Trump lost the debate

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Proof Trump Knows He Lost The Debate

306 987 views | 21 Oct. 2016

Donald knows he lost. You

Donald knows he lost. You can see it in his face. John Iadarola, host of ThinkTank, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. https://www.tytnetwork.com/join

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Cast: John Iadarola


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mark rowell



I need this as a gif in my life stat

Evan Prest

He won the debate. Eat your words.


TYT best bunch of ass hats I've ever seen


did he mention wikileaks 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16?


just came to see the looks on your faces when they announced Trump won. the reactions of you libtards was priceless. It was the ultimate cherry on top

Mohammed Almuslim

Hillary is 100% the next president, but she will be the last president of the US ever. I mean she will stay until the end of the world.


John is a moron

Josh Mitchner

This is so entertaining to watch. lol All the libtards were so sure Trump would lose the election lol

Richard Hosein

Hah he won!! It burns doesn't it?

The Facts And Feelings

He was pissed she lied through the whole thing. Go Trump 2016!!

Nick Ross

Hahahaha, You Mean President Donald J. Trump.

Chaldean Kurdistani

this is too funny after the election

blue eyes

Fat ass loser CENK

Kenny Burnham

Its funny that you think you are a real news show

Tyler Begg

loser donald just won the biggest political race and is a billionaire loser donald


Actually Trump won the presidential election
The Young Turds, on the other hand, are still losers

Zach Martin

Winner Trump!

Daniel Rotger

The lies in this video prove that the entire system is rigged against Donald Trump.

Ryan scarington

Ha ha


He could have just been mad

Michael Karam

Hillary for prison. there are about a million reason snot to vote for this lying deceitful treacherous couple yes COUPLE because a vote for Hillary puts that immoral Rapist Back in the White House where he will no doubt have access to Hillary and no doubt have a huge influence on American politics Wake up America

Clark Campbell

I just want people to know cenk forcibly held me down and blew me


How come the Young Turks aren't showing on how James O'keefe exposes the collusion between superpacs and the clinton campaign, and how the DNC planted violent protesters in trump rallies?


Trump trying to have sex with Melania
Trump: "My penis isn't working. IT'S RIGGED AGAINST ME"

Melanie: says something Michelle Obama said, probably.


HELLO!!!! You can start crying now. Thats all you do anyway!!!!

LunKerZ inc.


Bill Montana

that look actually looks like , i got u now bitch


The lefties - out of touch of reality.   Trump won even with all your BS propaganda...  PS Trump is not a racist - you didn't convince anybody

Coby Rilee

Hey young turks just letting you know Donald Trump Is the new president nine states of America so if you don't like it pack your bags and move to Canada

Steve Novak

well guess who won

Majid Poureftekhari

59 years ago prime Minister Dr Mossadegh was overthrown by USA and UK in (1953). Now watch what cause and effect will bring for these countries in 60th anniversary. Hope people get more spiritual than before.


WHO is a loser?


Haha what a loser, and to top it all off he LOST THE ELECTION, eh comrades? eh?!?


The establishment an corporate owned media FEAR Donald TRUMP/PENCE....He has thousands at his rallies.....30 people showed up to listen to Kaine....

Silence is Bliss

Wanna hear something funny, Trump is pres ???

Nick Basiog

He lost the battle but won the war

The Grand Master Key

Trump is a true chess master, TYT still making checkers moves.

Lizmar Rodriguez

He won the election guys..


Desperately clutching at straws huh?

Moses Muchemi

who is laughing now ..Trump is President!


Lost the debate won in the White House I can live with that?

Ben Heinrich

Dumbest analysis ever. Tuning out, looking for FBI criminal case reopened.


The only way Hillary can win is to steal the election....Just like they stole the nomination from Bernie!!

LiberalTears AreDrowningMe

The young TURDS


Hillary Clinton looks like a lump of sugar compared to trump


"Proof" is a bit of a stretch.

Clinton Rumpf

How'd that election work out for you? Loser Donald, HAHAHAHAHA!

