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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 100% Walkthrough Part 5 - Dark Palace

132 782 views | 4 Jan. 2015

Part 5 of a 100%

Part 5 of a 100% walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This will be a quick 13 part 100% walkthrough showing the location for all of the major collectibles and upgrades in the game. This is one of my favorite games from my childhood as well as one of my favorite Zelda titles.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 100% Playlist:


00:13 - Heart Piece #12

01:27 to 01:44 - Quake Medallion Acquired

05:24 - Dark Palace

05:45 - Key #1 (Dark Palace)

08:00 - Dungeon Map (Dark Palace)

08:24 - Key #2 (Dark Palace)

09:34 - Key #3 (Dark Palace)

10:17 - Big Key Location (Dark Palace)

10:52 - Key #4 (Dark Palace)

11:20 - Compass (Dark Palace)

11:50 - Key #5 (Dark Palace)

13:03 - Key #6 (Dark Palace)

13:22 - Magic Hammer Acquired (Dark Palace)

17:18 - Dark Palace Boss Fight

18:37 - Heart Container #5 (Dark Palace)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 100% Playlist:


Eshwar Nandam

It's much faster to hold out your sword and hammer away at the mask instead of bombs. You can finish the boss in less than 30s. Just more efficient.

Helmasaur King. 1994

this is my favorite dungeon of the whole game favorite boss too I love Helmasaur King

Queen Of Cute

80th BOI XD


I’m confused because I turned into a rabbit when I got to the dark world?

Helmasaur King Dark Palace

This is my favorite dungeon of the whole game favorite boss too as you can see from my profile picture


Switch got me playing this again ,its been like 28 years since i last played it

Justin Tierce

I been enjoying playing along to each and every video i'll go a ways on my own and stop play the video and compare progress and playstyle as well as see if I missed anything or if the player in the video did. Makes it more fun for some reason.

KiKu GoRi

Why is your sword attack long? That can reach far enemy?

Young link The best link


Play MegaMan X then MegaMan Zero -You will like it


Hey Pack, you found your brother.

Static Johnny

Like always, everything ya pick up from treasure chests in the dungeons can help ya on defeating bosses in a easier way. Otherwise, it would be unfair.

Lawrence Garcia

I'm playing on the switch and I can't believe how hard I find this game following a YouTube video. No wonder why I never have Zelda a chance as a kid....I have no patience

Wioleta Szulc

I hate fucking boss too hard

Mark Heying

Most of the time I would usually go through the Dark World Dungeons in this order.
1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

LukaPlayz ツ

14:53 how was i supposed to know that?!

Dick Wallace

Why do you keep letting the faeries out of the bottle? You know they auto revive you after you die right?

Mel's channel

my favorite dungeon in the whole game


Man, nearly 30 years later and that room with ALL THE FUCKING TURTLES still gets me


Why do you always dash in front of enemies shooting arrows or throwing spears?

Mark Heying

In the Dark World I would usually go through the 7 Dungeons in any of the following 3 Orders.
1: 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
2: 1, 2, 4, 3, 5, 6, 7
3: 1, 4, 3, 2, 5, 6, 7


the throwing the rock into the circle to get the quake item reminded me of those dang korok seed puzzles in botw... love how zelda games tie together

Li 181

Anyone got Lv3 sword early in Dark World b4 facing 1st dungeons boss?

Mike Providakis

One of the worst games I ever played its complete shit in my top ten worst games of all time super Mario world plays better then this shit


How did you record this.

Pascal Laffitte

Super jeu! Un des meilleurs sur Super Nintendo avec Mario World!


I'm currently playing this on the Switch on SNES Online. I forgot how to beat this boss...lol.

Daniel Hernandez

Hey pack, could you do a bonus episode at the end of this series showcasing the game-breaking glitch used to beat the game in less than ten minutes?


Sometimes I think I’m good at puzzles but then I’ll play a Zelda game... thanks for the walkthrough mate ?

ZELDA 2018

this is my fav dungeon of the whole game fav boss too love The Helmasaur King

Absolute Clips

where's the tower of hera


Hammer on this boss. Also, you don't have to empty the fairy out of the bottle and catch it. If you die with a bottled fairy it will automatically use it ?

