Trials in tainted space nova

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The world's most profitable companies ? | Counting the Cost

16 219 views | 29 Jul. 2017

Some of the world's

Some of the world's biggest publicly-owned companies are stepping up with their quarterly report cards.

Every three months, the earnings season acts like a kind of corporate health check. It allows us to gage which sectors are growing the fastest, making the most profits and which operations are failing to make the grade or live up to the hype.

A company can make profit, but this does not necessarily mean that the company is profitable. Profit simply means revenue that remains after expenses. Net income is what really matters. It's calculated by taking revenues and subtracting the costs of doing business such as depreciation, interest and taxes.

As second quarter earnings dribble out, technology companies are now some of the world's most profitable companies.

More from Counting the Cost on:

YouTube - http://aje.io/countingthecostYT

Website - http://aljazeera.com/countingthecost/

Hardev Dodia

Al-Jazeera is home to false information. This news channel is sympathizer of terrorism and Qatar, the owner of Al-Jazeera is the reason behind unrest in Middle east.

Fellowship of the Mystery

Thanks to Trump, American businesses 'are' sharing profits in the form of wage increases, due to a much-needed tax reduction for job-creators the Left considers... evil.

kyle belle

i can't say i feel for the Libyan people that much. they killed their leader (who was in the process of making his country great) all based on us and cia propaganda fake news.

hahahahaha hahahahhaha

Why can't video


Corporations spending profits to buy their own stock, instead of hiring and investing in the real economy. That is neoliberalism in a nutshell.

Trials in tainted space nova

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New Heresy FAQ + AMA

3 165 views | 12 Feb. 2019

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I just ordered 3 quad mortas 2 days before the erata Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


ASHEN CIRCLE ARE AP3 FOR LESS POINTS ! Im thinking on making a full Ashen Circle list. Fuck Gal Vorbak.

Ashen Circle + destroyer assault-purgation army ? I will need some anti AV.

Dan Wilkinson

Nice piss take intro

Matthew Ross

Hey I paint Heresy models but I don’t play YET. I’ve always wondered with the destroyer D weapon rules, do you roll on the armour damage table for penetrations?

Евгения Ремезова

Ashen Circle is now AP3!!!
I repeat, *ASHEN CIRCLE IS NOW AP3!!!*
runs to sacrifice a dozen captives to the Primordial Truth
Deep Striking, Flamer-Roasting' - AP3 Boastin' unit? I am sold, where do I get my copy of Lorgar's writings?

Theirry Henry

Do you prefer the lore of 30k to that of 40k?

Also Blanchitsu video when?

Shopping Cart

23:50 We all know the Bob Semple tank would beat both those macca.


Don't forget Power Axe's on Phalanx warders are now 5 points instead of 10. A unit of 20 Warders w/10 Axes is only 360 points. Suddenly they are a major threat.

real human bean

Which variant of terminator armor would you prefer for a Word Bearers pride of the legion?

Ciao sono Alberto

How do you think White Scars will be like?

Wolf Hammer

Daaaammmmn Macca, there was so much Salt in that intro I thought I was in the Dead Sea LOL.


RIP Malcador not super heavy anymore.
Yay for Domitar buff, still not amazeballs but its a start.

Josiah Bethel

I am currently getting into the Horus Hersey game, and I’m stuck between what legion to choose. I’m between sons of Horus, nightlords, and alpha legion. Keeping in mind I’m a beginner, which out of these three which one would you recommend?


Okay, my questions:

1) What do you think is the right "scale" for 40K / 30K? Do you like the idea that a Space Marine Legion was up to a quarter million strong, or do you prefer the idea they were closer to 10K? Should the game's factions be scaled to something different entirely?

2) Rumours suggest the Battlefleet Gothic reboot will be set in the Horus Heresy. Do you like this idea, or should Battlefleet Gothic remain in the 40K near past / present instead?


Will you make a new how to make a emperors children Army whit more jetbikes?
The Mara skara rite of war, is it both blades or simply one that you choose?
Can you make a armmy show case video where you show us your 30k armies?
Is sjw real life Chaos cultists?