Bertha Martin

We don't have to be Einsteins to know that dumb trump lost ALL the debates....He is intellectually stupid and mediocre...Hillary won ALL three debates.....Yay !!!


Proof Donald Trump won the election.


Tyt is funded by george soros through the media consortium ngo. Search it..


i think the bigger proof is that hil admitted she is losing, but maybe you are looking at polls done by CNN

Larson and Friends

is... this channel always cancer?

Gray Day

North Korea just chose Julian Assange, of equator to lead the transfer of 200,000 to Detroit Michigan. How historic! call me for future negotiation, first one on the house. woot woot

Charles Anderson

I'm not saying I support everything about Trump, but to say that his facial expression after a long grueling debate is how you tell whether or not he won is factually inadequate. I require facts in order to make my decisions not biased reporting such as this. (I'm excited to see how much hate this comment gets so pile it on folks)

lil king

i hopee i don't have to move

Danny Clark

I noticed a common trend in Trump supporters, they are rude and use foul language and some of them even want to resort to violence if Hillary wins.


Holy shit and he just lost in a horrible way

Ho Hum

Dear Mr Tumpety-Trump,

I understand that you're probably quite upset at the moment but you'll also have to admit that it's all your own thought. You had 1000's of hours of free advertising for the Trump brand and you went about acting like a badly behaved 7 year old, blowing your chance (and it was a real chance) to become even more famous and powerful. What the hell did you think you were doing? Why didn't you actually do some home work? Why didn't you sit down and think about what it was you were going to say and do? And why on earth did you think that you could lie over and over and over again and not get caught? Have you not heard of the internet and how easy it's become to fact check the things people say?

Now where are you? Losing to one of the most unlikable people to run for president. All you had to do was not be a wanker but you couldn't even manage that. The damage that your reputation has quite reasonably taken won't ever mend.

Remember when you told us all that you had a winning mentality? Well you haven't and now you've lost, so please, be quiet, put your toys back in your pram and take a really long holiday. The US doesn't need you and the world would like a Trump free day especially as it's become clear to everyone that you're nothing like the person you would like to be.

Lavana La Brey

Hey Young Turds. I guess you know by now that your employer Clinton was the one behind the violence at the Trump rallies.
Do you do retractions or does Hillary allow you to.


He just looked pissed off and ready to retaliate to me.


The Old Turds, you guys suck. Buy lots of tissue, you'll need it on the 8th. No need to wait for the 9th, the landslide will be pretty obvious.

Alvaro Quijano



That was probably the most honest thing I've ever seen from Trump.

Vydi YT

He loss now did he?

SuperFlat Potato

aaaand now this fool is president..

Dusty Rose

He has a stain on his shirt, and he has a hair out of place and he has a spot of dirt on the right shoe. He has a birth mark under his eye, and his hair is going grey. The Young Turks are really grasping at straws lol


He's a CHILD.

Fifty Cal

you are a hater stop causing hate, this network has become pure toxic trying to persuade people to think negative like tyt.




cut to where she is pissed off, gross

Cash Johnston


Candy Frenn

Yellow journalism at its best.

123 G


Al Ein Stein

The Turks are working for Hillary. When she's elected they will regret it. More TPP, more crazy immigration, more loss of jobs for the middle class, more Washington corruption.

Tron Wynn

You know donald is mad.  Look how red his face is!


This whole channel smells of dumbass people wanting the first woman as a president


Not to shit in your cheerios, but you're just as bad as mainstream media, I don't like either candidates but he's ahead by 2% in the polls. I'd rather take Trumps shitty experiences and xenophobia over Hillary's flip flopping war mongering.

A wall > Nuculer war

Peanuts Channel

Funny story he won so that sucks

Kuma Chan

so young turds? you are eager to eat radioactive dust... be careful what you wish for


I fill my toilet bowl with the tears of TYT Cenk, Ana, Joe and staff and fans......then take a big poop and flush you all away.......hahahhahahahaaaaa......eat it!!!