Brent Hamm

Playing this on the Switch snes online and I can’t open the door at 12:34 . Where’d you get the hammer? So frustrated.

mel 1975

This is my favorite Temple of the whole game favorite boss too I love the Helmasaur King he's so much fun & challenging to fight

mel 1975

This is my favorite dungeon in the whole game favorite boss too

Aneesh Srinivas

okay why is this dungeon the first dark world one(dungeons like the swamp palace were much easier IMO)?


How come you keep manually activating the fairies?


why when i got sent to the dark world i was turned into a rabbit???


I love this game




15:13 I got stuck on this part for the longest time as a kid I swear

Mel's channel

this is my favorite dungeon of the whole game favorite boss too

Nick Hadlick

IF YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE YOU ARE STUCK: Go to 6:30 into this video, it saved me, I ran out of KEYS and didn't see the cracked wall in the room the first time.


If you run out of bombs before the mask breaks on the last boss can you use the hammer to smash it

Gary Beltz

I remember the area with the collapsing floor giving me trouble when I played this as a kid ah the memories of my youth

daniel florio

Honestly fuck this dungeon.

Mask Gaming

My favorite game too. And I did use the bombs to crack its shell open but it’s kinda hard since it never stays in one place

Zackery G

Man, I love this game! I cant tell you how many times I have completed it! Still remember my first time completing it as a kid. Final death count was 206! It was the first challenging game I ever finished, so that number burned in my head. When I realized it was counting, I played it over and over until I could get through without a single death. Just browsing these comments it looks like people may not know you can actually use the hammer to break pots too. Im looking forward to the final tower. In the second to last room there is a long walkway that you can fall off of. At the end of the walkway, there is a crack in the wall. It wasnt until MANY years later that I figured out how to get over there. (There is nothing to hookshot to.) I figured out 1 way by accident using a dash. When many years later I found a paperback guide, it recommended using a bomb. Felt like a champ for figuring it out without taking damage. ::Flex:: - Cheers and thanks for the videos!

Mike G

What happens if you don't pay Kiki anything?

Manny Rivas

Wait why didn’t you use the hammer on the boss?

Angel Vargas

guys help me i beat that magician but im in bunny form

Helmasaur King Dark Palace

This is my favorite Temple of the whole game favorite boss too as you can see from my profile picture

Link to the past guide

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 100% Walkthrough Part 1 - Zelda's Rescue

287 727 views | 31 Dec. 2014

Part 1 of a 100%

Part 1 of a 100% walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This will be a quick 13 part 100% walkthrough showing the location for all of the major collectibles and upgrades in the game. This is one of my favorite games from my childhood as well as one of my favorite Zelda titles. Below are the time stamps for key collectibles in this video.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 100% Playlist:


03:45 - Lamp Acquired

04:43 - Sword Acquired (Hyrule Castle)

06:03 - Castle Map Location (Hyrule Castle)

06:07 - Key #1 (Hyrule Castle)

06:58 - Boomerang Acquired (Hyrule Castle)

07:02 - Key #2 (Hyrule Castle)

07:54 - Big Key Location (Hyrule Castle)

11:24 - Key #3 (Hyrule Castle Sewers)

12:10 - Key #4 (Hyrule Castle Sewers)

14:06 - Heart Container #1 (Sanctuary)

15:08 - Heart Piece #1 (Lost Woods)

16:12 - Mushroom Location (Lost Woods)

17:07 to 17:15 - Bombs Acquired

17:07 to 17:30 - Heart Piece #2 (Kakariko Village)

18:46 to 19:33 - Heart Piece #3 (Kakariko Village)

19:57 to 20:12 - Magic Bottle #1 (Kakariko Village)

22:11 - Magic Bottle #2 (Kakariko Village)

23:35 to 23:57 - Heart Piece #4 (South of Kakariko Village)

25:05 - Bug Catching Net Acquired (Kakariko Village)

26:31 to 26:54 - Magic Powder Acquired (Magic Shop)

If you are interested, below is a playlist for my 100% Walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.


Zoe Hazel

easy going Games


Such a great game, still holds up in 2020.

leave me alone

hey pack I know its out next year but when it does come out please can you make a 100% playthrough of majoras mask for 3ds

Daisy Moss

At 23:55 you collect a heart piece and you get and extra heart. I've done your video step for step and after this part I still only have 4 hearts. Can explain this to me I've restarted twice now and still I don't understand how your getting it but I'm not.

