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Reddit's Secret Golden Rabbit Hole - Internet Oddities

352 667 views | 2 Aug. 2020

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I’m actually really glad you circled back to this one and figured it out. Good on you!

It’s Clem Time!!

I have a question.
What’s the Reddit?

Bloodhound GO cart

eh, eh , eh.. welcome

John S

"I prefer mysteries that are more in the realm of reality" absolutely agree, that sentiment alone deserves a donation

attic Slabs

Hmmmmm . We don’t speak of this my good sir. “Weird rabbit hole”. If you only knew. Dude used to be like n chats when private chats were introduced. Had SO MANY DIFFERENT SCREEN NAMES... I stopped talking to dude when he was actually somehow replicating EVERYONES usernames and profiles. Was handing so many golds out it was soooooo fuckin nuts. People were showing up to be handed gold. If they didn’t get it, they were starting to get mad instantly. So I wonder if these people are the same? This happened in 2018.


Interesting, thanks.

Just Looking

Troll accounts need some way to legitimize their existence, Russia and China are playing a long game. They open accounts years in advance of an operation, make posts, get reddit gold etc. Then when they go and troll comment sections they appear to be real people rather than a fresh minted troll farm account.

Rida Hamid

I'm slightly disappointed that he didn't say barely and not slightly sociable

Free Freak

Bahahaha xD

ben sieben

LSS = Loadable System Storage. Just FYI

takalice •

LSS stands for
Lhanks for the
Sold kind


It’s live testing of their running algorithms.

Backyard Films

Happy cake day

Toxically Masculine

hey have you seen this weird thing that totally my friend sent me?


Why would you recommend us to go look through a bunch a spam postings lmao. Seriously what was the point of this video

St-Dan in a nutshell

Hey have you seen this obvious none realistic link that someone sent me lol laughter aside great video and and I enjoy your main channel also I have just recently stumbled across your second channel very enjoyable thus far


Dude you could talk about Oreos and I would still watch, but that's just me.

attic Slabs

I have soooooooo much gold. My guy shittymorph, he’s got piles! I’m one of the few that is an actual friend of his. I will never divulge any info. But if ya don’t believe everything, I did his album art, for a single he released in 2019.

The AbominableSnowSam

Thanks for ruining it, now the secrets out

My name

LLS- live laugh sleep

Ben Renner

So if I post there and post some gibberish a bot might give me reddit gold!


Please do Julia trinity. Some weird U.K. rabbit hole rapper/cult leader


I think I figured it out. Potentially, LSS stands for Lean Six Sigma which is "a method that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation." In other words they are testing all the different features of reddit in order to systematically improve it.

Alpha Omega

Your the guy, playing the guy, who’s pretending to be the other guy!


Just more proof that Reddit is cancer and needs to be nuked off the internet.


QA stands for quality assurance, you can find the same thing on twitch and use the ENS prefix instead of LSS a lot of the time. Not sure what these mean, could be names of teams, organizations, or actual names of the workers. You made the connection in the end that these people obviously work for Reddit. They are meant to test features both old and new. With twitch, you can actually interact with these channels and be apart of the test (like being given a free subscription to the account/channel and having your subscriber month count total altered with etc.)

Funkycord 1336

Plot twist: its just a kid with their rich parents credit card

Justin Long

and to think i was about to call you out for copying another youtuber...

Ilyes Chouia

What was that sound in the background at 1:24 ?


Ahh yes, youtube has become the meta-reddit... The read-it about reddit.

Conker DaQuik

Here's my diss track to nancy Pelosi


the spreadsheet is the real scary thing here

Cat eat china

Wait wait wait, you people BUY little emoticon things and give them to others? Do they do anything once a user has accumulated enough, like maybe be able to cash them out or SOMETHING of ANY use, or is it as useless as likes????!!!! You people are bonkers, shit.


Ye olde Forumplanet had these testforums too, the off topic users would pick a god him, HIM, or Him and spam in their honour.

Eli Holler

Maybe latency server staff?


No rabbit hole , just shite .

Commissar Vigil

Sites ran by pedos anyway

Drifting Plastic Bag

Don’t you think they made that group to boost to gold status?

Charlie Fleming

Could LSS stand for "Like Share Subscribe"?


3:15 keyboard is Indian. Most likely outsourced testing hired by Reddit.


