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Overstock’s Journey Towards Unifying Analytics (Chris Robison)

312 views | 29 Aug. 2018

Chris Robison serves as

Chris Robison serves as the Lead Data Scientist for Digital Marketing and Fraud Prevention at Overstock, where he and his team utilize big data and machine learning to create personalized shopping experiences for customers.

Tune in as Chris Robison takes you through marketecture innovations in building a successful marketing technology infrastructure for instantaneous individualized marketing experiences.

To learn more: https://databricks.com/product/getting-started-guide

About: Databricks provides a unified data analytics platform, powered by Apache Spark™, that accelerates innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business.

Read more here: https://databricks.com/product/unified-data-analytics-platform

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Overstock buyers

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Closeout buyers, liquidation buyers, overstock buyers, closeout liquidators, food closeout buyers

3 422 views | 14 Mar. 2016

We are closeout buyers,

We are closeout buyers, overstock buyers, wholesale buyers, surplus buyers, We buy closeouts, furniture liquidators, paint closeouts, sporting goods closeouts, Thank you.

Overstock buyers

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What Happens to Unsold New Cars After Coronavirus?

13 192 views | 14 May. 2020

In this video I explain

In this video I explain what happens to unsold new cars. This video is going to be helpful for anyone who wants to understand how much money is at stake when a model year changes over from one year to the next. This is especially relevant during the extreme uncertainty when buying a car during the coronavirus pandemic.

I'm going to use real data and real examples to help you set your expectations.

I’ve helped thousands of YouTubers save money and time on their next vehicle purchase with the #CarBuyingTips, #PersonalFinance, and #InvestmentAdvice on my YouTube channel and on notwaitingtolive.com/car-blog. I recommend the following videos to best negotiate your next vehicle purchase:

How to Make Lowest Initial Offer in Used Car Negotiation: https://youtu.be/ozkOrmz_8lw

How to Make Lowest Initial Offer in New Car Negotiation: https://youtu.be/TcRVHIFSJHw

How to Best Negotiate Used Car Price: https://youtu.be/zgT_4khybEw How to Best Negotiate New Car Price: https://youtu.be/BHgwd6YKWlU

How to Best Negotiate a Lease: https://youtu.be/ImT61XQf3VQ

How to Lease a Car (11 Frequently Asked Questions): https://youtu.be/v2HtH_DpdB8

How to Negotiate by Email: https://youtu.be/pJxjHpcPQdM

Cash Buyers Pay More (What to Say to Save Money): https://youtu.be/uc2W0oBdTU0

Online Car Buying (How Much Are You Overpaying?): https://youtu.be/HnR8XOMSvs0

The Story of the Biggest Discount I Ever Gave As a Car Salesman: https://youtu.be/LXz3mS2PN-g How Much Car Can You Afford? (The #1 Rule to Know): https://youtu.be/OzLfnZKV9OA

5 Myths About Buying at the Car Dealership: https://youtu.be/XnuxP9BifXU

How to Sell a Car For Sale by Owner: https://youtu.be/jlG0PEa8IIc

Buying a Car Out of State (4 Things to Know Before You Go): https://youtu.be/fTw1AgpvIjg

New vs Used vs Very Used (What's the Real Cost of Ownership and Best Time to Buy?) https://youtu.be/NP_l9ROBC5M

Scotty Kilmer 5 Used Cars You Should Buy: https://youtu.be/uaRJZXwhWmo

Tricie G

What are your thoughts on offering $25,000 for 2020 Honda CRV touring? California


Hi I need to buy a Van to live in, I like the newer Ford Transit Vans, right now I am trying to pay off all my debt which should only take me 3 to 5 months this also should raise my Credit Score, can you give me any advice on when would be the best time to buy? I was under the impression that the end of the year was best, and what I should pay for low Mileage Ford Transit Van?



tc Joe

I am looking into honda fits. One dealership by me still has 2019 models. Think its smart to wait for 2021 models or is that to far out? As od right now you only save about 1200 buying the 2019 over 2020

Paul Furtado

got a 2008 toyota yaris. paid. great mpg. low maintenance. low taxes. low insurance.

Sumanth Reddy

I have a question. May be you can make a new video on it. How are the deals during 2008 recession vs now? Car prices then vs now? How low did they go any why? If not why?

penelope 2232

I try to buy cars that were leased or rental cars for a year. They're much cheaper. Or buy when they're trying to clear out old models.

Johnny B's Gaming corner

In Sweden, car sales are down by about 40 % overall, And the corona situation is dire still. The economy will not turn back up any time soon and people are still getting permitted from work or worse.
I don't know of the US market, but over here the prices are falling. 15 000 - 20 000 dollar discount is not uncommon to see. Biggest drop I've seen so far is 40 000 dollar off a brand new car!

