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Scalping: An effective and highly profitable trading strategy

689 156 views | 6 Feb. 2020

In this video we introduce

In this video we introduce an effective and highly profitable trading strategy - scalping. Learn more trading strategies here http://bit.ly/scalpingtradingstrategy

#scalpingtradingstrategy #scalping #daytrading

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What does “read the tape,” “read the box” mean?

Aaron Jacobs

Amazing video thanks for putting this together. I've found myself slowly building this strategy day by day on my own and it's comforting to see that this a real thing. Thanks again!

Rick Kenn

i scalp or steal shares when the shorts or covering. made 50 grand into 7 figures and i can trade sideways all day


The same guys are behind in every video ... and the guy's shirt hasn't been cropped very well, you should erase the black edges, great content tho

Andrew Chase

Not much size, only about 2,000 shares of TSLA ?


of course it is recommended when we struggle to get a new 3080 gpu.

Faical Gouaghou

Thank you for the great content. I added the idea of fixing the montage into my to do list. It is super important to have that visual confirmation of that stalling or acceleration of transactions in a particular direction...Thanx guys!

Viacheslav Aleksandrov

Hi guys. I like your type of trading. How is it possible to applicate in your company?

Mummyy Juice

Watching this as Elon Musk losses 12 Billion in net worth lol


My fav time to scalp is the first and the last 3 mins of a football (soccer) match.
I scalp on a betting exchange getting couple ticks on the odds. It's very similar to scalping an expiring option contract, but w/ much less competition (only gamblers and sportsbooks on the other side).
Also, the punters and the bookmakers don't like me. haha


Great advice 19:20 about who scalping is for and what are other trading styles that would suit based on each individual

Pbinfo charleston

Dont sleep on $GIK/Lightning Emotors. They turn existing gas powered vehicles into full EVs. Better and cheaper for fleet and business than to buy new vehicles.

Darshil Gandhi

I usually do scalp when two markets are overlapping... Like for India n EU n UK open times. Before China close n near to Indian market closing...
Otherwise most time its fake trades.


You are going to lose more money than you ever imagined if you try this bull crap

Joel P

Colors for each line helps weak and stronger support area.

Doria Elena

Great video ?.

Leonard Bustin

As a combination set-up/scalper trader, I think if there was one best time of the day to scalp, it would be 36 minutes after the opening has stabilized and a channel has been formed. My first move might be for an entry at a higher high or a lower low, depending on the RSI in the 70 range for up and 30 for down with Apple as the leading indicator for market direction in general. If Apple is falling while the stock is rising, the S&P gets dragged down and the stock is fighting an uphill battle against the market in general, so it leads me to think twice depending on the direction of Apple. I set targets on the ten minute chart and follow the movement with the one-minute chart. I use the 5 minute chart for an exit on pull-backs and get out if over half way. I may stay in beyond the first target if the market powers through or after a three minute breather at most. I have found that when waiting for the second leg of a fall, even with weak signals, if you wait too long, the market cannot be trusted to continue the decline and most of the time reverses.


Question? I see a lot of traders scale in to a trade in order to control their risk a bit more, but when do you add to your original position

DanSan Channel

He's trading with LARGE accounts ( $100,000 and over ). $1.80 profit would not be worth much unless you have over 250 shares of this stock. He basically momentum trading breakouts.

Abubakar Umar

Unbelievable results!! This has been an incredible experience from day one with mr Charles @Charles_forex09 at InSTA.. This wasn't my first time trading but honestly I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined. After much loss. God walked me through the entire process from start to finish, which was a HUGE plus! They made the entire process so easy and hassle-free! I’m very impressed! Go to him @Charles_forex09 I will definitely be referring him to you all..

dan McClaren

This strategy seems to be good for experienced traders. Maybe 5+ years. It’s basically really fast paced swing trading

Paul Marshall

Could you please put out a video that shows how to set up your scalping screen on IBKR, start to finish. Going through the steps individually, with your logic. I'm wasting so much time, and money, on IBKR platform famiiiarity. No one does this properly and IBKR educational videos aren't descriptive enough. Theres a challenge for you, I hope you can rise to it. Thanks


1:39: “I’d like to jump in for no reason and interrupt and add nothing to the discussion.”

Bryant Nelson

Would a 5¢ offset on the offer be a good way to go if you use a limit order?