Barely sociable, with all due respect, that was barely interesting.

Kenneth Walker

Okey, i found a subreddit for people who like poo.. winnie the pooh was th the op and he likes honey, so its a lie.. he no like poo he is the poo.

Trilla Killa

Super lame video


that spreadsheet is definitely a QA task list. These pages are devs or QA testing the reddit systems. Not much to see here unfortunately.

Benjamin Lewis

They’re just functional testing


TBH I would give gold to the person who posted the windmill video.

PooDot StinkPants

Reddit: Don't mind us, we're just testing You Tube Creators abilities to research.


Why did you do a whole video on QA testers testing on Production?

Kathryn Hendricks

Probably just piling on- but I am a tester for an e-commerce site and testing in production is very common for companies nowadays. Virtually all of my manual testing occurs in production. This includes things like placing real orders and then canceling them, testing review commenting, etc. To show it’s a test to the reliability team (and for analytics metrics), we leave “marks” to show that the order was a test. For example my main prod test account owners name is “Test Tester” lol.

My best guess is that testers from reddit have these test subs and test Reddit accounts that they do regression or smoke testing in. Making sure commenting, posting, awarding, upvoting, etc is working after a hot fix or other deployment.



LSS can mean, any of these

Ordinary Person

You do not like mysteries more grounded in reality Sir. You like easy wins grounded in what you like to think of reality as being. "Reality" is a lot stranger than you seem to be aware. Just sane. You are missing a whole lot of what happens right in front of you all the time.

Homebrand Fishfood

I found a weird channel called sweet peach that posts weird ass videos I’ll find the channel it’s really weird


Maybe testing frauds gold, probably provided services.


Possibly related to: https://www.lodestoneco.com/

See also this subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/lodestone_testing

Barely Sociable

Wow bro way to steal my style

Holland Novak

Getting more sociable?


I thought this would be on “it’s the ol’ (some pun relating to the post”

Owen P

The most expensive arg of all time

Gregory Olenovich

As a developer, as soon as you said the account name was reddit gold test or whatever, I knew what was going on lol

Thurnis Haley

I think the weirdest loop is the chat room, with them all communicating and replying with gibberish


Thought the site description was Base64 for a second.

Bobby Benfield

Kinda stupid, I knew within 30 seconds it was just a Reddit employee testing shit. Clearly you don’t know anything about software development. Obvious to anyone who does.


LSS probably stands for Losers Suckers and Sycophants.

Bread Apologist

As a great man once said, “secret holes are tight.”


they should give awards to the people finding those dumps :9 like a treasure hunt


4:31 .......


LSS- latest site service

Jana Cahill

Why do all the Weird things happen to Reddit People?

Siz Zis

Any chance of posting here a link to the photo of the instructions spreadsheet from that "Image post"?


4:32 i cant stop thinking about the shitty pinned invader zim plush they have

Channel Name • 10 years ago

This sounds like someone made a bot. I would have done the same. Create a new subreddit, make some post using the bot using the word "test". Maybe OP is testing a bot to automatically post for him.

I usually do this many times using my python bot for twitter and facebook and I do embed some encrypted messages sometimes.


Money laundering?


I mean with the state of r/politics, throwing away money gilding posts isn't exactly new for reddit

Dustin Rodriguez

That spreadsheet you see is not something they're 'required to do every day when they clock in'. It's a test plan. It's very typical (although why Reddit wouldn't have test automation by now is beyond me) for exactly those sorts of instructions to exist documenting the exact steps needed to perform certain tests. They're usually done prior to and just after new code changes are deployed to public-facing sites to make sure that nothing got accidentally broken and are known as 'regression tests'. Basically, making sure that by making changes you didn't inadvertently reintroduce a problem that had been seen before or breaking parts of the application that worked already.


Thank you for being able to tell reality from very obvious works of fiction lol. Sometimes these other channels sound like they're run by children.

Tsunamori Nanashi

Holy shit about halfway through the video I started thinking "what if this is just the reddit staff themselves?", and it still seems so unbelievable that they would put so many hours and effort in this type of "testing".

My name now has to be a secret.

If you want a new topic do Bella Poarch. If you do a little research there’s almost no information on her. Plus she just created all her social media’s in March and April of this year and she’s now extremely famous. Also there is a lot of information supporting the theory that her name is actually Nariee Taylor. There are also many other mysterious things surrounding her. I think overall it would make a good topic to cover.