Mr. D

Seven words to boost the daily algorithm


Great video again I had asked you the question about the Infiniti q50 on your other video. SO I kinda use the method of negotiating offers you had suggested so the dealer emailed me back with a counter offer. Now I was getting excited because I thought they lowered it for me come to find out they are dropping the prices on most of their cars. Now my question is should I wait for the end of the month or still look elsewhere as you suggested earlier? Thank you https://www.pepeinfiniti.com/inventory/certified-used-2019-infiniti-q50-3-0t-luxe-awd-4d-sedan-jn1ev7ar3km559151

Brandon Whitmore

Not on topic for the video, but other than KBB, what is the best place to look for wholesale prices on used cars to find a baseline for the first offer on a used car from the dealership?

Tony Freeman

Looking for dodge ram 1500 2019 to 2020

John Lee

You spent more time talking about your other channels and videos than you did about the topic of this video. Just a selfie video getting people to use your other videos and channels for you tube kudos. Please comment for more kudos. Oh send me some money too.


How is Mercedes c300 looking???
Thank you

Alexis Rodriguez

Hey man great video! Any idea what a Mercedes GLB with a third row and sunroof is going for? Also wondering about the Highlander xse?

Abbie Anderson

Please hello, I'm in East Coast Near DMV I was wondering how much should I expect to paid for a CRV EX- L AWD 2019 and 2020. Before tax, title ect... Also how much would an HRV EX-L 2018 with less than 17,000 miles trade for.
Also how much for a Passport 2019 and a 2020 Passport. How much before typically fees.
I'm how much before taxes and how much after!
Thanks so much!

Sabastian Taylor

Lol this make so much sense to me now. I had a dealer who refused to work with me on a car that sat on his lot over a year. He would not go down on his price. Thanks for the explanation.

Bob Owen

Only get a Tesla. All the other carmakers who do not license their tech will be bankrupt soon. Count the weeks.


Essentially what your saying is that as a consumer we are mostly in the dark.


ok what about a 2020 rav4 xle awd in caifornia?

Frank Weeks Jr

Nobody comes here for all these details.. Other people give you a shadow of a tree, I'm going to give you the tree. (Gives elaborated shadow)?

We want to know 2things...

How low can these prices get?? Show PRICES..
Where do I find these vehicles at to get one?


I’m planning to buy a buy a brand new 2019 Jeep Sport S thats been on the dealer’s lot for 400+ days here in GA. The dealer is pricing this model at the same price of 2020 Sport S models. I’m hoping to get a deal on this car. What percentage of a discount should I expect to get on this vehicle? There’s no incentive to buy the 2019 model if the 2020 is the same price.

Thomas Murphy

Thanks for your videos! I find them informative and very helpful. I'm looking for a "deal" on a new or very low mileage Toyota Avalon Touring and I'm just waiting for the perfect time to pull the trigger. Your thoughts on if I should buy used or do you forecast new prices to be competitive enough that it would be worth buying new? And when would you guess would be the sweet spot to buy?

Matthew Matte

I'm looking for a Ram 1500 either Laramie Longhorn or Limited trims with specific options that may be deal breakers for me. Willing to get a used 2019 or 2020 for low 40s but not sure if that's possible. Might have to shell out extra money for something new in order to include the specific options I would like. Thoughts on what's possible? Could I get those trims in the low 40,000 used? Could I get those trims new under 50,000? What price range is realistic for either new or used 2019s or 2020s?

Rudy Zooti

I’m currently driving a 14 year old Scion tC with only 80k miles, I do want to move up to an all wheel drive eventually. Do you think a used Lexus GS 350, maybe 2017 will be under 30k by September?


what's your thoughts on a Kia Sportage?

Devin Robins

My wife and I just bought a new 2020 Lexus IS350 FSport. We got over $7k off list price. Sale was at end of April from a dealer out of OK. We took the offer to our local dealers and they thought we were lying. They refused to meet/beat the price. We love the car and got an amazing deal. You say dealers won't adjust prices despite dropping demand because they just have manufacturers dropping production. Instead, they lay off tons of thier staff because their cash flow/profits are way down. No wonder car salesmen/dealers are most distrusted industry in the US.


i get so much info from your videos man . Great stuff . i was wondering if its a good idea to buy a 2020 toyota tacoma double cab 4wd v6 sr5. should i keep waiting or are these good enough incentives? what do you think? i live in california

Robert Magda

Question: I am shopping for 2017-2018 white acura MDX under 60,000 miles, clean Carfax and they hover around $30K. Seems like the dealers don't want to budge. What is your input of any price drops since they completely redesigned the 2021 MDX? Thank for your help :)

Ben 01

I'm looking for Hyundai sonata limited or SEL version. Right there cutting prices. I was wondering if you can still negotiate to lower its price?

Bev Lyons

you talk and say nothing ?