I always watch most of the vids TYT on YouTube channel && I noticed the little ads at the end where he says join tytnetwork and be a member && it's a nice concept but I never really felt compelled to research it or join.

At the end of this video he says that they can do media without any outside influence and that we are the media && it made me want to actually go to tytnetwork.com and look at what it's all about (: just some feedback for future vids maybe it will help more people join

Karl Schultheisz

Not proof, but evidence.

Pwner 1775


Steve smith

TYT is the establishment


Very predictable...had info over a year ago that he was going to start his own TV channel. Of course, he's only the face of it and will get royalties for name licensing (and maybe a small ownership)....but Hillary fans, don't count the chickens before they hatch yet, as there may not even BE an election and we'll have President Obama for a few more years.....

Susan Iacuessa

You guys are corrupt and satanic , if you were not, you would see the corrupt ways of the Clintons , Trump is going to win, you guys are idiots !!! You'll rot in hell along with the Clintons and the obamas !!!


Sorry, what was that?


proof that this YouTube channel is shit.

Serik Baldwin

I will Make America Great Again!

konroth rec.

what a stupid video


Wait, didn't Lex Luthor say that being president would be a step down for him too....

Gregor the Great Trump 2016

president Trump you bunch of cunts!!!! suck it libtards

PJ Mackinson

This channel is all about how trump sucks
U fuckin democrats


Lost three debate but wins the war. Epic!



Guy on Clockwise

President Barack Hussein Obama & Hillary Rodham Clinton have acknowledged they were wrong to support those in Syria who refused to accept the election results of Assad... This change came when they each demanded Donald J. Trump accept election results 'no matter what'... For 5+ years the White House has helped groups refusing to put differences aside after a free & open election. Backing those who opted to use violence & murder (aka TERRORISM) because they said they the election was rigged & the system was set to keep the power structure in place.
Trump has past U.S. presidential election as a standard- 2000 the high Court rules on results.... 2004 problems were known, but the two Yale University graduates who are both in the secret society 'Skull & Bone' came to a quick resolution...
The president has made past speech that if ya contest or disagree an election result, its reasonable to pick up arms to receive justice. I don't agree with Obama's belief that terrorism is justifiable in Syria & by using U.S. standards to have a judicial ruling is unacceptable.

David Padilla

The media has lied saying he called all mexicans rapists.
The media is biased against trump. this video is a perfect example of that.
Free your mind. Read wiki leaks e-mails


John Iadarola - I am thinking of making the mother of all video mash-ups centred around your ongoing ridiculously juvenile political commentary (one example of many, many, many 0:13). I think I am covered by fair use. I will title it #loserJohnIadarola in irony.



Trump lost the debate

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Biden gets 'mentally lost’ when affected by Trump: body language expert

134 935 views | 30 Sep. 2020

During the first US

During the first US presidential debate, Joe Biden got mentally lost after being affected by Donald Trump’s interjections, according to body language expert Dr Louise Mahler.

It comes after following the first US presidential debate, a heated exchange between Donald Trump and Joe Biden about coronavirus, race relations and election integrity.

“There are two techniques that he (Joe Biden) uses as memory techniques,” Dr Mahler told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Dr Mahler said the first of Biden’s memory techniques is to “constantly make lists”, while the other is to have “rehearsed answers”.

“When he (Biden) was asked why he should be chosen as the president, he goes through a list … he never got through that list before Trump interrupted him and he then was lost in his train of thought.

“Mentally he gets lost by closing his eyes and he’s affected by Trump, and then he goes onto Trump’s train of thought.”

Dolly In Dixie

Trump is not a bully.. he speaks truth


Yeah it's called dementia bitch

Yoni Roberto

So what should we call you and all the fakes news the talks bad about THE "GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP"?

Leslie Bennett

Name one debate, where they dont interrupt each other. Lol ive never seen one in any country.