Cathleen Rocco

Gosh, this is a colossal waste of time. You'd be better off watching "The Social Dilemma."


This ones really not that odd or mysterious bro

Claudel GFX

PS: Just like how EX: a pwd cracker requires a log/dictionary, you need to create a pattern to have a sys understand a certain pattern or to follow or train it to look for a certain pattern, if you understand what i mean, so to have a system that can combat that kind of behavior from general users, you need to feed the bot with an "example" untill it gets accurate enough to recognise it in the wild.
In general these kind of methods are used to build NetSpiders (AI or nnAI) , that is also why you'll find those patterns in all the reddit(or not) biomes, be it public/premium/hidden/private.
PS2: kinda late.

Dobromir Yordanov

This is fairly standard in big tech. We make a list of critical user flows along with instructions on exact steps and expected results in a spreadsheet and hand it off to a manual QA team. I assume this is a combination of that and some automated tests.

That, or the lizard people of Reddit

Farmer Tyler

Might be to check for bugs ??‍♂️

Brandon Salazar

This is 100% developers testing lol

Bent Neatly

a dumping ground for test scripts?

Dazza Dirt

Wait.... So what's reddit agen.. ??


this channel is about to explode


Probably testing. The QA in lssqa_99 likely stands for Quality Assurance. Very common practice in software development


More dark web shit empire episode was awesome


I like topics like these where the point isn't 'OoOOhH SpoOKy' but more 'isn't this weird lol'


I think it's a system to get into dark subreddits / links by proving you'll pay for the awards.

Matthijs Vegting

This looks like testing....


It's the Flash. What more do you want to know? Ever used tide? It's like that


ccp shilling....

Bent Neatly

i hang out in a discord with a much of guys developing an app, and they all have wierd jokes and strange scripts doing dumb things. It all makes sense in context, but if someone were to get a link to a test they were running itd probably make somebody think a conspiracy was happening. Devs are wierd people man.

Aniket Bhoir

This is just a dev testing out reddit APIs

Jodye Pooh

dude that puppy windmill video is SO CUTE i literally am obsessed w it in 0.0023 miliseconds

attic Slabs

Problem with Reddit... don’t be a hyper realism artist.... I have literally went through HELL proving my work is legit. Down to 35 minute long time lapses.... FUCKING MODS!!!!!! I get it, they are doing the job intended. BUT! Fact is, people don’t have the attention span to make sure it’s all gravy... so they label it as shit! I get it. But what’s worse, THATS HOW THE INTERNET WORKS NOW! Even if it’s completely bullshit, taken at face value shared and there goes the fucking internet.... and tbh women are not the same anymore... they just aren’t. It’s very odd and overall sad af.

John Marx

What's your original channel?

Keith Cruz

whats more unsettling is the fact that he used light mode.

Reddit bitcoin gold

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Bitcoin Gold review - The Ultimate Money Guide to BTG

3 399 views | 22 Jul. 2018

What is Bitcoin Gold?

What is Bitcoin Gold? Corey explains its main features in this video and talks about how BTG is different to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Learn about the latest Bitcoin gold news, why it has value and why it may succeed. Corey also discusses BTG challenges in coming years. Read the full Bitcoin gold review and get price updates here

Link: https://www.ultimatemoney.com.au/bitcoin-gold-review/

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Disclaimer: I am definitely not giving you any financial or investment advice. This video and our website at Ultimate Money is for entertainment and education purposes only. It is of the utmost importance that you do your own research and use your own best judgment before making your own decisions.

peter ams

bitcoin gold will have a great future guys just watch & HODL

Macarthur Luu

~ Could you please share where bitcoin gold can be used? It seems not many places accept it as a payment form.

Елена Алферова

How does EO finance work wih BTG?

We The People

Wiil be added to coinbase custody soon, 26$is cheap

Ultimate Money

Here's an extension on my opinion of BTG:

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there about how the founders of Bitcoin Gold made the hard-fork to make a personal profit, but none of that is founded upon evidence and mostly comes from either the BCH or BTC camps.

To Bitcoin Gold's credit they forked from Bitcoin to make mining fairer, and from what I've seen in their community threads they are far more focused on representing the miners than anyone else, which is more than I've seen from any other coin in that area.