Gloria Payano

Gracias no me la sabia

ILL State Fishing

Great videos, love watching 100% playthroughs and like to have enough time to read the messages on screen lol

Gary Beltz

I usually waited to get the piece of heart with the 15 second time limit until I get the Pegesus Shoes. 

Pistachio !

it took me two years to beat this game, but I don’t care this was a great game

Ronald Mills

These graphics and this game blew my mind when I got the Super Nintendo after years with the nes. That mode 7 though lol is awesome. I don’t think I slept at all the first weekend after launch with MARIO then this. Those were the days.


Aliens are going to one day find this in the ruins of earth and start it up and say it's the best game ever!


Dad: Don't leave this house.
Link: Screw you dad!


Wait how did he have 3 hearts one second and then 4 when he got out of the sanctuary?

Play MegaMan X then MegaMan Zero -You will like it

All the Zelda games I haven't played or completed in my childhood, I'm finishing all them. I believe, this is the 3rd Zelda game that was released and now I'm on this one. I finished the 1st original Zelda game, as well as the 2nd one and now I'm completing this one. I was just watching "Zelda Game Dungeon" (something like that) and was finishing off the previous Zelda games I haven't yet completing in my childhood. Finally, I can start playing this one.


it is kinda weird that nintendo
has changed the text on the same game but on the A link to the Past & Four Swords bundle game it says "The Sage's Seal" not "The seal of the wise men" which is on the original cartridge game

toni garces

The best zelda game, i love it, after of the sory of the wind waker, the legend became crap.

LoneStarWolf Entertainment

This is the Zelda game that brought the story and Lore to Hyrule


Such perfect quality!

Rainbow Dash

i never completed this game because the uncle told me not to leave the house.


Still my favorite zelda of all time

diegomegamanzero4 Thelastsaiyanalive

What a beautiful game just takes me back to when I was young whit my brother

Derek Logan

The legend of Zelda music bring back my youth memory when i play this game on super Nintendo back in the 1990


One of the Best Zelda games of all time..


Gods... I can't believe it's been 28 years since I used to play this every... single... day until I got stuck. This was well before the internet, and I had no game guide. I was well and truly stopped in my tracks.
Luckily a friend was also playing, unbeknownst to me, and had the answer I needed to continue. So I did, and this became the first game I played from beginning to end.
If I remember correctly it may have been the first fully fleshed out story-driven game I played.
It launched a love for narrative-driven games that still burns in me.

Michael Weiskopf

Idk y but I’m getting a minish cap vibe from this walk through


Okay so I'm having issues. What do you press directly after the 2nd title screen comes up? Mine just keeps resetting to the plot.

Princess Emmy Rae Higginbotham

zelda ocarina of time 64 was my favorite game and so zelda ocarina of time 3D Too

505illa FAM

I’m barely playing this for my first time

Taoster Productions

One complaint about this game... THE DAMN INTRO TAKES TO LONG

Akemi Homura


Actual games
LoZ the minish cap

Fan games
Nora's Tale
Ye Legend Of Ye Pirate Princess


I’m stuck on a mission lol ? But this game is so trash I hate it is alright

Veronica P

Don't mind me...


I wish they would redo this game, animated as if in lego...the graphics would translate well, i think

Nicole Salomon

Y por favor podrias subir el tutorial de skyward sword y twilight princess los necesito con desesperacion.Atentamente uno de tus mil admiradores

Static Johnny

25:20 Lol ya just entered the house of a big Mario fan.

Takano Kuran

Watching this bring back memories. Miss this videogame.

Arthur Lazaro Randis

kkkkk you lost one blue ruppie


August 30th, 2017 , I've downloaded this game on my WiiU


Playing this without nostalgia I'm finding I prefer the Oracle games ?‍♂️

Raj kumar Jha

Can someone please help? I wanna know - is this legal to upload gameplay videos and monetize them? I upload "loz-aLttp" gameplay video on my channel, and minutes after I got a copyright claim from someone. Should I keep on uploading more gameplay videos?

Lucy Hopwood

I'm playing this again on the switch and I'm so grateful for this walkthrough, I'm playing it mostly unaided but thanks to this I'm getting all the little things I've forgot about after all these years ?