Combine those scalps with atm options...u set


In the business world, if u can double your value of initial investment, your ahead. If u buy land for $10,000 and sell it for $20,000 in mere minutes, thats a nice investment turnover. So, i personally look at each SCALP as a piece of real estate. If commissions are $1.00 for the trade, im aiming for $3.00 a scalp as minium profits, or, 2 pips about. Then, i let my trail stop do the work after 3 pips. Lots per trade is found by balance divided by 30.

Photo Realz

Been doing ok investing but doing it to get to a day trade minimum. I occasionally scalp.and do very well when i do. Hope to be able to do this strategy on a daily basis.


This was explained to me 30 years ago but was called 'trading the noise' (engineering lingo). At that time I was a brokea$$ college graduate in debt and nothing to trade with. Plus you had to go through a broker incurring high fees.


When I attempted scalping as a novice trader, I could capture little to no gains, such as 5 to 20 pips per trade, the profit on these trades couldn’t help me much.

Gijo Mathew



Why would anyone who has found the secret sauce, tell anyone else how it is done!!!

I fear telling anyone how to profit from trading/scalping for fear of punishment dished out by the stock gods.

Nano amine

I swear there's an excellent information in this video . Since yesterday I am digging deep in SMB capital YouTube channel There's a great knowledge there. Thank you for Sharing your experience guys. Hopefully you can make more videos on Scalping its looks to me as an excellent method for Trading. Because it's in and out strategy without giving much stress if you know when you enter and when to exit .


I 'scalped' 2000 shares of' GME on 1/27 for exactly 1 minute and made $6000.

Ussery David

Sorry, I don't know what this "VLAB" thing is. It doesn't sound like anything that will be explained further in the video. Help?

Karen J

what time frame do you scalp on?

yongky Yang

but atm those big broker doesnt have any fee anymore right, that mean scalping is more lucrative right now right



Ryan Robinson

Those technical level scalps (apparently) in the video were garbage.. you need clear support and resistance, second entries near to the EMA at a minimum for a 80% 90% trade.


Im trying to sign up for your 2 hour seminar but cant seem to--the box wont open...

Konrad Laimer

Never stop investing, never stop let you portfolio be your savings account

Ian Dunk

You people are awful. Go learn something useful to society.

Alex Chyzh

Thx for this video.
I am Scalping on 5 minute timeframe.

Muslimen Mangondato

How to join scalping

Life Of Journey

which time is best scalping time ?

Darren Canton

Like to Scalp early in the day, between market open and 11am

Joel Arpin

This video is for advanced traders. It starts off fairly understandable but quickly delves into very advanced terminology. Had to pause every 20 secs in order to google then research what he was talking about. Took me 6 hours to get through it.

jessie lorence

I don't think that thier is any other legitimate way to earn money nowadays rather than investing


Oh--was just able to sign up! Thanks and see y'all at seminar

John Dalton

With 3cents moved how much are we talking for the play in for example TSLA above?

Goody Gospel

I was referred to Hitfxsandra on ig and I invested £1000 in Forex trading with her just after 5 day's of trading I got £15,000 she's the best couch for Forex I recommend

Ryan Robinson

Also ignore this guy you should never take the first breakout of a trend or range as they always come back to retest at least once. You'd trade the breakout pullback entry and wait for that confirmation first. Also want to call out the BS on scalping being for people with 'fast reactions' or gaming backgrounds. Complete utter garbage. Good scalping doesn't mean gun slinging loads of trades and mashing the buy button, it requires patience, timing and actually looking for reasons not to take a trade. Needing to do math quickly in the head? WHAT? Bullshit! I've never heard as much BS in my life. Does this guy know anything about trading or scalping in general?????

Wall Street Sizing Up

Excellent video. Thanks for making this informative video. This video explains clearly how to trade stocks profitably.

shichibukai tetsuo

Did you say gamer? Now I’m interested

Solomon Sunday

With the help of Hitfxsandra on insta I was able to start up my business back, I was afraid that during this covid19 pandemic I would run at lost but she transformed my $5000 in a huge profit

Jack Fortune

Will it be possible to have SWang sharing his scalping techniques and experiences? I look forward to that. Thanks


Doctors like scalping all day.

Yung Grampa

I feel like scalping has the least chance of losing lol... I just can’t get with swing or core trading with the overnight turbulence man

Joseph Dollente

Let’s talk about that dude’s scalp

H Rob

If your system really works and you're actually making money, why are you bothered to share it with others? And please don't say anything akin to "helping" others.


possible on indices derivatives? are these scalps were stock derivatives or direct equities!

suman chhetri

testing my strategy on 1min timeframe

deck monkey

If he could have been that quick analysing the Patriots defense they would have won the Super Bowl.