Plus, they survived multiple 51% attacks which is every crypto projects worst nightmare and something which no other project has had to deal with. I can only assume that their team had to work hard survive such a thing; it's too easy to stand on the sidelines and criticise.

Personally, I wouldn't buy Bitcoin Gold, for the most part, i would recommend amateur miners to mine it while it still has value, however, if it is truly a scam then the developers could of just ditched the project when they were attacked and taken their so-called 'profits'.

Tom Kory

Hello how you see it with BTG over two years. Thank you

C Masteez

BTG Bitcoin gold is mooning again$$ today1/15/2015

Timotej Jakomin

u high brah?

Yusuf David

BTG wil be $ 3000

Reddit bitcoin gold

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Reddit Investors Drive Silver Up For 2nd Day! It Won't Last!

12 050 views | 29 Jan. 2021


Donate: https://www.paypal.me/SalivateMetal

Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/salivate-metal

Buy Salivate Metal rounds here:





#silver #gold #preciousmetals

Baby Hulk

Silver is the only true money

Gentel Men's channel

If the drive don’t last I will pray from you genuinely from heart. God bless COMEX, God Bless Wall Street , God Bless Fed. Banned the Reddit . I will want artificial activities take over, I don’t care I am selfish. And this is how it’s going to happen, if need I will do what it take .

Brian K

Good thing I bought big while I was in Afghanistan a year or so back

patt er

amazing how quick and easy it is to count 1000 oz bars


Well silver has been kept low on purpose all this time.
But it's not Reddit that drives this price up, that just FAKE NEWS created by media.

Mutant Ryeff

JP Morgan, et.al., will get silver spot below $20 once suckers buy up the silver from FOMO

Andre Lemire

Go go go!!!!


JM Bullion isn't selling much but they do have a few 5 oz rounds at $50 an oz.

Father Schwab

Wait till these soon to be stackers get that chunk of metal in their hands. Silver will gain in popularity.

Lisa 1734

At the moment ratio abit higher than 63

Mark Nordgård

Down on monday for silver, gold went down friday and will go down more on monday

Matthew ferrari

I'd usually agree but as I've been in that scene for since the internet started, anything is possible and most nerds just became hundred-thousandaires or millionaires this year from crypto???


Silver does not need reddit to squeeze the market, albeit it certainly won't hurt, Ag is already poised to start its next leg upward, and when reddit group transitions into a global group buying every gram of physical silver, futures paper will have no impact, shorting will have no effect, the purpose of futures is to primarily act as a hedge, but comex, LBMA will lose its legitimacy and go bust...

Wedge Pressure

What happens if all the wall street bets guys buy massive amounts of options and take delivery on them?


"ALL DEALERS SHOULD BE LINED UP AGAINST THE WALL AND SHOT!" That was the call from one idiot You Tube Silver Community creator last March. That call was echoed by a community that, almost collectively had their long knives out when the Phantom Paper Price was at $12 and the physical was at $17. Please, PLEASE just for the entertainment value alone let the new Phantom Paper Price get to $100 with dealers offering to buy at an actual physical price of say, $29. As a dealer I am rooting for the rebels. Go Reddit Raiders!!

Lee Price

Definitely buy physical

Joseph McKenzie

12:00am Monday. Silver spot price $30.44?

Michael Best

Why buy silver or gold, or other precious metals anyway ! ? Let the prices go up and down. It doesn't make any difference, only to those that buy and sell ! For those that DO buy and / or sell, I have a question: First I understand those that think about buying silver is like insurance. But how will that insurance work for you?

Should one country's fiat money fails, one can still rely on trading or exchanging those metals for another country's money. I get that. Here's where I lack understanding..., I think deeper.

If the banks / financial institutions would have a SHTF situation, would you be able to just walk into a grocery store and buy a loaf of bread with a silver coin ? Probably not, right!

Another example: Say I live in the USA. While I CAN trade my metals with another countries bank into THEIR currency, how will THAT countries fiat money help me here? Also, THEIR value of that money will STILL have to be traded into US dollars, which would be turned into pennies, right !

Another way of looking at this... Will people in the U.S.A, for example be able to buy goods and services in the U.S.A, using, another countries fiat currency ? Example, can ANYONE use / spend, let's say the Swedish krona here in the US at the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread?

