What are carbon credits

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Carbon Markets | The Big Explainer | Refinitiv

10 366 views | 28 Jul. 2020

This week Roger Hirst is

This week Roger Hirst is joined by multiple guests to explain what carbon markets are, also known as emissions markets, and who is trading them, and what is actually being traded? Today these markets are starting to build momentum after a slow start over the past 15 years but they play a crucial role in Europe’s environmental plans.

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It's a scam, CO2 is plant food and is greening the planet


If people really care about the environment and Earth they should drop this phony bs and start fighting against Geo engineering.

Joalan Pinto

Raoul Pal predicted a dollar surge, but the dollar keeps decreasing in value along with the purchasing power of every American citizen.

Victor Sperandeo



how honest when they call it a scheme and a carbon credit central bank .

Michael Rehtorik

A government setting a carbon emissions standard! Can anyone say " Quantitative Carbon Easing". So laughable and the liberal fools will fall head over heels for this tax because of their "Environmental Guilt Syndrome".

Dazzy Duck

Great content - thank you


Breath tax.
Oh, not just yet, but anyone who doesn't know that a literal tax on breathing is in the plans has not been paying attention.

The trash organizing this scam will begin to factor in companies' workers' breath as a carbon source. The companies will have to pay for breathing employees. Eventually emplyees, that is people, will have to pay for exhaling co2. In other words breathing will be taxed.

Psychopaths will literally tax your air usage. Not today, but such a victory over life itself is too sweet a target for psychopaths to pass up.

Jin Kee

well, time to buy the dip while no factories are actually emitting carbon right now. who cares if it isn't real? Fiat currency is just worthless paper that people can write any number they want on and somehow trick farmers to exchange for food.

Poppie & The stable

Carbon markets is ashkenazi COMMUISM

Richard Silmai

Both these ladies don't have the face of truth.


... oh and by the way, as far as the environment is concerned, there is a CO2 deficiency. Farmers pump the stuff into their greenhouses to 4x outside levels to boost production. You're all being lied to.


I'll buy into this the moment I can get carbon credits for riding my bicycle.

White Knight

Trading Government regulation . I think I know how this ends, more tax.

Vittorio Cotroni

Thanks for the useful explanation

Elizabeth tamp153

CO2 is 96.5% by nature and 3.5% by man. Cannot these institutions take its quota out of mother nature share? :)
Bankers have conjured trillions of currency units out of thin air: now they want us to pay for thin air. CO2 is giganteus hoax for scammers. The planet warms and cools in cycles nothing to do with CO2.


This markets didn't have the right support from the get go... I remember back in the early days, 80% of the volume was VAT fraud schemes.Price still relies heavily on policy makers mood week to week, so I wouldn't call it a market.


These commies are coming for your wealth. Europe insisting on pushing their citizens into energy poverty is just disgusting.


Nothing but wealth consolidation, control and slavery.

Marian Cerovsky

wth is wrong with this world!?

Chris Clark

I liked this channel until they started uploading videos shilling crytpo. Then they turn the comments off on those videos... because they are clearly shill videos. I wonder how much rao paul has invested in crytpo

Ramesh Krishnan

The explanation was not proper on a basic scale. The video could have been more perceivable to the interested stakeholders, but unfortunately, it lacked the orientation.

marius offing

Bizarre. Carbon is an important everyday component of life on earth, and you get markets operating like this. The best way to describe the carbon market is it is against life itself, by limiting energy surpluses and thus forwarding the green agenda of human population reduction.


A few years ago they called you a conspiracy theorist for saying they're trying to Carbon tax us.

Ethan Connelly

How about a blockchain based carbon coin that has a supply pegged to the changing temperature of the earth. The lower the raise in temperature the lower the supply in coins. Therefore companies pay more to reduce emissions. This would have to be a worldwide movement with all countries and companies on the same blockchain.

Dave Wells

Great content, I got in touch with Mr Zack Hugh after I lost my investments to a mediocre account manager and I haven’t regretted it one bit. His style of trading and management of account is incredible, we all know how volatile the market is so I don’t know how he does it but he is a great professional .

Kuba Pyclik

What a shame! What a waste of time, money and resources! Beware of the communists.


Why don't you call it out as the scam that it is? It would be as if I'm talking about setting up a market about betting on the growth of ponzi schemes. Why analyse it in such a way instead of calling it out as a cashgrab through authoritarian measures?