Gaming With Kev

You don't have to buy bombs nor arrows. All you have to do is continuously go in and out the house where you used the bomb to open the secret entrance: 21:00 to get arrows and bombs for free from breaking the jars. It's unlimited. Yw ?




My first Zelda game was spirits track :(

Will Lopez

About to begin this game!! Looks great ! Favorite game Ocarina and Majora's mask :)

AJ Remmenga

The begin story in the title screen is so dramatic

Belladonna's Corner

I noticed at 12:27 there are two areas that r secret areas which require bombs to open them.


This game got me into LOZ series. My top 3 LOZ games are, 1. Link to The Past, 2. Majora's Mask and 3. Ocarina of Time.


I did the dungeon thing with no light lol


Every time i play through it i cant ever find the last 1/4th of a heart to make 20.


Will the solutions be the same in GBA version?

Marcos Paulo Ferreira

I just love this game! Link to the Past is the first appearance of what would later become a major brand of Zelda games: the existence of two parallel worlds between which the player can travel. The first, called World of Light (Light World), is the real Hyrule, where Link grew up with his uncle.

The second is what was once the Sacred Realm, but it has become the Dark World, a corrupted version of Hyrule; water is an unpleasant dark color, grasses are dead, skulls have replaced rocks and vases, and trees have faces. People change shapes in the World of Darkness based on their nature; without an item to avoid (in this case, the Moon Pearl), Link turns into a pink rabbit.

Each location in the World of Light corresponds to a similar location in the World of Darkness, usually with a similar physical structure, but an opposite nature (for example, a desert in the World of Light corresponds to a swamp in the World of Darkness, a quiet village in the Mundo da Luz corresponds to a city of thieves in ruins in the World of Darkness).

Link can travel from the World of Darkness to the World of Light in almost any location in the outside world using the Magic Mirror, and can travel back to the World of Darkness again from the same location using a temporary portal left behind on the map, at the point where it reappears in the World of Light.

Otherwise, Link must use locations with hidden portals across the World of Light to travel to the World of Darkness. Travel between worlds allows for the puzzle in A Link to the Past that explores the structural differences between the world of light and dark, how Link can travel to inaccessible areas in a world deforming from parallel, yet accessible locations in another world

In my blog I give more details about this incredible Zelda: http: //wisegamer.net/zelda-super-nintendo-link-to-the-past/


anyone knows what the marks are in the minute 12:27?
I've spent a lifetime wanting to know what they are XD

Gerard Landry

I've never beaten this game. Ever since I accidentally deleted a file my dad had some time ago, we never made another attempt. BTW, we only made it as far as the Tower of Hera whare you get the third pendant.

Culo Ano

How can people like this over ocarina of time wtf

cs le


Baroque Obama

Dear Paramount Pictures,
Please make a Legend of Zelda movie ASAP.

The Bald Gamer

Marvelous game and video! Bring back great childhood memories


Is it just me or is Hyrule Castle theme really similar to E1M1?

mtn moto adv

This really makes me want to play this game again.. is there any way to play it on PC?

Emma Dasilva-Quinteros

I have the Super Nintendo so I needed this QwQ

Mr ladder man

You're so good

AJ Remmenga

Hey! Zelda looks exactly like my little sister!

Princess Emmy Rae Higginbotham

can u Record new dc super Villain Switch please


Theirs a difference in sound quallity playing this, Till the new 3DS port it went missing. Isent that interesting?


The best Zelda game ever made. I know Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild and others are favourites too. But this is just the one Zelda that came to be true for us old school gamers. This is what NES "The Legend of Zelda" should have been. I fell in love with this one, I was 11 years old. Before that The Legend of Zelda was my favourite, but A Link to the past just really took my heart away with a storm.


My first Zelda game. :')

David Noel

only the big shield works


God I'm old as hell I was 4 when i played it the first. In 2003

Joselyn Almodovar

This game gave me a Flashback to the 90's! I burned that game playing it everyday! Never got tired of it ❤️

Andrew M10

was this game on the Gameboy advance


cool gameplay. well i'm not good at zelda games haha just get lost sometimes if get stuck if u know what i mean:D

Nicole Salomon

Packattack yo te felicito ya que eres el unico capaz de dar tutoriales sin andar hablando el vergo y no dejan oir la musica o las voces y cosas por el estilo en cambio tu lo haces excelente sigue asi


Não consegui passar da parte da espada ;-;


Instead of using the repetitive hit-and-run tactics with the boomerang on the minion guarding the princess, that guard could easily be taken out by throwing 1~2 pots(from the next room) at him. I found out about it after I beat the game, LOL.

