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The Market Maker: Part 1 - Spencer Crooks, ex Director of Market Making at Winterfloods

3 069 views | 29 Nov. 2019

Spencer Crooks, ex

Spencer Crooks, ex Director of Market Making at Winterfloods talks to Tamzin Freeman, piworld.

Spencer gives us a fascinating insight into the day in the life of a Market Maker. This is the first of two parts. The second part goes into more technical details of market making. Both parts are a must watch, to understand what’s going on behind the scenes to determine how stocks are priced.

Spencer’s background – 00:22

What do Market Makers do? – 01:35

Risk management by Market Makers - 04:29

Market Makers: the institutions & retail - 06:22

Market Makers: the business model - 08:04

How do you set a price? - 11:37

How do you set the spread? - 14:32

How do you set the market size? - 16:11

The difference between quote driven or order driven stocks - 17:37

How helpful is Level 2 to the retail investor? – 19:18

The relationship with the broker – 21:40

What’s the relationship like between Market Makers? - 25:38

How large is the research function at Winterfloods? - 29:23

How many companies does an individual Market Maker cover? - 30:45

How is a stock priced on the morning of a profit warning? - 33:04

What makes a good market maker? - 35:34

About Spencer Crooks:

Joined Bisgood Bishop in 1985. After takeover of Bisgood Bishop, traded at County NatWest until 1988, before leaving to join Winterflood Securities. Became a director in August 1999. Appointed FSI 2006.

Ro Car

The interviewer is absolutely awesome!!!

Peter Parker

Brilliant interview. Tqvm Tamzin!


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Beat the Market Maker NEW CONTENT BTMM - Steve Mauro - DMR (Daily Market Review) Session - 1/27/2021

2 973 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Steve Mauro's Beat the

Steve Mauro's Beat the Market Maker Course

DMR Session NEW 2021


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Adebayo Tolulope

My role model. Thanks for sharing

Abdullaahi Salaad Hassan

Thanks Steve for sharing
And please pple who r reading this pz share this channel to ur friends
Coz steve will upload new videos and it motivates him

Prince Mandityira


Prince Charles

Steve Mauro I honour you sir and your tireless determination to deliver us retailers from the deceptive tricks of market makers...you’re indeed a blessing to our generation. May God richly bless you ??

Jack AD

Thank you


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How To Become A Market Maker

2 021 views | 10 Aug. 2018

How To Become A Market

How To Become A Market Maker

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MARKET MAKER [noun] - A relentless producer of wealth, health, and purpose.

VISION - To create a culture of Financial Opportunity for 1 billion people worldwide.

MISSION - The Market Maker mission is to introduce adults of all ages and backgrounds to proper financial education through simplified products, services, and innovation.


This is just an ad mate


"They can find right people to move the market" how ?


Clickbait title gtfo youtube man

Garrett Mac

Change your title. This does not tell you how to become a market maker at all.