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Sequelitis - Mega Man Classic vs. Mega Man X

14 381 346 views | 1 Nov. 2011

Mega Man was a game that

Mega Man was a game that was so simple and yet so ahead of its time. It defined an entire genre and continues to be considered one of the best titles in video gaming history. But, does its spin-off sequel, Mega Man X fair so well?

Currently Being remade

I uh..

Dont think dragon quest 2 is a good example of bad conveyance.

Up until 4, Dragon quests were essentially meant to encourage exploration and experimentation


Well we have Mega Man 11...if we get a Mega Man 12 I'm coming back to the timestamp 5:20 day one.

_Phantom Rainbow

Damn, I remember when I was a little kid and I didn't even knew English when I watched this video and besides not knowing a single word I found it so entertaining that I watched many times
Years go by and I came I cross this video again and bro, I can't stop watching it again too. Now that I understand, it makes it so much better without taking the nostalgia effect

OHG Fawx

Mark your calendars for the 10 year anniversary this halloween.


From the first time I saw this video, it's been my favorite video.

Chima Amanambu

Girl: Mega Ma-
Arin: Shut up!

Tommy z64

I've done it, I bought mega man x legacy collection and I can now play it

Nic Touris

Man, 9 years later and this is still gold



Casual Focus


Ypsila Nevius

9:39 Just as a side note I noticed while watching this that Arin didn't mention is that the bee miniboss shoots missiles like the second enemy you encounter, and if you know to jump over the missiles, it inadvertently teaches you to shoot the ball-with-legs enemies in the head to kill them.

Foof of Death

Mega man and mega man x are timeless examples of good game design.

Retro Kirby

but i thought megaman classic had the dash in like, 4 or 6-

Aether Stultz

Im sorry, I don't feel bad for you


This is not my first watch

a tee

Well i bought a super famicom and bought rockman x, a few years later XD

Unlimited MTness

it's 2020

Roberto Ramirez

What about Maverick Hunter X, a remake of Mega Man X on PSP?

Slam Jam Sam

When ego had TALENT


and bombman, basically all mm2 level themes get in your head

potato wizard

We miss you


Megaman X forever!!

Damn Son

Life used to be great


haha jokes on you i am a dumb kid


I know every line in this video ? that's what 9 years of watching the same video does to ya

Jonatan Vazquez

Hi from 9 years later

Casual King

The part where he explains the tutorial reminds me of that game reviewer who couldn't get past the Cuphead tutorial.


This year it'll be 10 years since this came out. Goddamn, I miss these videos :(

Adam Shape78

This vid is older than me.

Read more

Carey Sonic Fan

This video has created so many fucking memes
1. Oh boys itsa mega man
2. Suspicious Roll Look
3. Check this fuckin shit out
4. Fuckin..... GAENIUZ!
5. Whut Da Fauk?!?

Master Gamer Infinity

Those fans of Game Grumps and Awsome Toons Love Ya!

Bob Muckle


4:20 heh nice


Manchild noises


In 2021. My 4 yearold daughter askes me to play megaman X cuz she loves the robot superhero. My baby is cool.

Project Redfoot

What is the game at 11:53 ?

21st Century Asswhole

Egoraptor's point about the "yeah i get it" increasing in the late 90s to 2000s is pretty much because devs realized people aren't finishing their games after they got stuck bc there are millions of other games to play instead of wasting their life on this one bs level on this one bs game

Stephen Harris

Anybody here after watching Arin struggle to figure out Ross' largely intuitive level design?

hamed alzarooni

This video is like 10 years ago and it still holds up

Garviel Loken

Me an intellectual: Mega Man Zero.

Caio César

"Assuming the non gaming masses are all dumb and can't identify simple patterns in their heads like normal human beings can and need to be able to do in order to... BE"

Me after watching Arin play a lot of games in game grumps: But were they wrong?


ummm...ok, but...Skyrim? (for example)

Jonathan Picard

Arin began the animated storytelling genre on youtube

Mega Man X

mega man x5 killed it

Spicy Ramen

This is Arin Hanson I miss. I miss Egoraptor...

