Polymath coin price

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Polymath (POLY) Tokenizing Assets! | Tokenization

295 views | 13 Dec. 2020

Polymath is a

Polymath is a decentralized platform for security tokens. it allows people to easily create and manage security tokens. This allows many assets to be tokenized and provides many benefits.

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My Swyftx Review: https://youtu.be/bPAgJNxQM8M

Music: Cheese (Prod. by Lukrembo)

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Joey Z

If they solve the security token problem, polymath $poly is going to instantly go 100x, then 1000x by EOY 2021.

Polymath coin price

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Is Polymath Going to the Moon?!?! 7 Things You NEED to Know

2 822 views | 9 Apr. 2018

Polymath Network: a

Polymath Network: a protocol for financial securities tokens! The POLY cryptocurrency & decentralized platform helps launch tokenized securities on the blockchain with their KYC & AML solution.

Polymath is a decentralized platform that aims at bridging the gap between the blockchain and financial securities. The platform is operated on the Ethereum blockckchain & will facilitate the primary issuance & secondary trading of blockchain securities tokens. It uses a blockchain protocol that offers various tools designed to coordinate & stimulate participants to collaborate & launch financial products on the platform. If such an agency—like the SEC for example—deemed that the tokens for sale actually represent securities, it means they're subject to the agency’s regulation. Many organizations holding ICOs fervently try to avoid having their tokens identified as securities, as this can come with various restrictions & limit how the tokens can be exchanged and who can invest in them. Enter Polymath: the platform features a baked-in KYC solution and before an issuer can sell a security token, they must find a legal delegate to ensure that all the regulatory requirements are met by the offering. Polymath believes that Security Token Offerings (or STOs) will be the next big trend in the crypto world. Utility tokens offer future access to a service or a product and may be compared to software licenses or gift cards. Security tokens basically represent an investment contract and the motivation for contributors to acquire them is given by the anticipation of future profits in the form of revenue share, dividends, or price appreciation. Polymath basically opens up the blockchain to securities offerings that are compliant with government laws & regulations. Polymath refers to its platform as a “one stop shop for securities token projects.” Its users are provided with a decentralized protocol that enables them to easily trade security tokens in a completely legal manner. It also features a privacy module enabling institutions and investors to authenticate their residency, identity, and accreditation status before participating in any of the security tokens offerings. Issuers may also legally nominate delegates to bid on their behalf on new offerings in a regulated manner. The issuance of new security tokens is also facilitated. Polymath matches issuers with developers who can translate the parameters of their security offering into secure code that generates ERC20-compatible tokens. Moreover, Polymath boasts a system that can be tailor-fitted to suit the needs of its users. Polymath has a layered structure that’s made up of 4 key components. The protocol layer, which comes with a decentralized shareholder registry, is tasked with taking care of the system’s computational aspects. Its framework has built-in KYC and AML accreditation, and the system runs through the use of smart contracts. The Application Layer enables interested parties to quickly create their own securities-backed tokens and even offers a ‘Create-A-Security-Token Wizard’ to facilitate the process. The 3rd key component is the Legal Layer, which offers a number of tools that interested parties can use to check if their tokens fulfill the necessary compliance & regulatory standards. The final component is the Exchange Layer, also described as a ‘closed-ended KYC compliant on/off ramp.’ Polymath aims at becoming the world’s first Security Tokens-only exchange. Polymath assists through the entire legal process and improves on the accountability, auditability and security of the securities market. All transactions in the Polymath ecosystem are governed by its native token POLY, a standard ERC20 token that's embedded with specific requirements allowing for use only among verified participants. There are 5 central participants that provide an essential aspect of the process, each of them being incentivized along the way. Investors are those who want to purchase or trade security tokens, and will pay a POLY fee to interact with the network and for KYC & AML verification. Issuers are those that want to sell security tokens; they will pay a POLY fee to create and issue the tokens. Legal delegates place bids based on the on-chain restrictions, and may also act as off-chain representatives in order to assist issuers in meeting the compliance requirements. KYC Providers are tasked with validating the participants’ real identities and with ensuring that investors are properly accredited. Lastly, developers are the software engineers rewarded with POLY for continuously evolving the network. They create and review initial offering contracts.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I absolve myself of all responsibility (directly or indirectly) for any damage, loss caused, alleged to be caused by, or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in this article. As usual, do your own research.

chris cash

Bought in 50k tokens today (0,19$) hope youre right!

GEO Alberta

i'am really bullsh on polymath ....!

Ponte Real

Cryptocurrency keeps evolving


great summary - as always a great job...??

Ankit Thakkar

Please review Swtcheo decentralized exchange (SWTH)


Dude, this is my first video by you that I am watching and I would like to give you some feedback.

I really appreciate the video name which is catchy, great informative video content without any boring nonsense - instead, you go straight towards the problem. Although there are few things which can help your videos get more popular. You seem to be reading a script, which is ok, but the way you talk, you look like a robot, not a human, which means you are getting disconnected with the viewer. Instead, you should try to move a bit, do some gestures, slow down a bit and so on. On the other hand, your voice work is pretty good (y)

I am not a content creator nor am I an expert. This is how I feel about the video. Take it or leave it :)

Dom H

10 trillion


Hey Angelo! Great work buddy!


10 trillion

dani yacoub

Bro best channel ever for crypto!!!!!!!!


Good analysis, Subscribed & liked! Cheers

David Do

POLYMATH - The team - the advisors - all-stars. It's hard to come across a game changer in this industry - Polymath is beyond a game changer - this is the END GAME! Real Estate - Commodities - Stocks. Anyway, just my humble opinion - do your own research! Cheers :)


Lol you didn't even try to summarize, explain, or add any value to polymath's info. just straight read the whole thing into the camera.

William Sanderson

Very nice!

Moodle Admin

10 USD IN 3 MONTHS, look at the amazing team and advisors.

Polymath coin price

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Polymath (POLY) Coin Price Prediction | Testnet Release Soon By Crypto Asia

524 views | 7 Jun. 2020

Polymath (POLY) Coin

Polymath (POLY) Coin Price Prediction | Testnet Release Soon By Crypto Asia

Aaj Ke Video Mein Ham Baat Karenge Polymath (POLY) Coin K Bare Main K Ye Kesa Coin Hai Or Future K Liye Kesa Hai...

Agar Aapako Video Pasand Aae To Like karen Aur Apane Doston Ke Saath Share Karen Taaki Unhen Bhee Is Video Kee Jaanakaaree Mil Sake

Isake Alaava, Yadi Aapane Channel Ko Subscribe Nahin Liya, To Subscribe karen Dhanyavaad/Shukria





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Dr. Fiza Saleem


Sandeep Mishra

abhi poly up jyga kya ,,479 oe hai


Mam ada coin abi or kitna high ja skta h

Köln Carter

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