Luke Trades

Trump's certain to give Biden a heart attack

the world is not enough

Respect Trump. Hes consistent, a showman and confident not a liar like Biden. Biden fails body language, has prepared lines and has no vision, he's a puppet that has to read a script.

Tonie Turner

Y Trump's not a bully he tells you straight to your face has going to be not backstabbing Democrat

Toni The Artist

I love President Trump. He's a ny'er he's not a bully. There's a difference! Get on the Trump train or get out of the way.

J Snow

Hahahahaha. Hee Haw. Jack arses

Roger Carson

Joe Biden losing it

Virginia Mills

Omg! Chris Wallace was the interruption. Trump couldn’t get a word in.

Regina White

He is mentally lost, back in basement for you Joe!!!!

satish pande

People from Australia Japan And till now reluctant India, the Quad are watching the existence depends on Trump getting reelected. If Biden wins forget Quad he would shut it down for a fee paid to may be Hunter or some other relative..

Wilhelm Geisler


truth behold

When you debate you can and should call out the lies of the opponent. If you didn't want Trump to push to get his point across you should have chosen a non bias mediator and fair news reporting on Trump.

Thomas Paine

Trump never 'stood intimidatingly behind Hillary Clinton.' He was standing at his podium on his side on the stage. She wandered over to the other side of the stage and stood in front of him.

Larry Isaacs

Biden is an idiot!

Bekis Rocky

TRUMP 2020 ????????????

Amir El Senoussi

What these people missed is Biden is getting electronic help. That's why Trump was interrupting him so much.

Jeanne Martin

Trump had to deliberately break Biden's rehearsed talk. He was wired to the hilt. There was a wire sticking out of his jacket, he had something at his wrist and he had special lenses on which came up with all the answers that had been rehearsed in advance. Trump knew he had to break the routine because the whole thing had been rigged and he was basically debating two people. Chris Wallace is anti Trump and the questions were ALL aimed at getting to Trump. None of us see Trump as a bully - he far more confident and knows his stuff at the tip of his fingers. In fact Biden was violent and came out with "Shut up", "You are a racist" and a few others. In actual fact, Biden interrupted more often than Trump but Chris Wallace allowed him to get away with it.

Ingrid rodriguez

Donald Trump is Alpha male, that’s what we need to run the country.

mary carlyle



Trump kept his eyes on Wallace because he was debating with Wallace. Creepy Joe was just a befuddled bystander.

Vanessa Parry

Of course...no research done..just usual fake news

Lori Reed

You're an idiot

Regina White

Hey Jill, support elderly abuse much?????

Steven Jernagin II

Lady you are obviously not paying attention to any other interview that biden has ever spoke......that was the best biden had spoken in over a year. WHICH MY BEST GUESS 'IMMEDIATELY ' WAS THE GUY WAS ON SOME PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUG!!!!his focus was amazing compared to his everyday shambles. Furthermore if he can't speak firm against a fellow American, how the hell can he represent me and you against any and all other countries! Wtf

j barnes


Beverly Curtis

Have you seen the massive Biden rallies! Me neither ?

More Monkeys

Biden is long gone. Wasted... should be in a memory care home.

Honey Neal

This woman is an idiot!!!

Silver And Gems

What a dumb segment

Blues Dawg

Biden loses focus when he gets stressed. Worthless as a leader of our country. Who's this airhead woman making stupid statements? Lose her ASAP SKY NEWS doesn't need her Los Angeles


Trump has to deal with lies and attacks for years from the left, now, he's playing offense.
He's not a bully, he's a fighter who had to debate Wallace and Biden that evening !
Who's this woman ? Another leftist lunatic ?


When Trump told Biden "your on 2" at the debate. In control of the whole room.
That's my president.

Muffs 55mercury

Louise is totally awesome and dead-on describing Sleepy Joe. Love her to no end.


She's kinda dramatic and ignorant. We like a strong president so keep your opinion to yourself. Biden is weak very weak.


you are BULL SH.T

Shane Derry

Fuck you, Biden!! Go to hell where you belong!!


