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Stefan Ingves, The Riksbank in a society with no cash

290 views | 11 Dec. 2017

The Riksbank in a society

The Riksbank in a society with no cash. Sweden is one of the countries with the least volume and usage of notes and coins. Payments are at a growing rate being made by card or through electronic transfers. How should the Riksbank relate to this development?


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Riksbank's Ingves Worries About U.S. Protectionism

1 283 views | 15 Feb. 2017

Feb.15 -- Sveriges

Feb.15 -- Sveriges Riksbank Governor Stefan Ingves talks to Bloomberg about monetary policy, the krona and the Swedish economy. He speaks following the central bank's press conference in Stockholm.

Björn Bergqvist

Inga kommentarer till vår hjälte Stefan?

jocke persson

You eh, did eh, say eh, what eh, you eh, did eh
Please sack this hopeless "journalist".


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Riksbank Affirms QE as Preferred Tool to Fight Covid Crisis

685 views | 22 Sep. 2020

Sep.22 -- Sweden’s

Sep.22 -- Sweden’s Riksbank stuck with a forecast of years of zero interest rates and pledged to continue its historic asset purchase program as it navigates its way through the Covid crisis. Riksbank Governor Stefan Ingves said things are improving compared to the bank's view in July and also commented on the bank's historic move into the corporate bond market. He spoke to Bloomberg's Rafaela Lindeberg.

Владимир Киселёв

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