Gerard Landry

Around 8:04; Sure, I'll rescue you Zelda. Just let me get paid first. LOL!


What an awesome game.


I played this game before I could even read. I'm gonna cry now.


At 14:28 how did he turn into a shadow?

creeper izak

the sound used for the desendants disappearing is versed in a link between worlds



Praaveen Chandrasekaran

Can anyone help me the way is dark although i lit up the lamp help me please

eunsung kwon

4:42 Zelda is your... what?
What is the relationship between Link and Zelda?
Don't tell me that they are SIBLINGS (somebody proposed a similar theory that Mario and Peach are siblings, too)!

MarioBrenden Alexander

I love the title music I like you so much that I rewind it a lot

Timelord's YT

I still play it and I'm 10 I think I've been since I was 8? I think

uriel cano

That background music playing at 2x speed ?? 4:40- 13:00

Gerard Landry

Not that it matters much, but I think you missed the three jars in your house before you got the lamp.

Helmasaur King. 1994

i love this game it's my fav besides Ocarina of Time

Ray R.

how did you get the game?

Luis Tecun

Dude!!! I never played this game when i was a kid .. Now that im 34 cant stop playing it...the music the is what I like the most

Bobby Pirrone

this game looks so cool. I'm glad they decided to release a new zelda game like the original. I look forward to when this comes out. it looks just like the original zelda game on nes. does anyone know of this is being released on wii u or on the new console from nintendo called Super Nintendo? Thanx

Ulises Ruiz

I went to the dungeon or bottom floor and didn’t find her


Man, that aspect ratio.. come on.

Sonja Graf

Ich Spiele Auch Zelda

Flying SG

my dad played that game when he was in high school


O bom desse jogo e que você precisa explorar se não você nai consegue seguir em frente

Amelia Wenger

18:54 foreshadowing????

J Lever

So you do have Virtual Console titles.

In that case, could you do the original Mega Man?

Link to the past guide

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Link To The Past's Perfect First 10 Minutes

28 528 views | 5 Jun. 2018

You could make the best

You could make the best video game in the world all by yourself, without a degree in game design. All you need is to study the first ten minutes of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Watch this one-hour video in which Super Mario Bros. 3 speedrun celebrity GrandPOOBear and I dissect the first ten minutes of A Link to the Past in painstaking detail.


you should do this for fable... i started playing it again lol


One of my favorite pieces of lore in the game comes from one of the soldiers on top of the castle: "After Agahnim took over, everyone began to act strangely. I suppose it's only a matter of time before I'm affected, too."


Wow. Babbages, EB, Funco... I forgot about all these places! Now we only have Gamestop (at least by the great lakes). Its like telling people about Kaybee toystore. Young people are like "Whats a KB?". Granted at this point new kids won't even know what Toysrus is, not the retail version at least.


you do actually have to get the lantern, you can't push the thing out of the way in the throne room without it. fun fact. try it, you aren't allowed.


I think the first 10 minutes of quadrilateral cowboy are well worth dissecting. It's an amazingly well designed game.

Jake Tannery

tim. listen to me. i love your writing.

j f

Nintendo knows. The most important part of a videogame is that it makes you feel like you've accomplished something. The discouragement and encouragement of Link does exactly that. Nice video.

Jeff Tidwell

OK, a nice cross-section of (obviously classic) games for you to analyze. I'll keep it to 5.



My first time playing through the game as an 8 year old, the first place I got stuck on was Death Mountain & figuring out how to get up to the Tower of Hera. I couldn't figure out that you had to use the Mirror to get up on top of that one spot. I had to reference the little black hint booklet that came with the game for that hint :) I didn't get stuck again for the rest of the game and was able to complete it fully without any other help.

Travis Touchstone

You better be planning an Alien Soldier video, don't toy with my heart bro.


And once AGAIN, GranPooBear shows his lack of knowledge of the original game. You absolutely do find magic at the very beginning of the game, under the pots next to that treasure chest in the basement where your Uncle is, and under various pots throughout the dark back passage to Sanctuary.


