Mining burst coin

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BURST Windows HDD Mining Setup instructional Video

25 689 views | 18 Aug. 2015

First, you must download

First, you must download java...


Then, you must download the GUI setup.exe file...


Then, watch the video! MINE BURST EASILY NOW!

Pascal T.

what is when im mining in my online wallet is that working too???? pls help me im new at burstmining and need sme help!


Hi there great concept, but it says Java isn't installed (java is installed) and when the wallet loads it says ''Java exception has accursed''. And clicking Write plot button: Wallet server not started. What is the problem?


can i reuse those hdd again! if yes then how? plz describe

Pratik Rawal

U speaking from ur ass or what?


New to mining. Great video. BURST-WPXS-DSXF-TMK9-8HHBJ (send anything you can to help me get upgrades)
Considering some upgrades so I can help the burstcoin networks more.

Currently rocking 2tbs and plan to setup a few dedicated gpu miners w/ 6 10tb drives attached to each.

I look forward in growing with this community.

lachlan meikle

Can you please link me instructions and links to get started using a mac???
I've been trying to figure it out but i can only find working links for windows and i think not having this software setup on my computer is why the online wallet isn't working?
it just tells me the request timed out...

Tony Whittle

Horrible audio!

The Forex Helper

We Love you Guys!!!!! Keep up the Great work!!!!

Ammar Đonlagić

Please make video step by step how to Gpuplot,Because cpu taking tooo looongg,

Yashas Shettigar

Hello, I'm new to Burst Mining . Kindly help me with my query. 1. how long will it take to create nonce for 500gb HDD . 2. How wil it take to download the BlockChain. 3. How long will it take to mine the entire 500GB ? i just tried to plot 2GB it took 152 secs. I'm using Burst Client v0.3.9.6. Help will be much appreciated. Thank you


hello what about if i have 3 more hard disk how i configure ??? tnx!!!

Sgt Foose

Please make a video on how to Plot with GPU. This GUI wallet is killing our interest in BURST because it takes forever to plot 2TB. I was super interested in BURST, I even bought 200k BURST to support it, but now its anoying me like hell. Builders of the GUI wallet, please upgrade the GUI wallet to have us select how many RAM and CORES we would like to use and give us the option to add GPU power. Without it I think BURST will die slowly.

Damian Williams

Why would anyone upload a video without re dubbing the audio...

To me, thats as crazy as turning the steering wheel 90 degrees on a motorway... just because..

Teddy Tinfoil

besides dick stroking burst for the latter half of the video, it would have been more helpful if you showed how to plot multiple drives, because based on this video alone, it would be a waste if someone is using more than one harddrive as they will be just wasting time making clones.

Stian Haugen

Terrible sound, can't watch this. Will find another video about the subject.
Tried another video from you as well, same terrible sound quality.

Please use better equipment for recording...


I like it how this paraphrase crap says my paraphrase is too short and yet it generated me that phrase. LOL Also dude your sound needs to be fixed. I can barely hear ya.
I use my headphones.

Irek Malinowski

is there any burstcoin faucet working at all?
I did the one that is opening and it tould me that i can claim only once but i did not clime even once?
I want to start mining but i need 1 coin to do that
So how can i get it? BURST-6XHS-EHPT-4F72-AAU4J

Brandon Spencer

Exactly what BURST needed! well done to all involved!

Gary McKinnon

ffs, this is the 4th burst mining tutorial in a row I've tried to watch that has volume so low turning the TV up to max still isn't enough!

Bitcoin Trading

cool - I havn't checked out BURST very much.

Block Chain

this video owner is gay cant speak loud fuck ur mouth


Can I close the mining window after I started? If my laptop in a sleep mode, will it mine then?


Just says 100 Percent calculated. writing data... for more then a hour...

Boply Mozart

Hey sir, i think you missed something, how about the blockchain.? is that not important.?