What a useless body language expert this is. She just repeated what everyone, without all those certifications, could see.

Geri B

She's an expert?!? An expert at TDS!

Sandra Signorelli

This lady is the worst body language "expert" I've ever heard. Try leaving your bias home next time.

Rebel Rog

And you all had her on because...???

Bekis Rocky

Shut up you idiots!!! May be everyone should be more like him ....yeah bully !!! But HONEST!!!! Unlike you fakes just kissing ? everyone else ass ??. You know is true


The left demons are mentally sick. Their time is coming...it's around the corner. President Trump...we in South Africa are behind you all the way. God bless.

Penny Kline

Another criminal:
Kamala Harris said, "I support the rioters in Kentucky!" ~ Kentucky News
This was after the Breonna verdict; subsequently, 2 police officers were shot!!. Kamala incites violence by rioters, looters and arsonists!
Harris and Biden need to be asked if they will denounce black supremacists and Antifa!

carol matthews

You my dear need to use your brain you sound like a looney Democrats

Ian Walton

TRUMP 2020

Bruce Prouse

Ha ha ha this Sheila is a Trump hater.
Piss funny.

Jameson Serono

Someone needs to tell this air-headed woman that Biden interrupted Trump the FIRST three times. That's when Trump figured out Biden's strategy. Also, someone needs to give this air-headed woman these numbers: number of times Mike Wallace's moronic son interrupted Biden - 15; number of times Mike Wallace's moronic son interrupted Trump - 76. Trump had to interrupt Biden when he lied through his rotten wooden teeth because Mike Wallace's moronic son wouldn't. Also, number of times Biden delivered a personal attack to Trump - 4 (shut up, you're a racist, you're a clown, you're the worst President in history); number of personal attacks delivered by Trump to Biden - 0 (the so-called attack on Hunter is well documented fact).


Biden called an active US President a "clown" on 2 occasions. Why doesn’t the media cover this?

Evangelia Dorizas

Biden is the type of guy to return a donut because it had a hole in it

Knowledge is everything

Vote for TRUMP ✌


I don’t find President Trump to be a bully, I find him to be masterful. And I guess this Dr. doesn’t realize that he is up against a world wide cabal that isn’t used to not getting their way. Well, Biden obviously has dementia, and Pelosi and her gang are obviously trying to set it up to remove him after he wins (which he won’t), and instate K. Harris. no there’s a terrifying thought! Wake up and smell the corruption!

Moon Bat66

The only thing Trump bullied was covid 19 it left his body.

Edward Gregory

You must be so proud that you are non-biased and objective.

Erik Nielsen

That the Dems ewen push Biden and Camela for president shows they don't want to win and that realy makes me woryed especialy knowing what the big banks are doing in the shadows right now.

Arlene Lippiello

Our president was debating not with Biden but Wallace , he said it himself

Henryk Arndt

Trump is boss he know were he is going that way people week have no place be president world need strong man and man in really wards Is enough politicks were ordinary people they sand to war and elite collected money and glory

Jon Smith

Biden is mentally ill he needs help it's called elderly abuse

Diderik van Loef

IT is obvious who she is voting for...


Biden is a fool

Buzz Miller

The last time I saw Trump be a bully was in 2016 during the primary. I am really sick and tired of people calling Trump a bully. He is aggressive and the best POTUS ever.

Trk Digital

biden is the only guy who can hide his own easter eggs

Luzma Ohh'

This is rude... not critical, just rude.

Ken Wells

When a someone punches back, how do they become the bully?

Chris Wallace was not moderating. Chris Wallace was REGULATING to protect Biden.

Chris Wallace started with the same fucking question 4 years ago. "Why don't you denounce White Supremacy, once and for all. Chris Wallace knows damn well that Trump has denounced each hate group specifically on live television dozens of times.

But Chris Wallace wanted to re-insert the fake seed of doubt. It was a debate with Trump and Wallace.

Wallace NEVER asked Joe Biden about his actual racist and segregationist voting record and position.