Drew Smith

I trade forex, I like how I’m 19 and can understand everything that is being said by 30-50 year old men, I wish one day I could work for a trading firm even though I dropped out of college to become a full time trader

Diego Bonaventura

Whats is the purple line called again? And what is it recoding? He keeps calling it vi-app or something like that

Aniket Bhalerao

Very informative presentation, thanks for the same.

I recently discovered scalping and I look forward to become a scalp trader. Ideally I try to take trades anytime after the Market opens when the initial volatility has resided.

Thanks one again

Costin Vălu

really nice video. Do you guys use scalping on Option trading as well ?


???? Re-watching this video again this year so I can improve my scalping strategy ????

Viclen Viclen

Nice video, lots of useful information. Thanks. In order to successfully trade scalping, you need a broker with a small spread. I know such a broker, this is FXOpen. I have been trading with him for 7 years.

Adultish Gambino

Hahaha this is funny.


Why the heck is everyone talking about crypto here? I remember when trading meant the stock market.

C Dee

Can i use this strategy on forex

Kiamesha Jeanelle

Could someone share the broker used to scalp? It takes TD Ameritrade about 48 hours to settle my account after every trade even though I am a pattern day trader.

T Murray

Good video but maybe I missed something. What EXACTLY are you scalping??? Are you trading stock or the option contracts during these very short intervals?

Kishen AV

whats the name of scalper... who presents the strategy

Christopher Juliano

I'm concerned that there is no backtesting data on this theory. Can someone please help me research this? I have had other mentors tell me this is a losing formula when compared to longer term strategies. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Who are they talking too? lol

Alexander Bayer

Did they mention entry? I would imagine most scalps (being that they are quick trades) would be a market order with stop limit for entry and market order to close.

David Bartsch

This guy in the video is great. Who is he? I'd like to learn more from him.

Hanjala Subaita

I think you should post tutorial videos in different country's languages so that everyone will understand

Erik Hersch

When you say very tight stop. Can you let me know exactly what percentage is best? I like the idea of maybe 2% stop because it gives it a little bit of wiggle room. Of course a 1% stop you would lose less money, but if it hits the stop 20 times per day, then you're using up all that buying power every time it hits the stop. Can you let me know what percentage you think is best? Thanks love the video

USA KickUrAss

Is it possible to successfully scalp from Mobile brokerage platforms?

Kyon Graham

RYANBURNNET_FXTRADE on lG has given me a financial freedom of which has kept going just by investing $ 900 and I made withdrew $ 9,560 after 5days of trading bitcoin


Can you scalp with like 10k or does that not happen?

Dani Sakkal

All I see is a complicated way of trading. Not every stock will exhibit these chart patterns. And if a trader responds to emotion, they may sell early ir hold the stock too long and lose ?.


Real question is why would these people work for a trading firm if they can do it themselves? Never made sense to me. I make enough I’m happy working for myself

Fu Bill

are we talking about scalping stocks or futures?


For the experience and better knowledge of the Stock market exchange, I'm glad I meet Metro_kelvinfx on instzgram he alone was able to satisfy my curiosity in the game. Thanks to him I'm earning massively though he's trading platform.

Alexander Steve

You never know what kind of setup market will present to you, your objective should be to find an opportunity where risk-reward ratio is best. I turned $10,000 into $29,700 in one week

Rushabh Savla

I am scalper and I understand what he is saying. I have had trades for 5 seconds on record. And some trades which were 30 seconds. Sometimes you feel you're in trade for iternity when in real you've been just for 30 seconds.

noah mccormick

Thanks for sharing, I hope this gets u great recruits

Rick Kenn

Thank you cause my family says this is not investing. i earn consistantly a few grand a day on m y good days. bad days i take small losses of a grand maybe on 50 thousand dollar trades. LGVW and MSTR last week for 27 grand last week no schooling except free training

sky 1187

How long do you stay in that trades before you sell it? What percentage do you jump out of that stocks?


Bella's straight-talk coaching is so inspirational! Thanks "big bro" I never had (before) :)

Tony Soprano



Nice video! Been watching a lot of ur video's and just uploaded a video about my strategy too!

Radek S.

Very nice video. Thank you for sharing. Question from my side. When you exit your position, are you doing partial outs? or it's all out when momentum is gone?

hilda anegbe

I understood the stock market all thanks to Christopher Dimitri on insta grem Crypto_cascade as he's username. With him and he's Investment trading platform I excel in all my trades journey


Sorry, not for me. Too risky

Michael King

The rich get rich because they invest wisely and took the risky involved in making great profits


I'm a swing trader, just like the idea of going in and out really fast

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Do not EVER invest with Robinhood. Last time their system failed it cost me about 2000USD and they send me an email (after 2 month!) with a "sorry" and credited me 300 bucks... Again: I lost 2000 USD because their system didnt execute an order and they "refunded" 300.
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AVOID at all costs, they don't care about you.
Webull, TD, anything is better - and they are free as well WITH phone-support!