If I'm not understanding this, please someone share with me WHY even buy such metals, (other than to have, because it looks sooooo pretty ? )!

Marc M

silver will be skyrocketing, partly because of Reddit but more because this mineral is scarce as it is, and our society needs powerful electronics which require Silver; I believe a silver purchase war will occur between EV companies, Battery Companies, Countries, and many other industries. Silver is harder to mine and less than even gold


I'm all for the little guy exercising their purchasing power in the market. Shorting a market has risk. I feel zero sympathy for the hedge funders. That said, the silver market is a bit out of their depth I think. Too many banks with too many ounces. If they had the money to make large COMEX swings it might stick, but they aren't gonna make much of an impact by buying SLV on webull or robinhood. It will go up a dollar or two, then come back down.

This isn't to say that I don't expect at least $30 silver by 2022, but this attempt to squeeze SLV will be "short" :D

Jennifer Dugert

Call it what you like, I still see it as money.

shilo mcwolf

name another asset that is half its value compared to 40 years ago--highly undervalued and price suppressed for a diminishing essential metal, well done redit,keep making your point and show the fraud and the manipulation for what it is

Cornell Custom Trains

$40 silver huh, sounds like a decade ago !

Rick Blick

Funny... You wouldn't think that gold double the price of platinum either... It's a changing world, all commodities have to go up with inflation... Minimum wage going to $15 let's go to push it higher, higher prices of oil, major cost in mining, all the new green deals, it's a cash cow, that will gradually grow every year, copper-nickel aluminum graphite Cobalt lithium all going up that is guaranteed


Just keep buying the price up at right time to cause the short squeeze on a ragular timing will do good . We can doit and buy physical. Buy physical silver as well. Leagle revenge. Gold good too.

Joe Rico

Reddit users did not do this.. This is done by the msm and citadel owns most who hv interest in the hedge funds to get their money back

Cornell Custom Trains

Futures / Hedge market traders should be dragged out into the street, pissed on and shot !

Jason Caplowaith


Daniell Batten

J.p. is
A bank

Lucy Stacks

I love you so much Sal! Lmao

DeFi Club

1000 easy


Actually its a bit different than what we saw in gamestop. Gamestop wasn’t being artificially suppressed prior to its rise in the past days. Silver, on the other hand, has been double sold (for years) so that it appears as though there is a greater supply than there actually is. If true supply is exposed, price will have to adjust until it can be masked again. Again, quite different than gamestop.

Barbre Spectre

I don’t think you understand the plan. It’s not a short squeeze. We are going to drain the physical supply and crash the comex rigged system

daughter of patriots

Why so down on Silver? People are buying both physical and mining stocks. The Great Awakening...how to kill the banksters? Buy silver!

Psychedelic Trader

together , we will drive it, its that easy

marco mac

I think this is fske news, gold and silver bugs will beleive anything after Waching Bitcoin going up Gme and everything except silver

Bryan Pedersen

You’re right, “it won’t last”. The it part of this statement should refer to our fiat dollar with make believe value. Gold, silver and land to the moon.
Silvers true value is about to be exposed. No stopping it now. The Reddit movement was just the spark, the true bomb is the simple fact that silver is worth so much more than we’ve all been paying for it. Low silver prices are about to become history.

Blackred Silverbug

I'll buy more if silver crashes.

Mutant Ryeff

Does China or Russia have any plays into this to screw everyone else?


Sal - people love headlines that scream "panic" - and bloggers eat it up. All of this fantastic "news" generates clicks, which helps the algorithms.
It's all a non-story. Silver will go up and Silver will go down - rinse and repeat. We of the common sense mentality will continue to do what we do and invest in precious metals as we see fit. I will buy Gold when it makes sense and I will but Silver when it makes sense. I am near that point when I'll not be able to carry my Silver, as it gets unwieldy at a certain point, and I like to be nimble. I switched primarily to Gold in late 2020 and have only bought Gold in 2021 (so far). This was never a "get rich scheme" with most of us, and I will continue to ignore the "panic posse" on Reddit and elsewhere. Keep stacking - Keep making sense.

Dean F

2020 was when the criminals made their moves. 2021 is when the people counter.

King Game

silver bugs are so beaten down they cant even believe its at 27

Lenny Brewster

We're not buying silver dude. That's a pump and dump from elsewhere. Nobody's squeezing silver, it's damn near impossible.