Wallace never asked Joe Biden why he takes a black man's ego over broken glass and hot coals to stop him from becoming Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Audrey R

Biden started the interuptions, and Trump had to interupt since he was having to ask the questions and press Biden because Chris Wallace was helping Biden. That woman is a wack job.

Edith Glover

The man needs help. This is terrible making him go through this.

Crypto Currency

Biden is a weak old dog...cant be a leader for USA


its not a debate its slaughtering ground for old joe.
the only battle cry he did was about his son

Charles Curameng

She sucks

david mccallum

Surely you are aware, the one that comes after Trump... will be the man of perdition. Kushner betrays Trump, being a kabbalist, as Trump doesn't recognize the price for peace in the middle east, is the false peace of scripture. There is a great deal of years of study to know that.
Don't waste it.

Linda Gore

I would never vote for Joe Biden. He isn't smart enough to run the country.

Greg sol

Yes, they are behind lecterns, not podiums LOL. You stand on a podium.

Rod Johnon

Trump whooped his ass.

mark sullivan

This woman talks total shit and is wrong on Trump....


The bully is Biden its interesting how people forget about the attacks by biden on citizrns when they dont agree with him or they challenge Biden ..Being Strong And Speaking Truth and not allowing lies being Spoken upon him as well as calling put these career politicians lying and not speaking truth the american people and call them on their lip service is not being a bully

Lou Casas

Biden never said one thing that made any sense!!

Dra Williams

After what Biden and the Democrats did to President Trump I could see why he put his foot in his ass, they impeach the president for the crime that Biden committed, on tape in the fake press soaked it up so my first chance to get I would have been angry and put my foot in his ass too

Billy Byng

Another fake news channel

Hallowed Flag

This woman is ate up with TDS.
BIDEN has DEMENTIA and should be in a nursing home.

Tisha Holmes

Shut the fuk up she's not a body language expert

Stephy Mango

He debated chris wallace that was bias asf

Trump 2020 Turn off tv and do research!!!

John Harper

As an American. This woman is an arrogant fool. Just saying.

R Fitz

Who s really a racist ? Coddled western civilization needs to listen to this woman whom escaped from the middle East and its totalitarianism only to see the same evil growing here....she gets it .Do you?

My Ukulele Daily

Anyone who is not totally blind can see that the man does not have a whole lot of time longer to live.


Biden, He thinks he still running for the senate?

Buddha Webb

After watching the debate me and my family are voting for president Trump!!!!!

Ruben Angel Varisco

Never see the people call his leader "we love you!"... This could explain a lot to that stupid blablabla expert... no one talk about what is evident. People loves Trump and this is some new.
God bless America and your great president, Mr Trump!

Clarence Smith

This lady is just to fake , they need to get her some help

Elaine Bernier

Remember to be nice ?? ??

Robert Fantazo

He was defending the lies that Joe Biden was making. A bully? A bully no he's protecting the American people and will not back down. He is the alpha dog that we need as president of the United States.

Ron Hobyak

Joe: Hi, uh, I was in an army experiment, and I'm not feeling so well. I think it might have been the drugs they had me on. I've been hallucinating. My head is just killin'me. My-My-My joints are all achy and l- Is this a debate or- - Actually, I don't even know where I am.


btw why is old joe always knows wheren and when to speak to the camera..it almost look like he's campaigning then debating

selwyn pinder

Because they are telling lies on him for years so he is sick and tired of all of them. And people like you too

Nick C

Biden Is The Poster Boy For Dementia.There Is No Way This Election Was Legit.

Kathy Jeanmarie

Biden is a deceitful man.


i wouldnt believe a word that never trumper feminist crazy lady spews out her pie hole at all!


Is this woman a REALLY ugly crossdresser?

Mary Kushnir

She is full of crap

Trump lost the debate

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Jeb Bush: Donald Trump 'Lost It' In Debate | Morning Joe | MSNBC

6 627 views | 15 Feb. 2016

GOP presidential

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush calls the Saturday SC debate "ugly" and shares his thoughts on Donald Trump as a candidate.