Darren Kueh

u r mumbling

Olafimihan Folarin

I watch the video and I love it. Please I have 6 pieces of 2T hard disk How can I use the 6 pieces on same computer to mine Burstcoin .and does the volume of empty space on Harddisk have effect on the mining ?

Otman Zaib

The link in the description is infected with Win32;Malware gen !

Boramz _Entertainment

how can i connect the blockchain and the pool?

White Muslim Brotherhood

Made the PC I was using start acting weird random loading random stuff like "Ease of access" and random webpages.Good thing I tested this used a PC that didn't belong to me first.Not a well set out tutorial imo,...proceed with caution!

Jeff Tomasek

I have tried using the newest version of this client and had a lot of issues getting it to start mining. I have synced the blockchain, and successfully plotted a drive. When I click on the start mining button I get a popup saying in german:

Der angegebene Pfad wurde nicht gefunden. Not sure why. It translates to invalid path or something like that. Anyway the biggest issue is that the miner will not start even after selecting a pool, it thinks you have not selected a pool. Am I missing something ?

Mining burst coin

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How To Use Burstcoin Turbo Plotter. Create Burst Mining Plots Fast & Easy.

8 120 views | 9 Apr. 2018

A video guide showing how

A video guide showing how to use the Burstcoin Turbo Plotter to create your Burstcoin plots. This software has a nice graphical interface which makes the process of creating plots much simpler, it also has some useful benefits including SSD Caching, Resume and Verify features.

Official Website http://blackpawn.com/tp/

Turbo Plotter Download Link http://imineblocks.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/TurboPlotter_beta2d.zip

Hardware used for the Burstcoin Miner.

5TB Toshiba Canvio USB3 External Drive

US http://amzn.to/25KT4bR

UK http://amzn.to/1UIhJtS

8TB Seagate Backup Plus Hub

US http://amzn.to/2srNAs1

UK http://amzn.to/2ssBkap

8TB Lacie External Drives

US http://amzn.to/2omCjTC

UK http://amzn.to/2pRgZpx

Orico 7 Port USB 3 Hub

US http://amzn.to/2h8LgMg

UK http://amzn.to/2gw6WlI

My Links

Website http://www.imineblocks.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/imineblocks

Twitter https://twitter.com/IMineBlocks_com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/imineblocks

Steemit https://steemit.com/@imineblocks

Buy anything on Amazon

US http://amzn.to/1Ttb8P9

UK http://amzn.to/27P0s71

Please use the link below to make your donation in one of the 65 supported Altcoins. http://imineblocks.com/donations/

Tips are appreciated. Here's my Addresses




Burstcoin BURST-N8KB-DKKW-9C4W-AF289

Storj 1PtCzyShTUXwhf63nRqQuxEgLZRkjwu4SK




Ethereum Classic:0x0927B3ff51BFC3865788aE7ad90246D850c05325







Gilbert S

Another great video !!!


have big potential


What to do with the plot files?

Joseph Morgan

I am back to plotting after 2.5 years away. Moved house and never unpacked my HDD's and mining gear. I came back to mine and discovered a BHD??? Time to catchup with the times hahaha

iMineBlocks you are the man... I start following you 2017.


I was a little concerned at first, it sounded like you said Black Porn instead of Black Pawn :) LOL Can you give us any idea if this is much faster on plotting, or if this is just a graphical interface as I have used the command line version without any issues, but if this is faster I will take a look at it for my next plot.

Gilbert S

Hello Lee, as always great videos. Black Pawn now has TurboSwizzler for converting POC1 formatted drives to POC2 format. Any chance we can get a video Turboswizzler?

paul middleton

Really useful, been looking to tidy up my plots for over a year. This looks like it might make my life a lot easier.

S Fish

hey thanks man. Great presentation of the Turbo Plotter. Been wanting to mine BURST for a while and this is how I'm getting started. Watched a lot of your videos but first time I've commented. Thanks again.