Well, finally a video from a metals guy that is rooted in reality. The price of silver is up, obviously it wont last.

Frank Geiermeyer

Trading in silver is currently suspended. But they can't do that for long. JPMorgen, Black Rock and Wall Street are right to fear us.
To manipulate the price, there is 186 times as much paper silver as physical silver. Make sure you understand what that means.
Gamestop was short at 139%., silver is short at 18600%!!! This is going to be the biggest short squeeze ever.

A. C. Exploration

You are not buying the game it's self. You are buying a code on a disk. You still download the game with the game disk. At most part of the game is on the disk. They stopped putting full games on disks a while ago.


Apmex not selling silver until the market opens sunday night.

Mutant Ryeff

That 5oz bar is worth the same today as it was years ago, it is the value of the fiat money that has changed.

Barbre Spectre

Take all the physical ignore the rigged paper price. That’s how silver will break free

Big Daddy LongStroke

I hope they Break all the Hedge Funds who swirl around like blood drenched sharks in water!! Waiting to eat up the Smaller Fish!! Break their Asses!!

Mark Nordgård

What did I say ??? A verry "short" short squeeze and silver crashing back to start


Maybe they will blame the legitimate run up on Reddit and don't credit a real bull run

Jose Rodriguez

Dont follow the false narrative of the mainstream media. Its not true.


You don’t know the silver market, and you don’t know what you are talking about. But I am sure criminal JP Morgan and their cartels are happy to pay you to spread the disinformation!

Tyler L

Haha reddit users went from pushing up a multi million company......to a TRILLION DOLLAR a year buisnes called SILVER!!!!

Your dumb


I hope they pump it up to $50.00 an ounce


Just some food for thought. Big banks trade more silver everyday, Than is physically possible. They trade hundreds of Millions of shares that JUST DONT EXSIST. If EVERY American went out and Bought just 1 ounce of silver, And demanded swift delivery of that 1 ounce of silver, IT WOULD PUT THE 3 BIGGEST BANKS IN THE WORLD OUT OF BUISNESS....!!! Individually we are weak, But Together, WE THE PEOPLE are strong.

patt er

time to start stacking 925 and spoons

Frank Salidivar

When the majority of the population cannot participate fairly, people get PISSED OFF. People ARE really pissed.
When people get like that they go to 'war' in a metaphorical sense ....and that can quickly devolve into a messy situation...

Mutant Ryeff

The dollar could be backed by gold where one atom of gold is equal to one penny. There are 9.50 x 10^22 atoms in an ounce. That would be an interesting Great Reset. Those holding physical would be massively rich in the terms of dollars.


This video pic catched my attention ✌️. I have been doing similar videos and maybe you should visit. I'm kinda sure you'll find find a lot of cool info on this topic on my channel too.

ccceecc ccceecc

apmex stop selling lol

Paul d

In a few weeks we'll see 25 $26 silver again sale you're right.

Russ Jordan

Once the useless paper contracts are eviscerated, the price of an actual ounce of silver will skyrocket. To achieve this, insist on receiving physical silver, not contracts of which there are at least 100:1 to an actual ounce of silver. Silver should be at least 10x where it is if not for the derivatives/futures market. That would be the historical gold to silver ratio.

U.P. dan

Public already buying physical this weekend and today. Look at $9 premium and they are just about out. A worldwide revolution against the big banks who destroyed countries and lives around the world starting in 2007.


Good thing I bought at $12 per oz

Andrew Macomber

You’re right. A few thousand mouse clicks vs 1,000 dads loading up the station wagon & heading to the LCS to off load the silver stash…BIG difference. Just another bump in the market.?

Owen Towin

Redditors are not driving silver it's the hedge funds. You obviously haven't been on wallstreet bets to see this. So you are now no longer a reliable source. Its false information to try to get retal investors to move off of gme. The people who infiltrated wallstreetbets will be feeling the ban hammer

brian poland

The whole point is that JPM doesn’t have the silver that they claim - even in comex warehouses I would not be surprised at all if they just don’t have it....

Gunnar Gundersen

I still believe that they can't fight gravity forever. I will keep buying.

Fedup1965 LucyGoosey

This will take time. Local dealer out but has order coming in 2 weeks. Eventually there will be a strain on supply.....then the paper will BURN baby!