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About: MSNBC is the premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful political commentary and informed perspectives. Reaching more than 95 million households worldwide, MSNBC offers a full schedule of live news coverage, political opinions and award-winning documentary programming -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Jeb Bush: Donald Trump 'Lost It' In Debate | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Daniel K

Trump 2016!

Lillian Ballard

I had to go to bathroom and lost it when brother grims showed up on my tv. How dare he show up!! Jeb is nuts to agree to this. It all came rushing back of where we were and are now. God bless Obama and our Dems! Thanks again! Keep on keeping on!

Vitaman D

I Swear to god is MSNBC doesn't get rid of Luke Russer at the end of the video soon I'm unsubscribing

William Bonney

screw msnbc

Matt Vhabae

jeb has the skin pigment of a cadaver.

Jay Ray

Don't mind Jeb, his policies are garbage, like the rest of the GOP. But the US would be farrr less of a laughing stock to the world if he was elected over Trump.

The Rocket Radio Show

Low energy excuses.

Jessy Caballero

yeah Jeb! you are tought ! LoL

Tim Redman

Jeb Bush... Oh jeb

Old Man

Jeb is desperate! Jeb brings out one of the worst presidents in the history of the world to help his campaigne...desperate



Jason Jordan

Spinning head ugh Jeb im falling asleep...


low energy bush !

Watch The Skies

Low energy interview.

Iain Henderson

What a sad man. For the sake of your family's dignity drop out.

robert magnum



What a joke! What don't want this establishment clown! GTFO, Jeb


Another 3rd BUSH again in the WH ?! !.?? Give me a break says TRUMP ??He seems a nice person very Presidential material but America needs a different name that would Triumph the USA !!!Peace Out✌


Crowd was rigged in your favor Jeb, you poor sod. You are delusional if you thought you won.

Matt Gaither

Jeb you are now somehow beyond pathetic. Trump 2016!

Mat Broomfield

Both a pair of clowns as far as I'm concerned.


jebs a loser


I you wanna know how well Jeb! is doing, just go to Jebbush.com

Nick Zap

shut up jeb nobody cares

brad kinney

go away jeb! just go away already.

Hansen Almani

Please CLAP....

Proud American

Jebs a legend

in his own mind !!

Lowell Ford

It will not work...this hanging around in the shadows just waiting for all the others to drop-out so he is the sole survivor. He is delusional...after what George did that family name is permanently tarnished. People gave George a chance even though his grandfather Prescott Bush was a Nazi supporter and the US government shut him down due to the fact he kept sending funds from America to Hitler during the second world war. No thanks John Ellis Bush (Jeb-for the lame) those Nazi days are way gone and no more wars due to lies. Oh...P.S. get a job (if you can hold one) unemployed loafer living off the tax payer dime.

Terry Ingram

Girly girl Bush LOL. What a little cry baby!

Frank Miller

NBC is weak on blacks

Official Colors

who want to listen to him.


Criminal family running scared now, TRUMP = Bush Clinton BEHIND bars for what they have done!

luke rush

Bed time for me and listening to Jeb bush videos send me to sleep

Idolatry Slave

NASA lies... flat earth.

Nite Explorer

Jeb Bush is part of a criminal family revolting

Noah Marietta-Perez


david leighton



JEAB, man he got the perfect name, right?

Roadside Resident

No thanks 2 party system

jay miguel

please Jeb ! just donate your campaign money to charity and prople will start to loke you. What a Waste of Money!!!

Jaques Bogard

Putin will crush this guy.

Matthew Brilliance

Is he wearing make up???

david leighton


Kurt Arnold

we need to stop letting government hire family

kubricklynch - Film History

He may be right, but Jeb still has no chance. If Trump implodes, it will go to Rubio, Kasich, or Cruz.

Joshua P Morse

Jeb is a goof


Pooor Jebby no chance.LOW CONSTIPATED ENERGY

coffee nights

no energy with this guy