Good software EXCEPT you can't give it a stopping nonce number or a total nonce range to be plotted. This is important for restoring a drive that has died and had multiple plots of different ranges (non-sequential on the same drive) that corresponds with other plots on other drives. i.e. I just want to recreate the same plots I had before. Would have been a great program had they included that.


who is best for plot file ?? 1gb per plot in 1tb hdd or 1tb per plot in 1tb hdd ,plz replay ImineBlock .

Robin Bariana

Would you recommend getting into this now?


if price burst go up...is very profitable...market cap is 50 million...very bad..if touch 1000 million u rich

Frank K

Lee, I noticed you "named" your GPUs by the currency you were mining. Would you explain how this is done. Very handy!


I am in shock.


When Burst hits $1 in the near future all the people who did not believe will be kicking themselves for not sticking with the Burst community when times where hard.


Hi, I used TurboPlotter9000 on Win10 to plot my drive, then put it over to mine on Win7 (w/ BlagoMiner) but it could not reads the drive? Any suggestion?

Frederik van duuren

Indeed i used it too ;) great tool!
but whats the point of still mining Burst in the first place ?!

Gold Brick

Hey Lee, I thought you sold your Burst equipment

Boll & Holly new

do we need internet for witting plots

Инвестирую в BURSTCOIN

BURSTcoin will reach $1 USD very soon, buy burst and don't be idiots????

That Finch Guy

Lee is this turboplotter going to plot the files and optimized at the same time like blago xploter? I care about the optimized plots


anyone recommend a Pool for miners with less than 30tb ? or they all dommed by big rig miners now ?


can you make folow up video on how to start mining BURST with plots ploted with Turbo Plotter ? Thanks.

mohamad maatouk

hi can someone plz send me 1 burstcoin so i can start mining BURST-TXU2-PKBA-BBAQ-92J6H thanks

Sindre Farstad

I am currently plotting to a 8TB Lacie drive, which is connected via a USB hub. I have changed the properties of the drive so that it is in "better performance", and enabled caching, and turned off windows write-cache buffer. The write speed however is still very slow, around 5-10 mb/s. I am plotting using the GPU, but it is the writing speed that is the problem. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get improved writing speed? I have 12 of these drives, and with the current speed each one will take about 6 days each... I have also tried some different settings in the config file, but I still get the same speeds. I do not have an SSD, and I am currently writing plots directly to the external hard drive.

Oliver Pamittan

Ssd cache dont need to be big? How about if i want to plot 1tb but my ssd is only 120gb.. so i can only plot max of 120 gb to my mech hard drive?

Olafimihan Folarin

Please Imineblock thank for great information on burst. But I need to know this, If i plot my Hard drives with Turbo Plotter using GPU will I still need to do Optimization
? Or is just fine to start Mining straight after plotting ?

Mirror Mirage

Is Burst coin mining still profitable ?


I have two quadro nvs 290 cards for extra monitors in my pc and 270 card, but tp9000 shows cpu and thise two cards, which has driver crash un trying to gpu plot. it seems that my 270 card simply did not fin on gui:)


not lose this chance...buy burstcoin today

Inside The Tank

can i please get 1 burst ? BURST-JT6C-4AQ3-5CUV-8BJFD


Qbundle got gui set up, was easy to plot. Just fill account and point plot folder. Thats all.
Great videos ! Thanks

Gilbert S

Does anyone know if Turbo Plotter is ready for POC2 e.g. can it generate POC2 plotted files. I looked at their site and no info there.

Edit: Got a rapid response from the software owner as follows;

"Yes it can already plot POC2 files. There is the option in the config.yml files to output that format. Once all the mining software supports it. I'll flip that to be the default"

use_poc2_format: false #PoC2 format is supported but no mines support it yet.