Mark Neumann

So since you have used Honda as an example what do you recommend someone do who is looking into the CR-V Hybrid

Adam Cruz

Hey man, just discovered you two days ago. Great stuff, you're doing a huge service. I had been looking for a car for 6 months now trying to educate myself and avoid overpaying as much as I can with looking for a car. One of the few recommendations from youtube that was actually great.
Stay safe https://www.carfax.com/vehicle/3VW4T7AJ1HM327585


Hey Bro, Im in the market for a used 2019 Dodge Ram 2500 Big Horn Turbo Diesel. Looking to pull the trigger on one at the end of this month, Do you think that will be a good time to buy or should I wait even longer? Thanks for the great videos bud, keep up the great work!

Sebastian Martinez

Hey! Looking to get an sti, base model.
How is Subaru looking?

Larry Byrd

that might be the "real historical data" for some cars that set on lots for a long time, but when every car or half of the cars arent moving you should be able to possiably double or maybe more than double your savings.

Pooh & Stitch

2020 Kia Soul S?


Hey Manny, Do you have any insights on availability of Mazda3. One dealer is telling me the manufacturer isn't shipping cars due to covid and they are unable to order the one I want. There are a few around at other dealers, so I am not relying on that dealer, but curious if there's truth to low supply. In other words, if I wait a couple months until the 2021s are on their way, will I have a hard time finding the 2020 color and package that I want? Thanks for your help.

Kevin Hy

Man - odd times, So a car i was interested in was bought today. However I had been trying to follow up with the dealer by phone and email to offer a price. They ignored me fore two weeks without even getting so much as a number from me. Not sure if its Covid or them just being unprofessional


I want to lease a CRV either 2020 or 2019 with the 0 down and pay $330 a month is this possible? Credit score 780+


I am looking to buy a new Mini Cooper S Clubman or an S Countryman (haven’t decided which yet). It’s hard to comparatively shop dealerships because they’re so spread out and the different trim levels make it hard to compare like cars. Any ideas?

Portuguese water Dog

Hey. Really enjoy these videos.
I’m in canada and looking for an Audi A4 allroad.
I see a bunch of 2019 still being sold as new along side the refreshes 2020 allroad
What can I expect to get on a 2019 allroad


Thoughts on Honda Passport? 2019 or 2020 model; seems like the price didn’t drop much. Any recs on similar suv models with a better price?


Thank you for all of your videos, this covid nurse has learned a lot...Looking to replace my wife’s ‘94 Miata with a base model-sport Mazda MX (why they dropped the “Miata” name I have no idea). I’d appreciate your thoughts on either a 2019 or 2020. It seems the ‘19’s aren’t moving lower in price much at all. Thanks again...

FatWhite Tuna

I may have missed what you said, but I still know " what happens to unsold new cars. What do the dealerships do with their unsold new cars?

Jorge L. Cantu

2020 Honda Civic Type R, 2019 type R?


Summing up: The house always wins!


Thank you Bro! Great industry / commend sense smarts! I need your help - Based on the current market conditions, I am seeking to leverage the best deal on my behalf for a 2020 or 2019 Honda Passport, trim - EXL. Near the Greater Los Angeles / Orange / San Bernardino auto martkets. Semper Fi!

Daisy Venture

Can you make a video explaining the 4 square negotiation tactic and how to negotiate when they come out with it?

Peter Hansen

Great content. I always wondered how dealers can let units sit on their lots for months on end.

We Out Here

That’s interesting that they can adapt production so quickly. Early on there was some concern with a couple factories in Asia having to shut down due to supply chain issues, but with reduced demand that probably didn’t hurt them much after all.

Wayne Key

I'm looking at the jeep gladiator. But was told to wait until memorial day for the sales, plus it's the end of the month?

Lucas Crom

2014- 2016 Toyota Tacoma? Been researching best year and model and have made dealer contact and then found your videos! I’ve been watching all back to back getting educated. If like to know how much you charge for your services as well u mentioned in a video.

Michele A

How are people going to buy NEW cars when they no longer have jobs?? They are predicting a lot of repos!!


Awesome ???

Fran Stokes

We are looking to purchase a new Lexus RX 350. We had just started looking about 2 weeks before the pandemic hit. We went to our local dealership yesterday. The salesman basically told us that if we don’t buy one that’s on the lot now, that somebody else will. (Of course they don’t have the car that I really want.) They have more buyers than they have cars available. I’m driving a 14 year old Volvo and was really looking to purchase a car. I’m not sure what to do now. Advice?

Francis O

I'll rather look for the cars that are 3-4 years old that is still new for just about 1/3 of the price that's if you all are reasonable people ? period
Won't that be a deal? What do you guys think?


I'm hoping Covid destroys the car market and dealerships are gone forever. we don't need greedy crooks that cheat people. make it so you order vehicles directly from the manufacturer and used cars are sold by listed bluebook value with anything that devalues the car reducing the price.