I was very surprised to hear Chevy Ray shouted out half way through this video, considering the only reason I ended up here is because I was watching someone stream Chevy's game Ikenfell last week and Let's Mosey came up in the chat

A Talking Koala

Doom (1993) was my first game ever but Zelda: A Link to the Past was my second. And just like the music of the first Doom level sparks the synapses of my brain that control the feelings of nostalgia, so does the music of the title screen of Zelda: A Link to the Past and its following 10 minutes.
I love walking down the many streets of Richmond California and when i do, i often reminisce about playing Zelda and eating oreos at my late Grandmother Linda's house. I was 6 years old at the time. I remember staying up later than i was allowed, which is something i never did because im a good koala. I was playing Zelda and the sound of the devil came from down the hallway. I was convinced the devil had found out i went against my Grandmother's wishes by staying up late, so i screamed.
The sounds i heard down the hallway were just my Grandpa snoring. I got my Zelda game taken away from me and i didnt beat it until i turned 17 and by then i had smoked so much pot that i cant even remember if i really even beat it or if im just delusional.

Zelda is a great game. 10/10 koalas recommend it.


Absolutely should do Dark Souls 1. The undead asylum is one of the greatest openings to any video game ever.


hi tim


Having a speed-runner as a guest was a brilliant idea.


Makes a video about the 10 first minutes of a game



What? Surely a speedrunner is going to cut out as much as possible? A speedrunner doing Ocarina of Time is hardly going to be wasting time fishing, collecting gold skulltulas, completing sidequests etc. How is that every slice?

Floyd Dominique

oh boy this game really bring back memories.

i remember in my middle school years, i lent this game and the "world map" bonus i got from buying the game to my friend.
and when he returned it, my world map have like 16 gluetape on it, he said he sorry his little sister torned it apart into pieces and he tried to fixed it with the tape.
holysh*t i was really shocked back then but i just said "it's okay", i was crying inside though T_T


does grandpoobear pump?


ikaruga. ten minutes would be almost a quarter of the game. but ikaruga

Bradley Clarance

Loved the long format / commentary approach!


Lol and once again, GranPooBear shows his lack of knowledge of the original game since he's primarily a Speedrunner. You CAN NOT get the Red Boomerang in the Vanilla game without first getting the Blue Boomerang, since you get the Red Boomerang by throwing the Blue Boomerang into the Well of Wishing near Zora Lake. So in other words, if you do not get the Blue Boomerang then you will be Boomerangless for the entirety of the game. Not a big deal tho as like he says it is not required. It does make it a bit harder to hit switches and stuff later but is not that big a deal.


How amazing would it be if we could somehow just erase our memory completely of this game and play it fresh again for the very first time? My god how amazing that would be! The game was such an amazing experience my first time thru as a kid, one of the greatest experiences I've ever had as a gamer!


Dope Megaman X would be another great game to do


you know, oot also had a pretty excellent introduction. i dunno about '10 minutes' exactly though. would you agree that oot might have the best 1st half hour of any game of all time?


Hi Tim


I kinda gotta disagree that Speedrunners know about "every layer" of the cake, as I have seen MANY speedrunners that never even bothered to play a game casually and only know how to speedrun it and nothing else. They end up being clueless about many normal aspects of the game and how it plays casually. Not all speedrunners are like this but some are. Being a speedrunner does NOT mean they know EVERYTHING about the game, not by a longshot. Someone who has played a game all the way through casually hundreds of times, now they likely know most if not all aspects of a game.

Boco Corwin


Jim Harrington

Super Mario 3 yes please do that! Super Birthday Bros 3! ...(9)

Tristanトリスタン Martens

What happened to found in Translation Final Fantasy vii?

Ronaldo Campello

8:14 - Mention of god hand

Eric Sharp

I like a video game.

Richard Trevisani

You should do the first ten minutes of Bloodborne (not including the potential hours of character creation :-P). Of course, what's in that ten minutes depends somewhat on how often you die.


This video is real chill


I really want to play LttP now...


Lol yalls story is VERY similar to mine too! I went to a friends in 92 and experienced the SNES and ALTTP for the very first time and simply HAD to have it! I ended up getting my SNES on the Christmas of 92 along with Zelda ALTTP and a few other games, including a Super Scope 6. That was a fantastic Christmas let me tell ya! Zelda ALTTP is my favorite game now, and I love speedrunning the Randomizer for it casually as well. The Randomizer makes the game completely fresh and fun!


