Purple chinese

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Purple Soul - 龙胆紫 (Official Video) Beijing Hip-Hop, Chinese Rap.

11 712 views | 5 May. 2015

Beijing, China.

Beijing, China.

Koko Lee

I was thinking her lip


Sounds good! I liked it very much, my favourite was the third one :)

Koko Lee

Listen up

stu sis

百聽不膩經典之作,讓世人驚覺原來還有這樣一種充滿個性的勸世手法,在說唱漸漸淪為最新形態流行樂的現在,唯有足以撥人思弦的歌曲才能流芳百世了,<purple soul>時時給予你我一股強大信心去面對任何醜惡環境。


Nice beat. Terrible flow.

Koko Lee

I want scars

Koko Lee

Ears r so last century

Koko Lee

Careful I am a freak

Blacklist Secret Official

Nice Beat and Rhyme can I use this Track on my Vlog? and I will give a credit for you

Gfaselbieter Videos

real shit

Ruben Perez


Gunasekar Desaiyan

you aint trying to get in tokyo rave party .. dove ..

Mason Kim


Zoltan Toth

This is actually cool!

Blacka 5pee entertainment


Gunasekar Desaiyan

wong tong .. friend fired ... wong tong chinese food ... comon man .. who else wouldnt server ... call me a server ... a drink .. asahi a beer ... purple ...

Koko Lee

Boom boom boom, oh yes

Gunasekar Desaiyan

wong time .. wrong .. is that what said to you .. chow thong . under that radar bay ...
wong thong shrimp .. fired oops fired oops . fired up ....

.. is that what said to you .. chow thong . under that radar bay ...

Koko Lee

I'd die for this motherboard

Gunasekar Desaiyan

should i say it ... babe one .. who? babe betts .. aisan-9
new new names that's it jolie
jopo paw claimed his fight
you want three lines or bable
she is eating hersheees
that long your blessed td is going to noticed ..
did you talk ..


this is dope!

Avi Shchigel

who are these guys?

Fuck Cops

respect from Greece man


在? 为什么说实话?

Peng Xue

wayyyyyyyyyy better than higher brothers



Gunasekar Desaiyan

purple souls ... new lover from INIDA always .. Beijing

Purple chinese

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132 views | 10 Feb. 2021





1 Cup APF

1 tbsp baking powder

1/ 2 cup Sugar

1/4 cup Vegetables oil / butter

1/3 Cup Fresh Milk

4 egg yolk

1tsp ube flavor


4 egg White

1/4 White Sugar

1 tsp cream of Tartar

Enjoy Watching, Enjoy eating..

Thanks and God bless you

Yushi's Wonderland

Gusto ko nyan sis yummmm

Lorena Olila#1

Mukhang masarap p0 yan

World of CL

Yummy this one I guess.. waiting here po..

Paulita & marcus World

Ang sarap namn neto ma try ngang makagawa pag naka bili ng ingre.

Emily Sangyon

Galing mu tlaga sis sa baking

Jessa Jessen

the looks of this cake is very nice nakakagutom sya tignan sis sarap ng ube na cake na to


Like ko din yan matutunan po

Pretty Sisters

Ube flavor ang sarap nman ate!

I Am LaLa

Sarap naman po niyan Ube Chiffon Cake beke nemen po Miss JhoGM malapit na Valentines pashare naman niyan?❤️

MazeChard channel

waiting to watching ..kuya mond tv here

AN Carson

Hi. The vid was actually insightful! I've been trying to find for a YouTube video like yours that breaks down everything in this video! ? ??‍⚕️Your breakdown is like the channel from Dr Ethan! Dr's videos are for sure informative and he helped me a lot on midterms! He is an insightful Doctor on YouTube and he teaches mental health and medical school.

You should really see his channel out and give Dr Ethan a subscribe! ➡️ #DoctorEthanOnYouTube

Ruvz Quimas

Ang sarap nito for sure

Marlou Benteuno

Patikim ate haha sarap nyan

Kaeden World with Mommy

Sarap nyn fav ko ube

Mamsh 30 Tv

Looks yummmy gusto ko tuloy kumain niyan

Mitch's TV 2

ang sarap niyang chiffon cake na ginawa mo


Looks yummy and delicious...lalo may coke..eto na po ang bagong mong kq-channel...daan ka din po sa amin pag may time...

Purple chinese

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Chinese Mood - Strings Purple Crystal (Full Album)

3 843 views | 4 Apr. 2019

Strings Purple Crystal -

Strings Purple Crystal - Chinese Mood (Full Ablum)

Track Listings:

1. Shina No Yoru (N. Takeoka)

2. Soshuyakyoku (R. Hattori)

3. China Tango (R. Hattori)

4. Ye Rai Shan (Rei Kinko)

5. Ho Ri Chin tsuai Rai (Trad.)

6. Nangoku Aika (S. Shiose)

7. Minami No Hanayome San (Ninko)

8. Yogiri No Basha (M. Koga)

9. Itoshi Ano Hoshi (R. Hattori)

10. Shang-Hai No Hanauri-Musume (G. Uehara)

11. Akai Suiren (M. Koga)

12. Adieu Shang-Hai (R. Hattori)

Max Air jet

Vintage classic.Great.