Bottom Text

Arin: "this guy's named zero by the way."
Ignores the fact he said zero's name prior.


so are we gonna ignore the fact that arin turned into what modern game devs thought that most gamers where he became the excat thing he was making fun of

Keanu Owens

my 19th birthday was yesterday but since I was a teenager I was used to hearing swears on tv and youtube my muthafuckas


6:51 Santa's goin...


I really was a dumbass kid watching this for the first time lmao

Iuri Fiedoruk

Watching this video after trying to play Bloodborne, just makes the game REALLY look a grothesche bad-design bubble. Hey, you can like bad designed games, I am NOT saying it is not a fun game.

Isabella Cortesi

"... jingle jangle problem on our hands, Santa's goin' 6:51 "

Matt Griffin

Bring sequelitis back


Bro I’ve been waiting forever to be able to watch this!

Marcelo Colin

I fucking love this video. I always watch it when I'm thinking about level design.


I love how at first he sounds serious and professional but continuously gets less serious every minute ?

Jason K

I love how failed of an experiment sequelitis was. A loud moron who made a video trashing a game and then did a playthrough making it obvious that all the pitfalls he lambasted was due to his way of playing (ocarina), and then this video. Where he gushes for 20 minutes about a game's TUTORIAL STAGE cause he played the game as a baby.


This video is 9 years old? Wtf? This looks like a better video then most made in 2020


At least we have something from stupid ass Arin that is not toxic for once

Left Fist

Random but I came here from the claymation intro to their danganrompa video, something about the way Arin talks in that video reminded me of his Sequelitis days, anyone else?


10 years later and this is still a criminally under-rated game design concept explanation wrapped in a simple, concise video.

Chris Barnett

9 years..... I want a new episode.


Every so often I come back to this video just to laugh at the whole "MEGAMAN MEGAMAN WATCH OUT!" thing. That voice is just perfect hahaha


crashman theme in mm2 gets stuck in your head



Francisco Carvalho



Ego, your sequelitis vids are fantastic, plz create more!


Grown up manchild disco eres basic game design

Ian Comtois

14:05 screw getting a college education, I want to be Zero


I forgot how much I love mega man x. Thank you

These Toe Thumbs

this is gonna be a decade old this year! i feel so old ?

David Draws

Why did you show footage of dr.jecal and mr.hyed?

Dominik Mazariegos

Bruh, Arin sounds like an M-rated odd1sout


Literally everyone's reaction to Corruption of Champions

Ryan Stoll

Anybody hear from this Egoraptor guy lately? What's he been up to?

Theorist YT

You should talk about botw tutorial the great plateau

sylveon 69

i like how there is a dip in "yeah i get it" early on that goes below 0 cause for a time games were often extremely cryptic.

Adama Diagana

mega man x 1 was good but x6 oh my god this game is bad

Sandor Toth

Gods I fucking miss this ?

Lecto A. Moyme

5:46 can we appreciate the version of YouTube immortalized in this frame.

Anthony Proulx

I’ve seen this video probably 60+ times, but this is the first time I’m realizing that during the mega man x clip, he has a chloroform rag when he covers Roll’s mouth ?


i really LOVE this video!!
where have i been...

Michael A Nine

Did he say Mobile Suit?


Good comedy

James Technology

Me trying to explain to my friends 5:49


The main Mega Man X series has been dead for 6 years longer than the day this video was released. :'(

Date Masamune

So Arin was the one who pioneered reviews and blogs with that still character image?


I think my favorite thing to come out of this video is that Mega Man's pellets are now known as "lemons", almost ubiquitously, in gaming lexicon.