I'm pretty sure you get to see the King of Hyrule during the opening (before starting the game), where you can see a skeleton sitting on the throne, clearly implying that Agahnim killed him.


First 10 minutes? Morrowind.


The first Zelda game I played was Links Awakening.

Andrew C

I never even owned an SNES but I still love this game.

Naheem Quattlebaum

There's nowhere else to go. Murder.

Charles MP

I'd say the PS2 Spider-Man 2 game has a perfect Vertical Slice, right from the start, you're allowed to swing around at your leisure.

RMD Cade

Be like Egoraptor and do Mega Man X next. :D

lil cheesy



I don't think the links are all descended from each other. I think they're reincarnations of the same guy. If you take nintendo's timeline seriously that wouldn't even be possible unless Link had a kid literally while Ocarina was going on


OMG glen burnie mall


Super Mario (any), Super Metroid, Mega Man X... Any Sonic game that you guys think is a good example of solid game design. A JRPG? IDK, go nuts.

John Webster

Do one on Killer7! - yo!

Lawrence John Young

So as for the trap lever... 56:30
Let's presume you have never played the game, if you go to the wrong one, you get no promped on how to use it so you likely won't interact with it, go to the correct one and you get the instructions that will allow you to move forward.
The trap lever then serves two fuctuons, a curious new player may pull the lever and get hit by the snakes and learn "curiosity can be dangerous, but not game ending"
The other purpose (and the reason you are not informed of the correct lever) is as a jab to a returning player who may pull the wrong lever by mistake and give the player a good laugh


Lol yup, my playstyle for literally all games is also to explore EVERY SINGLE nook & cranny of an area before continuing on. And I HATE it when you accidentally pick the path forward and the game prevents you from going back to explore what you missed. I HATE that! Luckily this game does not do that for the most part.

Josh M

Surprised at the length, but great video all around.

Riot Jayne

I like a video game!

Ta Pts

Even though it's not a speedrun, GrandPOOBear is pumping (which saves fractions of a second) while walking

Anjo Banjo

Idk if you are going to read comments on this video so long after the fact, but DO THIS WITH BREATH OF THE WILD????


My guess is for skipping that text box that you skip over the exact pixel on the floor that triggers that text box by holding Right instead of Down thru the doorway. That's my logical guess.


chrono trigger has a sweet vertical slice what with the fair and the time traveling

Anthony Timmons

This would make a great series. Final Fantasy VII next.


Would the chest at 50:35 be the first one you have to open to progress because it has the key to open the door?


software etc, wow! what an ancient relic of old


LOL I love how as a speedrunner of the Randomizer, he pulls on the tree in the courtyard instinctively :D This makes me wonder just how much he knows about the vanilla game as you of course cannot pull that tree for items in the OG game like you can in the Randomizer.

Jeff Tidwell

Second. This is a GREAT idea. Looking forward to the next one already. :)


Amazing. I don't care what first ten minutes of a game you do next,... I'm just excited for another one!

Robert Curran

Happy birthday!

Nicholas Lovell

love the concept of this video. i'd greedily consume, hand-over-fist, innumerable videos like this.

After Math

ALTTP is probably as close to overall game design perfection as a game can get


i would have a real good time watching you play Super Mario Bros 3

Tom Moose


Retro Reloaded



one of those "thing you can do already but don't know about it" moments was in botw with shield surfing and it was really cool because it was just this tucked away movement mechanic that felt amazing.


Ha! I am from MD too! I remember Babbages in my local Waldorf mall, aka St Charles Towne Center, but I don't remember a Software Etc.

Richard Johnson

Come on, Nintendo. Give me this on the SWITCH. I'll pay full-price!

justa guy

For Ep 2, why not dig deep into that tasty classic that we all remember so fondly, "Pu.Li.Ru.La" aw man who could forget those walls of eyeballs and advanced character animation. Itadakemasu Tim


Aganim aka the Wizard isn't sort of Ganon, he IS Ganon! You finally get to see this at the very end of the game when you beat Aganim for the 2nd time. It's simply Ganon in disguise. Simple as that.


I used to work at a Software, Etc. too!

