Dias/Coa"
19th day
•Spent 175 Dias/Coa"
20th/Last day(6th Event Reward/Last/Collector Skin Guaranteed)
•Spent 180 Dias/Coa"
Total Spend: 4120 Dias/Coa

+ For Grand Collection Tokens
Piano Game Tokens
Daily Limit: 5/5
Daily Average Score(maybe): 20 scores
Event Lasts: Equivalent to 21 days (because of 4pm and refresh in 9pm in 1st day of event)

5(Daily Limit)•20(Scores) = 100
100•21(days) = 2100 Tokens!

Tasks(once claimable)
LogIn/Recharge&Spent 100 Dias for extra 375 tokens

Piano Game tokens + Tasks:
2100 + 375 = 2475 Tokens

Discount Daily Rule Given Above + Overall Tokens:
4120 - 2475 = 1645 Dias/Coa Only!
For Waiting 20 days!

PaulineDenisse Heyrosa

Hi lods chou skin elite po matagal na pangarap kina po ang skin ni chou I'd:725034747 IGN:❤️Alexa❤️ Sana ma notice nyu po❤️?

Carlos miguel ruiz

I got wanwan collector skin cost 2k yeyyy

Kalaichelvan Ulaganathan

im sorry to ask u but if i want to buy a collector skin gs coming in march can i buy with using 5000 dias without doing any tasks reply pls

Ken Kvenki.

thanks for the info on purchasing skin collector wan wan

Laishram Memcha

I spent 5I man

mythical hawk

Guess I got lucky cuz I only spent 2,600 Dias on the event and got wanwan skin easily ???


I already like and aubscribe Yo Ur Chanell Please Give Because Im a Wanwan User

Yusuf Love


Valt Aoi

1:44 Lmao I died of laughter.. Especially when you tell you are dumb HAHAHAHAH

Bae Hyereong

Your number of diamonds is calling me poor

Super Rahh3275

Oh yes! I'm really can't wait with this video! Thanks, so much Toym Traveller! This is the best video with the voiceline , text and graphics.


Cool skin

Zaigan Official

I spend 6k dias i didn't even get it?

Hunter Ratul

I got the collector skin at my second draw????

Prince lee Arlante


Cecenya Reyner

I'm selling my kidney to buy this skin, contact me if anyone interested. Thanks~


Very cute skin~ UwU

But I want Chang'e's skin. Ehe.

Kenneth Gabriel Ente

Can you give me diamonds? Please?


They know when the wanwan skin comes out teen pop ?

Youn Chhai

I really want to have this skin.

wilson sitlhou

What happened if i chose chang'e or franco.. will i still get wanwan skin?

icifer rage

Worth it

Asif Haahmi

Still worth skin moonton is making great skin now


Spent 5.5k still none welp all money gone

Atharva Ambekar


Geoffrey Cabrera


Games Identity

The real boss with 120K Dias... Crazy Rich ????

Sasindu Bimsara

IDK but isn't there a cheap way? Like only with 750-900 diamonds?

PaulineDenisse Heyrosa

Hi lods chou skin elite po matagal na pangarap kina po ang skin ni chou I'd:725034747 IGN:❤️Alexa❤️ Sana ma notice nyu po❤️?

Mr. Nobody

Hi i ask if you can gift me a hero... X.borg but btw big fan!


How to collect diamonds?

Bemo Tsopoe

After watching this I think I'll let my cat press with his paws for lucky pick btw I have that kagura skin got for free from event?

Laishram Memcha

5k man

Top Songs

I hope i can get elite skin chou?

ҡɪɴɢ Glorious

Im a main wanwan user , i want to ask , if i do the daily mini games , can i get wanwan skin in under 2.5k?


Please give me diamonds to get wanwan skin


Me jealous :(


I draw 1 time daily and I also have the crystal of aurora subscription. Hopefully it would make it cheaper


Mooton so scam :c

Blitz Gaming

Hahahaha wtf this dude is funny, subscribed, and I just noticed you’re the guy that gets featured on mLbb official page haha

Gacha Gamer

Yay my account was on there.

Yusuf Love


Mr. Lanc

Hello buddy ı hope ı can GET Gus collector with 4500 gems

Prion Doplay

Not kinda cheep

Valt Aoi

Lol the nostalgia of the intro for wan wan..I love the song so much lol.. And looks like a legend skin to me especially the model, just no skills changes, recall but I am not r i c h lol



Henry Abanica

You're so lucky! I got 3 super rewards at 6th draw every round. Now I have to be freaking patient to wait for the daily 50% off, otherwise I'd really feel the poverty that you just said ?

Frans Tirta

Wow, how can you click so fast?