Roll: *breaths*

Arin: so u have chosen d e a t h

Dacey Jenton

If you do another one of these, do it for Deus Ex. Bonus if you include Human Revolution and talk about how it being a prequel alters its game mechanics in weird ways (since there's no nano stuff in Adam Jensen's world)

Trifecta Co. Gamers

Bro Tell Ego Hanson to play Megaman Zero, id love to know what he thinks of them.

Jonah Washburn

me: wait his last name's Hanson?
my brain: MMMBOP


God damn this arin is a different human being entirely. Arin nowadays is past arins idea of the stupid modern gamer that needs constant hand holding to understand a game’s mechanics. It’s really sad how far he’s fallen

Kingsley Whyte

i whant Arin back


9 years ago...



the old youtube makes me nostalgic

Brody Hall

Is this where the mega man lemon meme came from?

Lapo Riccardi


Vincent Pey

Damn this is almost a century but this has held up rather well

Christopher Bump

dude, please make more!

Evan G.

So pay attention to how Arin describes how any idiot can learn to play Mega Man X without instructions

Then look at him trying to figure out how to work those platforms you need to spin on in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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Tron Legacy - Soundtrack OST - 01 Overture - Daft Punk

6 291 245 views | 23 Nov. 2010

New Album Playlist :

New Album Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNK5xSs_A28&list=PLue_k3rjMkaAxEHRjNCdjL5XVJUsUU0Sx


Ground Up Academy

This sound track is an all time master peace . It takes me to another dimension of free peaceful ambiance!

Cameron Stewart

I wish I didn't have to be here. All I wanted to do was listen in peace on Spotify. But no. No I can't do that cause it was pulled.
Just so rude.


So, did Tron survive? I really hope he's still alive, or maybe no.....?

Rupert Acuesta

No matter how much digital music will advance into the future, nothing is more graceful and beautiful than orchestral composition.

Nursultan Kamchybekov

I feel like the soundtrack deserves a better movie than the Tron Legacy. Something epic, trilogy on a large scale because thats how good it is.


TRON when i was young TRON when i more aged, DAFT PUNK amazing !!


this movie series has so much potential...i wish they make Tron 3 in the coming years


The film was and remains shit. The music was and remains good.

Arnesh Pal



I like to play armagetron advanced (Tron clone game), often to the sound of daft punk. I even made a video to show. it's not in good quality, but you can see it.

Brad Miller

I really enjoyed this movie, and the score.


your life will be difficult, but you will be happy and strong. Don't forget that.

Biscuit Oliva

437 people are underture

Imperial Inquisitor

That moment when your lifelong belief that reboots are trash meets Tron Legacy.

John Alejandro Achancaray Quispe

hate MCU, it doesnt let the production of Tron 3 and the trilogy of John Carter


Why is Madonna on this playlist at #32?


I listen to this films music the grid all the time because I live TRON and my brother was part of canadian film crew to help bring us this. He passed away not long after from cancer. My brother. Rob. I love you so much. Ill see you again one day

Rabid Raccoon

Tron legacy is just incredible for its soundtrack


LONG LIVE TRON! The 1st movie, the 2nd movie AND the animated series!!????????????


Cyber Shadow title theme.

Javier UP

Esto me recuerda a Skyrim ._,.

D Diddy

How I feel in 2020


Fear for your safety;

The Fortnite children will arrive soon.
Savor the calm while you can.

Mystology LLC

This movie is too deep for most to dig man it's digital jazz.

Hakan Burgucu

I need the 4K disc of this movie with Dolby vision


Be honest guys.

You searched for it

Princess Odette

I’m crying for missing this movie????


i have the cd

cryp tacker

Tracks so good so brilliant that it makes me sad.....
anyone else ?

marZ on 60 Fps

Yep I'm still here

Sheldon Caan

What an amazing OST!

L369. 639l

Dead Is No Evil Yue , That's My Fool To Knew Everthing .