Matt M

who do you think would win in a scenario where the Death Guard are tasked with siegeing Iron Warriors? also the Death Guard are not restricted by the imperium regarding rad and chem weapons and tactics.

Adam Mellz

Basically theyve made Magnus rubbish (he was always been 495 btw) he's average at most in combat, a standard save. At the end of the day, even if Magnus' update gave him the same D rule but fpr 175 points, he would be 670 points, only being able to field him in 3000 points. In 3000 Magnus isn't the most powerful lord of war/scariest thing in that points limit. Anyway Magnus has to; roll for the nova, cast the nova, roll 2d6 (rolling average 7) to make it D, roll high with the hits (7 hits), then roll and 6 to wound for any nova ability to make a difference because all are either no AP or AP4/5. You can take a Shadowsword for like 455 points, is always D and AP2 and just rolls to scatter (3rd of the time is on target) then wound so 3 less rolling chances for the lucky d6+6 wounds. So they've nerfed him into floor, because people were butt hurt because they couldn't do the same in their army as the Ksons. When realistically something for less points could take him out aswell, or deny him on a 3+ (Mortarian) or negate his attack on a 3+ (Horus)




I’m just happy Headhunters got preferred enemy (infantry) back! Implacable Advance is also a welcome addition for some sneaky objective grabbing.

Fergus Shaw

Salys can't take Destroyers

Theirry Henry

10/10 intro chapter master macca

Nicholas Leon

Thank fucking Christ with that magnus nerf. Anyone who’s saying it’s too steep has not played against full D battery Magnus before. It was absurd. He could not keep Mind’s Wrath and be balanced within any reasonable points cost.

Also magnus is still probably the best primarch, if not top 3 in terms of combat ability, just because biomancy has warp speed, endurance, and iron arm all in the same tree.


Have you seen that they changed the Ashen Circle Axes to AP3?
So they are playable now.
No more AP5 stuff with them.

Sergeant Sombrero

Think you missed this but ashen circle axe-rakes have changed AP too, from 6 to 3.

Oscar Dinsdale-Jones

Question: what's the best super heavy tank in HH?


Any plans for more painting videos in the future? I've really enjoyed your army overview videos and progress pictures on instagram, and would love to see more how-to content on the 'forgeworld' painting style.

Mr Speigel

Pretty sure ashen circle were an elite choice like destroyers now they are fast attack, that's pretty cool. Course I'm a big fan of Zardu and the blade slaves (everyone's favorite power trio [please Forge World can Zardu have a 3rd wound?]).
My question is does it seem to you that GW got hurt ass about Heresy's popularity and are trying to turn 40k into a 3rd rate knock off of the Hersey, which is both sad and ironic.


Any tips general tips for someone wanting to take their painting to above medicore, just general stuff.

Darcy Fox

Question What’s your credit card number?


Praise the lord of salt \(-.-)/

Quiet Side

Will you ever record more lengthy Scrubdown videos, like you used to? I miss them a lot.

Giancarlo Coia

Thousand sons post FAQ competitive multiplayer?

Alex B

Palatine Blades can take Artificer armour as an option, I think they're awesome now

Bruva Asmodai

I agree with every living being that magnus needed turning down but I will not be taking the upgrade. I'd pay 175 points to get mindwrath back any day but to get a far less powerful version of it that still adds 2 to the warp charge? fuck that, fuck that completely.

No matter what you're adding it to 175 points for a single board wide arcane litany and D6 strength on powers with extra range while upping the warp charge expenditure to fuck is not worth it.


I wake up and find out there's a new FAQ. I go to youtube and find Macca's video waiting. RESPECT! (Magnus was 495pts before so as to be just below Horus, and Mindwrath lost 2d6 extra damage. Sadly Salamanders still can't take Destroyers.)
Also can you tell us how you started your business after leaving the army?

James Kew

I have 2 questions for you mate 1. Would you consider filming battle reports and posting them on the channel? 2. What type of music do you listen to?

malice harding

How would you convert the sanqunius model to make him look better

ryan snypes

What do you think about the changes made to the Headhunter squads?