Great video!!! I wish you had this a month ago when I plotted. I literally watched every turbo plotter video and just winged it. I did the GPU to SSD and plotted a 8tb in three days opposed to over a month with CPU

illium Crypto

sorry i am new in your channel but i am ready to start hd mining
so you think Burst its the best option ? or Storj ? thx so much for your grate content

Anders Thorsen

Really good video and i much needed program. I like that you go thru every button/feature and explain how it works or what it does.

Faisal Hafeez

do we need internet for plotting haddisk

Taras Shcherbii

Hi ! I have qwestion about burst. When its come to my wallet balance. I an already ploted 2 Tb HDD with Turbo ploter. The balance stil zero.
So teach me how to this correctly please!!!

Solo Raph

Can you plot using a mining rig (gpu) and not affect your mining performance ?

Mining burst coin

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Burstcoin Mining With 50TB of External Hard Drives.

112 255 views | 6 Apr. 2016

Showing you my hard drive

Showing you my hard drive data storage setup, currently mining Burstcoin but will move onto Storj, Sia & Maidsafe once those networks are better developed.

Interested in getting started with Burstcoin mining? See my video


Orico 10 Port USB 3 Hub

US http://amzn.to/2h8LgMg

UK http://amzn.to/2gw6WlI

Drives Used

10 x 5TB USB Toshiba External -

Amazon US - http://amzn.to/25KT4bR

Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/1UIhJtS

1 x 4TB Seagate

2 x 250Gb Seagate

Alex Johnson

What would be the best AMD cpu for Burst mining ?

gtfo utube

Could I mine altcoins using a good graphics card in a laptop?

Amarjeet Ranasingh

how much time it take to configure your hard drive in burst system?

jose27 sky

how much did you ernd with that aprox?

Hai Diep

cant seem to get burstcoin to start my account.

Satoshis Store

Hi, I have 40tb and i was wondering what RAID would you recommend for Burst mining? or for mining SIA or Storj coin?


Hey Lee What usb hub are you using? Im attempting to build a large rig for burst. As you have .... By the way you are the man... I have a decent rig for zcash running at the moment..

Bobby Blackey

Could someone send me a couple of burst the faucets are out and I need to change pools BURST-ZG3G-P3ST-RU2F-3335V Thanks

Mesut Ünal

hey guys help me please ı need a 1 burst for mining ! All faucets dry. BURST-JAZT-8Q9F-ELR2-3GQ8M

Satoshis Store

whats the specs of the graphic card you mentioned in the video?


May i know the electricity consumption for mining burst coin?

Daisy Duckface

I thinked to make some investment in burstcoin mining, but actually i come to conlusion that it is to riskyand not profitable... Armortisation is about 2-3 years. The point is that HDDs are very prone (fragile) !!! They have a huge amount off failure, and this increase a lot after 3 years life span... even if you have a warranty for your hdd up to 2 - 3 years, after those 3 years they not really good piece (unusable) of hardware anymore... I would not use them for data storage anymore... So with burst coin you do actually work for nothing... or really not much... AND SDD technology is very
unpredictable, mabye we get in 1-2 years 10 - 50 TB SSD for 150€... I'm sorry man but this is my conclusion...


Im too wondering about how to mine with multiple hard drives? i only know how to mine with one

Vladimir Ilic

It is posible to mine Zec and Hdd together on rig?


hey bro, so is it necesary to have a good cpu or a good gpu on the Hard drive mining rig? as you say the hard drives has to be scanned by gpu or cpu first? thank u


does it matter the speeds of the hardrives to get? or it just matters the storage capacity¿

Sugar Rey

hii need help, for the external hdd, i have 3 usb ports 1 is 3.0 the others are 2.0, in one i have usb wireless in the other i have a mouse. now i want add external hdd ex: 4 hdds external 2,5, what kind of hub i need?


What if you rent out your hd and someone is using it for underage porn or things if that nature??


Idea on burstcoin. Could you use ramdisk and use your ram instead of hard drives?