John Rohrer

Maryland in the house! I was a howard co kid...I remember the Babbages and Electronics Boutique in the columbia mall very fondly!!


that church theme is so haunting, i LOVE it

Dario Sanchez

I'd love to see this for Boktai on the GBA

Indigo Fenix


Right at the start, you are given a goal (the castle).
You are struck with a dark and foreboding atmosphere the moment you step outside.
If you wander, guards discourage you. They also call you a "kid", making it clear what role you are playing and setting the stage for later character development.
The guards teach you the skills you need to proceed (lifting objects), but in a natural conversational way rather than a dedicated tutorial.
The first guards you are likely to encounter encourage you to check the map, letting you see the whole world from the very start.
You can see that the world is huge, and the map also shows you where to go next with an X mark over the castle. You will know for the future to check the map whenever you feel lost.
You can use your abilities to wander around and explore a bit. However if you mess around too much (or get lost) Zelda contacts you and gives you a hint in a non-condescending and story-consistent manner. Guards also prevent you from wandering too far.
People further away from the goal give more straightforward clues. The more you are going the wrong way, the more they guide you back, but without it ever feeling out of place.
Big rocks that cannot be lifted (yet) gets the player interested in things they will be able to do later.
Following the path leads you to the secret passage, which is marked. Getting in requires you to demonstrate that you know how to lift objects, and the guard that teaches you how is always around if you missed them.
There are several chests that can potentially hold the lantern (if you have gotten it already, they contain rupees). This gives the player multiple opportunities to get an important item without "forcing" it into their hands.
The castle is big and elaborate so it doesn't feel linear, but every path leads to the goal and there are no important side-areas. It's not really a proper dungeon for exploring, it's a prologue so the atmosphere is more important than the difficulty.
You pass the castle tower barrier, which looks epic and important but it throws you back if you try to pass through. You're going to remember it, which is important because much later in the game you will need to return.
There's a locked door, a treasure chest and a guard carrying a key all in the same tiny room. This easily teaches you that enemies sometimes have keys, and that keys open locked doors. More complex puzzles using these basic ideas will show up later.
The enemies are easy to avoid. There's also a spot where an enemy is right next to a pit; hitting them knocks them into the pit and teaches you that is an option for killing enemies.
There is a room with a locked door and two closed doors. You kill the enemy to see if there is a key, but there is no key, instead defeating the enemy opens the closed doors; this teaches you that killing enemies sometimes opens doors.
In the next room you are blocked in; defeating the guard opens the door behind you and gives you a key. Basically all this trains the player to understand - when in doubt, do whatever you can.
You also get a boomerang. You don't actually need it, but it's pretty hard to miss it.
There are several empty rooms before Zelda's room to create drama.
Zelda is visible behind a locked door in a cell, and there's a hard enemy right in front of it. You know by now that you need to kill the enemy to open the cell, but you are not forced to fight immediately.
There are multiple options for defeating the enemy; you can attack him directly but there are also pots to throw at him which is easier.
When escorting Zelda out, there are shortcuts that let you bypass enemies on the way back. This is both practical and fits the story, you are trying to sneak her out. But you are not forced to use these shortcuts, so you feel clever for using them rather than feeling like the game is railroading you.
In the dark, maze-like area, going the wrong way lets you light a torch, allowing you to see the whole room. There are no dead ends that do not feel like at least some kind of accomplishment.
Right after the memorable dark area, there is a very obvious cracked wall you cannot open yet. You will remember this later when you have learned to bomb walls.
Zelda says "push the switch over there" when there are two switches. The wrong one is a trap, but she only says how to pull the switch if you go to the right switch. This is probably not great design.
Right after completing the tutorial area, there is a very obvious chest, with a valuable heart container as a reward. This will be a reward for completing dungeons in the future, so you will later think of getting a heart container as completing a "chapter" of the game.
The world is big and you can explore anywhere which feels great, but you can easily check the map to figure out what to do next.


"it looks like you only played the first .1667 hours of the game"
Excited for more of this, and congrats on not dying hungry for a whole year!

Hephen Stawking

Such a great exercise in critiquing/appreciating great game design. It’s little details like this that separate a good game from a masterpiece.

Rodigo Duterte

Third, no idea how to talk I am

Tyler Tinsley

this was perfect. I will watch as many of these as you make