What are carbon credits

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Everything You Need to Know About Carbon Offsets

1 939 views | 13 Aug. 2019

I can't believe that I've

I can't believe that I've been writing about sustainable travel for almost four years and this is the first time that I've sat down to talk about carbon offsets. As you can tell from this video, they're a bit tricky to wrap your mind around, but I hope that this video helped to make sense of the tricky world of offsetting emissions.

For more information and resources, check out my blog post about carbon offsets:



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Lotus Trolley Bag

Very informative! A topic that many wouldn't even consider.....keep up the good fight.


I have to disagree with your comments about reforestation projects... especially the part about not addressing the 'core issue of climate change.' Plants (trees included) are entirely created of atmospheric carbon. Reforesting our planet and changing our agricultural practices are incredible tools we have that can sequester and draw down carbon rather than simply offsetting them. I think your comment about the permanency of this projects is a legitimate one (if the forests are removed it isn't an effective offset) but the removal of plants and trees is one of the core drivers of climate change. Fossil fuel emissions is another driver but trees are our best chance to actual do more than offset carbon and actually draw down.

Eye on a Sphere

Another horrible corruption scheme. Wow are people stupid

firstname lastname

Your really think you know everything about carbon credits

Garrett May

A global scheme...im sure the small hats are behind this.

firstname lastname

Bet you didn't know it's the biggest scam of the millenium

Bruno Manco

What i would like is for small solar energy producers, like a family house or condo with solar panels, could emit carbon credits and sell them to other companies

Sarah&Faith F K

Thanks so much for your knowledge!


Why would I pay money, purchase, them? Airplanes are quite efficient, much more efficient than using a car to make any journey, unless the car is fully packed with people. Airplanes are "public transportation", owned by private companies. Of course, the military burns carbon at an unbelievable rate; are we, the taxpayers, going to buy carbon offsets for the hundreds of billions of dollars of petroleum the military burns each year?
Motorboats are, for comparison, unbelievably inefficient (really really bad). Are you buying carbon offsets when you go out on a motorboat?


Loved the video until you said "don't stop traveling". Even if someone could offset all the journeys they could pay, it wouldn't be consistent (or even ethical) to do so. How much is to "travel less"?? What if everyone in the world could travel as much as the average person in Europe or the USA? Given the urgency that represents climate change, I believe that there is currently ("currently understood as in the next few decades) also a need to tell the society that a considerable amount of self constrainment in air travel, meat consumption, aerosol consumption, and other "consumptions" are key to bringing CO2 emissions to zero or even negative values. We definitively need more maths and self awareness on where we are and where we would like to be in terms of CO2 emissions, both at individual and at country and global level. In my opinion, you give good reasons to travel (and well said about choosing train over plane), but I believe travel, especially by air, should be pretty "selective". The clock is ticking - and not everyone will be willing to compensate their CO2 emissions in the next 10 years. That's the reality.

World of Faz

This is such a great video... Answering all the questions I had in mind.

Jeff Guay

This sounds great but i'm mentally writing down questions for future reference...I'm really interested in "where the rubber meets the road" in terms of effective environmental policy...

What are carbon credits

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What Is a Carbon Credit? What is the $ value of carbon credit?

77 views | 25 Dec. 2020


#CarbonCredit #$Value

Welcome to Kimavi Super Simple Educational Videos.

#CarbonCredit #$Value

What Is a Carbon Credit? What is the $ value of carbon credit?

To limit global warming to 1.5°C, in line with the Paris Agreement, we need to cut current greenhouse-gas-emission levels in half by 2030 and reduce them to “net zero” by 2050.

The European Union's carbon credits traded from $7.78 to $25.19 averaging $16.21 per tonne in 2018.

A carbon credit is a generic term for any tradable certificate or permit representing the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of a different greenhouse gas

The ultimate goal of carbon credits is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere

A carbon credit is a permit that allows the company that holds it to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases

One credit permits the emission of a mass equal to one ton of carbon dioxide

The carbon credit is one half of a so-called "cap-and-trade" program

Companies that pollute are awarded credits that allow them to continue to pollute up to a certain limit

That limit is reduced periodically

Meanwhile, the company may sell any unneeded credits to another company that needs them

Private companies are thus doubly incentivized to reduce greenhouse emissions

First, they will be fined if they exceed the cap. Second, they can make money by saving and reselling some of their emissions allowances

There are also many companies that sell carbon credits to commercial and individual customers who are interested in lowering their carbon footprint on a voluntary basis



Thank you from Kimavi, Please visit us at Kimavi.Com for more Super Simple Educational videos