Daft Punk carried this movie




Por siempre tron me fascina su música

Borsalino Kizaru

They were spectacular. I’d been living in a hall of mirrors.

RPG Slime

This movie is still better than alot of modern sci-fi movies cough cough MiB International cough cough


this sound track boosts my brain


2020. Still present in the grid.

Christopher Syrakis

Who's still here 10 years later in 2020?

TECV129 Vijay Kedare

After 10Years, this soundtrack still manipulates natural adrenaline of the body.

Zero Kool

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLhR4FNfIkw check out this new track


The Grid
A digital frontier
I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer
What do they look like?
Ships? Motorcycles?
Were the circuits like freeways?
I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see
And then, one day, I got in


My dad is gonna come back with milk before Tron 3 comes out

Danny Hansen

Fanfare for the Tronmon Man

Giulio Andreetta

Fantastic soundtrack... It will surely be remembered in the future..

Jon Pratt

You simply cannot listen to this song without a NICE subwoofer. It makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!


Let me guess something:

This didn't show up in your recommended section

You searched for it


it's daft punk, of course it's good

Héritage Kébèk

Tron = Matrix before the time. The brothers didn't invent anything...

Beau Turner

Sounds like the pubg theme


I liked the movie aswell


This is so beautiful




This movie :
1: was a much better sequel than I feared it would be
2: had scenery that made me sit in awe
3: received a score that basically knocked it out of the park on every single tune
4: was and still is: criminally underrated
end of line

Kilyén Balázs

Thron 1 : Father watching this with my mother who has no clue what she is watching with my father is about.
Me 32 Years later: Watching this with my girlfriend who made the suggestion to watch it. . . I cry. And realize, My kids will watch the next Thron. I wonder how would my father and mother feel about the feelings that bottled up in me watching this movie.

Alexander Stover

Imagine any song from this soundtrack used for a Cyberpunk 2077 promo.... 10/10

Soumen Banerjee

Truly its a new dimension of imagination.

Vishvendra Singh

it's my go to music for focus from last 8 years

Greg David L

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Gruncle John

9 years later, and I'm still here.. still listening.. still loving


sounds a bit like the division soundtrack


If there’s someone in 2020 report themselves

Eugene kang

Upon getting the news that Daft Punk was covering the soundtrack for TRON Legacy.

One of the couple movies I watched opening night in IMAX.

It was a sensory explosion. Musically, visually, sensually mind blowing.

I had the biggest grin/butterflies during that opening base line following the Disney Logo.

Fox Sky


Lilian Viste

The nostalgic f*cking moment of my life : 0:51

Kevin Sampson



I never saw this movie. My mom bought me the soundtrack because I've always been interested in music without lyrics. Easily one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. Does the movie live up to it?


Tron 2020

CC Teo

So good.


why is this a half step up from the recording on the daft punk youtube? Not as powerful in my opinion.


Think y'all could have uploaded this at any lower of a fucking volume? Make this shit louder.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Rat

i’ve never noticed the very quiet breathing in
it was always too loud to hear


This soundtrack is EPIC and the film actually grew on me


10th year.


The link in the description moves you to a better quality version!

Alex Santos

I love this soundtrack.


This is about as real as life gets!
We are in a 3D prison


This is low quality as fuck. what the hell?

Logoman X

He wasted a life time to save the planet ? give the man usb



Igor Paiva Dias Franklin

Underrated as hell...

Derek Gorman

A lot of people wonder why was this film so good. I'll tell you why. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, this film was made by someone who cared very deeply in continuing the story, It was made with love and heart and this is felt by audiences who loved it also. It was made by someone who against all criticism felt passionate enough to dedicate several years of his life to committing something on screen for our entertainment. It was made by someone who seen past the gimmicks, the bells and whistles, the kitsch and the camp and seen an opportunity to tell a story that resonates in our very real world. And he managed to get Daft Punk to do the score. Disney didn't do another sequel because it didn't return its investment. Simply put they don't have the same passion of the fictional character of Flynn or the very real Mr. Kosinski. There, I said it. Audiences know a piece of shit film when they see it but most importantly they know a great film when they see it. Even if the numbers don't match, they see past those things. Lesson, Disney do not appreciate their audiences, they undermine their intelligence and think that they should love what drivel their been spoon-fed.
Tron Legacy rocked, Tron Legacy OST rocks, Mr. Kosinski bloody rocks.