65 $ a month XD ...great

Allen no excuses

Is mining Burst still profitable?

Yevgeni Bondarchuk

whats the point of that? im afraid to ask how much u spent on the HDD's... and what is your gain per month.
never ROI?

Karapsolias re !

is it really worth to buy all these hard disks to mine burst ?


So Xfinity (internet provider) has a 1tb bandwidth, Does burst mining use bandwidth?


IMineBlocks are you still mainly Bustcoin mining or are you already considering to switch to Sia or Storj after latest price increase?


Ohh man amazing job i saw a lot of people do this. So i want this: I want to open my office, and buy those hard drives at least 100 of them and make a website where people would come and pay to mine virtualy. So basically i would make kind of fabrique people invest let's say 1000$ and i give them a daily % of what i made from those drives. So how much stuff do i need bro and how much money can i make ? thanks ahead

Chie Sturmwaffles

frend, how much you get at this time?

Mike Curry



How many Burst coins could you make in a month with this rig?


Hey! Heres My question please answer how Much can i make with 10tb Every month?


thanks for the hub links .................. wanted to let you know I also ran some figures yesterday on the return for burst. I found that 70 tb would give roughly 100 usd, have you upgraded yet or are you still running the 50 tb ?


If you used a 10 drive NAS you could fix your cable management problem you are dealing with.

Dorito World Order

Is there any reason not to use portable USB 3.0 hard drives? They are smaller and require less power--often cheaper to buy as well. Do you mine Burst/Storj at a slower rate if the hard drives are slower?


Have you done a video on storj?


why don't you have them inside and use sata and they would be faster .

Ayman , Seaf

are you do plotting for all in the same time ?


Hi nice videos ty a lot

i am wondering if raiding 0 all my harddrives makes any diff, or using ssd hdrives in the mining process or is only the capacity of the drives that matthers ?I know the video mining bust your mining but raid 0 and using ssd combined with a video card for mining will substancially improbe my mining. ty

Frank Schwarzkopf

Hi, may you can help me. I get the message HDD, WAKE UP !  by mining. Do you have a solution to solve this? Would be great.

Jason Wakefield

Bro, how are you finding those Toshiba EXT 5GB HDD's?
I'm looking at buying a couple to start off my own mining.

Eugen Boghian

@eugenb77000 have 20 porche design 8tb HDD and he is plotting 3200 nonce/min in using his CPU, we tried to solve it so he can plot using his gpu rx480, 16GB ram, we almost have the same rig except from CPU and hdd brand. he tried to use my config which im able to plot 30-40k nonce per min but it wont work in him. anybody can help?
i think the bottleneck is the HDD which is according to google an SMR drive. is there any way?
i told him to buy 1 PMR hdd so he can plot it there and copy it to lacie. if anyone can help, much appreciate it.

lima lima

Raid0 our program?


I cant understand about burst coin
having best r fast CPU will help in getting more burst coins?
will having 2 to 3 GPU in rig help in getting(scan fast) more burst coins?
(reading speed) fast hard drives=more burst coins?
will mining burst coin make many writes on my hard disk? if it is so I want to buy hard drives which last long.

Sebastian V

should the capacity of each harddrive be the same? so every hard disk has 5TB or 2TB or 1Tb....?


hi! your videos are really interesting. actually I can use two old PC for burst mining (a core2 duo e8500 with and hd4850 GPU and an athlon2 X2 280e with integrated hd4250 GPU; both machine have 8gb ram) if I'll connect 50 or more TB of storage per machine and assuming that plotting would be slow, mining would be profitable or I need to buy some less obsolete machines? I'm also planning to made a raid array with Linux mdadm to avoid data loss and the need to plot again


Great Stuff. Open question. Is it more profitable to "mine" Brust or Rent Space to Storj ?