Capitán Sangre

Macca is chapter master of the Angry Marines

Derrick Luderus

Will Cat ever come back to channel? Not that I don't get a kick out his social media exploits.


I think night Lord's fear stack. ._ .

Ravendelve Tactica

Would you consider redoing the getting started in 30K series?

Clément L

The malcador is fuck up now... I guess it was too good for a cheap running kamikaze bomb but now it becomes a bit useless for the price of 2 leman russ...

Thanks for your reading makka!

Henry the 9th

AMA- American Medical Association;)

VoivodeVlad Drăculea

AMA: Could/Should Iron Hands have a Singularity cannon?
* How far do you think we are as mankind are we from self-sustaining Colonization of Mars?


My questions for you. Do you think that the destroyer change would make them more must have, over some of the units that you recommended in your legion starting guides. Also have you ever thought of doing a video on general list building in the heresy. Obviously it's totally different then 8th, and what was 7th due to all the special force organization charts. I was thinking along the lines of general tips, 'bring x anti armour per 1k points' or things like that.

Daniel Harden

All hail the “Lord of Salt” lol awesome ?? ????

loch urquhart

Would you consider making an Australian themed militia army for 30k?
You can use catachan jungle fighters for the miniatures.

R. J

Do you think I psychic blanks/ pariah can be made into Space Marines?


Good vid I thought Magnus had always been 495.
I’m really happy about Angrons feel no pain going to 5+ just a little thing but he needed something.
Also 10 Destroyers with JP and 2 Missile launchers came to about 400 not 500 although still ridiculously over costed.


How would you rank the Cults of the Thousand Sons?


So what are your thoughts on 3D printing warhammer and would you be interested in talking with a community who focuses on that aspect of the hobby? Maybe make a video on how GDubs is ignoring this emerging technology.

Medders' Miniatures

Do legion heralds get fearless? I thought the banner only provides the one buff depending on loyalty??

Henry the 9th

Rogal Dorn has teleportation transponders. Woo and Hoo

The Outer Circle

Post any questions you may have below and I'll get to them next video!


Who was stronger Abaddon or Sigismund? (Hint it was the latter)


Give me back Scoria's Primarch killing beatstick you bastards.

Northern Cross

What is a chapter master? You are a Praetor to me.

Trials in tainted space nova

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Masterclass: The Future of Post-Pandemic Tourism | Dr Ian Yeoman

131 views | 30 May. 2020

Encerrando a série de

Encerrando a série de webinars “Turismo Pós-Pandemia: Oportunidades para Reinventar”, a Masterclass “Cenários para o Turismo Global Pós-Covid-19” recebe o Dr. Ian Yeoman, um dos mais respeitados pesquisadores e autores de futuros em turismo do mundo. Talvez um dos únicos futurologistas no mundo especializado em viagens e turismo.

Dr. Yeoman é professor na Escola de Negócios da Victoria University of Wellington (Nova Zelândia) e pesquisador no Instituto Europeu de Futuros de Turismo (Holanda). Publicou diversos livros sobre o futuro das viagens e é autor do blog TomorrowsTourist.com. Faz diversas conferências no mundo, inclusive para World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) e TED Conferences.

Moderado por Jaqueline Gil, fundadora da Amplia Mundo e professora/pesquisadora na Universidade de Brasília (LETS/UnB), este webinar também contará com a participação de Roberto Nedelciu, Presidente da Braztoa e Artur Andrade, do PANROTAS.


Ao longo de cinco semanas, esta série de webinars reuniu especialistas nacionais e internacionais para discutir novos olhares sobre o momento e analisar cenários para o futuro do turismo no pós-pandemia.

Entre os palestrantes das sessões figuraram nomes como Ricardo Stuckert (fotógrafo com premiados projetos de natureza e / povos indígenas), Samuel Lloyd (ex-diretor da Visit-Britain e atual Diretor de Marketing do Mineirão), entre outros.

Saiba mais acessando: ampliamundo.com.br/webinars


Nice Job. Whats your favourite song? Sending My support Xd