La Compu

My favorite movie in all the times :>

Moira Davis

Here after Jared Leto confirming that he's starring in a new Tron movie. I've been wanting this since I was 8 and I'm so fuckkng excited

Alexandre Chetrite

Anytime I see the "Disnet" logo on top of a great movie title screen I think of "Fantasia" when I was (much) younger in the 1980's/1990's....I lived this children movie "Fantasia"..WHt don't they screen it in theaters, 28 years later or so???

bozo the clown


Red Crewmate

Never knew Daft Punk was behind all this

Armaan Kapur

I remember this movie left me totally breathless when I saw it in cinemas. Visuals, music, just WOW


I fight for the users.

Caleb Donaldson

Daft Punk should do an Ouverture vs Overture remix! That would be awesome. I can almost hear the 2 tracks pairing together perfectly.

Romulan Phantom

This soundtrack was made for two things.
1: My favorite movie.
2: Racing games.

Dante Antonelli

Can we all agree that this was one of the most underrated movies ever made?!

Meziani Mohamed-Lamine

can we have a rule enforced within movie making that states all soundtrack must be made by daft punk please???


Ya saquen la segunda parte no sean así ya pasaron 10 años

Meme LoL

the music that i will put when i finish 2020

Titan Killer

They need a trim 2 but it’s takes place in the real world and the digital world somehow survived and reported and they try to take over the real world

The Chosen One

Hey anyone else 2021?


Legend has it that those whom have an emotional connection with the movie and it's soundtrack...will definitely cry at least once in the duration of listening to this here soundtrack...

Fabio Medeiros

How I wish my dad was alive. At least on the grid. ?

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8 521 views | 9 Jan. 2011

Tron Logo is now available

Tron Logo is now available in my FREE Tron Project Pack #2! Click here to download! http://anglerdigital.blogspot.com/search/label/Templates

My version of the TRON LEGACY logo. I designed the logo in Cinema 4D with several passes for depth, specular, outline and beauty. It took about 2 weeks to complete the logo which was done using hand drawn splines in C4D from pictures of the logo I found on the web, I did not use a font.

In the end I didn't use the depth pass because I couldn't get it looking good, and I realized that they didn't use one for the actual movie logo. I did use a simple Gothic type font for the LEGACY subtitle.

Final composition was done in After Effects using audio from the TRON trailer, Optical Flares and Action Essentials 2 by Andrew Kramer.

The lightcycles were added in during some light testing trying to emulate the TRON look, it didn't quite work out and I know the lightcycles are kinda slow. :)

Ömer Tayyip

just real fans must be knowing that


T downlad font

Twilight Zone Official

I'm making a Tron album. For each song I will have an animation! Can I use this video as the intro to my first song/animation?

Barry Villacarillo

You should better send this intro to Disney DVD, 'cause it looks good

Zoe's Movie Corner

i like the way the tron logo looks it has lots of texture to it. its a great logo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harun Ananias

too big for the screen proportion i think, empty space is elegance, the use of colours in the previous screen make the second unconceptual, but good try


Great job I'm trying to make a tron style intro I'll have it up soon


Wow that was epic

Daryl Togonon

That was actually pretty good. Where can I download the TRON: Legacy font for free?


@iiTzDaryl The free ones that I found via google were no good, so I traced the movie logo with splines in C4D to get it as close to the movie logo as possible, no fonts were used. Thanks for the comment!