Charlotte Bingham

I read so many people testifying for making so much money trading forex with the help of @Carlos_1uptrades on insta. then I decided to give it out a try. i can vouch for him now also because mr Carlos is incomparable. ever since am trading on his platform, it has been nothing but continues success in abundance with a great financial increase

Austin's Philosophy

NAK is where it's at, thank me next week lol

YourOwnSkinBringsSin YourSpiritBringsComfort

Rob from the poor to become rich. Can you say future Class Action Lawsuit ?.

j real

RH users buying up everything?

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305 698 views | 24 Jan. 2020

This is how i traded from

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Hey! My name is Megan and on this channel we play roblox! We love roleplaying roblox royale high as well as meepcity! I hope you like my videos! Today on the channel we are playing Royale High! Royale high is a family friendly roblox minigame where you can roleplay with your best friends as a princess, prince or even a mermaid! This is a Family-Friendly channel with NO cursing!

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{That’s Emery}

This is also how to scam without scamming


Megan I have a question HOW DO U HAVE SO MANY PET'S????!!!!!


Can I do this on a secret acc because they only do it because they love you and will give you anything

Sophia Ghamrawi

I mean to a griffin so fast?

Brobot Gaming

Why is it that whenever I do this, no one trade me ?

Malik Smadi

Megan which hour do u play

gamer Jace

Cat plush is super rare like from old gift boxs most plush is rare bc they are not in game no more

Kathy He

Megan can I have a shadow plz

Zoe Robinson

You said your friend got a ultra rare from a cracked egg and my friend got a unicorn and I got a dragon! So that is the only egg I get because I’m super lucky with it an hey r super cheap!!!

Patricia Tercero Morales


brian carter

Megan look look look look look look look me oh ha


I'm your biggest fan can l have a unicorn.???

White JacketGaming

got a shiba from this!!!!!

Weirdoness Plays

Oh my goodness! Megan got the red panda from her old video! The other one was tootsie too! It was the SAME GIRL TOO!!!

The fun does not stop!

good luck!!

Emilija Liucvaityte

Iblove your adoot ne vudos

Emily Food

The cover it shows someone excepting a trade and at the bottom it said 9 and what it says 9 you cant

Zuliyah Isa

Who wanna play wiht me name : Candylifelie

Golden Midoriya

WWhat is your username?


I got a Unicorn from a cracked egg

Krsna Parado

the thumbnail was actually so weird bc..the person that traded megan accepted now but the countdown .-.

《Toxic Muffin》

Wait cheerberryim11 is from the other video tho

Rachie Miaow

Plz subscribe to my channel I’ll give you a ride potion

bear bucks

Thankyou 4 teaching us ??

Rafia Daud

I wish we could be friends

William Ordonez Che

That’s fake the excapt button was at 9 and other person excapt at 9 that a edit but I’m a fan

Tony Zarib

megan can you make some merch for the boys because boys do not wear skirts

Oskar Zinger

I got ride golden penguin

Jana Aleksova

How did u hef hounny


Megan I'm pretty sure I've seen this cherry berry girl in a couple of your videos!???? 4:27 it's so weird also I love your videos!!!

Ben Inclenrock



The problem is when you do it they might know who you are and be like oh my god give her something good

Julia Z

I tried this challenge but people were calling me a scammer

Allison Ruiz

“No one not even a single soul”
The girl at 9:24
* honey

Ava's World

Yors vids are so nice and cool that I can’t pick one to watch first and it took a hour to like and watch this vid

Daisy Flores

i hope everyone knows that the cat plush is from the gifts way before when the prizes where plushes

Super Dabber 156

My friend got a dragon from a cracked egg before :)




Hey the first trade is Not actually a random person -_- she is also in a video called i scammed a scammer
This is embarrassing megan :/

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Me : But then how did you trade a common to a red panda so fast

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I hope you guys enjoyed todays video! <3
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Raj Tagra

Megan i have a horse to trade but iam not really good at trading so tell me what to do??

Giovanna SILA

Lol so cool

Nadja Statijev

I love your vids❤ . Whats her name in roblox i hope i can see her sometimes in roblox

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Annabelle's Outlet

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