Litecoin china

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Litecoin's creator, Charlie Lee, sends a special message to thank supporters in China

2 994 views | 25 Aug. 2015

Litecoin is having its

Litecoin is having its first block halving on August 26th, 2015. Litecoin's creator, Charlie Lee, sends a special message to thank the users, miners, pool operators, and traders in China.

comp sci

Arize Chikun!


Do not share your coins less than $50.


The physical 25 Litecoin coin/token/medallion, are they 1 Troy ounce solid silver or are they silverplated? Thanks

Clorox Bleach

What can litecoin do that bitcoin can't?

Chris Smith

charlie lee send me an email to help you with that...


Lee, shut your face and put Litecoin on Coinbase!

Sammy Lauder

Price is rising and china hasn't even seen video yet. Why is he only addressing (thanking) Chinese users? Racist coin!

tilton malvin

Creator of harmful ponzi scheme.

Marshall Long

and by you you mean warren right? hahaha


Arize Chikun!

Litecoin china

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China is pumping up Litecoin while Americans await an easier way to buy LTC

228 views | 10 Jul. 2015

The Chinese are probably

The Chinese are probably causing the insane price increase in Litecoin. Some may want to get out of the plunging Chinese stock market although this still could be a China based pump and dump market manipulation. Whatever the case, it would be great if Americans could easily buy Litecoin for dollars. The Chinese alone have brought Litecoin 24 hour worldwide trading levels above those of Bitcoin. One thing I forgot to mention was that it is also possible that Chinese may be buying Litecoin over Bitcoin because the foolish Chinese bureaucracy that frowns upon Bitcoin may not realize that Litecoin is something very similar and thus it may take them time to figure out that their citizens are trying to gloriously beat China's capital controls with LTC just like they tried to with BTC.

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Bitcoin Trading

Nice - keep up the great commentaries!

Litecoin china

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Americas Answer to China Litecoin!!

376 views | 4 Nov. 2019




Here is my theory. The US government created BTC, LTC and maybe DGB. Today we have contracts that state all oil must be purchased with USD. Just like the Petro dollar, the new international contracts will create certain currencies to purchase certain commodities. In the future it won’t matter how much gold China has because all gold will need to be purchased with BTC and likewise LTC and the purchase of silver will be instituted. The only way to have fair international trade is to link a decentralized network with digital coins that must be mined to actual commodities that must be mined. This way no one country will control the money and no country can artificially devalue their money to cheat on international contracts. Also since the blockchain represents a physical commodity and to purchase that commodity you can only use that blockchain, now the stock market cannot artificially devalue the commodity with fake paper contracts called derivatives. This is the future of fair trade. This is why they hate trump, he is here to level the playing field.

kundalini 2222

Have you been to China Joe? If so you perception might change just a thought haha

Ramon Koroheke

You might want to Research Keto and Carnivore. It's helped me heaps! Thanks for this discussion. Learned alot! God bless! ?

Lori Crowley

ZCash and LiteCoin were very close, recently.

Johnny Tang

Is the US government so nice to its people ? Compare the street people in US to China, I think the number in US is far more than in China. The infrastructure in China has improved life and the poverty rate has dramatically decreased , whereas US spent on wars after wars and the life in US is getting worse compared to that in China, getting better and you are saying China is not caring its own people ? How is the US government caring its own people then ? Human right or religion is not All of it, I also heard some parts of US are banning Prayers or the display of Nativity, how is that considered as freedom of religion etc ... Every country has its own good and bad, we cannot Label or measure a country according to the US standard, who has the right to say what is right or wrong.

Lori Crowley

If Starbucks used Bitcoin, a beverage would cost over 40,000. Satoshi, correct?