Token holder

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How to attach your TraceTogether tokens to your token buddy!

1 103 views | 2 Nov. 2020

Devil Not In U

Can i have pattern, [email protected]yahoo.com

Token holder

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Retractable Key Pouch / Pull ‘n’ Scan Token Holder

1 525 views | 11 Jan. 2021


Pattern Link


Pull 'n' Scan is a beginner-friendly sewing project that requires little materials to make. It is also an excellent scrap-buster! This handy little pouch protects your tokens from scratches (or keep your keys from scratching your phone when placed together!). Clip it to your bag or pocket and simply pull token out easily for scanning.

This generic design is suitable for all token shapes. If you prefer to have something more fitted for your token, please check out our first original token holder design here - SSOL Trace Together Token Holder - https://sewingseedsoflovestudio.com/products/airpod-holder-pattern.

The pattern comes in 2 sizes -

(a) Pull 'n' Scan - fits all SG TraceTogether token shapes.

(b) Retractable Key Pouch - fits car and house keys.

Finished dimensions (Width x Height) -

(a) Pull 'n' Scan - 7cm x 9cm

(b) Retractable Key Pouch - 7cm x 11cm

You would also have the option to make it in One-Tone or Two-Tone with a accent on the bottom edge.


This project was created to house the little tokens that all Singaporeans are required to carry around whenever they're out and about.

What is a TraceTogether Token?



Muhammad Ya'eesh Allie

That's fantastic, Thank you!!! Could you perhaps create a pattern and tutorial for one that combines the retractable key pouch with a pouch for small hand sanitizer?

Vanessa Adzaip

Super cool. ?

Tarnin Thamrin

Genius ???❤️

Token holder

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Token Holder

17 views | 9 Jan. 2020

Please buy

Please buy