Blackred Silverbug

You sound like the folks who prefer and benefit from the status quo.

Lucy Stacks

Lmao snipperboppers!? ?????????

Lea T

Don’t look at paper. Physical won’t come back . Game over


Not so fast Sal. I feel like this is the beginning of a new awakening. This very well may be what finally gets the attention of the masses. This has gotten lots of attention & younger stackers have been crawling out of the woodwork before this. I'd give it a couple weeks & people will be experimenting with buying both physical & paper. The ones that buy physical will feel it in the hand so to speak. The bug will bite. It always does. There's a new awakening, & the younger crowd is even more fed up than those of us that are used to getting screwed by the man. It will level out again, but it will ultimately bring in a new crowd driving demand. That coupled with the technological demand ever increasing will develop the new, higher floor. It's always a win win in the long term.

Blackred Silverbug

This will be short lived, but the goal is to inflict as much damage as possible to the big boys in a short amount of time. Some will want to profit, others just want revenge. A percentage of the Reddit 'investors' will donate a few hundred dollars to hurt THEM. I will sell about 5% of my stack if silver breaks above $30 next week and buy back when the dust settles.


He is basing his theory on the STOCK market. This is the SILVER market. Gamstop Stock was cheap and not worth much. Sliver on the other hand should ALREADY be trading at over 100 dollars per ounce.... but the price is suppressed daily by these big banks. I think this guy will be caught with his pants down, And losing money next week.......

Danny Harumitah

How about gold price?


This is a good video. Thanks for your insights.


This guy is just joking - Don't take him seriously.

aidan mcnally

Apparently it's fake news. Go on WallStreetBets and you'll see. They are not buying any silver.

Eric Yeung

Alot of the older silver stackers got crushed in 2011 and had to hold on to the silver for years. They have a sour taste in their mouth. Well good luck.

AG Argentum

It won't last but it could go over $40. That's when to sell.

Steve Matthews

What bank do you work for....
You should be encouraging people to buy as much physical SILVER they can afford...

derek mcmillen

Silver is sold out

DeFi Club

nothing last forever, consider it like a strong wind , get the sails and cruise it


Never Say Never: Government can run Trillions of dollars in debt per week. This time it's different.

69NOMAN69 noman

if everybody buys futures and then demand the physical, you might see a real surge that starts feeding on itself.

HD rider

Paper silver is over sold . If everyone starts calling it in for physical it will sky rocket


$100 silver in the next 5 years??


‘Treasury has a lot of silver on hand, and it can be, and it will be used to keep the price of silver in line with its value in our present silver coin.’

still 1

Not true, Reddit is NOT involved. Just go to the site and read about it.

Cedric Lee

Local pawn shops in my area that usually have 100+ oz on hand sold out last week

Frenn Lee

It might last, I'm old, 54, yet yesterday I had 2 msgs off mates who'd separately each bought silver and for the last 5 days I'm getting tons of silver memes thrown at me by relatives, friends and acquaintances.

GreenCut Arena

Real silver bullets kill the wolves of wall street. Silver ETF's: SLV or AGQ are paper spitballs that will do nothing.
If they buy paper only and not physical then the corrupt manipulation will live on.


SILVER TO ZERO! Free silver for everyone!

Bryan Pedersen

The elephant in this room is our American fiat fake dollar. Pretty soon our dollar won’t buy shit. So if u think $50 per ounce silver is too high, you’re not seeing what’s right in front of u, staring u in the face. Very soon, gold, silver, land will be the only assets with true value. Try and buy any of these assets with our dollar in the very near future and u will find out you have missed the boat.

David Lim

When has Silver pricing being any reality? Whom ever can control the spot price dictates the price, so who cares what the price can be if Reddit can do it, do it. Silver should be at least $600, if not $1,000, that's the true value, but it's not even above $30.


When all those people want to trade silver paper to physical silver. I could see silver hit $2000 an ounce. There is 20 people that think they own 1 oz of silver. If you’re selling more paper silver then there will ever be physical silver. That is definitely is manipulation

Patrick T

LOL. If it hits $30 or at best $35 if I am lucky. They have no clue on what they are doing. They are buying SLV and silver stocks.

They don't even know where to buy the metal. Plus silver is a bigger market. The Fed has trillions to push it down so they can steal the silver cheap for the Green new deal.

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