Blast Beats

if I buy 10 identical 8tb drives can I just plot 1 drive and then copy the files to the other 9 drives, or do I have to plot each drive? Also, can I run 10 drives on a single usb hub that you linked or would I need 2 10 slot hubs and run 5 on each?

José Torres

Esa tarea que realizas es el mismo proceso de minar bitcoin ? Donde depositas ? Cómo haces en caso de necesitar lo minado ? Saludos

Collin Sporl

can someone send me a couple burst so i can get started



Justus Stern

There is no real profit mining "burst-coin" !

Buy ONE RX 580.... and have better results !

Halder Goo

I have 2 questions, first I want to know about the hard drive heat? and how many months/years do you think USB hard drives could perform well in mining, or could last for I mean ? Thank you for sharing such a great content . :)

Martin Wyatt

Hey bud i have purchased a mining machine and i'm not sure what i bought wanted to see if you may be able to help me determine what type of deal i have here? It comes in a monster mode mining box. And a basic break down it has 28 1 TB Toshiba hard drives.2 power supply modulators 1 - 1050 watt and 1 1000 watt both made by corsair.19 fans installed 4 dvd players and tons of other hardware built into the box?The box stands about 3 ft tall on wheels and about 2 foot by 2 foot wide. Completely loaded down . I can send pics if you like? After watching your video i think its a Hard Drive mining machine ?

Gregory Chemin

Question .. why using individual external drives ? rather than a NAS ? would be the price.


How much RAM is required for optimal performance. I heard of people using 64gb and over which seems a tad excessive.

Garry Higgins

How does storage on hard drives mine??? It's not normally done this way.

Sam Mouloudi

thanks man i just got my btc

TGK300 Xx

How do I mine with more than 1 HDD, I have two plotted HDD's but when I go to start mining it only recognises one, please help.


why not get a 60 drive server?


How much burst did you end up with?

Sergey O

Can someone send me so little to get started? I'll send back as soon as I mine, bittrex won't let me send
Thank you :)


Why did u choose those 10x Toshiba 5TB external hard drives over other external hard drives. Such as ones show in link via amazon


sarah laziz

did you still mining with gpu or all using hdd now

Mike Curry


Wayne Yie

how u mining maidsafe?


Does this require a good internet connect?


How did you connect 10 ex's into a computer?

Car Guy

I cant get any of the faucets to work, looks like all scam/spam sites, messed around for a while trying to get a burst without any luck. Please help out with 2 burst so I can start mining! BURST-TXKN-JVKL-LZNU-EE8DS, Thanks in advance!


use calculator if you want to know how much can you earn: http://burstcoin.biz/calculator.
with 50 TB you make around 2.3 USD per day,that's nothing.But..if market price goes up and you sell your coins for more,there is potencial here to make a lot of money!

Kaybe - Cryptosphere

If you wanna find out how much he makes approximiatly go to burstcoin.biz under tools choose calculator

Gowreeshan M

Hey bro, i need help mining burst coin, can i contact you pls

mazhar said

wow ! thats good do u put loads of games and programs on those discs? thanks


What languge do you speaking ????

Gaming Ballz

You can mine with hdds?

nikolaos papagiannis

How much do you earn per month? Have you made your investment back?


What is the current approx. amount of coins per month with 50TB or more? God bless thank you


1) I would like to know if it would be suitable to invest money to mine burst coins......
2) Does the difficult in mining burst coin go up or down as most tb is added to network size http://burstcoin.biz/calculator
3) what are the most profitable crypto currencies to mine according to ROI at this point.


LinusTechTips would be proud

Mining Yeti

What’s the roi?

Mohamed Abdelhakem

running hard drive for long time is effects its performance ?? how much time y rest it .. and i wanna buy segate external hard what did y think about it ?

mirko 88

Can we use this space after mining end(clear space).


share with us your earning versus expenses and capital please

Uğur Yazar

I need your help. Please send me 1 burstcoin . BURST-QYV8-JENF-EVRG-94YKY Thanks (for mining)

Anthony Karrick

hey! was wondering if you could do some sort of video on what you are thinking in regards to where this is going....i am very interested in getting in mining filecoin early on


hi...im a great fan of yours.. i keep on watching every video of yours.. well.. i plan to buy 10 of the Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEB8000100). Do you think this is a good idea for mining? HDD cost is about 200 USD per piece. so a total investment of 2000 USD for mining Burstcoin? Any suggestion/opinion? Can you also clarify how much bandwidth will it take on Internet.. I am having 10MBPS Unlimited plan.. Is it enough or not for a 80TB setup? I plan to take this to 160 TB phase wise. Please let me know if this HDD is worth putting for mining or any other suggestions please?

Cederique Maes

I checked all your burst videos. Great stuff my men :-)

I looking forward to your next video "The burstcoin gui wallet" :-)

I am using it right now for plotting, its working fine, but its taking so long. I thought you said somewhere it take around 24hour for a 5TB drive. Well its already running 10 hours and i am only on 20% ... strange.

While i have a Zbook 17 G2, what is a very powerfull notebook.

The only thing you can set up in the plotter in the gui is how many cores you want to use and how many threads you want to use. and offcourse the startpoint of that plot you can change.

So i am experimentating a bit with the cores and threads, but still i am not 100% sure. I am a bit a perfectionist hihi :-)

Who knows you maybe gonna do a video in the future. You should really check out the GUI wallet its in fact a great improvement :-)


Caio R Pereira

I have a 5tb external hdd, which altcoin has a better ROI? Storj or Burst?


Hi man any idea if I mine burstcoin how can I exchange it to bitcoin thanks in advance


Hello again! A few questions, love the video.

1) How much upload/download bandwidth is occupied with these 50TB running at once?
2) Have you exceeded your ISP's monthly data cap? How close have you come?
3) Since making this video how many of your drives have failed?
4) Say Burst prices stayed completely flat. How soon could I make my money back?

Please make more uploads like this, this video is a winner. Thank you

Frank Schwarzkopf

Hi Guys, a question from a starter: Which mining-pool for using 10 TB and how? I´m looking for your help. Thank you.


Did you order the expert installation service to? I'm not sure what that is about or I'd need it

CK *

How many coins do you get with your set up?


Where do you sell the BurstCoins?

Thomas McLaughlin

This makes no sense....? How are you mining with a hard drive? I thought cryptocurrency uses complex algorithms that need to be solved by processing the information? Obviously this is not the function of a hard drive so theoretically it seems impossible. Please provide insite?

Alex Johnson

Hi Lee could you mine burst with a rasberry pi ?


Or you can just take them out their cases and put all them in an other tower too clean them all up


can you use network drive location to store you plot and mine from it ? for example if i connect NAS drive ant connect to it using share \\my-na\my files ?

OctoMan PC's

when everyone catches on, HDDs are gonna cost more than GPUs just watch

Cederique Maes

Hi you said internal is more expensive then external. You are right, but after a lot of research i found something interesting i think.

Check this out;...

Seagate 8TB (internal) : 220 euro - 28 euro/TB
Seagate 8TB (external): 230 euro - 28.9 euro/TB

Western digital 5TB (external): 138 euro - 27.6 euro/TB

The 8TB internal is just a little bit more expensive then the 5TB (western digital). But the difference is so small, that even would go for the 8TB internal. Just because iets easier to build bigger with this drive and i can put them all in my computer.

Whats your vieuw on this?

By the way i also found your porsche design 8TB for 250 euro (whats around the same price you paid) - 31.25 euro/TB.
Those are more expensive but still pretty good priced. AND offcourse reselling those drives is easy i think ;-)


bro good videos thank you. a have a question? how much is your power consumption on thos 50tb?
what psu do you recomend for 50tb how many watts? :)

EMON AL-shariar

sir how much you can earn 50 th.....please tell me i will invest !